Massage Room

Big Tits

Massage RoomI walk into the massage room and see you laying there on your back, face up. You are completely naked with just a towel over your middle of your body. Your breasts and vagina are under the towel. You have not met me yet but when you look up to see me, you are pleased at what you see. I am young and what you can tell, I work out a lot. I have just a T-shirt and gym shorts on. You can tell I have a six pack because of my tight t-shirt and you can almost see the bulge in my gym shorts. I tell you to relax and let me take control of your body. You lay your head back down and close your eyes. I first take some warm lemon water and with a soft sponge, I wash your body from head to toe. I squeeze the water from the sponge and let it drip onto your already hard nipples, then I pat you down with a warm soft cloth. Your mouth is somewhat open from this so with your eyes still closed, I reach down with my lips and softly kiss you. I hear a soft moan, I think you accept my lips very well. I now gather up some massage incesu escort oil on my hands and rub them together to make sure the oil is warm. I begin by rubbing your legs softly making sure I massage that spot on the bottom of your feet known to give a woman an orgasm alone. You moan with pleasure as I move my massage up to your calves and inner thigh, massaging your soft skin with my manly hands. I intentionally miss your vagina area and move to your breasts, massaging them firmly, yet gently with an occasional pinch of your nipples, not too much but with authority. I replace my fingers with my mouth onto your nipples and suck a little and lick a little, your mouth is open, that means you need another kiss. You arch your head up to meet my kiss. You are now moving your vagina up and down as if you are being fucked by an invisible man or a woman with her tongue. I sense you are wet already so I must leave your mouth and go to your wetness. I find you exactly what I thought, your pre-cum juices are waiting for my lips and tongue. You reach down and with two fingers you open yourself up and pull back your vagina lips to reveal your hard clit, swollen with blood and ready for relief, You are needing my to touch it with my tongue, to lick it and kiss it and suck on it. I begin by clockwise motions of rubbing my tongue with the flat part next to your vagina, moving my tongue around and over and upwards slowly yet with pressure to make sure you are enjoying it. I can feel your pushing into my tongue, feel your wetness on my face, feel your pleasure and hear your moans. I then put one finger inside just about an inch as my tongue continues to lick and suck. At one point I take my tongue and slightly tickle your hood, just above your clit. You like this a lot, you arch and moan with pleasure. I return to my clit, my lovely clit all to myself. I am now moving my finger in and out and making come here motions with my finger as I glide over your g-spot inside. You really love this and you are grabbing my head and pushing my face into your pussy. I feel your legs getting tight around my ears as I continue to lick and suck your clit as I continue to rub your g-spot. You now grab your breasts and pinch your own nipples as you moan and scream with pleasure. Your jerking into my mouth and finger as I can feel your warm cum starting to flow. I sense you are going to have a combination clit and g-spot orgasm and I am ready to receive your squirts and ejaculation. I now hear you scream my name and you arch your back and push into my face as you tell me, I am going to cum, I am going to cum…. I pull back just a little and watch as you explode with your warm cum juices and squirt your cum into my mouth. My you are cumming so much, so much cum…my face is covered by your cum. You are almost passed out with the power of your orgasm. You now reach for me, and grab me by the waist and pull me to you, close to you, grabbing at my mouth with your mouth, pulling my butt into your pussy. It just so happens that I am very hard and my cock finds your wet pussy like a magnet locking ourselves into a tantric embrace…….if you want more….just ask.

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