McKenna and Leighton


M- So I’m laying in my upstairs bedroom in my parent’s huge house. Its later in the evening and I’m supposed to go to bed soon but I don’t feel too tired. Last week my parents got my report card and saw that my math grade was dropping pretty low. I’m not bad at math, its just the class after lunch and I’ve been in the habit of taking extra long lunches with my friends and missing class. My parents decided to hire a live-in tutor for me. His name is Leighton, he’s 25, and absolutely gorgeous. I’ve flirted with him at each of our sessions we have had but I am well aware that a brilliant 25 year old would want nothing to do with a skinny 16 year old living with Mommy and Daddy. Meanwhile, he’s laying in his bed a few doors down….
D – I am laying on my bed with my boxers on and a loose t shirt and I’ve got my Xbox controller in hand trying to kill all these motherfuckers in Halo 3 when suddenly my cell phone rings. It’s Mrs. Brinkerhoff, McKenna’s mother. She says that she and her husband have been caught all day in meetings clear on the other side of town and that due to a major traffic accident, they have decided not to come home and to instead get a hotel there tonight. She asks me if I can please cancel any plans that I may have tonight and stay there that night to keep an eye on McKenna. She confides in me that the poor girl has actually been sneaking out at night and she wants me to make sure that that doesn’t happen again tonight. She bribes me with a huge sum of money for the special circumstance and I accept happily. I hang up the phone and turn my game off to go break her parent’s news to McKenna.
M- I’m still laying in my bed twirling my long blonde ponytail between my fingers when I hear a knock at the door. I yell that it’s unlocked and you step in. I sit up in bed and you notice my small breasts bounce with the movement. I’m wearing a thin white tank and you can see my nipples peeking through the fabric. Your thoughts start to wander somewhere they shouldn’t and you clear your throat. “Your parents will be out all night and they asked me to stay and keep an eye on you.” I nod and grin at you “Maybe you should stay in here so I don’t get scared” I tease, and you roll your eyes and hesitate, then reluctantly step out and return to your room.
D- I enter my room and close the door behind me. I feel kind of dizzy and don’t know why. My head is spinning from some new-found feelings I’ve found inside me. Fuck. I realize that the image of you on your bed is actually turning me on! I honestly can’t believe that I’m going there in my mind at all. I shake the thought and get back to my Xbox. Still, I can’t stop thinking about you. I get my ass kicked a couple of times at Halo and finally accept that I just can’t concentrate with the current images I have of you in my head. I turn off the game for the second time tonight and lay back on my bed. My mind begins to wander…I’m imagining your thin shirt being lifted over your tiny breasts…I’ve never seen the naked breasts of a 16 year old before and the thought excites me terribly. My member starts to harden a bit and it sticks up through the slit in my boxers. Without thinking, I begin to stroke it softly as I fantasize about you sucking my big cock. Suddenly, I’m snapped back to reality as I hear a soft knock at the door.
M- I tiptoe down the hallway to your door. I’m not sure what I’ll do if I get inside, I’ve never had experience with this before. I mean, sure I’ve had boyfriends who have kissed me sloppily and have raked their hands over me but Leighton makes me feel completely different. I knock at his door and walk in. He is laying on his back with the blanket over izmit rus escort him and looks at me questioningly. I lift the corner of the blanket and slide in next to him, placing my head beside his on the pillow and stare at him with me big green eyes, my perfect mouth swollen with anticipation.
D- Immediately after the knock McKenna assumptively just opens my door. She’s never come in without my permission before. I barely have enough time to pull the blanket over my hard penis before she walks in and lays under the blanket next to me. I’m actually shocked at how bold she is being but she seems totally clueless to my surprised look. I try to be kind and ask her what’s wrong and she just says she’s scared and bored and doesn’t want to be alone right now. I can’t help but notice her simple and innocent beauty. I feel like a queer for never noticing her like this before. I’ve always just tried to be very professional but I feel completely different about professionalism tonight. I catch myself staring at her small mounds under the blanket but she doesn’t seem to mind. We talk and laugh a little bit and then adjust our bodies under the blanket to face each other and see each other better. During the quick process she accidentally brushes her hand against my warm penis. The excitement of having her in my bed has caused my prick to be even harder then it was when I was stroking it just a few minutes before. My shaft is now sticking straight out of the slit in my boxers and I’m totally embarrassed that she’s grazed my erection but at the same time I feel a jolt of energy through my body having felt her soft skin on my sensitive penis.
