Me and My Fuckboys Ch. 04


Day Eight

8 am

I rush out of bed, quickly getting changed into my clothes. I’m late for work but Tom has a late meeting so he’s still lying in bed as he watches me struggle to get to work on time.

“Strip for me!” he says laughing, trying to pull up my pleated skirt to fuck me. I slap him playfully, telling him to save it for tonight. He’s slightly disappointed that I’m willing to risk my job to fuck him, but he watches me leave, laughing the whole time.

I text him while walking, inviting him out on a dinner date tonight to make up for my rushed exit this morning.

I’m half-way to work before I realize that I’m not wearing a bra underneath my blouse, Tom was distracting me so much this morning. I’m slightly embarrassed, my tits are too big not to wear a bra, especially when I’m wearing a tight-fitted blouse like I am this morning.

I take my long blonde hair out of the bun on my head, placing it over my nipples, hoping that it doesn’t look too bad. I don’t have time to go back home and Tom will think its hilarious that I have to get a bra.

12 pm

I’m eating a bagel for lunch when I get a text from Tom, bailing out on me for our dinner date, saying that he has a late work do, so he might just stay at Holly and Luke’s house which is close to his work.

I spit out the bagel, annoyed that Tom had passed up on dinner. We had had so fun over the past few nights, I should’ve known that it would’ve come to an end at some point though.

I call Luke to see whether he can come over later and he agrees. I’m excited to see him, i feel likes its been way too long since I last saw him.

4 pm

Luke calls me and cancels our date after school. I’m bummed out about being rejected by two people now. I scroll through my phone contacts, deciding that I would have some fun of my own tonight. There’s only one fuckboy I have left on my phone so I call Matt.

He’s surprised (but delighted) to hear from me and invites me back to his house for drinks immediately after work. I didn’t know that Matt was in the mood to get to know me a bit better, I thought he just wanted to fuck me, so its nice to know that Matt and I are on good terms after our messy college days.

5 pm

On the way to Matt’s it starts raining and my blouse starts sticking to my skin, making it impossible for me to go to his braless and soaking, my nipples peaking through the fabric. I might be giving him the wrong idea, although its kind of a turn on for me.

I go to a lingerie shop, throwing the soaking blouse in the bin and choosing a bralette that barely covers my nipples and is cut like a crop top in black. My skirt is high-waisted so I choose some skimpy black thongs to go along with it before calling a taxi to go to Matt’s

4.30 pm

I walk out of the car and I am surprised to find myself outside of a strip club. What was Matt thinking? I suddenly remember the experimentation that went on while we were together, lots of crazy beylikdüzü escort orgies and trying new things, maybe he wanted to relive the ‘good old days’. Tom didn’t like including other people in our sexual activities, believing that we didn’t need someone else to make each other cum.

I am directed upstairs by the lady at the front desk, which confuses me. Weren’t we experimenting with the people in the club not just with each other?

He greets me lovingly, kissing me passionately on the lips. He’s impressed by my attire, showing off my boob job nicely. He’s already hard before i even walk in the door and I watch him awkwardly wrestle with his penis.

He makes a cup of coffee as I tell him I’m not drinking (I’m working tomorrow morning), before drinking a glass of vodka himself and tells me about what he does for a living now. It turns out he actually owns a chain of strip clubs around the area. He loves his job, it brings him a lot of pussy.

He’s in the middle of telling me about a massive orgy that he and some of the girls at the club had when we get a knock on the door. In enters a small man who goes and sits on Matt’s lap immediately. Matt introduces him as Ben, his boyfriend and Ben stares at me obviously impressed.

I tell Ben about the orgies and experimentation that we did back in college and he looks impressed, “this is the girl that made you crazy”. Before noticing my wedding ring on my hand. I had forgotten to take it off, I was so used to Luke knowing about my marriage.

“You married Tom?” Matt asks me, obviously impressed that I had managed to stay with him while he cheated on me so frequently. I nod, telling him that Tom and I were in an open relationship now (which was a lie) and he smiles widely, obviously not believing my words.

I ignore his questioning and smile widely before them, ripping off my skirt. I haven’t had a threesome in so long, I honestly just wanted to experience that again.

Ben ripped his cock out without hesitation, already into this, immediately rubbing it slowly. I’m disappointed by the size, its about average, but I decide that getting fucked by two dicks is better, it doesn’t matter how big they are.

I start stripping slowly, touching myself everywhere possible and before long Matt has his dick out too, stroking it lightly. They’re intrigued by my body, they obviously hadn’t had sex with a girl in a little bit.

I ran forwards, taking Ben’s cock in my mouth and Matt bent down, putting his dick in my pussy. He starts thrusting and I start deep-throating Ben’s dick. The harder he thrusts, the deeper I take Ben’s dick. It’s so exciting and thrilling having two dicks to play with.

Matt put his fingers in my ass too, moving them around. I start moaning loudly, three of my holes plugged. The more he thrusts and moves his fingers, the more excitedly I start licking and pulling Ben’s cock.

Ben starts playing with beyoğlu escort my tits too and before long I know that I’m going to cum. I pull Ben’s cock out of my mouth as Matt continued thrusting and I squirted my juices all of his dick. He’s aroused by this and pushes even harder, not giving me any time to rest.

