Master at Meridian Manor – Part 1

Master at Meridian Manor – Part 1LeelaThis slave is activated as Chronicle 7 in the presence of the Master. This slave is tasked with making a detailed unbiased record of the events taking places around the Master. This slave begins by asking the Master for today’s date. This slave is given the date of Oneday, first of Am 7851, new years day. One of sixteen auspicious days in the ten month two hundred eighty day calendar devised by the Master. Thanking the Master for his knowledge, this slave begins the chronicle.Oneday, first day of Am, 7851Chronicle 7Master sits upon a leather chair, deep red in color. The room is one hundred forty four feet square. There are two bookcases made of solid cherry wood, each bookcase is filled with first editions. Biographies of humanity’s greatest, sit next to classic works of fiction. Upon each bookcase rest artifacts from the Master’s collection, glass orbs and pyramids, an antique clock, a ten inch bronze sculpture inspired by Rodin. On the wall hang oil paintings depicting street scenes of Victorian London.The Master’s study is contained within Meridian Manor, an expansive country house. By the Master’s decree this residence is operated without electricity and other modern technologies. The slaves assigned to staff this great house, are selected for their passion and talent for acting, as a result a wonderful role-play exists in the life of every slave. The house exists as an exciting recreation of Victorian life. Although the Master remains in residence only a few weeks per year, his slaves dedicate ourselves to never break character. We know throughout the house and grounds, dozens of tiny camera’s watch our every move. It brings us joy, knowing everything we do, may bring entertainment to the Master.The Master rings a tiny Silver bell, appearing a moment later is the slave Lily. Slave defne escort Lily is new to the house, still learning the flow of slave life. Master has commented in the past that he admires Lily’s beauty, and her toned athletic body. The slave Lily is nearly six feet tall, her dark hair is much shorter than the Master prefers. Slave Lily’s continuing effort to grow the slave’s hair out is starting to show results. Master issues his slaves every piece of clothing they need, Lily is dressed modestly in a black maid’s uniform with white trim on the neckline and cap sleeves. The slave wears a ruffled white apron that ties in the back and behind the neck, upon the slave’s breast is a tiny black bow. The dress the slave Lily wears is hemmed below the knee, the slave Lily wears black stockings and simple black shoes. The slave Lily shows off her improved curtsey, remaining silent, waiting for command.Slave Lily is instructed to enter the room, she does as she is commanded, closing the heavy wood door behind her. Under the instruction of the Master slave Lily kneels upon the dark red wood floorboards, in front of the Master. Slave Lily removes the Master’s polished black shoes and both his black socks. Without hesitation, upon receiving the command, slave Lily places four of the Master’s toes into her mouth. Slave Lily’s eyes water, she gags briefly as Master curls his toes against her soft tongue, in an effort to touch the back of his slave’s throat. Slave Lily dutifully licks between each of the Master’s toes. She sucks on his big toe with passion, paying attention to both of Master’s feet.The Master looks up occasionally from his internally published evening newspaper. His slave runs her tongue along Master’s soles. Slave Lily is not timid in worshiping his feet. Her passion shows nazilli escort in her excellent service. She coats Master’s feet in her saliva, she presses her face against his moist feet like it brings her relief to do so. Master places both his feet together, rubbing them over slave Lily’s face, sticking his feet into the slave’s open mouth.The Master appears to focus his attention upon the evening newspaper. Master places both his bare feet upon the wood floor, without instruction slave Lily lays flat, passionately worshiping the top of Master’s feet with her mouth. The antique clock chimes on the hour and half hour, before Master permits slave Lily to rise from the floor. The Master offers slave Lily assistance, grasping her hand and waist. Master lift’s slave Lily to her feet. Master slides the hand that grasps the slave’s waist across her breast, before plunging to feel her most intimate areas. The Master whispers something to slave Lily, then proceeds to bite her left ear several times, the slave contains her pain, mindful not to yell out. The Master’s hands search for slave Lily’s body under the many layers of clothingBeneath the slave’s dress is a light white ruffled petticoat, under that several more layers of undergarments. Finding her extra large white panties, the master thrusts them down to her ankles. Lily, like the rest of us at Meridian Manor, features an impressively thick natural bush. The Master runs his right hand along the curve of Lily’s ass, down her muscular thigh, then back to her ass. He inserts two fingers into her tightest hole, with little warning. Lily remains silent as she has been taught to do. With his other hand the Master unzips his black pants, stepping out of them. The Master’s manhood is fully engorged to an impressive size, thick veins beşiktaş escort bulge along the length of his red-purple unit.Slave Lily is unable to maintain her silence as the Master begins to roughly sodomize her. The Master drills his slave, focused on his intense pleasure. The Master presses Lily against the dull yellow wall. Slave Lily’s dress rustles as she moves, she continues to hold the many layers of her dress at her waist, her other hand reaches high touching the wall, her fingers repeatedly clinch and extend. The Master powerfully thrusts his full length into his slave, enjoying the grip of her body. The Master increases his pace, bending over his slave, fucking with great passion. Lily’s body has begun to accommodate Master inside her, she allows a few whimpers to escape her lips as she slides back against Master’s fluid strokes. The Master continues for several minutes, Slave Lily eagerly matches the Master with every stroke, rocking their hips in rhythm, performing a beautiful dance, until the Master empties himself inside his slave’s ass.The Master commands his slave Lily to fix her uniform, Lily gingerly picks up her large undergarments from around her ankles, she lifts them high, rustling her many layers of fabric. She brushes herself off, adjusting her apron and bows. The Master commands Lily to attend him, she takes a clean white cloth from her apron, she wipes the tip of Master’s penis, helping him to step into his pants, buttoning and zipping them up with a kiss. The Master takes his seat, his slave places his socks and shoes upon his feet, with a kiss on each when completed. Master dismisses slave Lily, she politely curtseys and exits Master’s study with a mousey “Thank you.”The Master turns his attention to this slave, ordering this slave to stand before him. This slave gets up from her kneeling position in the corner of the room. This slave stands in front of the Master, back straight, hands at its sides. The Master stands, he slowly circles this slave, inspecting his property. There is a knock against the open door, a petite maid with long platinum blonde hair informs the Master “Dinner is ready to be served.”

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