Subject: Man Can (Max Q (1) This is a fictional story about hot guys from an online chat site It’s pure fiction as all the guy are far away Some gay. Some straight and some bisexual But all the guys are hot. Enjoy. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Man Can (Max Q (1) … Max. Hot damm Max. Maximiliano to be exact. Max was the super hot hunk I met on the chat site that I have been a member. My God he is a smoldering piece of male flesh. Big hairy and hung with a big thick mass of cock meat. Just thinking about that hunk and that cock he has has me horny. And oh man can he fuck. Rough and sensual all at once. He makes you want him and that dick. Beg for it even. Then he slams you silly with he big angry dick. Making you almost regret sex. But then only to make you want him with how he fucks you “Wow!” I said as I remembered it. “Yes Max. escort You and that sex machine between you legs” Anyways. I am getting ahead of myself now aren’t I. I met this sexual beast on an online chat site. You know one of those sites that someone jerks off or plays with themselves in front of a camera. All for the viewing pleasure of adoring fans. Well Max is one of those show givers. For those if is voyeurs that like to watch him play with his big eight inch cock. Max is good looking (not gorgeous mind you) he has a central American sensuality about him that makes him sexier than his looks suggest. His body is athletic but not muscular. Sort of just slightly better than average. But again its not his looks that get you. It is his plane sexual and sensual way of being. He is definitely a dominant alpha male with the way he talks to you. Even as he is alone and playing with his gebze escort big cock he tells the audience what he is doing to do to them. Just so matter if fact as to how he will take what he wants and how he will fuck you. So a swarthy and sensual confidence that just oozes from this stud. And I have him fuck you is literally an honor to be bestowed on someone. “Hello there” he had said to me “Are you new?” That was what he said as he first saw me clicking into his page. His cam in and his hand on his big beautiful dick. I was immediately glued to the page, glued to the swarthy looking guy with the grungy bearded face. Bit mostly to the log in his hand. It was all I wanted to experience. That cock. “Hello back” I said to him “Not new to site. But new to your page” “Surprised i have not come across you before” “Same” he said back He swung that cock at the screen. gölcük escort Pulling in the thick dick in his hand slowly. So I could het a really good look at the mans cock. And man dick that thing make me very very hungry. The big uncut cock was just so damned delicious looking. I swear I may actually eat it if I saw it in person. It was that awesome looking. “You should come and see it in person” he said “It would get nice and hard for you” “Love new man hole” He obviously wanted to fuck me. From the very first moment. Even with out seeing my ass. Dor i know I had no ass pics on my page. Just face images. So he gathered just by those that he wanted to fuck me. Or maybe he just liked to fuck new ass. Any new ass he hasn’t slaughtered before with that log. Whatever the case. I did want this stud and his big cock. I just didn’t see myself getting down to him anytime soon. Columbia is far from here in the Midwest. But I still wanted to jump on his lap. Jump on his cock and ride it like a bucking bronco. Badly… ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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