Me and Sara told Mom we were going to a party.


Me and Sara told Mom we were going to a party.So me and Sara wanted some time away from the family. So we told our mom we were going to a over night house party. I got out of the shower and got dressed, when I walked in Sara’s room I was blown away. She stood there wearing skin tight leggings they were Xmas print. Grey and black , with black knee high boots. And a Xmas sweater. Her long brown hair flowed free. Her makeup was on point with smokey piercing eyes. Her lips puckered in soft pink gloss. She looks amazing. We walked down stairs and told our mom we would see her tomorrow. She told us to have fun. Sara jumped in her car and I couldn’t get in fast enough. We headed down the road. ” You look so fucking hot sis” I blurted out. She smiled. And said she got us a nice room in New Jersey so nobody would know us. A hour later we pulled up to the hotel. We checked in and headed to the room. ” Wanna get some drinks at the bar for a bit?” Sara asked. Sure so we headed to the bar for some cocktails.We sat in a booth the bar was crowded. Drinking and sitting close. Sara moved in on me and we started making out. Her hand grabbed my cock under the table. I was stiff. I wanted her so bad. She bit my bottom lip. canlı bahis And said “finish your drink!” I slammed my drink and we rushed off to our room. In the elevator we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. From there to our room we were kissing and fondeling each other banging off the walls. I remember passing a group of girls our age. And one shouting out “get it girl” and giggling. We got to the room and got the door open. Once in the room I shoved Sara to her knees and pulled my hard dick out. She opened her mouth and took me all the way in. I grabbed the back of her head and started fucking her face. Slobber dripping from her mouth and gagging she never pulled back. She was my twin and like me loved rough sex. After I was satisfied I undressed. And sat on the couch.Sara stood in front of me and did a very sexy strip for me.” Put the boots back on!” I said.She had that fuck me look in her eye as she said them back on. She grabbed her bag and pulled out some lube. Squirted it in her hand and rubbed it between her cheeks. She walked over and lubed my hard dick. Then straddle me. Slowly lowering her ass to my cock. She looked me in the eye.” So bro you wanna fuck my ass” as she dropped down on to bahis siteleri my cock. My dick slid deep inside her and she let out a loud moan. ” Mmmm why did we wait so long to fuck bro?” As she slammed her ass up and down on my dick, my hands grasp her cheeks. Her mouth met mine and our bodies we’re in perfect harmony working together.” Bend me over I need to be slammed” she moaned out. She popped off and moved around the couch I shoved her over the back and slammed my cock deep inside her. I grabbed her inner thighs and lifted her so her pelvis was on the top of the couch, her head was laying flat on the seat of the couch. I swung my right leg over and placed my foot on the side of her head . Pushing her face into the couch. Her ass cheeks wide open showing her little pink asshole. I spit right on it ” pound me please” she yelled out. I guided my cock to her hole and jammed it in and as deep as it would go. Forcefully I ravished her asshole. Over and over my cock pulled out and slammed back in. She moaned louder with ever slam. A while after I removed my foot from her face and pulled her back over the couch. I yanked her to her knees by her hair and made her suck her ass juice from my hard cock. She bahis şirketleri lapped it up stairing in my eyes. I released her from my cock. And pulled her to her feet.Walking her over to the sliding glass doors I opened the curtains. And pressed her up against the glass. Looking over the city I pushed my cock deep in her ass. Her titts pressed against the glass. As I slowly fucked her bottom. I spanked her hard a few times leaving her ass red.She pushed me back to the couch and sat me down. She stood over me with her back facing me and lower herself Dow on my cock. My hands gripped her titts as she twerked her ass. Then lifted up and slammed down over and over. ” I’m gonna cum” I moaned. Quickly she jumped up and turned around straddling me. Slammed her ass down and started bouncing on me our eyes locked on each other’s. “Cum in my ass bro”‘! “Do it” “cumbaby” with that I exploded inside her. She laid there in my arms. My cock softened and fell from her hole she lifted up and I felt my cum dripping onto my stomach.. she scooted down. Never loosing eye contact she licked up all my cum and swallowed it. Then she jumped up excited. ” When you’re ready again your gonna cum in my pussy!” What! I wish but we can’t I stammered. She reached in her bag and pulled out the morning after pill. Smiling she said” now we can!”We got dressed and headed back to the bar. This was going to be a wild night. PT 2 later.All true story

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