Massage Therapist Experience


I have been a massage therapist for over 12 years now and am 34 years old. I have always loved my work as it has allowed me to get to know people from all walks of life, help heal people with their injuries, remove stress from high profile people in the community, and help athletes keep their bodies at top performance. It really has been a very rewarding way to make a living. I have been married to my husband for 9 years and we have two great children that are 7 years and 5 years old.

I am not a very modest person as I do not think one could be and still be an effective massage therapist. I have found that my patients can be from one extreme to the other. I still have patients that wear a bathing suit to receive their massages. I also have people that have started undressing right in front of me not seeming to care at all.

When I first started my career as a massage therapist they gave us very specific guidelines about how to cover people up so that modest people would not be worried about their bodies being exposed and would relax and get the most from their massages. They also taught us not to touch women’s breasts but men’s chests were OK. The first year or two I kept very strict adherence to these practices. I must say, I soon recognized that people’s personalities were different and some wanted modesty and others were not worried about it. I also found that many people actually did actions or movements that would cause them to be exposed to me, both men and women.

The things men would do included grabbing a towel to place it over them rather than climb under the supplied sheet on the massage table. Many men would also be casual when they turned over exposing their penis briefly to my view. Some men would turn their penis to point down between their legs so that when I did their thighs I would bump into it before I realized it was there. Sometimes just a single bump would cause them to get an erection and make it far more visible. Some would pretend to have an itch and move the towel or sheet exposing part of their genitals. Also on many occasions men that were casual about nudity would sometimes get an erection when lying on their backs. It would only happen when I did their inner thighs or lower belly.

After a year or so of trying to keep patients from doing these things I came to the understanding that many were just casual about nudity and did not see anything sexual about it. Others I believe did get a sexual charge out of exposing themselves but were harmless and just wanted a little thrill. Some would “innocently” encourage me to massage “all” their muscles or tell me that “they are not modest and that if I did not want to use a towel, it was OK with them.”

Believe it or not women did almost all of the same type of things as the men. They would pull the sheet down to expose their breasts or up to were it just barely covered their bottoms, but made their vaginas exposed to me when I did their legs. When lying on their back, I would move up their legs and began to do their thighs when many women would slowly spread their legs much wider than needed and leave them that way. After the first couple of years I had a women directly ask me to massage her breasts as it always felt really good and relaxes her. She indicated that other therapists in the office did it and that she did not mind it and actually preferred it. She had pushed the sheet down and I was in a great mood so I went ahead and put oil on my hands and did the whole front of her body from her belly button all the way up. I did her breasts like any other part of her body. Her nipples instantly got very hard. She gave a very soft moan as I did her chest. She left, and as I gave her the bottle of water, she thanked me for one of the best massages she has gotten. When I went back into the room to change the sheet I found a $30 tip on my cabinet. I had received a $5-10 tip before but never $30.

A coworker of mine was 34 years old and had been doing massage for over 10 years and owned the business. That evening I casually approached my friend, the owner, and made a comment about how some customers were very casual about nudity and that I even had a woman request to have her breasts massaged today. She opened up the schedule and looked at it and soon said let me guess, Mrs. Hollingsworth. I laughed and asked how she knew. She told me that she had made it known that she liked a full body massage to her as isveçbahis well. We both laughed and then there was hesitancy in her actions. I asked her what she was thinking. She paused and then asked me if she could be open and honest with me. I said of coarse and then she told me that she had to make sure this conversation would only be between her and I and that I must never repeat it to anyone else. Her face was very serious now. She repeated it again for emphasis that this conversation must stay between her and I and no one else, not even my husband. I assured her and was now a little worried about what she had to tell me.

She looked at me almost like deciding if she could fully trust me. She then started to tell me that Mrs. Hollingsworth had asked her to massage her breasts and the first time or two she brushed off the request and did not do it. The third time she asked, she said Mrs. Hollingsworth pulled the sheet down fully exposing her breasts and hinted about the full body massage. She indicated that she had always been nice and had been coming for several weeks in a row. She said that she thought to herself as to what was really the big deal and she went ahead and did the front of her body the same as she would a man. She said that she received a big tip from her that day and has been ever since for the last 8 years. I laughed and my coworker looked at me a little taken back and then I told her I got a $30 tip. We both were laughing now because she knew that I had massaged her breasts. I confessed that I had and that it was the first time for me to ever massage women’s breasts during a massage.

