Meant To Be Used-COASS (Story 01)


Confessions of a Secret Slut (Story 1): Meant To Be Used

After losing my virginity, all I could think of was sex. My body ached every time I thought of how Jay felt inside me. Between his girlfriend and getting ready for the army however, that didn’t leave nearly enough time for him to satisfy my needs. Not wanting to push my luck, I took the plunge and got my first vibe. It was small and pink, fitting perfectly in my hand. That night, I turned my music up as loud as I could, stripped naked, turned the lights out, and spread my legs wide. A quick brush of it against my clit took my breath away. The small circles I finally settled on as the best feeling brought me to orgasm within minutes. Hooked, I only waited a bit before trying to cum again. Then again. And again. I took to using it every day I couldn’t see Jay, trying to dull the sharp edge of my unmet desire. Of course, it never quite did no matter how many times I came. Luckily, I was about to find the answer to my frustration.

A friend suggested I look on Craigslist for more books to add to my collection. While navigating the front page, I discovered their personals section. Curious, I clicked through the various links until I stumbled on the M4F one. What I discovered was an answer to an unspoken wish. Page after page of men posting their locations, descriptions, and all looking for the same thing. No strings attached sex. Thinking it over, my mind raced at the possibilities. Another man to fuck me and satisfy my needs didn’t seem like a bad idea. After gathering my courage, I posted my first ad, just a short one with my age, body type and what I was looking for. The books had been completely forgotten. A near instant flood of responses came through, overwhelming me and filling my inbox. I spent over an hour exchanging pictures, asking questions and trying to make sure they weren’t a creep or serial killer (which in hindsight you can never really tell). I was about to give up from the sheer work of it when one message caught my eye.

“You sound naughty which is exactly what I’m looking for. My name’s Josh, pictures attached. I would love to use you. Hope to hear back.” I hadn’t said anything about being used in my ad but it’s as though he read my mind. Excitement building, I typed a teasing message back, “I’ve never been called naughty, trouble is more my style. But with the way you look, you can call me anything.” Adding a few pictures, I hit send, then refreshed the screen madly until finally, my email dinged with his response. “I would say you’re both judging from those tits and that mouth. How do I get a chance to find out for myself?” Hot, pulsing need swept through me. This was the guy. I could already feel his mouth on me, the sounds he would make as we fucked. Sending my number and a wink, I pulled out my vibe while I waited for him to text me, fantasizing about how he would take me, cumming hard quickly at the mental images.

We ended up talking off and on into the night about general things, Josh revealing he was in the Army, 5 years older than me, and that this was his first time hooking up with someone online. I fed him tidbits about me, even admitting I wasn’t very experienced but not to what extent. “So how many people have you been with?” The question made me hesitate. I was afraid him finding out about my near virgin status would scare him away. Finally, I lied, “Only three. Hoping to make it four soon!” This seemed to please him, because he responded with a smiley face and, “I would love to help you out with that. I bet kurtköy olgun escort you feel even better then you look.” I took the opening and offered to meet up with him the next day to fuck. My boldness paid off, his reply of, “I just happen to free. How does 7 sound? Want me to pick you up?” making me instantly wet. Sending back a simple “Yes!”, I threw my phone aside and tried to sleep, the eagerness to see what he offered keeping me up. There was no doubt he was more experienced than Jay, that fact alone keeping me tossing and turning into the early morning hours with vivid fantasies.

After spending all day wet and distracted, 7 finally arrived. Josh drove up in his yellow Camaro, looking wholesome and clean-cut in jeans and a polo shirt, identical to his pictures. I got in nervously, self-conscious about the outfit I’d chosen, the fishnets, black skirt, purple tank with no bra and knee-high boots suddenly feeling out of place. “Damn, you look hot. You always dress like that?” I smiled at his compliment, instantly relaxing. “Yes except for I wear jeans mostly. I wore the skirt today because I thought it would be…helpful.” I winked, trying to tease him a bit. My efforts were rewarded with a smile of his own. Maybe this would go well after all. As he drove, we made small talk about the weather, hobbies, whatever would keep an awkward silence from forming. I didn’t realize it, but living in the barracks, Josh couldn’t exactly take me there to hookup. So when he took the turn for the nearby beach, then pulled into a tiny, private-ish area surrounded by trees and parked, I looked at him, surprised.

Unaware of my confusion, Josh turned the car off, turning to face me as much as he could in the small space. “Is this good?” I nodded, thinking he just meant if I liked the location. The sun was setting and reflecting off of the water, and the closeness of the forest made it feel intimate. Maybe he wanted to get to know me a bit more before we had sex? That is until he murmured, “You said you’re 18 right?” I nodded again, lost at what was happening while watching his light brown eyes travel down my body hungrily. “Good. Can’t be too careful with strangers.” Anxiety suddenly surged through me. Maybe I shouldn’t have let him pick me up and bring me to a quiet, remote place. Who knows what he would do to me? Then again….maybe I would enjoy it.

