May’s Taboo


May’s TabooMay’s TabooChapter OneWhat’s a Mom supposed to do when she comes home and finds her son jerking off to porn on his computer? I was shocked and mesmerized as I stood at his door watching him sitting there naked while his left arm was jerking on his cock. He was totally unaware I was at his door watching him as his back was facing the door he had not bothered to close. I had come home from my appointment four hours early due to my client’s plane being delayed because of a snow storm back East. It was my guess Mark felt safe sitting there taking care of himself. From what I could see and hear on his screen he was watching an older woman sucking off what looked to be a much younger man. I slowly backed away from his room and quietly walked down the hall to my own room. Softly closing the door behind me I realized my stomach was in knots and I was in shock from what I had just witness going on in my son’s room. My thoughts were a jumbled mess as the shock of what I just witness was beginning to clear out of my brain.My name is Mable and everyone just calls me May for short. I am 37 with long blonde hair and I still have a body that turns men’s eyes when I walk by them. I guess, inside, I’m thrilled that it still has that effect on them. That is mainly because my job for the last 15 years has been working for an escort service that depends on men being attracted to me.After removing my work clothes I put my short, red, almost see thru, Victoria’s Secret negligee style robe on and sat down at my dressing table and brushed out my hair as I kept thinking about what I’d just seen down the hall. Seeing my reflection in the mirror I could make out my hard nipples pressed up against my robe. Then, without thinking, I put my brush down and brought my fingers tips up to my hard nipples and slowly traced small circles around each nipple until I could feel the fire between my legs building higher. At first I felt a little ashamed that I was getting turned on knowing my son was just down the hall masturbating. But then I leaned back a little and my right hand moved down to my pussy and I felt the wetness that had formed there. That was all it took for my sexual hunger to take over and I willingly gave in to my lust filled desires. I have always given in to my sexual desires ever since I was a young girl discovering the joys a swimming pool water jet can bring a young girl.In a sexual haze I found myself creeping down the hall towards my son’s room. I could hear him making lusty sounds as I imagined him getting near to orgasm and shooting his load of fiery hot cum out of his hard cock. Just the thought of that sent a new wave of lust filled desire through my body and induced a highly intense new spasm of exhilaration shooting through my very wet pussy which intensified my already sexual charged mind into a sweeping new level of lust. This made me bolder and drove me to move ever closer to his door and take the chance he might hear or see me. Finally I was able to see into his room by looking in between the crack of his door and the door frame. I could hear him tell the lady on his screen, “Suck it bitch! Make that hard fucking cock shoot sperm all over your whore sucking face. After that mother fucking hard ass fucking he just gave you he deserves to cover your fucking face in sperm.” I was surprised by Mark’s language at first and then I was turned on by it at the same time. I even had a small desire at that point to wish it was me he was talking too. My pussy was burning with desire as I continued to watch Mark jerk his cock off. A voice inside my head urged me to walk in his room and swing his chair around, sink to my knees, and suck his cock for him as he watch that older woman suck off the boy on the screen. Where these thoughts were coming from I hadn’t clue as I never before had any sexual thoughts for my son before. I watched as his hand continued to jerk on his cock and I could tell he was trying to time his release with the guy on the screen. “Come on mother fucker spray that bitches’ face with your nasty sperm!” Mark yelled at his screen. “Make her eat it off your slime covered cock and then shove it down her fucking throat until all the slime is cleaned off your cock.” Mark added. I now had three fingers inside my pussy trying to reach my own climax at the same time as Mark. That was when Mark swung his chair around and looked toward his door. I froze and I soon realized why he turned around was because my fingers were making too much noise with my pussy juices. I stopped what I was doing and Mark soon returned to jerking his cock again convinced the sound he heard was nothing. Now I had gotten a good look at Mark’s cock. It had grown so much bigger since the last time I had seen it when he was a little boy.Seeing Mark’s cock sent new decadent thoughts thru my sexually charged brain. It must have been at least nine inches long and maybe six or seven inches thick. I really love thick cocks the best as they give me the stretch I need so desperately. Now this is where I truly started to think about fucking my own son for the first time. All my life my sexual lust has ruled my life to the point of driving Mark’s dad out of our lives. He couldn’t keep up with my sexual need to fuck other men all the time. At first, he tried, but then when he saw how I would let men use me as their complete do anything sexual toy he found he couldn’t take it anymore and left Mark and me. There is not many men that can put up with a lot of other men using their wives as nothing more than a cum bucket.Working as an escort has provided me and Mark an excellent life style where we have everything we need in life. Plus, I’m able to get more cock from a lot of different men without having to worry about going out looking türbanlı escort