Me & Husband With Boss & Wife

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Me & Husband With Boss & WifedeleteddeleteddeletedI am 25 year old and my husband, Mahesh is 28years. We were married two years ago; we decided to have c***dren after few years and have been enjoying our sexual relationship .I had been deeply straight and loyal wife…till the day Mahesh returned home at 5 pm…in a dejected mood… “…what’s matter darling…” I asked… “I have to figure out a way to save my job. My boss Mr. Arora has clearly explained that I have to be sacked… he has given hints that if I want to stay on the job, I must make sacrifice…you have to…” MMahesh stopped without completing the sentence…come on dear…let me help you…tell me what I have to do”…I said soothingly… …after a moment of hesitation, Mahesh went on…“Mr. Arora is coming home tonight to see you…you have to please him in all ways. If he is not happy, I have no job from tomorrow. … His intention is bad, darling…” Mahesh mumbled the last part of the sentence and I did not understand what Mahesh meant…I met Mr. and Mrs. Arora at few parties before … he is a hefty man in mid forties and was swallowing kebabs and drinking lots of beer… Mrs. Arora is in mid thirties…yet, she has a good figure and lusty looks…I can please Mr. Arora easily …I shall put cold beer in fridge, make kebabs and all his favorite dishes…A man needs good food and drink that’s all…” I thought; smiled at my husband and said… “…Don’t worry; I will please your boss. He will be a happy man when her leaves and you will have your job. I know how to please Mr. Arora!”are you sure! …You must obey all his commands, fulfill all his desires. Tonight will be your test and I want you to pass this test, come what may, darling!” said my husband nervously… “…don’t worry…” I said confidently… “…Ok, .Mr. Arora will come at 9 pm…be prepared…oh…I have to fetch few capsules for my boss…” he said and went out……what capsules? And what are they for??” I wondered… by 8, I had all food ready …and was relaxing in my chair …I was wearing Mahesh’s shirt and nothing else…I liked to dress in minimum clothes… Today it was so hot that I took off my bra and panties and moved about in the house in his shirt, feeling excited as wind lifted my shirt and touched my buttocks. I felt a strange excitement. I promised myself to make my husband fuck me like a slut after I had pleased Mr Arora. It began to rain heavily and I sat in the veranda of my house, letting rain drops fall on my face and my naked legs and thighs. Suddenly, the door opened and my husband ushered his boss into the house. I stood there like a dumb woman in a male shirt alone…I stammered… “… Mahesh, are you not early? You were to come at 9. I am sorry, let me dress properly. Namaste Mr. Arora, I will be with you soon.” Mr. Arora laughed loudly and caught my wrist and said, “My Nandini darling, I was telling Mahesh how sexy his wife looks and how lucky he is! You sure do look sexy in just your husband’s shirt. I can see that you have nothing else underneath it. I definitely approve; be nice to me and maybe we can save your husband’s job. Ah I can see rain drops on your sexy thighs.Mahesh your wife has cock raising legs, I must say. Have you ever licked rain drops off her golden thighs?” I was stunned by his words. So, this was kind of pleasure Mahesh was talking about. I was sacred now. Was Mahesh offering me as a bribe to save his job? I wanted to put more clothes on but decided it was best not to displease my husband’s boss. Both men sat on the sofa and waited for the drinks. I brought beer and snacks and served them. “Where are they?”Mr.Arora asked and Mahesh took out a packet with a horse logo on table…Mr.Arora popped out one and swallowed it with a gulp of beer…few moments passed by……I could not but help stare at Mr. Aurora’s enormous dick which was creating a bulge in his pants. looked away, my heart pounding in my chest. His boss caught me looking and grabbed my arm and said, “Do you think I have a lovely tool, Nandini? I bet you would go crazy when I shove it into your pussy; I think that you would like to watch, Mahesh, wouldn’t you?”I…I…Don’t know! It sounds embarrassing, Sir. She is my wife you know we have never done anything like this before, sir, you are the first person to take liberty with Nandini.” Mahesh stammered and Mr Arora laughed” But such a situation has never arisen with you in the office, Mahesh. I like my women to be brazen sluts and expect Nandini to be my slut for tonight and you to be her flicking pimp… Why Nandini! Aren’t you ready to submit yourself to Mr Arora!!