Maybe It’s Not So Bad Ch. 01


Life with a foot fetish is growing increasingly difficult as I age. I turned twenty one today, and my dad took me to have a few beers at a sports bar. My mom was very against me going, but she had the night shift, so she didn’t really talk my dad out of it. I also stopped and got a tattoo on my back, an eagle bursting out of the water of a dark ocean, with the moon behind. My dad laughed at my expression when the artist painfully discussed the cost to me. I wanted the tattoo very detailed, so it costed a few big ones. It didn’t hurt as bad as the artist said it would, with it being my first tattoo.

I was hoping a tattoo would help me look badass, because my appearance isn’t as badass as the tattoo. Five foot six and not loving very much of it. I’m not the popular one in school, but I have many friends. I’m not really extremely ugly, I have deep brown eyes that shade into a very faint blue, I’ve got short brown hair that I like to keep styled, sometimes fighting my mom and dad on going to school if I’m having a bad hair day. I starting hitting the gym when I turned eighteen, and I’ve been going regularly since then. My chest and arms push out of every shirt I own, and I’ve got plastic glasses, not those metal frame ones. Ew.


Me and my dad pull up in the driveway of his house, he had been driving since he didn’t do much drinking.

“Thanks dad, for the drinks.” I say as I slowly open up the car door, and the cool wind hits me.

“No problem Matt, just remember don’t tell your mother, or I’ll lose half my shit in a divorce.” He says jokingly.

“Yeah, your good. Thanks.” I say as I step out of the car.

As I walk up the ridiculously large porch, I hear the car start going down the road. Dad had night shift too apparently. He must be on call like mom, it would make sense considering he’s a neurosurgeon, and my moms a pediatrician.

I open the door to my house, and walk in and shut it, while fighting the wind trying to force itself into the house. I lock the door. Maybe a coat wouldn’t have been so bad.

I look down on the floor in front of the closet and see four different sets of shoes. Great, I’m in a great deal of pain, and I get to listen to girls giggling in the second family room beside MY room.

I recognize the shoes, a pair of 5 1/5 black and white Nike’s. My sisters. Kampbell. She’s 18 and loving every bit of her body. She’s small, 5 ft 2, and about 115 pounds, she’s one of the popular ones, which means she’s a brat, always trying to be the sweet, innocent girl in the presence of our parents. She always has her long blonde hair down to her waist, which she straightens it every morning. Her blue eyes could make any man collapse if he looks into them. She’s kind of a tomboy to say the least, but she has no problems landing a date.

The second pair announces Tiffany. At 19, she’s on the cheer squad at her school, and she’s got deep brown eyes, and long blonde hair too. She’s got magnificent legs, and small, beautiful feet at shoe size 5, maybe 5 1/5 at the most. I stare down at her sandals, wondering why she would wear sandals in the middle of December. She’s always wearing jeans, and she’s the kind to wear name brand clothes, and buy phones WAY before they even come out. She’s knows she’s got a wonderful ass, always flaunting it in public and at school.

But hey, I sure as hell ain’t complaining.

I look over at the next pair, and see that they belong to the oldest of the bunch, Kelly. She’s tall, at about 5 ft 8, with feet that aren’t too big, nor too small. She’s the short shorts, party kind of person. She always has her long brown hair in a ponytail. He shoe size is probably 8 if I had to guess. They way she dresses and acts makes me wonder if she is a lesbian. She’s only 20, but knows what she wants in a guy.

The good thing about my sisters friends, is that most of them are kinda wild. And the house has carpet flooring, so when girls show up, off come the shoes and the socks.

My heart skips a beat when I see the last pair of shoes. Halie. Her pink Nike’s that she has worn for the longest time sit there, all used and torn up. She’s not poor, she could buy new shoes, but I guess she just doesn’t want to.

Halie is my biggest şişli escort crush, she has big brown eyes, and long dirty dishwater blonde hair that goes down to her mid back. She is really shy, but once she gets to know everyone around her, she can actually get kind of loud. She’s the girl that I love. She’s petite, exactly one inch shorter than me, and feet that are to DIE FOR. She’s got a small but round, firm looking ass, small breasts, and size 6 feet. I’ve always felt a kind of love for her, but I don’t think she’s in to me at all. I’ve known her for about 10 years, so we know each other well, but she’s not in to me, she’s one of Kampbells best friends, so me and Halie don’t get to talk much. Halie’s feet are the hardest to see, because she usually has her feet tucked away in shoes. Plus, I don’t think she even owns sandals anymore. She’s been 18 for only about 2 weeks.

I walk down the hall and up the first flight of stairs, and I try to fast walk down the hallway past the second family room, but since my room is down at the end of the hall, I knew I wouldn’t stand a chance at being able to walk past them. The room is on the left of the hallway, so I really have no chance. *shit*

I walk past the large doorway, which is the same size as the room, and get stopped halfway by Kampbell.

“There he is! Finally!” She says as she gets up from the floor and walks over to me.