for men. Until today our life here has been a normal one between a mother and son without me even thinking about my son growing up and developing sexual needs of his own. Now, here I am, watching my son jerk off to porn and playing with my pussy at the same time. Thoughts are racing through my mind that I have never entertained before. My small glimpse of his beautiful cock has fueled inside me a heated desire for my son’s cock. Suddenly I’m struggling hard to be quiet as an orgasm rips through my body almost causing me to scream out with the pleasure of my release. Regaining a little composer I continued to finger my pussy and I noticed Mark had laid his chair back just enough for me to see the top part of his cock over his shoulder. His hand was stroking up and down his cock with a speed that I knew would cause him to erupt and release his hot sperm load within seconds and again my own well practiced hand was working on my highly sexually charged pussy bringing me to another body shuttering climax forcing me to work hard at being quiet so as not to be discovered by my own son.My eyes never left the head of his cock as I waiting for the release I knew was coming. My entire body seemed to be waiting for his climax to start spewing his hot man seed so I could allow my own release to happen. Both of our hands seemed to be working in unison bringing both of us to a supreme point where it would be impossible for either of us to hold back our pent of sexual tension. Then it happened. His cock head seemed to spit out a small rope of cum only to be followed by a much larger more forceful rope of cum that shot out of his cock, over his head, and then landed on the floor behind him. I love watching a man climax. Everything about it turns me on. His face, his body, and the flying arks of cum have always held my attention. This time was no exception as my eyes stayed glued to the end of Mark’s cock as line after beautiful line of his sperm shot out of the end of his cock. My own juices were gushing out and drenching my legs as I watched Mark cum.I found myself wishing my face was at the end of his cock so I could catch his beautiful load in my mouth and on my face. I wanted to be that nasty whore on the screen he had just jerked off to when I suddenly heard him say softly under his breath, “Thank you Mom!” I was thrust into a state of astonishment and confusion as another climax ripped through my body. I quickly rushed to my room and closed the door behind me. My thoughts were racing a thousand miles a minute as my mind reacted to what I had just heard. That was my chance, I told myself, to just walk in his room and suck up his cum for him and be the mom he had been thinking of. A shiver went through my body when I realized that all his spewing cum was meant for me. That fountain of sperm shooting out of the end of his cock was meant for me. Mark had been thinking of me as he watched that woman on his screen. Until this monument I never thought for a minute Mark thought of me in any way other than his mother. It was the same thing for me as I sat on my bed thinking about what had just transpired down the hallway. Mark had just been my wonderful son until just minutes ago. Now, he is a new sexual desire fueling my brain in ways a mom is never supposed to think about with her son. Yet here I am still fingering my pussy, wanting him more than ever, and willing to become the whore he is dreaming of whenever he jacks off. After putting my clothes back on I slipped down the back stairway to the kitchen and went out the back door. Circling around the house to the front door I purposely made a lot of noise as I reentered the house. Then, as I climbed the stairs, I called out to Mark telling him I was home early. When I reached his door everything was normal and he was playing some game on his computer. I asked him if he was hungry and would he like me to fix him something to eat after I changed clothes. All he said was, “Sure mom that would be great.” There wasn’t a hint of anything sexual that had been going on in his room just moments ago. It almost disappointed me in that there was no excuse for me to talk to him or speak about what had just happen.I walked down to my room so I could change out of my work clothes and left the door open just a crack in case Mark might want to sneak down the hall and watch his mom change clothes.May’s TabooChapter Two I’ve never left my door open before and just now it sent a thrill through me to think Mark might want to catch a glimpse of his mom changing clothes. Now that I’ve learned of Mark’s desire for me I’ve begun to think of adding fuel to Mark’s longing for me. Maybe if I do it right I might get to witness Mark jerking off again. The fact that my mind is still locked on nasty thoughts of Mark’s cock and what I witness him doing in his room is still causing my pussy to want my fingers buried deep inside me getting me off all over again.As I changed my clothes I would covertly look at the door crack out of the corner of my eye to see if he was there. I thought I saw a small shadow move at the bottom of the door so just in case he was there I decided to take everything off. I even made a show of examining my body in front of the full length mirror and paying close attention to my shaved pussy. I then made a comment loud enough for him to hear that my pussy would need to be shaved tonight when I showered for bed. That was when I thought I heard a slight noise coming from the door. Now that it was confirmed to me that Mark was watching me I continued acting as if I hadn’t heard anything. Inside I was thrilled to know Mark was watching me and my insides felt like türbanlı escort bayan they were electrified and would bust open from the excitement of exposing myself to my son this way.I then walked over