…I am going to do everything with you in front of your husband. You may like or not but I am going to own you tonight.Come Nandini, sit on my lap, feel the hot bulge in my pants on your lovely ass.”…he commanded me arrogantly… I hesitated a moment…Mahesh I am not going to force your wife to anything. She will experience the joy of her life from my large dick. Give her your permission and we can all have a good time and your job will be secure!” thundered Mr. Arora …and my husband was ready to let his boss ravish me…he nodded to me with a pathetic expression on his face… then I decided to submit myself to Aurora’s lusts; take a revenge at an appropriate time and sat on his lap…I felt embarrassed… and turned on too… when he placed his large hands on my tits and cupped them… Mahesh turned his face away in embarrassment, switched on the television and bursa escort played a blue film in which a small woman was being double fucked by two black men. …One fucked her pussy while the other fucked her ass. They talked and drank several more beers. They made me drink too and son I began getting tipsy. Mr Arora held me tightly and kissed my lips. Under the effect of beer I kissed him back. His cock was rubbing its fat head on my ass.His huge hands cupped my shapely buttocks and he squeezed my buns. He unbuttoned my shirt as he continued manipulating my ass cheeks. “Mahesh, unzip my pants and make your wife hold my cock, come on Mahesh, do it, make your wife hold my cock. That is an order!” he roared…Meekly Mahesh stood up and obeyed his boss… He fished out Arora’s cock out of his pants and placed in my palm… though big, it wasn’t fully erect yet…”…late starter…”I thought and started massaging it…ashamed, Mahesh turned back…You are not going back Mahesh, touch my balls. Get me hard for your wife. I am going to fuck her but not before you have played with my balls… and she sucks my cock… Play with my balls, Mahesh” Boss ordered my husband…and Mahesh started caressing his balls…and finally with our joint efforts his cock was hard…By then he had removed my shirt and was mauling my breasts. He kissed my boobs passionately. “Nandini, now suck my cock. Show your husband what a cock sucking whore you are! Let him feel my balls while you suck my shaft. Darling,I want to see him watch his wife lick my cock,” Hiding my anger, I lovingly kissed the mushroom head of the big cock and licked up the pre-cum. I sucked his balls into her mouth as. Then I wrapped my lips around the big piece of meat and sucked as much of it into my mouth as I could. He fucked my mouth hard and I gagged as his cock hit the back of my throat… I stroked the shaft with my hand while I sucked on his cock…and suddenly squeezed his balls hard …as if I were very lusty…and it has the desired effect…Arora suddenly exploded! I managed to take my mouth away…just in time but some of his cum leaked on to my lips and dripped to my chin…I wiped it off and looked at him with a naughty smile…Mr. Arora popped out another capsule…swallowed it with another gulp of beer…and angrily ordered me to put his dick back in my mouth and make it hard again…commanded Mahesh to sit in sofa and watch his slut wife do her nasty tricks… “Now suck my cock and play with my balls too, Nandini. Tell me you love my cock!Tell your husband that you love my big cock. Beg me to fuck your hungry pussy”…he ordered …I have to do it sincerely…at least once…to gain control over this bastard…” I thought… wiped his huge cock clean with a towel… kissed the large cock and sucked it into my hungry mouth…in all sincerity… not because I was forced to do it, but because I always fantasized about sucking a big man’s huge cock…with that expression on my face,I sucked that lovely meat like a wanton slut satisfied with my performance, he flung me over the sofa so that I was on my fours …and from the rear, he ploughed into my soaking wet pussy… I squealed and screamed as his huge cock entered my small pussy, “Oh my God, it’s so big, oh, oh, uh, mmmmnn, aagggg, oh Mahesh…thanks darling…for procuring such a huge cock for my pleasue…!!!