Me And My Incested Family2


Hey I am Jamie, I wrote about me and my brother Josh when I was 14 and he was 12, but this is when I did my father what was amazing… His name is “Jacob” and he was aged 42 at this point and he had blond hair, abs and everything… He would always walk around in only boxers most of the time.

Anyway one day I came home from seeing a movie and I was sad because I got a text saying something that I don’t want to tell u

And my father saw me crying and came upstairs, just wearing his boxers, and his abs where AMAZING! I love the way my dad looks. he sat next to me and I saw he bulge (Not erected) but I saw his bulge still and he likes tightish boxers too as me and my brother ;).

And he hugged me witch sent a GREAT feeling through my body witch made my penis start to get hard

I tried to cover it but I noticed that my father was starting to get a boner witch I don’t know why, it was weird at the point, but then I thought back what I have done with my brother b4 (Not lying btw) and I just looked at him and smiled… My father just started to undress me and I was getting harder. My father was at least 8-9 inches !

As I got back on the bed my father started to give me a lap dance (Fully naked both of us) it was wonderful, he started rubbing my hardon on his chest. I then got up and said “Dad, get on the bed and bent over” he didn’t say anything he just done it, and as he done it… izmit escort I got on too and I slapped his ass and then started to lick his asshole.

My dad let out a few moans but not enough to make me want him more…

So I kept licking his asshole and I started rubbing his hardon at the same time, as he moaned a little more he said “Oh… Son, ur, ur amazing give me more” what made me do more!

I got up and spat on my middle finger and put it in my daddy’s hole, and finger fucked him.
He was moaning and groaning and asking for more, so I said “U want it hard” he shouted back at me “YES! SON YES!!” So I stuck another finger in, and another until I finally got to my whole hand in his hole!

And after like 10minutes of doing this, I took my hand out and licked my hand! I dunno why but I washed it and came back in and then turned my father around.

*He was now laying on his back*

I took control of my father as he just laid there waiting for me… As he said “Son what u going to do to me now” as he bit his lip that made me more horny and wanted more of him.

I stuck his 8-9 inch penis in my mouth, he gagged me so I put half of it in…
As I licked his warm knob, he started putting his hand at the back of my head pushing me a little more but not so he was gagging me (If u understand what I mean)

Then I stopped sucking him and went into ’69’ position and as he was sucking yahya kaptan escort me I couldn’t suck him because I was moaning and enjoying it so much so he got me on my back and started to suck all of my penis and it felt AMAZING and so right… I love my daddy for what he was doing at this time and I whispered “I love you” and he looked at me.

Then I said “Come on, is this all that u got… This is shit, I NEED MORE, I WANT MORE… COME ON DADDY I WANT TO CUM IN UR MOUTH” As he looked at me he started getting faster!

*I started to moan louder and louder*

So he went faster and faster!
I was moaning like hell at this point

As I cum in my daddy’s mouth! It also went on his face… !

Daddy then got up and then I was sucking his cock and I tried all the way and I did it! I couldn’t believe it… So as I was so proud of myself.. I started sucking faster like he did me and in about 30seconds he shot his load in my mouth… Now I was FULL as hell with CUM! In my mouth but I swallowed it…

Then Daddy told me to bend over
*I did*

He then got his cum dripping still hard penis in my ass as I let out a loud moan he held my sides and started ramming me!

I was moaning and shouting “Come on daddy come in me again I need ur cum so much” then he slapped my ass about 20times !

Jesus it felt gebze escort so amazing my daddy was spanking me while fucking me in the ass!! OMG!! it was the best moment of my life

*Back to the story*

It didn’t take long for daddy to cum in my 16 year old ass ! 🙂

I was full of my daddy’s cum once again
I felt weak because I kinda fell from my daddy pounding me so hard ! I couldn’t believe how good it felt… My family is the best family ever!! WOW Hell ye

Anyway back to the story lol…

Then daddy went out of my room (Not knowing where he went) and I said “Daddy where u going” and he said “Wait and see” as he winked at me.

I just laid there feeling wonderful and having the best time in my life

As he returned to my bedroom… I could hear the shower was running he said “Come with me son, me and u taking a shower together” I just RAN to the room (Both already naked so we just jumped right in!)

My daddy’s erected penis was now soft (We r both in the Shower)…
But my penis was still hard

And my dad said “I am really proud of u son” as he was washing my chest and my penis and all over my body”

And I said “Thanks daddy 🙂 I love u” I was also washing him all over!

He then started to stroke my hard penis and it took me about 50seconds to cum all over his sexy face 😉

That’s all with my father… I hoped u liked the other story about me and my brother 2years b4 this story… And I hoped u liked this story as well… I have had more excrescences and I will write about them when I have got the time… Bye now 😉

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