Math’s Wonderful Surprises

Big Tits

In my math class there is a knockout. I mean, a fucking knockout. Pretty tall for a girl, about 5’6 of 7, beautiful brown wavy hair. She’s got to be a D cup, has a perfect ass, and when she wears a skirt (which isn’t often, unfortunately) you can’t help but drool over her shapely legs. Anyway, she has to be one of the hottest girls I have ever seen. And she’s so incredibly smart, too.

Anyway, after class got out one day, she and I were walking down the hall out of the building. I wasn’t really paying attention to her, or anything in particular, just walking. Anyway, I could catch her out of the corner of my eye looking at me. I figured it was because most guys hit on her all the time and constantly pay attention to her (which they do), so I purposefully kept my attention on anything but her. Eventually, just as we’re walking outside, she starts talking to me.

“That was really hard today, wasn’t it?” she asks, trying to sound casual.

“It actually wasn’t that bad,” I tell her, finally paying attention to her. “It’s been getting easier this semester, I think.”

“Wow. You really think so? You must be smarter than almost everyone in that class,” she said to me. “I’m Alyssa, by the way.”

“I’m Michael,” I say, shaking her hand. “You really think this is hard? Everyone else I talked to about this thinks it’s getting easier.”

“Well, I’ve been really busy. I had some family problems, and had to miss some classes, plus I’m taking 18 credits, and they’re hard classes, so I’ve been stressed out, and haven’t had anyone to talk to since none of my friends go here. I haven’t done much work in this class, so I haven’t been getting much of anything.”

“I’m sorry. Is there anything I can do to help? You want to hang out a bit? I’ve got a while before I have to go, so if you want to just relax for a bit…” I make the offer, trying to make it sound like no big deal, like I’m doing it for her.

“Yeah, that would be nice,” she says, smiling at me. I can’t help but notice her perfectly white teeth. Man, she REALLY take care of herself, I thought. Slim, without an ounce of fat on her, perfect legs, perfect ass, all put on a body built for fucking. “I live right off campus, in a house with eight others. But, I don’t think any of them will be home. Is that alright with you?” she asks me coyly.

“Yeah, that’s fine,” I tell her. Like I’d pass that up, I thought to myself. We get to her door, go inside and throw our backpacks on the floor. I check her out as we walk, and boy is she hot. She’s wearing a tight red shirt, and I can see her nipples poking through, so I kurtköy escort don’t think she’s wearing a bra. Since I’m walking behind her, I don’t see the outline of one on her back, so I’m sure she’s not. She’s wearing a pair of jeans that hug her hips, low enough that I can see a bit of the pink thong she’s wearing, has her hair down around her shoulders, and boy is she fucking hot today. Not that she isn’t any other day, though.

“Want something to drink?” she asks me, coming out of the kitchen with two beers. “I know we’re not supposed to have beer on campus, but since this is off-campus…” she finishes, that glitter still in her eyes.

“Well, well, you wouldn’t be trying to get me drunk to take advantage of me, would you?” I ask her, trying to play with her a little bit.

“Me? No, of course not,” she says, trying to sound hurt, sitting down next to me on the couch. “I just thought it’d be nice to be here, the two of us, alone, after a long day of school, relaxing here, together…”

“Wow. Has school been that rough for you lately? Y’know, I see how tight your shoulders are, want a back massage?” I ask her, already rubbing my hands over her shoulders. “You’re really tight. How long have you been this busy?”

“For a couple of weeks now. I’ve been so busy with schoolwork I only get a couple of hours of sleep a night. Ooooohh, that feels good,” she purrs, as I start rubbing her neck in addition to the top of her shoulders. I breathe on my hands and rub them together really quickly to get them warmed up, and she leans back into me, so I figure what the hell and continue giving her a massage. She closes her eyes and rests her head on my chest, being slightly lower than me and a bit shorter, so I have to raise my arms a bit to keep massaging her. Like I would stop, I thought.

“Mmmmm, that feels sooo nice,” she murmurs, eyes closed, totally enjoying this. I want to see what she’ll let me do, so I adjust my arms to start rubbing her arms, going to her lower back and rubbing what I can. I can tell she likes this, as she starts wriggling around a little, pressing against my now-massive hardon. I can’t really rub her back any more, so I move my hands around to her front and start rubbing her belly, as well as her thighs a bit. She’s getting into this a bit, wriggling around on my lap now, moaning as well, and I can see her hand down her pants, rubbing away. Her cheeks are flushed red, she’s breathing heavily, shuddering a bit as she has an orgasm, so I decide to help her out and stick my hand down her pants, rubbing her clit with her and sticking two of my fingers in her malatya escort pussy, which causes her to shake with another small orgasm as she cums over my hands.

