Matureamateur’s Intimate Sex Interview

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Matureamateur’s Intimate Sex InterviewSex Interview Completed by Mya (Matureamateur)Q: What attracts you to a guy? A: Well presented, confident in themselves, sexy (obviously) and easy goingQ: Do you a preferred age group?A: No preference really, love mature guys for their experience, and younger guys for their impatience! Some of my best lovers have been older guys!Oldest guy to fuck me was in his 70’s and he was amazing!Q: When a guy is clothed what is his best feature?A: Nice smile, confident and paying attention to my needs and desires!Q: And when he is naked?A: Not being body conscious, confident with his cock size and makes best use of what he has!Q: Which body type do you prefer?A: Perhaps not too thin or too big and heavyQ: Does it matter?A: Well sometimes I guess, no one wants to be fucked by an unatractive very obese guy do they? Anyway each guy is different and sometimes their personality makes up for their body deficiencies!Q: Does cock size matter, length, thickness?A: Some I guess, preference is 6 to 7″ and not too thick, but I’ve been penetrated by 4” cocks and 8” cocks and genuinely enjoyed them both. Despite what you see in sex video’s, most guysI’ve had sex with have cocks between 5″ and 7.5″ with a few exceptions Q: What appeals to you generally about a guys cock? A: Wow what a question where do you want me to start, I absolutely love guys cocks as long asthere not too big for me. You guys often have no idea of the pleasure you give us girls when you penetrate our willing pussy’s. For me I guess Its knowing what pleasure a well proportioned erect cock can offer thrusting deep insideme, stretching my vaginal muscles and enjoying my womanly pleasures! I love good looking cocks with perhapssome pronounced veins – it shows maturity, experience and adds character and shows how exited I make the guy!I love the sight of a guy holding his hard cock in his hand as he walks over to me ready to give mesuch wonderful pleasure…… I could go on but we have so much more to talk about!Q: Has a guys cock ever hurt you? A: Yes definately! It’s only happened a couple of times but It can be really painful when a bigger guy forc*s his way inside me and bangs into my cervix and stretches me beyond my normal limits. What I would say from experience, is some bigger guys know exactly what they are doing and think it’s perfectly acceptable to hurt me on purpose, it’s like they are punishing me for being a woman just because they have a big cockLike its a right of passage or something!Q: What do you think about a guys balls?A: I appreciate how sensitive guys balls are, but love to gently squeeze them very gently when I know they are full of semenand its all for me! Love sucking them gently and hearing that my partner hasn’t ejaculated for a few days. I love large low hanging balls, they look so sexy and inviting and I love feeling them when being penetrated and love the feel against my thighsQ: Do you like men with facial hair?A: Sometimes I guessQ: If yes, what kind?A: Beard possibly not spikey though!Q: Body hair?A: Not massively keen on too much body hair, some guys look like an ape! Q: Pubic hair? A: No preference but not too hairy please, quite like the shaven look unless you’re a redhead…love redheaded guysQ: Cut or uncut?A: Love either, but I do love to pull back a guys foreskin in my mouth so in truth I probably prefer uncutQ: You are meeting for a sex hook up, should he wine and dine you first?A: Definitaly, I want to feel he’s making an effort and I’m worth it!\Q: Where do you prefer this to take place, hotel, his place, your place, other?A: Probably Hotel, its neutral groundQ: Do you prefer to be undressed or undress yourself?A: Love to be undressed, it’s so sensualQ: Do you like to undress your man?A: Sometimes, love to watch guys get undressed for meQ: Leave the clothes on, pull out his cock, hike up your dress and get to it?A: Yes definately if we can’t wait to get undressed, there is always a second time around!Q: Do you think men actually know what a woman wants during sex?A: Mmmm let me think about that? Probably not, but what the fuck, I know how to get what I want!Q: How do you feel about being taken doggy style?A: Absolutely love it when I’m wet and ready I feel like a guy can awaken his basic instincts whenhe’s taking me like this, it can really fill me up and I love the feel of a guy spurting semen over my cervix deep inside me, sometimes I love a guy to stowly penetrate me then I push against him rocking onmy knees so I’m controlling how deep he can go and I can show him how hard I like it. Love it when a loverreaches down and gropes my breasts!love this position in front of a mirror so I can see the look of pleasure on a guy’s faceQ: How do you feel about being taken missionary style?A: Love it, feel so close to a guy like this, prefer a pillow under my ass for greater depth and love to be kissedQ: Oh, you like guys kissing you when you’re having sex then?A: Of course, I’m a sensuous woman….I could kiss for hours….it’s so pleasurableQ: Legs over his shoulders and taken deep?A: Sometimes depends on guys cock size, can be painful if he bangs my cervixQ: Do you like to take control and