Holy shit, they were painting each others toenails. Kelly had been painting Kampbells, and vice versa. And Tiffany was painting Halie’s, and vice versa. I look at Kampbell as she walks over to me.

“I heard you got a tattoo Matt, I want to see it.” She pleads.

“I got it on my back. And besides, it’s taped up, so I can’t let you see it.” I tell her, mostly because I don’t want to take my shirt off In front of 3 super hot chicks.

“So? It needs the air.” She says.

“Actually, I kinda want to see it.” I hear a voice speak to me as I turn and look over and see Tiffany with her mouth slightly open, like she just said something, and all her attention was on me.

I spot all the other girls staring intently at me. *fine* I think.

I reach down and pull my shirt off over my head, and throw it to the floor.

I see the girls all staring at me with their mouths slightly open.

“Wow, Matt, your body is…wow.” I hear. I turn to see Kelly say.

I turn around and brace for pain. I feel Kampbell stick her nails under the big bandage, and rip. I screech.

“Aaaahoo ahh… fuck!” Except I whisper the ‘fuck’ part.

I hear them groan at my pain, and I turn my head around to see them gritting their teeth.


I hear them all say.

I keep my back to them for about 30 seconds, then I turn around to search for my shirt, but I don’t see it around, and none of the girls have it. I realize I’m showing the girls my chest and abs, and I turn to try and hide my blushing.

“Matt, leave your shirt off, I kinda like you without it.”

I turn around to see who said that, and I almost fall over.

It was Halie. Holy shit. She said that? Was that her? Am I alive? I think to myself. She has a finger to her mouth.

“OK!!” Kampbell almost screams, making me slightly jump.

“We are going to play hide in seek, but in teams. Halie and Matt, you two will hide, and the rest of us will try and find you.” She exclaims not different than that of a dictator. But still in kind of a friendly, cheery tone.

It seems fair to me, considering the size of the house, but I really just want a cold shower, and then to lie down. Not play games. But then I realize I’ll be hiding with Halie, the love of my life, and she doesn’t even know I love her.

“Fine.” I say.

“But listen Kam, my back is smarting pretty bad right now, so I’m probably not gonna last long.” I tell her.

“Nuh uh. You will play until I say you can stop.” She dictates.

“Ok, damn.” I say.

Halie springs up, and does a jog-fast walk combo, and grabs my arm.

“Come on Matt. Let’s go.” Halie says to me cheerfully.

By the way, the seekers have to down 5 shots of vodka, so I’m kinda winning, since I already had about sivas escort 15 beers, I think vodka would force me to grow a second stomach.

I get infront of Halie and shut the massive doors to the family room, so the girls don’t hear where we hide.

“Follow me.” I say, and I take off jogging down the hallway, and up the final flight of stairs into my parents room. Halie slinks in behind me as I shut the bedroom door. “Leave the light off and take my phone, use it for light.” I say, and I hand her the phone. We walk into the closet, but hidden behind the clothes is a small crawl space that leads to an unfinished room. It’s still got wooden beams in the middle for support, but the problem is, the room has no lighting, so my phone will have to do.

“Are you sure this is safe?” Halie asks me as I scoot the heavy square board away from the small square opening.

“Yeah, your fine. I do this all the time.” I tell her sort of out of breathe from the heavy board.

She gets on all fours and crawls in, and I grab the board and scoot myself into the crawl space. Then I scoot the board back into place from behind the wall.

I turn around and start crawling fast hoping to catch up to Halie. The crawl space is about 30 feet long, so I think she already got going. I took six crawls and my face slammed right into her butt. It startled both me and her.

“Yalp!” She yelped.

I grabbed my face and held my nose. I tried to act like it hurt me, maybe to start a joke.

“Oh my god are you ok?!” She turns her head around and asks frantically.

“Ahhh! My nose is in my brain!!” I joke with a whisper scream so the girls don’t hear us downstairs.

“You little shit!” She whispered.

“Haha, I’m just screwing with ya.” I say.

We finally reach the room, and she crawls out and stands up, and I do the same. I stand up beside her and she shines the light from my phone around the room, then shines it right in my face.

I shield my eyes with my arms.

“Ghaa.” I say.

“Uh oh. Sorry.” She says sarcastically. Smart ass.

We walk around and pick a spot to sit. She sets the phone down on floor on the screen with the phone flashlight on. It beams onto the ceiling and lights up the whole room. Clever. I sit on the far side, leaning up against the wall, and she picks the longer wall beside mine. She grabs an old pilow and props it up, then she sets her right foot on the pillow. I look over at her from the corner of my eye, and I see that she is holding her right foot in discomfort.

I look over at her.

“What’s wrong?” I ask concerned, and trying not to look at her foot in fear of her seeing me eye balling her foot.

“When you bumped me I twisted my ankle.” She says with a sort of deep tone in her voice.

Now I feel bad, I tried to joke around, and got Halie hurt.

“Listen, I’m sorry. I didn’t kn-“

“Don’t apologize.” She cuts me off.

“You didn’t mean to.”

I sigh.

“Ok. Good.” I say apologetically.