to my dresser and bent over at the waist with my backside facing Mark. I opened the bottom drawer and made a fuss as if I was searching for something inside the drawer and I even spread my legs a little giving Mark a good view of my ass and pussy. Again I heard a sound that was like what a zipper would make while being pulled open. After a few more moments I opened the top drawer and removed my Daisy Dukes. These were extremely tight, cut very short, and barely covered my crotch with just the seam that ran from the bottom of the zipper in the front to the back. Lots of skin is visible while wearing these shorts. For a second I thought this might be going a little too far, but then I remembered Mark was spying on me right now while I’m completely naked, so I tossed them over to my bed. I then moved to the closet and again I bent over at the waist and retrieved my house slippers that had a slightly elevated heel on them. Now I just stood at the doors to my closet trying to decide what kind of top I was going to wear when I heard the faint sound Mark’s cock made when he was jerking off earlier. Again I felt heat flood over my pussy as I stood there knowing Mark was jerking off while looking at me. I then grabbed a men’s white dress shirt and tossed it over to the bed.After slipping on the house slippers I put on the dress shirt and tied it together just under my full breast and only buttoned one button above the knot. Looking in the mirror I could clearly see my nipples through the thin material and the sway of my breast as I walked towards the mirror. Next I grabbed the shorts and walked over to my vanity chair and sat down spreading my legs wide in order to give Mark a full open look at my pussy. Then one leg at a time I put the Daisy Dukes on and then stood up and zipped them in place. Turning to look at myself in the mirror I had to admit I was one sexy momma. Mark must have thought the show was over then because I thought I heard him running down the hall to his room. That was too bad because of the way I was feeling inside I might of laid down on my bed and masturbated my overheated pussy right there while he watched me.Mark does not know my job is really that of an escort. I’m not ashamed of being an escort it’s just that that isn’t a thing a mom and her son usually talk about. I also don’t k** myself when it comes to the fact that I am really what the world would call a whore and I accept that. Being a whore has provided Mark and me a wonderful life and a beautiful house in a nice neighborhood. My job as an escort pays me very well. I get $1000 dollars for every half hour I spend with a client. When a client calls my escort service operator they are usually asked a few questions like what kind of girl they would like and what kind of sex they are interested in. If a client expresses an interest in oral sex then the operator will connect him to my number after first going over a few more background questions.I love sucking cock and have always been addicted to sucking cock ever since I saw my very first man size cock. His name was George and he lived next door to us. It was on a Sunday afternoon when Mom called him and asked if he had any flour she could borrow so she could make chicken fried steaks for dinner. He told her sure if she would cook one for him too. She told him she would be happy too and then she sent me over to get it. Apparently mom had called him while he was in the shower and when I arrived at his house all he had on was a small towel around his waist. The towel left very little of him covered up and when he saw me entering his house through the back door to where his kitchen was his cock started to get hard under his towel. My eyes grew wide as I watched the towel start to rise up with his erection. He offered his apologies and explained that he was in the shower when mom had called him and that he expected my mom to send my brother over to get the flour. I told him not to worry about it and he then turned to his panty and stretched up for the flour on the shelf. As he turned back around the handle on the panty door grabbed his towel and tore the towel away from him giving me a magnificent view of his hard cock. He started to cover himself up but I immediately walked over to him and it was like I was taken over by some demon force and couldn’t stop myself when I pulled his hands away from his cock. Then while sinking to my knees and as if I was in some kind of trance my hands reached up on their own for his cock and for the first time in my life I was feeling what a man’s cock felt like in my hands. It was warm and hard while at the same time soft to the touch. It was beautiful to me and I had never seen anything like it. Something inside me then compelled me to lean forward and kiss the end of his hard cock. Then I slowly slide the head inside my mouth while allowing my tongue to explore the head of his cock. I stabbed at the hole at the end with my tongue realizing that this is where his piss comes out of. I felt nasty and good at the same time while wanting more of him inside my mouth. I slid more and more of him into my sucking mouth until I felt myself gag as his cock head reached the back of my throat. That was when he pulled his cock out of my mouth and I immediately felt like he had taken my favorite toy away. He had to force my hands away from his cock while telling me my mom would be looking for me. I agreed with him and told him I would turn loose only on one condition. When he asked me about the condition I told him escort türbanlı he would have to let me come over late tonight and suck his cock some more. He agreed. Looking back I guess any man would agree to let a young girl suck his cock if she asked him. On the way back to the house with the flour in my hand I could still taste his