ride your man, A: Absolutely who wouldn’t!Q: istanbul escort Forward or reverse? A: Like to ride forward so I can watch his face enjoying my sexy body!Q: Do you like having your breasts played with during sex?A: Yes and I absolutely love hard groping and a light slap.. frightening isn’t it!Q: Do you like having your clit played during peneterative sex?A: Yes absolutely,,,,drives me wild, and if I’m happy then sure as hell so will you!Q: Do you orgasm easily?A: Very easily, sometimes too easily and often multiple times, I can’t get enough!Q: What can your man do to help you cum? A: Whisper how gorgeous I am and how much he loves!Q: Do you squirt when you cum? A: Not usually but it has happened yesQ: Where do you like your guy to cum, in you, or on you?A: Love semen inside my vagina and over my labia lips, pushed back inside with his cock, also in my mouth and over my breasts, I’ve even had guys cum in my hair! Q: Has your husband watched you having sex with another guy/guys?A: Yes quite a few timesQ: Really! I’m intrigued, would you say you’re comfortable with that?A: Yes sure, why wouldn’t I be, he gets so much pleasure watching me having sex, its a primevel thing I guess, lots of guys would love to watch their wives fucking another guy, it so erotic and Voyeuristic sometimes he just likes to watch and other times he joins us and likes to kiss me and fondle my breasts while I’m being fucked and he loves me telling him how good a guys cock feels inside me especially when he cums! So yes, We are both quite open about me being shared with other guysQ: Protection?A: Condoms unless we know the guy personally and trust him then it’s bareback and creampie all the way!Q: One of your videos shows you having sex with a “used” condom, tell us about that?A: Oh that one! It was hubby’s idea that we recycle a fresh used condom that his friend had used with his wife a few minutes before in a hotel room down the hall. it felt quite exiting knowing it had been inside another woman minutes before me, and hubby loved emptying the mixed contents over my breasts and pussy!Hubby doesn’t produce much semen (he never has) so we have occasionally substituted his semen with donor semen during love making to add to our sexual pleasure. We have enjoyed playing with used condoms and other guys fresh semen a few times now and hubby has emptied semen from used condoms directly into my vagina with a syringe a couple of times before petetrating me which feels wonderfulWe only use semen from donor guys we know really well. Q: Do you have sex with guys when your hubby isn’t there watching you?A: Yes sometimes, usually at private sex parties where I have been known to take a guy or a couple of guys for a bit of fun into a separate room if we are looking for some privacy, but I tell hubby everything afterwardsQ: Does hubby get to fuck you afterwards at these parties?A: Absolutely yes, made him wait his turn though!Q: Have you ever made him clean you afterwards?A: Well yes, if I’m messy, but depends if the guys are using a condom. He does enjoy cleaning me though andhe loves to fuck me when my pussy is full of another guys semen, he finds it a real turn onQ: Do you often have sex with the same guys then?A: Yes I do, I have a couple of regular lovers that I have become really close to, and I know they are very much in love with me. Occassionaly I get to spend a few days with each of them and they look after me and take me to social gatherings as their partnerand we make love and spend time with each other very much as husband and wife. I’m a real shared wife!Q: I’m sure they do love you, but doesn’t that make your hubby jealous that other guys tell you they love you and treatyou like a wife or partner?A: Not really, he’s okay with sharing me and he knows I always come back to him, it just sometimes I need a bit more!Q: Have you been Gang Fucked Mya? A: Not really a gang as such but I have been group fucked a couple of times at swingers parties over the yearsand a couple of times and when I was young Q: How many guys got to group fuck you when you were younger?A: The first time it was four including my first boyfriend, but four isn’t really a gang is it?Q: How young were you exactly?A: let’s just say I was very young, too young, I’d literally just turned 15 and suppose I was easily led. My boyfriend said that if I truly loved him I would go along with it and I was infatuated with him at the time so I’d do anything! He said it was my iniation to real womanhood and I should feel honoured I’d been chosen Q: Where these guys older?A: Other than my boyfriend they were older guys yesQ: Did you enjoy it?A: I guess so yes, but I was so nervous and I felt quite intimidated to begin with as you can imagine surrounded byall these naked guys who were expecting a piece of me!I didn’t really know what was expected of me and was pretty exhausted trying to accommodate so many guys. Remember I had only ever had sex a few times before with my boyfriend and wasn’t prepared for the groping and hard fingering and of course they all wanted sloppy seconds so it lasted a couple of hours but I did enjoy them and yes I was on birth control, no one used condomsQ: zonguldak escort How did you feel afterwards?A: like a complete little slut! I felt