I hear muffled voices under us. They must have just started looking for us.

I look over at Halie, She now has her arms crossed around her chest, and her head is up against the wall, her eyes closed.

I shift my vision over to her right foot. She has painted her toenails black during sometime tonight. I move my eyes down. I stare at her arch. I shift my legs to hide a semi hard-on.

“Whatchya lookin’ at?” She asks playfully but startles me at the same time.

“Nothing. Just wandering my eyes.” I sputter out a pathetic excuse for a lie.

“It looks like your staring at my foot.” She says matter-of-factly.

I wasn’t going to bother lying. I was caught. She was gonna tell her friends, my sister, the neighborhood.

“Please. Halie. Don’t tell anyone. I couldn’t help it.” I beg.

She stands up and walks over to me, and sits down right in front of me.

“I know what a foot fetish is.” She says.

My heart starts beating as she leans back and places her right foot on my crotch. Rubbing my cock through my jeans.

“Wha-, Whai-.” I stutter.

“Pull them down.” She commands while staring into my eyes. I unbutton my pants and I slid them down my legs. sıhhiye escort Stopping at my thighs. She lays on her stomach between my legs, and pulls my underwear down. I can’t bare to look, so I’m staring straight up at the ceiling. My heart is beating so fast I think it might explode.

“Wow Matt.” She says shock.

“You really pack a big one.” She compliments me on the size of my cock.

I had never really thought about it, but I guess it is on the big side. I lay flat, and even though my back is pulsing from the pain, I really don’t give a damn.

She slides my cock about three inches into her warm, welcoming mouth.

“Oho shiit.” I say. Those two words sum up my brain functions.

She goes all the way down to the base. Then comes back up to speak.

“You are at least twice as big as my ex.” She compliments me again.

She then plunges back down, and starts little bobbing sucking. Leaving a lot of saliva. Which I’m about to figure out what for.

“Let’s see how much you really like my feet.” She says seductively.

She sits up on her butt, and shows off her soles in my face. I lean up and lightly plant a small kiss in the middle of her pale sole. It’s cold on my lips. I run my tongue from heel to toes, and I suck each of her toes into my mouth. She gives me the other foot, and moans as I keep doing my work. I kiss her arches and lightly massage her feet, causing her to moan slightly. She moves slides her feet down my abs, and grips my cock with all 10 of her toes. She grips as best she can around me with her small, black capped toes, and starts a pumping motion. She slips my throbbing member in between her soft soles. Their soft and slightly cold. I feel my balls start to ache. I need a release.

“Looks like it’s time for the secret weapon.” She whispers. I look down, and she slips my cock between her soft arches. She bends down and jerks me with her feet while giving me a blowjob. She stares into my eyes. Those big brown eyes push me off the edge. She keeps pumping between her arches and sucking hard on the tip of my member, coaxing me to cum.

I entwine my fingers into her hair.

“I’m… I’m… gonna…”

Is all I manage. I only knew one thing: Halie was giving me a footjob blowjob combo.

She stares into my eyes and smiles with my cock in her mouth. Pumping and sucking. I feel my orgasm hit… HARD. I shoot what must be 10 huge strands into her mouth, and she coughs once, and plunges down even deeper this time.

She starts to slow her sucking down, and I start to calm down too.

I start to feel my heart begin to calm, and Halie keeps lightly sucking until she is satisfied that I am dry. She licks whatever cum leaked from her mouth onto her feet. She licks between her toes, getting all that’s left. I realize she swallowed everything I shot out.

“Oh, oh. Shit.” I stutter out of breathe.

“There. See. Maybe a foot fetish is not so bad.” She says.

She stuffs my shrinking member back into my pants. And scoots back. I button my pants.

Just as I do I hear a loud voice scream.

“They are in the walk space up here!” It sounds like Tiffany.

Me and Halie crawl out of the room, through the tight crawl space, and into the large oversized closet.

“Hey, how did Matt know about that crawlspace? I didn’t even know that was there.” Kelly asks Halie, turning to her while walking with us down the hall back into the family room.

“I don’t know, he just kinda led me to it.” Halie responds.

“Hmm, well, Matt, you need to take me in there, because I want to see it sometime.” Kelly says and looks over to me with a slight grin.

“Sure. But just don’t touch my moms shoes, somehow she knows when someone is touching them, even if she’s halfway across the Atlantic.” I say sarcastically.

“Is your mom really over the Atlantic?” Halie asks me.

“Nah, she’s on call.” I say. “But she was once over the Atlantic, and I was in the closet, and I accidentally knocked down a pair of shoes from the shelf, and I didn’t pick them up, and after some time, I got a text from her, and she told me to leave her shoes alone.” I tell Halie.

“Uhm, creepy.” Halie says sarcastically.

“Nah, just coincidence.” I say.

As we all walk back to the family room, I see my sister is already sitting down, waiting for us.

“That was a good spot Matt. Now it’s time for another round. Matt, it’s you and Tiffany this time!” She says.

What’s in store now? I think to myself.

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