…Yessss…, fuck meBoss…, fuck me with your big fat cock, you big cock feels so good, oh yes!!! That’s it fill me up, don’t stop Boss. I love your big dick; I’m going to cummmm, yessss!! Oh,oh, my goddddd!!” I kept screaming… as he went on ramming his cock into me to the embarrassment of my husband and amusement of Arora…I love you Mr Arora, I feel like a whore, but I can’t live without your master cock, your awesome cock! I never knew a cock could be that big! You can use me whenever you choose.”I felt him begin to cum. I felt his cock stiffen even more. My cunt was overflowing its juices as he began to fill my pussy. He kept fucking my cunt long time after I had cummed. I opened my eyes after a long time. Both men were sitting naked drinking. “Come on Nandini …Time for the second session. You will love it this time even more because we both are going to fill you. We will fill you the way you have never been filled and drilled.”Mahesh have you ever buggered your wife Nandini? She has a cute ass!” The boss asked … “…never…”replied Mahesh,“OK let’s do it now. While I’m pounding her pussy, I want you to slip your dick up her ass and see how she likes to have two cocks inside her cunt and ass at the same time. I want her to be sandwiched, to be double fucked, the way that woman was being double fucked by two monster black cocks in that movie…. Nandini, your blue film gave me this idea. When I saw your lovely ass, I loved it so much that I wanted to fuck it but as you can see my cock is so big,I want Mahesh to fuck your ass and prepare it for me!” I don’t know boss…” I mumbled….“Sir, my wife has not done anything like that. You can fuck my wife to your satisfaction. But doing what you suggest will hurt her!” My husband pleaded. Trust me Nandini, the first time, it does hurt a little, but we will lubricate her ass well and moreover your cock is not very big, how much is it, 5 inches? Once she has tasted a cock with her ass, she will absolutely love it. You will see, you will know that I am right when your sweet wife begs me to fuck her ass!A woman’s surrender is not complete bursa escort bayan till she gives her ass to man and I don’t know about you, I am a man”…What an arrogant bastard he is! Authority blinds him…” I grinded my teeth in anger… because I know…,though shrunk to less than 4 inch with embarrassment, Mahesh’s cock is 8 inch when fully erect… and his Boss’s cock is barely 6 inch…it’s time I take control of the situation…I realized …and jumped into action…My hand went to Mr Arora cock and I squeezed it like a slut! My husband couldn’t believe his own eyes as he saw me fist his boss’s cock again. I had always been so shy to my husband’s cock and here I am, grabbing his boss’s cock like a wanton slut!… “…sorry Mahesh…” I apologized inwardly to my husband…hugged Arora tight flattening my boobs against his chest and cooed into his ear…”…Boss…Your one cock drives me crazy and fills me to the limit…I can’t let any other cock in…not even my husbands’…fuck me throughout the night…and …not before my husbandJijaji!…yes! after that fascinating fuck, you are my beloved jijaji..Please…”…And that did the trick…After swallowing last of the capsules… and ordering my husband to stay out, Arora carried me into our bedroom… and like a****ls we fucked…without any hesitation… “…oh…what an unforgettable fuck jijaji…do you hammer Anita didi (Mrs. Arora) this way every night?” I poked for information… “…No Nandini…your didi has become loose…I don’t get aroused any more in her presence and for that, she is angry with me often…I am afraid she is turning into a lesbian…” he blurted out truth…and tried to slip into sleep…“…Aah…I got you bastard!” I muttered to myself …and went on with sweet nothings…thus denying him the much needed rest…when he tried to leave I prevented him with… “…no jijaji…not so soon…you promised to spend the whole night with me…” nakharas… with great difficulty I managed to push him into another intercourse…it was a quickie … and he could barely cum few drops into me…Mr Arora left at midnight…fully exhausted…, guarantying my husband’s job and promised a promotion too … I slept in Mahesh’s arms…consoling him…and formulating a revenge plan…Over the next few days, I started acquainting Mrs Arora over phone and succeeded in befriending her and getting invited to her