Mary’s story Part 3

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Mary’s story Part 3Mary had said that she wanted to join and was willing to do anything that was necessary for her to join the club, and here she was laid on the couch, with her legs up in stirrups, totally exposed and defenceless. She could hear movement around her, but she could not see. She felt her legs being moved as the stirrups opened wider. Something cold being smoothed over her labia. “Ready?” the man said. “She’s ready.” said Linda. “We have to get this done quickly, so give her maximum power. She has not been treated before, but it should be OK. If she burns you will just have to wait to do your job.”There was a pop sound, and she felt heat spreading down her labia. She knew from what the other women had told her that she was being lasered. The heat was really intense, and it felt as though her skin was being burnt. She started to cry with the pain. Then she remembered that she had agreed that they could do whatever it said in their instructions, and bit her lip. Her legs were lifted higher, and the heat moved down her lips and between her legs. She felt them working inside her outer labia and around her anus. Finally they stopped. Her entire pussy area was on fire canlı bahis now. Then Linda spoke. “You have done well. Most women don’t have anything like that much power the first time. Our instructions are very precise, you are to have total removal, and it has to be done very quickly.” I will put some cream on which you must leave on until tonight, and then keep the area exposed to the air. It will be like sunburn for a day or so, and then it will settle down. “We’ll see you again next week”. “Next week?” said Mary, “You mean that there is more?”“Oh yes, much more. You did say that you wanted to join the club. The instructions we have been given are quite specific, and everything is very detailed.”She was lifted off the couch, and led back down the corridor. Here the blindfold was removed, and she could see herself in the mirror. The area round her pussy was bright red, and she felt very sore.“What about next week,” she asked. “You may still have some hairs growing, but after next week they should be gone as well. If any grow later you will be sent back for electrolysis to make it absolutely permanent, and when we are finished with you your pussy will be totally smooth, just like bahis siteleri mine. Feel it.”Trembling, Mary reached out and touched Linda’s pussy. It really was smooth and soft, with no stubble at all. Her fingers brushed against the rings, and Linda opened her legs. Mary suddenly noticed that Linda had a piercing in her clitoris as well. Quickly she pulled her hand away.The word permanent rang in her ears, and she realised that she would have a totally hairless pussy from now on. She had only shaved herself before, and she had thought that she could let it grow back. She had always had a big bush of dark pussy hair. Now she would have to explain to her husband what had happened to it. What could she say? And what about going to her GP?Without thinking, she put her hand down to feel herself. “Don’t” said Linda, and slapped the back of her hand. “Keep your fingers off”.“Are you sure it won’t ever grow back?” Mary asked. “What can I tell my husband?”“Well, mine was done ten years ago,” said Linda, “So why would it grow back for you? Anyway, I don’t see what you are worried about. This is the easy bit to explain away. Lots of women shave or are waxed nowadays, so you don’t have bahis şirketleri to tell anyone that it is permanent. Just say you have decided to shave. Most of my income comes from getting rid of women’s body hair. Without that I would be out of business. Once you get used to it there are a lot of advantages.”“What advantages?” said Mary.“Well, sex is much better because you are more sensitive, it is much cleaner, you do not have smelly wet hair after you have been for a pee, and you can wear sheer underwear or small bikinis without any straggly hair showing. So why not have it done?”“What happens next week?” Mary said. “Don’t ask questions.” Linda said. “Your Master will tell us what is to happen to you.” Master, thought Mary, is that what Bob is, my Master? “Here are your clothes,” said Linda. Mary realised that they were not the clothes that she had arrived in. There was a very short wrap round gym skirt and a cropped tee shirt together with a pair of very high-heeled shoes, but there was no bra or pants. She put on the skirt, and it was too small. The overlap gaped showing that she was not wearing any pants. She turned the gap to the side. As she pulled the tee-shirt down over her breasts she saw that it had two words printed on it which stretched across her breasts, “Hairless Pussy”.“Remember,” said Linda, “this is what you are to be from now onwards, hairless. You must always submit.”

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