M- I’m nervous and brush your arm under the blanket. You look uncomfortable. But then you lean in and brush my lips with yours. I’m excited and press my mouth to yours again, this time sliding my body up against you so you can wrap your arm around me and hold me to you. I’m aware of what this is doing to your as your breathing quickens and I can feel your heart pounding against my chest.
D- Kissing has never felt like this before. My conscience is littering my brain with guilt but I don’t even care. Kissing you feels so good. You run your tongue along my lips and then respond to me as my tongue meets yours. I reach down with my arm and tuck my extra long dick up under the elastic in my boxers, realizing that you didn’t even recognize that you had actually grazed it when you brushed it just barely. You’re getting more and more aggressive with every second of our kiss and I soon realize that your young hormones must be raging through you at the thought of kissing someone so much older and so mature. I lean over and put my hands on your hips and effortlessly lift your skinny frame on top of me. I keep kissing you hard as I push my uptucked dickshaft up against your clothed crotch and begin to grind it between your spread legs.
M- I moan heavily as I feel you between my legs. I’ve never done anything like this before and I am completely losing control of my body. I feel you push up against me and my pussy throbs. I feel my cotton panties getting wet and kiss you deeper, putting my arms around your neck. “Push” you whisper, I press my hips into yours, grinding into your cock. You groan and grip my ass to gain more control.
D- As I have to encourage you to sync your rhythm with mine I realize that you probably haven’t done this too many times before. Curiosity gets the best of me and I stop kissing you just long enough to ask what sexual experience you’ve had…
M- “I haven’t done much” I say “But you can do whatever you want to me and I promise I won’t tell” You push my izmit escort hair up off my face and pull my mouth to yours hungrily. After what seems like hours, I sit up, straddling you and lift your shirt. You sit up so I can pull it over your head and kiss me again. This time I can feel one of your hands travel up my stomach and cup my breast. I whimper as your thumb slowly rubs my hard nipple through my thin shirt.
D – My body is on fire. Knowing that you’re so inexperienced is almost too much for me to handle. My thumb is loving the contours of the small but firm bump of your nipple. I need to do more than touch you though…I roll you onto your back and slowly lift your shirt off over your head. You put your arms above your head and leave your naked chest totally exposed. We make eye contact and both of us smile. I gently explore your untouched body with my big warm hands. I glide them over your petite breasts and down to your small stomach. I lean over and you feel my warm breath on your fresh virgin nipples. My tongue licks your left nipple quickly and deliberately. You shudder deeply. “Do that again” you request eagerly. So I do. But this time I let my tongue linger; fully, tasting your hard nub. I then cup my mouth over it entirely and hear you breath heavily as I lap my tongue now more persistently as I apply even more pressure with my mouth and my free hand begins to explore the fair, smooth skin of the surface of your other breast.
M- Goosebumps spread along my skin as your hot mouth covers my nipple and your other hand slides down past my belly button and onto my cotton panties. You expertly locate my swollen clit and rub it back and forth. I moan and say your name over and over again. You realize it won’t take much to send me over and take your hand away, using it instead to slip my panties down off my legs to reveal my soft little cunt, covered in just a little bit of short, soft blonde hair. Giving my over-eager little body a break, you take my hand and place it in the slit of your boxers around your shaft. I pull the boxers down and explore your package with my hands.
D- “So you’ve never touched a boys penis before huh?” I say with a smug smile. You tell me that a couple of the little perv boyfriends you’ve had have tried but you’ve never been interested. “So do you know what you’re doing then?” I ask. You smile and sheepishly confess that your parents have HBO so you’ve seen a thing or two. I laugh and ask you to show me what you’ve seen. You cautiously point my cock towards your mouth and look at me once more. “You’ll do fine” I say encouragingly “Just watch your teeth” I add with a wink. I see your wide eyes finally accept the task before you.