house…she insisted me to address her as “Didi” …one day… she asked…“Nandini…has my husband fucked you? “…I shyly denied…she said she is aware of the playboy character of her husband and goaded me to tell the truth… “…Though not as vigorous, strong and long as your devarji (My husband) …jijaji is good enough…” I accepted… “…With me he hardly gets an arousal…that is why I took to lesbian course… though I don’t like it…” she complained bitterly…“…by the way, tell me how long my devarji takes you?” she asked me a few days later…”…about half an hour…” I replied coyly… “…oh maa…” she cooed pressing her palms between her thighs…it was the moment I was waiting for… “…Do you like it didi!”…I asked with coy innocence… “…yes…I am dying for it…please arranges it with devarji…I shall come to your house…” she pleaded…“…But that is not what I want… didi is to be fucked by my husband, in Mr Arora’s full view…” I shall plan for I I mumbled and goaded Mrs. Arora into inviting me and Mahesh to their house for a night out… We were greeted by Mrs Arora as if we are meeting for the first time… “Oh, Nandini, you are so sexy! My husband is all praise for you, Aren’t you Ramesh?” Mr. Arora laughed, suppressing his tension… “She enjoys my big cock and Mahesh likes to watch! Would you be interested in a foursome, Anita?” he asked his wife… How about me getting ploughed by Mahesh?” Anita Arora asked like a very horny and perverted slut… “…You know Nandini, I prefer women and men at the same time …and you are just my type; so come on little girl and suck Anita’s tits! Has not my husband told you that I am bisexual bitch? We don’t care what the other does as long as it does not interfere with us. Even women can be fun darling, I can teach you a thing or two.”I looked puzzled and Anita hugged me adn kissed my lips. She encouraged me, saying, “My boobs won’t hurt you Nandini, put your sweet lips on my big tits and suck! Give me your sucking mouth, Darling and then I will show you what a woman can do!” Mahesh pleaded, “Please do it, do it for me Nandini, you can’t annoy Anita Bhabi! I want to see you with her! She is so fucking hot! Please Nandini!” I gave in to the pressure and I felt a strange new desire I hugged Anita tightly and kissed her back, cupping her tits. She felt my ass cheeks and cupped them hardOur husbands drank as they watched their wives embracing and kissing. I have been looking forward to making you my little cunt lapping bitch!! My husband has told so much about you and your husband has told me that he would like to see me naked with his wife! We will have a game. We will start our love bout and then will switch the lights off. We won’t know who gets who to fuck. I wish Ramesh fucks you and Mahesh gets me so that we can have a nice swap. But let’s get out of our clothes. Ramesh, undress me and let Mahesh undress Nandini. Then I will undress Mahesh and Nandini will undress you …”I now knew that we were going to swap partners and it was going to be one hell of a night… Once we had been undressed by men, we did take of their clothes. Then Anita, the voluptuous escort bursa sex goddess pulled me to my feet and commanded, “Nandini, show me just how excited you are to see Aniita the whore. I am a nasty horny bitch and will make you the same before you leave, come on feel my body, caress my boobs, feel my nipples, suck them, touch my pussy, feel its heat…” Anita egged me on… I was trembling in her arms and our lips met in a passionate kiss.I was shocked when a long tongue explored my mouth. After the passionate embrace, she dropped me to the bed and roughly felt my melting naked flesh. Anita kissed my ears and licked my neck, she chewed on my nipples and kissed my flat stomach. Her face brushed over my bald pussy and her long tongue licked my shivering thighs. Then her tongue entered my soaked pussy! I quivered to orgasm as Anita tongue-fucked me. Then the sexy slut stuck three fingers in my cunt and furiously finger fucked me as she nibbled onmy clit and chewed on my pussy lips.I moaned in ecstasy and fucked her tongue wildly as I hit a huge orgasm!” Ahhhh….fuck…..suck meeeee….Anita……whore me…bitch me….make me cum….lick meee…I have not felt so hot…ohhhh goddddd”We changed positions and it was time for me to return the favour, “OK Nandini, start with my tits and kiss and lick your way down to