My coworker then looked me in the eye and said she is not the only one that wants that type of massage. She then began discussing how she has figured out which women want that type of massage, that they usually will move the sheet or request it. She said almost without fail she would get a much better tip when she did it. She indicated that it seemed to work for both men and women. If they got a more full body massage like what they wanted, they gave a tip for the extra services.

I casually mention about women that spread their legs really wide when massaging their legs and thighs. She looked at me almost trying to decide how much she should say but then she started telling me that she has found that women that spread their legs really just want a massage all the way up to their vaginas. She said she has never ever actually touched their vaginas or done anything inappropriate, but that she found that if she ran her hands all the way up to where their panties edges would normally be that she was just bumping their vaginas with the back of her hand. That seemed to be what they wanted.

She said she is always surprised that many times it is married housewives or young single girls that spread their legs like that. She said I know they are not lesbians as they have families and happy marriages. She indicated that she just thought it was a very innocent game, almost like a little fantasy for them. She said she thought some of them are fantasizing about some hunk football player touching them when they get their massage. She again said it seemed to never fail to get a good tip and has kept customers always coming back.

I looked at her trying to decide whether I should ask her about men and some of the things they do. After my hesitation I finally told her that I had to know how she dealt with men. She laughed and said that men can definitely be more problematic and tend to me more obvious. She said that she found that interestingly enough, that many men just want to be naked in front of a another women that is not their wife or girlfriend. She said that she has many men that have been coming to see her for years and that is all they have ever wanted to do is be naked. She said that they would at first accidentally move the sheet or cloth to expose their testicles or part of their penis. She said at first she would cover them back up but then they would expose themselves again. She said after a while she understood that they were harmless and just wanted to be naked. She said that most men that do this really just seem to like to be “naughty” and show themselves off.

My coworker also said that after thinking about it that female exhibitionist can show off their breasts by wearing a low cut blouse or wear a short skirt to flash people and no one would ever get them in trouble but isveçbahis giriş if a guy did the same thing that he would no doubt be in trouble. She said that it was actually a pretty healthy and safe way for males with exhibitionist tendency to show off. I could tell she had thought about this a lot and had come to terms with it. She said plus it is kind of fun to see penises of all different shapes and sizes. She said she has also made it a game that when she gets a new customer that she guesses his penis size first and then sees if she is right during the massage. We cracked up at that comment. She also told me it makes her very horny when she goes home to her husband. She added that I might be surprised at the size of some of the men’s penises and that some would make horses jealous. Again we cracked up.

She said you have to be careful though because she has had some men ask her to give them a hand job and she said she always say no. She said that got rid of the idiot weirdo men that came in every once in a while.

I ask her what about the men that put their penis down between their legs hoping I will bump into it. I said I also get men that will spread their legs wide when I do there thighs. She giggled and said yes this is the set of customers that are harder to figure out. Most of them want kind of the same thing to occur to them as the women do. A little bit of accidental bumping into their penis or testicles is what most of them seemed to like. She said there are a few men she said that want to be a little bit naughtier and she said she could always tell because they would be easily excited and get an erection and would always be overly complimentary about how good her hands felt any time she would bump their penis or touch their balls.

She said that she would usually just allow herself to bump the penis when doing thighs or doing their belly. She looked me in the eyes and then said I can’t believe I am telling you this but she confessed that she personally had this thing about men with big testicles. She said her husbands were pretty small but she said after doing massage she realized that penis size was not the only thing that varied in size. She said that she did not know what is was about men with big balls but it excited her. She said it must be something about thinking their virile men.

She said that the men that spread their legs wide encouraging them to bump into them would always allow her to gently roll their balls in her hands and massage them. She said I have never had one complaint in all these years. I laughed at that one. She told me though that some would take that as a signal that I would be willing to do a hand job. She said only four of my long term customers asked me if I would and I told them I did not do that and they said OK. All four of them eventually asked or just started to masturbate themselves in front of me. She laughed and said it never takes them very long and I just continue to talk with them pretending I do not notice what they are doing. After they shoot their semen on the belly I just give them a towel and that is the end of the session.