sore, stretched and I had a pussy literally full of semen so of courseI felt like a dirty little slut. Remember I was a needy vulnerable teenager with little parental guidance and raging hormones, I just enjoyed the attention it made me feel very grown up and they bought me nice clothes and gave me money so I thought it was okay, makes me sound like a paid whore doesn’t it!Q: Would you enjoy a full blown Gangbang now?A: Maybe, if there a lots of guys it can be a bit claustrophobic and overwhelming though Q: If you did, How many guys could you take on?A: Oooohhh, tough question, in my head about about ten or more!! In reality about five or six maybeit’s easy to lose count when you’re having fun! I dreamt once I was having sex with 20 guys!Q: Would you like young or older guys to gang fuck you?A: Anyone who’s willing! no seriously I don’t have a preference as long as they treat me with a little respect and the situation was well supervised so it doesn’t get out of handQ: Threesome of Foursome perhaps?A: Yes definately, that’s more my limit if I’ve got the energy to satisfy them all!Q: Women as well?A: Definitely, love making out with an experienced womanQ : I see, have you been with many women?A: Yes, I’ve had the pleasure a few times!Q: Okay, lets move on, would you say you’re good at oral sex, in other words can you orally satisfy a guy?A: I’m ok I guess, but not as good as many women though. I have been told I’m not very good at sucking a guyoff as I have a fairly small mouth so I do struggle a bit but I can take a smaller cock in my mouth and throatQ: Do you enjoy swallowing semen?A: Most times I do, yes, if that’s what the guy wants, love kissing a guy after he’s cum in my mouth!””Q: Which areas of your body give you the most pleasure and will arouse you during foreplay?A: Mouth and lips, Breasts, Inner thighs, tummy, Ass and clitoris of courseQ: Do you like having your nipples played with?A: Sometimes but unfortunately they are really not that sensitive, but like a partner to enjoy suckingthem thoughQ: Do you enjoy or participate in mutual masturbation, Watching each Other? A: Yes, I Love to masturbate in front of partner, I feel so self confident and sexyQ: Can you cum while being watched masturbating?A: Is the pope a Catholic! of course, quite easily, I love an audience!Q: With toys?A: Definitely and frequentlyQ: Fingers only?A: Sometimes if given encouragementQ: Favorite Toys?A: Magic wand, Rabbit vibratorQ: Do you enjoy dressing in lingerie, does it make you feel sexy?A: Ooohh, don’t get me started, yes It makes me feel so desirable like present waiting to be unwrapped!Q: Would you keep some on during sex?A: Yes I Love to be fucked wearing lacy Bra, Panties and stockings, even shoes!Q: Which kinds of lingerie do you like? Sexy bedroom wear lingerie, short silky lacy nightdress, babydoll perhaps? A: Yes to all the above! can you read my mind?Q: Corsets / bustier’s?A: Never really tried a proper old fashioned corset – love my basques’s though but I know some guys still like corsetsQ: Open crotch / open nipple? A: oh no, a bit common, makes me looks too cheap and easyQ: Would you play with food during sex?A: what kind of foods? Never tried itQ: Do you like shower sex, washing each other, then fucking in the bath / shower? A: Yes Love having sex in the big shower you get in expensive hotels and adore washing a guys body after sex and letting him wash my hair and body, its so sexyQ: Do you have any fantasy’s you would like to play out?A: Wow, where do I begin! are you ready for this? Multiple guys perhaps, Schoolgirl Virgin, love the idea of being “corrected” or punished, maybe some pain then pleasure afterwards (i’m thinking something while being restrained) love the idea of machine fucking and breast pumps attached to my nipples with a crowd of guys watching! Does that shock you! Q: Do you think you’ve got a body built for sex?A: Defiinately don’t you! I might be curvy but I’m a very satisfying fuck i’ll have you know, I’ve certainly got the big breasts and tight pussy to satisfy!Q: Can you accommodate more than one guy at a time like say a DP?A: Yes, I have enjoyed a DP a couple of times with three guys (including hubby) and it really did make me feel exited and special, its so intimate and I’m sure quite a few guys would like to try it but choose your partners wisely, it’s a very intimate thing and some guys don’t like that if they are a bit homophobic. It’s such an amazing feeling having all your holes filled with cocks!Q: Okay, we haven’t talked about anal sex…what’s are your thoughts?A: If you want my honest answer I don’t always enjoy it that much even though I’ve been told I feel really good inside and I have certainly enjoyed my DP session but that a different story!if it’s what a guy really wants then i’ll pleasure him any way I can but it’s really not my thingand I don’t do it very often. I have a very tight cunt and that must surely feel better?What I do like is being fucked with a butt plug in my ass!Q: Any fetish play? A: Maybe, a little slapping and escort bayan soft flogging when tied up (not caned), using recycled condoms and other guys semen etc is such a turn on but you have to trust the donorQ: So do you enjoy being tied up?A: Yes, I have been “restrained” a few times when