We keep this up for a few minutes (and my boner is huge now, I really need to jerk off or something), when she has one more orgasm and collapses on me. I keep my hand in her pants for another few seconds, just lightly rubbing her, then withdraw it, all covered in her sweet cum. She takes my hand and begins to suck on it, licking all over it, obviously enjoying tasting herself. I pull her hair away from her face and kiss her cheek while she’s still sucking my fingers. When she stops, she turns around so she’s straddling me and kisses me deeply and passionately, sticking her tongue in my mouth (which I love) and licking my tongue. We kiss like this for a couple minutes, when all of a sudden she gets up, takes her shirt off, reaches down and undoes my belt and pulls my pants off, kneels in front of me and starts sucking my dick. She licks up and down on my shaft, licks my balls, teases me like this for a minute, before taking me in her mouth. “Ohhhh, fuck yeah,” I say, grabbing her head with my hand. She’s licking and sucking on my dick, really working it with her mouth. I’m already so horny from her sitting on me like that when I was massaging her, so it only took about a minute or so before I blew my load in her mouth. She was able to swallow most of it, although some did dribble out of her mouth onto her chin and luscious tits.

When she’s had enough, she takes my cock out of her mouth and swiped up the bit of cum that landed on her and licked it off her fingers. “Shit, that was great,” I said breathlessly to her.

“I thought you’d like that. It was the least I could do for you for giving me that massage,” she says as she gets back up and sits next to me. “That was a really great massage, by the way.”

“Thanks,” I said.

“So, you came pretty fast, huh? You must have been turned on from giving me that massage. Hopefully you’ll last longer for this,” she says to me.

“For what?” I ask her.

“I want you to fuck me in the ass. I’ve never done that before, and want to try it. We can’t have normal sex, since I’m on my period, so I wanna get fucked in the ass,” she tells me.

“Sure,” I tell her. The mere mention of fucking her in her tight ass got me hard again, but before I could get her off the couch to fuck, she got between my legs again.

“I’ve gotta get you nice and wet for this, I’ve never had anal before, so it’s gonna be kind of tight,” she says. She takes my dick back in her mouth, kayseri escort coating it with her saliva and spit until it was nice and slick. When it was, she leaned over the couch, facing me and wiggled her ass invitingly. I jumped off the couch, got behind her, and pressed my hard member against her ass, leaning over to grab her tits and fondle them. “Well, what are you waiting for? Shove that thing up my ass already!” she told me. So, not wanting to disappoint her, I line my dick up with her asshole and start pressing in, trying to be kind to her by not shoving all the way in at once, but still wanting to fuck her ass SO bad. I get the tip in, and she starts tightening up.

“Relax, you’re tightening up,” I tell her.

“I know, but I’ve never had a dick up my ass before, only my finger, and your dick is a lot bigger than my finger,” she tells me. Still, she does relax a little bit, which allows me to get almost an inch in more before she tightens again. I stop trying to get in farther, so I start rocking my hips back and forth, thrusting my dick in her wonderfully tight ass. After a minute of this, I’m able to get another inch in, so I keep thrusting in and out. I can hear her moaning in what seems to be pleasure, rubbing her clit while I still rub her tits. After a minute, I’m able to get fully in her ass, which causes her to gasp and stand up.

“Yeah, ohhhh, please, don’t stop,” she says, really getting into it now. “Mmmmm, yeah, keep going,” she breathlessly pants. I keep fucking her ass, relentlessly thrusting in and out now since I’ve really gotten into this. We’re both moaning now, we’re both sweating and I’m still fucking her ass, she’s still frigging herself. A minute later, she shudders as she has a massive orgasm, almost falling over as she writhes in ecstasy. I have to grab her to make sure she stays upright, and the next second I feel my balls start to tighten up as I start cumming in her ass. I shoot three big loads in her ass, and two smaller ones.

“Holy shit, that was great,” I said. I keep my dick in her ass for another minute, then take it out. A little bit of cum drips out of her ass, but neither of us care.

“That was awesome,” Alyssa says. “Would you mind if we kept doing this?”

“Nah, I don’t think I’d have a problem with that,” I say, trying to sound casual. “But I do wanna get some of that pussy of yours.”

“That’s fine,” she says. “Maybe we could bring in that other girl, what’s her name?”

“Crystal,” I tell her.

“Let’s try to get her maybe next time, okay?”

“Yeah, sure,” I tell her.

We kept getting together throughout the semester, trying everything, different positions, she let me cum all over her face, she’d dress up in lingerie and give stripteases, everything like that. We did get Crystal involved, but that’s another story.

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