They swap around so Ben’s dick is in my pussy and Matt’s is in my mouth and I can feel the precum forming. It’s amazing to feel his cum and my own mixed together. He cums violently in my mouth, and almost as the same time Ben comes in my pussy.

I continued deepthroating Matt’s dick as Ben thrusts before I cum one more time. Then i decide that its time to leave annoyingly, I wanted to stay and be fucked for hours.

Matt and Ben make out with me before I leave, begging me to come back to them soon. I rush away, wanting to make sure that I’m home before Tom gets home.

6 pm

I kneel over the toilet and vomit, obviously my body is overwhelmed by the amount of cum I have swallowed. My body does this sometimes, especially when I’m sexually satisfied.

I then shower quickly, not wanting Tom to come home and see me covered in other people’s cum.

8 pm

I continue watching the new season of Supergirl. I’m not hungry, the vomit from earlier has made me nauseous.

9 pm

Luke calls me and tells me that Holly and Tom are going on a ‘business trip’ next week and that we should meet up. I agree, wanting to see Luke.

10 pm

I go to bed alone with Tom still not home, annoyed that we didn’t have sex like he wanted to this morning

Day Nine

7 am

I wake in the morning to find that Tom has made me some simple scrambled eggs for breakfast. He’s obviously seen the vomit in the toilet as there’s a fresh hangover cure in a glass next to it.

I hug him tightly and he’s glad to see me. He tells me about his work party, saying that he missed me. I’m touched by his gesture and we spend a long time making out on the kitchen table before he has to leave for work.

8.30 am

One of the tour guides is sick so I have to take a few tours around the gallery. I’m bored by this job, much of the same thing, but I have to stay around to make sure that the gallery runs smoothly. I’ve tried to find a better manager but no-one seems to match what I’m looking for.

Tom doesn’t like it when I work (he prefers sex on demand) but I find working at this office even more boring. I’m barely twenty-three and already hate my job. I think I’ll have to hire a manager for the new year – if I don’t already leave the job.

12 pm

Luke calls me again to cancel on our dinner date. I’m annoyed by his actions – he’s been acting up recently, why does he keep cancelling? Did Holly find out about our affair? Does he find me boring now?

5 pm

I’m surprised to find Tom waiting outside for me in a taxi. He usually waits for me back home. bizimkent escort He tells me that he’s arranged for a special dinner date at our favorite Italian restaurant. I’m touched by his gesture – I’ve missed him.

I forced the driver to stop off at a department store so i could buy myself a nice outfit to impress Tom. I chose a tight-fitting leather dress, framing my unbelievable curves. I went braless, the strapless dress didn’t allow for me to wear a bra anyway and a set of crotchless panties.

Tom’s eyes were bulging out of his skull before we even made it to the restaurant. I gave him a handjob in the back of the taxi, making small talk with the driver seriously. I couldn’t stop giggling, loving how Tom was able to keep himself under control.

6 pm

Dinner was amazing but so sexual. We got a large plate of spaghetti to share, making loud slurping noises and deliberately choosing the same pieces so we had an excuse to make out.

Tom kept trying to escape to the bathroom so we could let out our horniness, bit I didn’t let him. I wanted out night to be fucking incredible and that meant that we both had to be horny as shit. I wanted him to realize that Holly could never ever be as good as me.

7 pm

Tom strips down to his boxers immediately as we get home and i unzip my leather dress. It’s sticky from the precum from the handjob in the car but that only makes it sexier for him.

I rushed onto the bed and he started caressing my tits, making out with me. His cock was erect and I positioned myself on top of him and we started dry humping, something he liked to do, tease me. We carried on and I started to soak through my panties. I felt his hard, erect cock just as his precum was starting to wet his boxers.

His hands crept up my thigh, trying to find the hole in my panties. Without breaking our embrace he poked two fingers through the hole. He felt inside of me slowly, searching for my clit. I flinched as he found it and he ripped my pants off, positioning his mouth over the spot and licking it excitedly.

He stopped to see my face and my hands replaced his, feeling the inside of my own pussy. He loved watching me masturbate, finding my own wails so sexy. He licked my juices around my fingers, and massaged my tits at the same time and it felt so good. I came twice while we were doing this. He came up and kissed me a few times and I was in heaven, I loved tasting my own juices.

To reward him, I ripped his boxers off and placed my own mouth on his cock. I sucked it deeply, thanking him for letting me pleasure myself for so long. He squeezed my tits as I did this, making me more horny. I felt his precum in my mouth and I knew it was time. Our lips locked deeply and he smiled as he tasted his own precum in my mouth.

He mounted me, pushing his erect dick, ready to burst deep into me. I moved my ass in time with his thrusts and he squeezed my cheeks, excited by the view he was getting. He came inside me, something I loved, Nothing ever beat the feeling of Tom cumming inside of me.

I licked the rest of the cum off his dick and he licked my juices from my pussy, both so satisfied with our session.

He pulled my head onto his chest and his hands intertwined into my hair, massaging my head until I fell asleep. Everything was right in the world when I was in Tom’s arms.

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