I’ve needed some ‘correction’!Q: Do you enjoy having your Ass or Breasts slapped?A: Yes, strangely I do yes. I love having my breasts lightly slapped and my ass spanked, it’s so humiliating it wonderful!Q: So do you like pain during sex then?A: Well I like the idea in principle, and I’d like my personal boundaries to be tested, as long as whoever is administrating it, is skilled in his work and doesn’t exceed my boundaries!Q: Would you consider sex with K9’s?A: Oh Wow, where did that question come from? not really thought about it, I know some women have sex with dogs but I’ve never considered it, it’s way too taboo for me, I think I would have to be convinced about this, I mean would guys want to watch me being fucked by a dog? and more importantly, would you want to have sex with a woman after she’s been fuckedby a large dog…..Mmmmm not sure about that and also I’ve heard it’s really painful because of the dogs knotQ: Have you ever had sex while during menstruation or is that too taboo?A: Yes, I had a partner who loved to remove my messy tampon before penetration, once I got overbeing self conscious about it I absolutely loved seeing his cock covered in my blood!Q: How do you feel about Taboo sex or sex with family member?A: Not something I would consider with a relative, no definately not Q: Public sex?A: Yes Sort of Q: Where?A: Private sex party in front of quite a few people, lots of encouragement!Q: Would you do outdoor activities naked?A: Yes sometimes, but being so fair I burn easily, I prefer indoor naked sauna’s etcQ: Are you open to taking pictures or videos?A: Definitely, Love to be filmed for guys to enjoy! Q: Nude?A: YesQ: During sex?A: Absolutely. Love to see how I perform afterwards!Q: While masturbating? A: Yes one of my favorite pastimes, so of course!Q: Would you consider yourself to be very experienced or rather naive? A: Reasonably experienced now but I have been taken in by guys in the past when I was young and innocentQ: When you say young, what are we talking about?A: You mean my first time? I was just ****teen, when I lost my virginity, I was an early starter!Q: OMG! You must be every guys dream fuck at such a young age?A: You think so? I was a silly little impressionable girl with no pubic hair or tits and no idea what I was doingand it hurt like hell, and I bled a lot so how is that exiting, you tell me? I’d only just started menstruating!Q: Well I’m sure a lot of guys who like young girls would disagree with you on that oneA: Well I’ll take your word for that, things were different then and I’m sure I have lots more to offer now!Q: Was it difficult deflowering than?A: Don’t you guys love to use that expression as if its a lovely romantic experience, well in reality it wasn’t for meQ: So did you have a lot of sex as a teenager?A: Yes, once I got a taste for it, I suppose I was “the gift that just kept on giving” lol’s ….I did enjoy it though most of the time and it had its benefitsQ: How so?A: Well I got to visit lots of places and met some great people who taught me how to understand my own needs and develop my own sexuality that gave me body confidence, not just giving other people what they wanted but taking what I wantedQ: How old was your first guy?A: He was 19, he was a fa****y friend and I suppose I was infactuated with him even though I was so young, I was a young vulnerable and impressionable girl and I’m surprised I didn’t get pregnant as I don’t remember him using condomsQ: Was it just the once? A: Oh no, we had sex on and off for a year or so, but I did agree to have sex with other guys as well in a group sex session when I was just ***teen Q: Did you worry about being labelled a slut?A: Later on yes, sometimes I was ashamed of things I did but I was young and my hormones were going crazy and it felt good at the time. Anyway what’s done is done!Q: Okay, moving on, What do you think guys think about when they see you naked? A: I think lust clouds their judgement, but often guys just want to enjoy my large breasts and give me a hard fucking and leave me wanting for more!Q: How many guys have you had sex with?A: Well I don’t keep a record but let’s just say quite a few, probably over 100Q: What are your best physical attributes?A: My lovely smile of course! oh and my large breasts and lovely ass!Q: Do you think your pussy/labia is appealing?A: Not really, i don’t think its that attractive to look atQ: Is your pussy big or small?A: Quite big Labia, but not havig given birth, my vagina is a very tight fit! Q: Do you have small or larger nipples?A: About average I have dimpled areola when arousedQ: Is your inner labia prominent when aroused?A: A little and is darker when sexually arousedQ: Do you have larger labia lips?A: Oh you noticed. Yes, quite meaty large labia lips most guys loveQ: How sensitive is your clit?A: Very sensitive but not very prominent at allQ: How big is it?A: Quite small reallyQ: Do you like having your pussy played with?A: yes, but i only enjoy fingering with up to two fingers thank youQ: Are you wet now? A: VeryQ: What’s the one thing your sexual experiences have taught you?A: Oh that’s easy, everyone likes to think they are different but all guys really wantIs a satisfying fuck!

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