I had just returned to the States after serving 18 months above the Artic Circle with the Air Force, I got my discharge and caught the first jet headed south.

I had been home for about 2 months when a friend asked if I would accept a blind date with a friend of his wife. I was told that she was 23 and really cute and recovering from a bad relationship, I agreed to a Friday date consisting of dinner and a movie. Jim said that he would pick me up at 6:30 then we would pick up the girls.

Jim was right on time, after we left my place it took about 20 minuets to get to his house where both of the girls were waiting. I knew Peggy from my high school days so as soon as I saw them I knew which one was Maureen. She was a small girl about 5’2″ and 100 pounds with auburn hair and hazel eyes and the pale skin color that only redheads have and yes she was cute. She was wearing a low cut blouse which showed her small breast encased in a white bra and a full skirt. Peggy introduced us and we were off to dinner and a movie. The evening went well and Maureen and I got along like old friends. When we returned to Peggy’s around midnight Maureen and I had agreed on another date. We walked them to the door and as Jim was kissing Peggy good night I gave Maureen a light kiss on her cheek and told her again how much I had enjoyed the evening. And that I was looking forward to Saturday.

Maureen had told me of a movie she wanted to see that was playing at the local drive-in. When I got to her house I was introduced to her parents who seemed nice. Maureen told them that we were going to a movie and she would be home around midnight.

We got in the car and headed to the drive-in; we arrived just as the movie was starting and got a good spot to watch the movie. As I said before I had been out of the country for the last 18 months and was not aware of the movies that were out at this time. I had no idea that pornographic movies were available at theatres and in full color. After the credits the first thing that was on the screen was a blond woman with a black cock in her mouth. My God This Was Alabama in 1964; this was something that would get you hung, if you did it. I asked Maureen if she was sure that this was the movie she wanted to see. She told me that a girl friend had told her about it and yes this was it. She went on to explain that she had been told that all black guys had big dicks and all black women had huge tits and she wanted to see for herself. She then asked if this bothered me, I said no that I did not have a problem with sex between the races.

FOOTNOTE: While I was in the air force I dated a black girl in Columbus, Ohio and I probably would have married her if I hadn’t been sent overseas.

I asked Maureen if she had ever been with a black guy, she said no but she had thought about it. I asked her if she had a chance would she screw a black guy and she answered yes. I told her I had a friend who was black and if I asked him to screw her would she go along with it. She said yes. I then asked her if we were going to have sex, she again said that she hoped so.

We watched the movie and naturally the black guy had a monster sized cock but the black babe that was the fuck star had tits about like Maureen’s. 32A’s. Maureen did have small tits but her nipples were huge, almost as big as her tits, and they were a delight to suck. The black star fucked and had his cock sucked by several blond babes and the black star. Maureen was totality turned on by watching this and we fucked in the front seat of my Mercury. After we fucked I sucked my cum and her secretions from her pussy, this blew her mind, first because she had never had her pussy sucked before and she couldn’t believe that I was willing to eat her after I had cummed in her. I explained that my lady in Ohio taught me to do that. I did ask her if she had a problem with me doing that and she said no she didn’t. When the movie was over we went and got some food and made arrangements for our next date. I asked Maureen if she was willing to go out with Sam and his lady, a black couple that were my best friends, she said yes.

I called Sam during the week and asked if he would like to go out with Maureen and me. I explained the situation about Maureen’s ideas on the physical endowments of black men and the bust size of black women. I did know that Sam was about 7″ hard and that Vera was a nice 34B. I also explained to Sam that Maureen might want to fuck him. Sam and I had been known to bang the same babe more than once, this also included Vera. Sam asked my feelings on him fucking my woman and I replied that they were the same as when I fucked his woman. Sam was present when I fucked Vera and he approved.