cock inside my mouth and my desire to suck his cock again grew with each step I took towards my own home and further from his cock. Dinner felt like it was taking forever to get cooked and then it took another hour and a half for everyone to finish eating. That was when I volunteered to take George the dinner that mommy had promised him. I fixed his plate and then while on my way out the door mommy called out to me to hurry up as it was my turn to do the dishes. I told her I would and then hurried my way over to George’s back door. When I had reached his door I knocked once and then walked right on in without waiting for him to call me in. He was sitting at his table reading his mail when I sat the plate down in front of him. I then looked him in the eye and asked him if I could suck it again before I had to go back home? He was sitting there only in his pajama bottoms so it was easy for him to reach down and pull his already hard cock out the fly hole for me. In a flash I was down on my knees sucking his cock like I was some kind of a wild woman. My anticipation of getting to suck his cock again sent ripples of pleasure through my body confirming to me my new found love for sucking cock and I knew that from now on in life cock sucking would become a big part of my life.Again before I knew it he was pulling me off his cock and telling me I needed to go home before my mom missed me. I gave his cock another quick suck and told him to leave his back door unlocked tonight because I would be coming over again after everyone goes to bed. He smiled at me and then told me he would leave it unlocked if I made sure no one would see me coming in his back door. I promised him and then got up and left. What followed after that must have been the longest evening in my life. Seemed like nobody wanted to go to bed and my brothers were arguing about any and everything. Finally mom got fed up with the noise and forced them to go to bed and then she and my dad came upstairs. I had already went to bed early telling mom I was tired and would need to get up early in the morning.It was about 45 minutes after everyone had gone to bed when I opened my door and slowly made my way down the stairs and then out the back door. Satisfied that I made it out without waking anyone I walked across the back yard to George’s back door and let myself in. The house was dark as I made my way into the living room where George was sitting in a chair with a small candle burning next to him.I walked over to him and noticed he was sitting in his chair with no pants and that there was a pillow on the floor between his feet. I knelt between his legs and had leaned in to start sucking him when he stopped me and told me if I was going to do this I would need to follow his rules. I told him I would be happy to follow his rules just let me start sucking your cock while you tell me your rules. I then sunk my lips down over his cock and let out a small moan of pleasure knowing that this time I would be allowed to suck his cock as long as I wanted.He had a long list of rules he wanted me to follow and most of them seemed silly to me at the time. One was that I must swallow when he asked me too. I nodded yes with his cock still inside my mouth and hummed yes as best I could while trying to get more of him inside my mouth. At the time I didn’t have any idea what he meant about swallowing. Another rule he had was that I needed to get better and better at sucking cock. I nodded and hummed yes as best as I could. At that time I truly wanted to be the best there ever was at sucking cock. Then he told me that he might bring over a friend or two and that I would have to suck them as well. I looked up at him and pulled his cock out of my mouth and told him that if their cocks were anything like his I would be happy to suck their cocks for him.After about forty minutes George asked me if I was ready for him to cum. Not knowing what he was talking about I said yes please. Then he let loose and I felt a warm salty liquid entering my mouth from out of his piss slit. I stuck my tongue into his piss slit not fully understanding that this was not pee filling my mouth. My tongue could not stop the salty spray from filling my mouth so I backed off his cock and then another blast left the slit from his cock and headed straight for my face and open mouth. I noticed that the color of the liquid was white and right then it occurred to me that this must be sperm. Knowing that it wasn’t piss seemed OK to me and I plunged his cock back inside my mouth and swallowed every drop that came out of his cock. I swallowed three more times that night before I had to reluctantly get up and make my way back home. Before I left I told him I would be back again tonight. On the way back to my house and then up in to my room I knew right then in my mind that I was a confirmed cock sucker. I was even fond of the part where I sucked out and tasted his sperm before swallowing it down for him. As I lay in bed thinking about what happened tonight a small burp escaped my mouth and I could taste his sperm in my mouth all over again. I would have done anything right then for another taste of his sperm shooting out of his cock and into my mouth again. Then I thought of the friends he wanted me to suck off for him and a smiled appeared on my face as I dozed off to sleep. Over the next year I must have sucked George off every night and every time I’d show up he would have another of his silly rules for me to follow. He did have me suck a few of his friends and I did enjoy sucking their cocks. During that time no one tried having sex with me other than having me suck them off. I learned a lot about cocks that year and I have used that knowledge over the years to my advantage.

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