my sexy feet! I want your fucking mouth kiss my tits, my belly, my cunt, my thighs and my feet. Come on bitch suck me, kiss me. Show Mahesh what a bitch you are, you bloody lesbian bitch!” She raised her ample bosom and I sucked on her nipples!As I kissed my way down to her feet my lips lingered on her thighs and I could smell her cunt juices..Anita commanded, “Good my bitch, now start by licking my beautiful pussy and drink my juices! Anita wants to cum on your sweet face, so lick it real good, whore!” She spread her legs invitingly and I lowered my face to her wet cunt. I was intoxicated as I sniffed the smell of her pussy. I was lapping her pussy and loving it. Anita said,” Good, Nandini, lick me properly, some of my cum is leaking to my ass, make sure you lick it all up!Put your tongue up my ass and lick and suck it clean!” I complied. Anita later told me she came and that I was a good pussy licker! We were kissing each other when someone switched off the light. Anita declared that either she or I would leave the room and would be in the next room. So let the men try their luck. Anita whispered in my ears,” You stay here and I will leave, let see who gets whose cock. I felt my pussy tingle as a man crawled into bed beside me. His large hands cupped my boobs and I knew it was Ramesh Arora, my lover. He kissed me and said,Let Mahesh fuck my wife as I am going to fuck you! You ladies should tell who is a better fucker. His mighty dick was getting between the crack of my ass as he hugged me from behind. May be drink had made me bold and I caught his cock and pulled it towards my cunt! He then jammed his huge dick up my cunt like a stud and I collapsed on my knees…as he fell on me I said. “I want to try that big cock in my ass Ramesh. Can I take it all in my ass?”You bet you can Nnadini, let me put it in, relax your ass for me.” He pulled me by the hair and kissed my ear and neck as his alrge hands roamed all over my back and buttocks. “You will be milking my fat cock with your tight ass. Do you feel its head enter?” I could not utter a word, I was in pain. He pushed more of his cock into my burning ass. His cock slipped more and more into my ass. He began a slow fuck. My ass was able to swallow his huge cock and I was loving it, but in a minute or so he ejaculated….suppressing disappointment I closed my eyes…Oh, Oh, Bhabi, you are so sweet, so tight…I love you…” Mahesh was mumbling and “…ppuck…puck…ppuck…puck…” sounds left no doubts about the hole which is pumped…” enough of it Mahesh, don’t you want to fuck my ass? “ Anita bhabi asked… Sure bhabi…Nandini has let me fuck her ass only once when Boss was fucking her pussy. But you are a godess, bhabi, your ass is milking my rod. I am coming, yes, don’t stop. Ohooooo!” I heard Mahesh’s voice from the other room as Ramesh was grinding his hips and fucking my ass.I spoke loudly “Yesss fucker….get up…drill my ass….I love your fat cock up my ass….fuck me lover….your wife is tasting my husband’s dick in her cunt and ass….you feed my ass with your meat….aaahhh touch my clit, lover, cup my boobs, pinch my nipples, ohhhhhhhh fuck me I am cuming, feel my cunt juices…ohhhhhh lover fuck mee!” Ramesh pumped his limp cock in and out of my cunt. I felt a hot liquid pour into my cunt. He had hit his orgasm as my cunt began to cum. He collapsed on me after he came…I got up ,pulled up Ramesh along and moved to the other room. I was turned on by a the erotic scene, my husband was still fucking Anita from behind, cupping her boobs,Anita’s hair all roughed up and their bodies drenched in sweat. .”Yeah fuck me, faster, do it bastard, fuck meeeee, Oohhh…Yessss…what a rod! is reaching my navel…” Anita was moaning. I went closer and put her nipple in my mouth and sucked it “Oh Nandini, your husband is great in bed, let him fuck me inside out, he is such an ass fucker too! Ohhhhhh, I’m coming, oh yesssss…fuck…fuck me hard Mahesh…” she cried…I signaled Ramesh to come near… he came…stood for few moments watching the way his wife is fucked…and walked away slowly…unable to bear the lusty and pleasure filled moans of his wife……See the plight of your wife…see how thoroughly she is fucked by my husband…he doesn’t use any capsules…you still harbor doubts about who the best fucker is?” I called out loudly…

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