[Footnote: Sam and I had been friends for years and used to have sex with the same girls when ever possible and before şişli escort that we would jack off together, we had even jacked off each other]

I picked Maureen up then went to Sam’s house and got him and Vera and headed to Chicken Charlie’s. We got there about 9 PM just as things were getting started. Charlie had a band playing and it was loud and fun. We had a table reserved for us and I hoped that Maureen wasn’t intimidated that we were the only white people there. Charlie and I were friends before I went into the service so I was well known here. We had several drinks to loosen Maureen up before Sam took her to the dance floor where he was able to fondle her ass and rub his cock against her belly. Vera said that he looked like he was fucking her with her cloths on. Sam was an excellent dancer and his specialty was so-called dirty dancing.

Maureen was getting into this dance style and was soon rubbing her body all over Sam and she was using her hand too rub his cock as well as her belly. The music stopped and the band leader apologized but the band was going to take a break. Sam took Maureen’s hand and they walked back to the table and ordered another drink. Maureen was flushed and breathing hard as she leaned over and told me that she had a orgasm on the dance floor and that Sam’s dick got hard. I told her what Vera said about their dance, Maureen looked at Vera and smiled and told her that they were fucking. I asked Maureen if she wanted to have sex with Sam, she looked kind of stunned and finally said yes if it was o.k. with Vera and me. I asked if she had ever had sex with a black guy before and she said no. Vera then spoke up and asked Maureen why she wanted to fuck Sam, Maureen replied that he turned her on and she had always heard how viral black guys were. Sam just sat there and grinned. We had a couple more drinks and headed to Sam’s house. Maureen and Sam were in the back seat and Vera was up front with me. I could see in the rear view mirror that Sam had already removed Maureen’s blouse and bra and he was sucking on her tiny tits.

By the time we arrived at the house Sam had Maureen completely naked, they got out of the car and casually walked across the yard to the front door not caring who saw them. Vera gathered Maureen’s cloths and we followed them into the house. We all went to the living room where Sam removed his cloths and revealed his erect 7 inches [Sam is uncircumcised, his cock has girth of six and a half inches] Maureen just stared at his cock for a minuet then reached out and took in her hand. She then looked at Vera and I with a wanton grin on her face and dropped to her knees and took as much of it in her mouth as she could. Vera got a Polaroid camera off the table and took a picture of the cute redheaded white girl sucking Sam’s black cock.

After a few minuets Sam pulled Maureen up and placed her on the couch. He then spread her legs and slid his cock into her waiting pussy. Maureen moaned as he entered her then they both started fucking at a furious pace. I have seen Sam fuck before and I know that he can go for a long time, so Vera and I got undressed and sat on the love seat where we had a good view of that black piston pumping that white pussy.

I was massaging Vera’s ample tits and she was pumping my cock as we watched her husband fuck my girl, it was quite exciting. Vera asked me if I still liked to eat the woman after she had been fucked, she knew about this from experience. I said that I would never leave a lady with messy pussy, and that I had always had to clean up after Sam. Vera is the one that got me to do this after a hot session with the 3 of us. Sam has also cleaned up after me but he didn’t take to it like I did.

Sam was obviously approaching his climax so Vera got the camera and took some more pictures. Sam shoots a massive load when he cums, we could see his balls get tight and the juices running down the crack of Maureen’s ass. Finally Sam pushed into Maureen as far as he could and filled her with his sperm. They stayed locked together for a few more minuets then Sam’s softening cock slipped from her pussy. Sam kissed her and turned to us with a satisfied look on his face, he then stood and Vera got down and took his cummy cock in her mouth and sucked it clean. Maureen started to get up but Vera told her to stay where she was. I went over, got on my knees and started sucking Sam’s cum from her pussy; I licked the juice from her ass and her thighs and her belly. When I finished Vera gave me a kiss with her tongue deep in my mouth.

Maureen was sitting on the couch nude with her legs spread wide and the sight of her still gaping cunt was amazing. Vera had moved next to her and was also naked; it was very erotic seeing the two of them side by side. I had removed my clothes sivas escort also as Vera had given me a blowjob while Sam was fucking Maureen.