I must have looked amazed at her confession. She told me that it was actually kind of fun to see a guy masturbate in front of her that her husband was too shy to do it. She asked me if my husband ever did and I told her no that he had not done it. We both laughed and said it is funny how we know they still do it yet they are unwilling to do it in front of us.

I asked her what the naughtiest thing that ever happen to her. She looked at me and said that she was not sure she should tell me. I begged and pleaded for a few minutes as she tried to move on and not answer the question. She finally relented and made me swear on a stack of bibles never to repeat what she was going to tell me. I agreed and we did a pinky shake to seal the commitment. She told me that she soon discover that when she wore a loose fitting cotton skirt that some customers would try to take advantage of it. She said they would do it in a very nice way but she said the first few times it happened it startled her a little. She said that when she wore the light cotton skirt that she had men (and believe it or not a few women) that would put their hands on her legs when she stood at the top of the table. She said that some customers also did that every once in a while when she is in jeans but more often when she wore the isveçbahis yeni giriş light weight skirt.

She said that they would casually try to raise their hands up on the outside of her legs until they would touch her panties. She said the first couple of times it happened she pulled away quickly but knew the people that did it for a long time and knew they meant nothing bad by it. She said that she let one man that she thought was very attractive. She said that he just gently caressed her hips and bottom. She said that made her horny. She said that after doing that several times that one day when she was on the side of the table he dropped his hand over the side of the table and touched just above my knee, on the inside of my leg. It startled me at first and I pulled back. When I moved forward again his hand slid back up on my inside thigh again and gently caressed.

It felt so good but after just a short while I moved on around the table and finished up as normal. Over the next few months he continued to do that same thing. I liked the feel of his hands and she said that she often wore silk panties that made it feel that much better. When I was on the side of the table his hands continued to move higher and higher until that fateful day that his hand bumped my vagina. She said she hates to admit it but she let him caress her just a little and then moves on. She said he still comes and I still let him do that to me. It always makes for the best sex with my husband that night. I guess that has become my little innocent fantasy.

I just said I could not believe it happens to her. She said it is weird that it sort of just happened over time but she has gotten comfortable with a few of her long term customers doing this. She said that is what is nice about building up a set of customers that you know really well and trust.

We left after that and it was weird how all of those conversations rolled around my head that evening. Two days later I had a woman pull down her sheet and exposed her right breast. I casually asked if she wanted her chest massaged as well and she said that would be great. I eased the sheet all the way down to her waist and did the full chest massage. She was very complimentary. When I did her legs she eased her legs out when I did her thighs. I ran my hand up closer to her vagina which moved the sheet up high enough that she was fully exposed. She had a little red triangle of pubic hair and a light pink vaginal lips.

I did not run my hands high enough to bump her. She was complimentary and sure enough she left me a $30 tip. I had given her a massage 4-5 times before but she had never tipped me before.

I also had a guy that move his legs apart and I ran my hand up so the back of my hand bumped his testicles several times. He quickly complimented my hands each time I bumped him. I got up my nerve, put oil in the palm of my hand. I then allowed my hand to slide up and cup his testicles in my hand and he said that feels so relaxing. I massaged them for about thirty seconds and then finished the massage the same as normal. He gave me a $20 tip, something he had not done before. Over the next few weeks I slowly got more and more comfortable with some customers sharing a more intimate experience.

I also noticed that my co-worker would wear a skirt about once a week. I kidded her once about wearing a skirt and she said don’t knock it till you try it and gave me a wink. About a week later I came to work in a light weight skirt and she told me I would not regret it. I did four different massages in the morning and while nothing to much happen, I did notice that 2 people bumped into my legs below my skirt. It was the fifth appointment that day that I had a really nice man placed his hands on the side of my legs. It felt weird but good. His hands were soft and very still at first. He then slowly started to move up and down gently caressing my legs. They were slowly wandering higher until they were fairly high up. I slipped away before he touched my panties. Man I was excited from allowing him to do that. Needless to say I wore a skirt once a week after that and usually one customer would run their hands up and slowly I let they touch more and more until their hands almost touched my panties. Eventually one man ran his had up under my dress when I was on the side of the table and I let him touch my panty covered vagina. That was so powerfully exciting.

Well, I can honestly say that I have never enjoyed my work more and I think the same is for my customers. What an exciting adventure it has been learning about all the different types of people and how to make them feel good.

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