Mature Encounter


Mature EncounterLike most guys i learned about masturbation and sex through experimentation at a young age with both sexes. I played ‘doctor’ with the neighbor girls beginning around 6 or 7 and had actual masturbation explained to me around around 9 or 10 by older boys. It was during the later times that mutual masturbation and occasionally mutual oral went on regularly with close friends. I had several male friends that liked to jerk off on sleepovers and camp outs, or whenever we could manage some privacy.Most of this exploration stopped sometime in the teenage years as relationships with females dominated the sexual landscape. Even through college and the military most of those early memories seemed to be a reference for future behavior, even after marriage and a family.So one day a friend and I are talking over a beer about our wives and sex, and the subject of amateur movies comes up. We talked about how we both enjoyed the ‘home-grown’ aspect of sex in video, and that we had each made a tape of our wives during sex. Since we knew each other’s wife there was a strong desire to view each others tape. While we hadn’t openly discussed masturbation, it was fairly obvious that we each wanted to see the other’s tape and masturbate watching it.I invited him over on a weekend my wife was out of town and sekabet yeni giriş I was sure we wouldn’t be interrupted. We sat on the couch and I put in the tape of my wife in a torrid masturbation scene that had great audio. You could actually hear the wet smacking sounds as she worked her pussy and fingered herself. It took less than five minutes before my friend asked if he could unzip and stroke in front of me watching the tape. I said “sure, go ahead” and he took out a really hard cock, much larger than mine and began slowly stroking it. I could not take my eyes off of it … it had been many years since I had been this close to a hard cock leaking pre-cum.I’d guess another five or possibly ten minutes went by and he said “you can suck it if you want, I don’t mind.” It’s difficult to explain what was going through my head, but it took less than ten seconds for my mouth to find his cock and go to work. All the memories from my youth came flooding back, especially how soft and smooth it felt and yet so unbelievably hard at the same time. He kept telling me how good it felt and how bad he wanted to fuck my wife and cum in her. I sort of lost track of time except I was aware of my wife’s moaning which meant her orgasm was not that far away.He asked me if I wanted his cum, or should sekabet giriş he pull out of my mouth at the last minute. I had some hesitation about letting him cum in my mouth only because he was several years younger and probably shot big loads. I knew he had had a vasectomy and he had said he had cum in his wife earlier before she left for work that morning. At the moment of truth when he reached orgasm I let him shoot in my mouth. It wasn’t bad at all, in fact the hardest part was not choking on his big cock as it spurted, not the cum itself. He is a real seven-inches and somewhat thick. His cock has a really nice upward curve and is cut tight. I felt two or three spurts, but there really wasn’t that much to deal with.After it was over, he stayed very firm for quite a while. Before he left I wanted to show him another amateur video I had of a horny couple. We went to the basement and I put that movie on downstairs. Since I had not cum yet I began masturbating to the video. Without saying anything he began sucking my cock and jerking me off into his mouth. I didn’t last long and told him I was going to shoot. He kept sucking and stroking so I let loose what felt like a gallon of hot cum. He said it was a lot and I know it was.As soon as he stood up he unzipped his pants and took out his sekabet güvenilirmi cock again, which was rock hard. He jerked it slowly watching the video and said he would cum shortly. It was difficult for me to want to suck him again after I had just got off. All the horniness in the world seems to vaporize after I cum, and sucking his cock wasn’t nearly as appealing as it was earlier. We were both standing up watching the video and he told me he was going to cum. Even though I really didn’t feel like doing it, I put my mouth on his cock and took his cum again. I barely noticed a warm feeling, it didn’t seem like he shot more than a couple small spurts. He sure came hard … the orgasm seemed to last a long time and was very intense. He shook and shuddered for the longest time, his penis pulsated and throbbed many times. We’ve gotten together several times since that day, and for two mature married guys we really stumbled into bisexual interests quite by accident. Neither of us is into kissing, cuddling, anal, or affection of any kind. We are both committed heterosexual guys attracted to women that just happen to be okay with another guys dick. I don’t think either of us would consider sucking a stranger or someone that was not in a prolonged monogamous relationship (marriage) with a woman. We are both very interested in a threesome with his or my wife, but we both agree that will never happen. Until then we placate ourselves with homemade movies and mutual orgasms. It’s a very fun alternative to sex with the wives and a secret I replay in my head during sex.

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