Sam came back from the kitchen where he had made a batch of Margaritas and passed one to each of us. He sat next to me so that we were looking at the ladies; Sam asked Maureen if she was satisfied that fucking a black guy was better than a white guy. Maureen responded that she wouldn’t say better but it sure was different, that his was the only uncut cock that she had ever had and that excited her. Vera asked what she thought about me cleaning her afterward, Maureen said that she loved that. She knew I cleaned up after myself but me cleaning up after Sam really turned her on. She asked Vera if she was able to taste her on Sam’s cock and Vera said that she could and it was tasty. Vera then asked Maureen if she had ever had sex with another female to which Maureen answered no. Vera told her that it was time she did and slid off the couch and crawled between her legs and buried her face in Maureen’s crotch. Vera started sucking on Maureen’ clit and we could see she liked it. I had heard from other ladies that Vera was good at eating a pussy. Vera started licking and sucking Maureen’s pussy, at the same time she was massaging her tits and inserting a finger or two in her anus. Maureen put her hands on the back of Vera’s head and pulled her into her pussy. Vera had gotten on her knees in a very provocative position which allowed her asshole and pussy to be completely exposed. I decided to take advantage of this so I got behind her and started licking her anus; I knew that this was a super turn on for Vera. I would run my tongue around her asshole and then push it in her as far as I could. We kept this chain going until I had to fuck something so I slipped my cock in her tight ass. It had been awhile since I had ass fucked Vera and I had forgotten how much she liked it. She lifted her face from Maureen’s pussy and told me to fuck her hard and fast then went back to eating pussy. I lasted about 5 minuets before I filled Vera’s ass with my cum, just as my cock was slipping from this tight orifice Vera also had a orgasm. I decided to see just how kinky Maureen was so I managed to position myself so that she could take my cock in her mouth which to my delight she did. Maureen used her lips and tongue to clean my cock of the cum and other matter from Vera’s ass.

The four of us were pretty well exhausted at this point from all the drink and sex so we decided to call it a day. I kissed Vera as Maureen kissed Sam good night. Maureen asked if she could stay at my place as she didn’t want to go home and explain why she looked so used. I admit she did look like she had been ridden hard and put up wet so I agreed.

When we got to my place we both wanted a shower so we decided to save water and shower together we washed each other with special attention to the interior of Maureen’s pussy and my dick.

After our shower we crawled into my bed where I asked Maureen how she liked sex with a black guy. She said that it was exciting because it was taboo. She also said that if she had been blindfolded she would not have noticed any difference between him and other guys she had fucked. I asked if she had liked Vera eating her and she said that was great, that I was good but Vera was superb, that she had never experienced any thing like it. And yes she liked my ass fucking and the thought of her sucking my dick straight from her ass was so nasty and perverted that she had an orgasm every time she thought about it. She also said that me licking her asshole was a great turn on and that next time she expected me to lick my cum from her ass just like I did her pussy. I wasn’t too keen on that idea but I didn’t say any thing at that time.

I woke up around 9 on Sunday morning, Maureen was lying on her back with her legs spread showing her pussy. I hadn’t realized how red and thick her pubic was, but this was the first time I really got to see her in a good light. She had a treasure trail of hair from her navel to her bush, this was really sexy.

I tore myself away from this beautiful site and went to make some coffee. Shortly Maureen came into the kitchen, she was nude and so was I but she looked better. Maureen has tiny tits, but her nipples would look large on a “D” cup tit. I have ever experienced nipples that large before or after. She came over and kissed me and asked when the coffee would be ready. I poured her a cup and asked how she felt? We were drinking our coffee when some how the subject of sex came up.

Maureen asked me if I had ever had sex with Sam, I asked what she meant by sex, she said have you ever sucked his cock. No I haven’t, but we have jerked each other off a couple of times, and as you know I have tasted his cum and sıhhiye escort he has tasted mine the same way. But to be honest I have thought about it. She then asked if I had ever had a guy give me a blow job, this time I answered yes and I returned the favor and no I am not queer. I then explained the situation. When I was in Labrador I was sent to a radar site with 1 other guy, we were there for 30 days alone and so to relive our sexual tensions we would suck each other and yes I enjoyed it.