M- I put my lips on your cock head and then slowly slide your dick as far as I can take it into my small mouth. I hear you breath out my name and I pull my mouth up only to plunge it back into my mouth, tightening around your shaft. I can feel liquid coming out of you, which I swallow obediently and then lick you from the bottom of your shaft to your head, where I swirl my tongue around you. You lose your inhibition a little and take my head in your hands, fucking my little mouth and throat while loving the slurping noises, but making sure you don’t push in too hard.
D- Your perfect little mouth makes me want to spray your throat with my jizz but knowing that might startle you I decide to hold back. Loving how submissively you suck me I decide I want to reward you in return so I pull my shaft out and hear my head make a pucker noise as it leaves your tender lips. “Lay down” I command you kindly. There is no way I can fuck you because of our age difference but I am more kocaeli escort then willing to introduce you into the world of sexual bliss with my experienced tongue. You obey me immediately and lay your naked body flat on the bed. I rotate you so I can get better access to your hole and I climb off the bed and step out of my boxers and kneel in front of you. “you’re about to gain a deeper appreciation for this little nub” I smirk as I put one hand on your soft, transparent bush and use my index finger and thumb to spread your puffy lips and expose your starving clit. You have a hot young pussy and I can’t wait to bury my face in your dripping pink folds….
M – I lay on the edge of the bed with my legs spread for you. You lower your head and slowly run your hot tongue across my little button. My body jolts and I hear you chuckle as you plant a hand on my abdomen to hold me in place, and then use it to cover my little breast. I feel your wonderful tongue slide lower as you lick up the juice that has leaked out of me. I lay there, feeling your tongue in my hole and think about how hot it is that my 25 year old tutor is sucking my 16 year old cunt. I feel my lips start to swell around your mouth as I sense a pressure building in my pelvis. I look at you and you try to decide if you should give it to me or hold off.
D- I can’t believe I’m even entertaining the idea but I can’t help it. I need to fuck you so bad but I can’t just mount you without your approval, you’re a virgin! I look up at you and ask quietly: “McKenna, do you want me to fuck you?”
M- I respond by lowering myself off the edge of the bed and over your lap. You put your hands around my waist to help me as I position myself onto your dickhead and then press down. I feel your head pop past my opening and then a little too much pressure. I wince, but you touch your forehead to mine and look into my eyes as you feel yourself break through my hymen. I sit down fully on you, feeling your penis deep inside me.
D – “You okay?” I ask apprehensively. “Yeah” you respond with a slight smile, still wincing a little. I feel my shaft swell inside you. Your hole is so tight around me. “Fuck me” you command quietly. I smile at your confidence and use my strong arms to lift you slightly up and down. “Ohhhh” you moan quietly as the pain starts to be replaced with streams of pleasure. The soft bouncing continues as your swelling canal spreads to accommodate my intruding member. “ohhh fuck me” you mumble over and over again. A small stream of sweat forms on your tan forehead as your body responds to the new sensation that my penis creates inside of you. Finally I lift you to the edge of the bed, keeping my cock locked inside of you, and get on my knees so that I have better control.
M- You watch my undeveloped breasts bounce with your thrusts and I grab fistfuls of the blanket, glad my parents aren’t here to hear the profanity coming out of my mouth. I can’t help it, your cock feels so good stretching me that my juices are running down your balls. You turn me onto my hands and knees and plant your hands on my hip bones for leverage, fucking me so hard and fast that the bed is shaking, knocking against the wall. It’s soon drowned out by my screams however and I feel that deep pressure in my abdomen finally release as I tense and throb around your member, cum spilling out and running down my thigh. You figure you’d better not spill your load in me so you pull out and sit me on my ass. “Rub me hard” you say, and I wrap my small hands around you, pumping fast. “there will be a stream of stuff that is about to come out” you warn, moaning, and I nod my head and open my mouth to receive it. This action sends you over the edge and you become tense in my hand and then shoot all over my pink little mouth. I swallow once again and then lick the excess from your head.

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