Maureen said that she would like to watch me with Sam sometime. I asked her if she had ever eaten a pussy before, other than last night. She said that she and her sister had eaten each other for a long time but that it wasn’t as good as with Vera. I then asked her about her marriage, did she have oral sex with him. She explained he thought that oral sex was an act against nature and they only had sex in the missionary position and only in the dark. She was never allowed to be nude around him even when he wanted sex and she never saw his cock. He would pull her night gown above her vagina and insert his cock and pump her about 30 seconds, cum and get up and go to the bathroom and wash. When he came out of the bath he would send her in to wash herself before he would her allow her back in the bed.

Maureen said that she started having sex at a very young age and in order to get satisfaction she was screwing lots of other guys while her husband was at work. She had a list of guys she could call and meet for a quickie or a full day of wild sex. After a year of being married her husband got wise to her infidelities and got a divorce. To celebrate Maureen got 6 of her lovers together and enjoyed a gangbang that lasted 5 hours.

I inquired about the gangbang and what had gone on. She started by taking on 3 of the guys at the same time, 1 in each orifice and that was fantastic, then she fucked and sucked them until nobody could get hard. At one time she had 2 of the guys in her pussy at the same time and tried to suck 2 others while jerking the other 2. Maureen admitted that she enjoyed multiple partners and had been involved in several gangbangs. I asked her how she had avoided getting pregnant or did she make the guys wear a rubber. She said that she hated rubbers and that she loved the feeling of cum in her and running down the crack of her ass or in her mouth. And she didn’t know why she had never gotten pregnant. I asked if she had ever had more than 6 guys at once. She then volunteered that she had fucked at least 75 or a 100 different guys.

To my surprise I had developed an erection from all this talk and the pictures appearing in my mind. I picked Maureen up and put her on the table then sat down in my chair and started licking and sucking her twat. I kept this up until she told me to fuck her so I stood up and entered her and started a furious fuck. She wrapped her legs around me and squeezed me into her as hard as she could. I was amazed at how good her pussy felt, it was like I was fucking a near virgin, not someone who had fucked maybe a hundred guys. I out did myself as I lasted at least 30 minuets before I had a dam busting orgasm. I must have deposited at least a quart of cum in her.

When my cock slipped from her vagina she moved down and took it in her mouth and licked and sucked all my cum and her pussy juices from it. After she finished she laid back and told me it was my turn to clean her up. There she was on the dining table with her legs spread and her pussy begging to be eaten. I leaned forward and started licking her thighs and moved to her open cum filled pussy where I started sucking her clit and running my tongue from her asshole back to her pussy. I continued with this until she had another orgasm and that is when I learned that she lost control of her bladder at the same time that she would cum. The stronger the orgasm the more she peed. I found this excited me and I made sure to lick up all the juices in and around her vagina.

I can explain my addiction to the taste of a woman’s vagina because it is something that I truly love, I enjoy the taste, the smell and the feel of them. As mentioned previously I have eaten women before, during and after they were fucked, during their periods and when they have peed. I prefer a woman with a heavy growth of pubic hair as the hair holds her aroma. I would rather eat a woman who hasn’t bathed for a day rather than just after a bath. The older lady [she was 34] I mentioned earlier in this narrative happened to be my aunt and she insisted that this was a normal thing for a gentleman to do to impress his lady. Come to think of it my aunt was very hairy. Aunt Jean also taught me that a woman has as much right to have multiple sex partners and perform as many different sex acts as a man without being considered a slut, whore or any other derogatory name, and I agree, the more experience and the more partners only makes her more desirable at least to me.

I will end at this point; the second part will be forth coming if this writing receives a decent response. Part starts with Maureen and me getting married.

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