All doubts about why we were here were erased when Josh reached across the seat and wrapped a warm hand around the back of my neck, pulling me in for a kiss. With the other he guided my fingers to his pants, setting them down on the noticeable tent that had already risen. His soft lips moved quickly and expertly against mine, his tongue sliding in my mouth as he deepened the kiss and used my hand to rub the erection I could feel growing over his jeans. Stopping for a moment, he looked me up and down again, before saying, “You’re younger than I usually go for, but these-” he took his hand from mine and pulled down the front of my top, exposing my breasts, “really sealed the deal. So fucking big.” His fingers found my nipples, rolling the already stiff peaks as he resumed kissing me. After a minute he broke away, clearly ready to move on to more intensive things, but kneading my exposed chest a moment longer before asking, “You said you’ve been with a few guys, but did you suck their dicks?” I hesitated, thinking for a beat before answering shyly “Yes, all of them.”

The silence stretched with him looking at me expectantly tuzla escort until I realized what he wanted. Moving closer, I unzipped his pants, gingerly pulling out his cock and staring. I’d seen plenty of them online but it was only the second one I ever touched. He was a bit thicker than Jay, but about the same length giving me confidence I could take it all. Mentally steeling myself and finding a comfortable position in the seat, I leaned over, grasping the base of his cock firmly. Slow, long licks up and down the shaft were all I could manage until the small sounds of pleasure he made encouraged me to keep going. I closed my eyes and began sliding him slowly in my mouth, pretending I knew exactly what I was doing. He tasted faintly of soap, and underneath sweat from the warm day. Trying to remember all the porn I had watched, I began to suck at a steady pace, never going too deep, pausing now and then to tease the shaft again with the tip of my tongue and catch my breath. A hand threaded through my curls, pushing me down harder each time I came up.

At some point, I realized I was soaking wet. Josh had barely touched me but I was already eager to feel him elsewhere. But I didn’t stop, starting to enjoy the way his cock glided past my lips, the smooth hardness and warmth of it. Growing bolder I dipped my tongue quickly down to his balls and back up, enjoying the small gasp and curse it drew from him. “Definitely not as innocent as you look. You sure you’ve only done this a few times? Because fuck this is good.” I glowed a bit at the praise, pausing a moment to smile against his cock before I resumed. Saliva started to run down my chin, the blowjob becoming sloppier by the second in my renewed determination to please him. His free hand found my tits again, squeezing and gripping them roughly as he abandoned all gentleness and fucked my mouth.

Just when I thought I’d be sucking dick all night Josh tapped my shoulder, making me stop and look up questioningly, his next sentence a welcome relief. “As good as this feels, I still want to fuck you. You ready?” Before I could answer, he was reaching across the seat and between my legs. Feeling the wetness that leaked through my cotton panties, he smirked. “I was going to finger you but you’re such a slut you obviously don’t need it. Let’s go find a place then.” I was shocked at his words but what could I say? That I had been waiting to feel him inside me since he pulled out that delicious looking cock? No, I wasn’t secure in my sluttiness yet. So I meekly pulled away and got out the car, feeling embarrassed at his assumption.

Josh headed towards the trees on the left side of the small outlet. I inhaled the salty air, gathering my courage before following him. A few steps into the woods he paused and turned, his cock still out and hard, glistening from my saliva. So quietly I almost didn’t hear it, he ordered, “Bend over.” Without a word I pulled down my tights, hiked up the skirt, then braced myself against the nearest tree, excitement humming through me. The thought of asking him to wear a condom ran through my mind, but the few times Jay had worn one dried me out and took away most of the feeling. I would need to ask him to pull out.

I felt his hands on my ass, rubbing a few circles appreciatively before lining himself up with my pussy. I was so wet Josh was able to slide his full length in all at once, a small groan escaping when his balls finally pressed against me. That first thrust a moment later sparked a desperate pendik escort attempt to cling to the tree, to find purchase and hold on as pleasure swept through me. He languidly pulled out and pressed against me, as though enjoying the way my near virgin pussy gripped him. If Josh had known he was only the second man I had been with maybe he would have kept on with the steady, deliberate movements. Instead, as though something suddenly snapped in him, he began fucking me hard and fast, bottoming out in me so deeply I could barely get enough air for the moans escaping my parted lips. Staying upright became harder, my knees growing weak at his relentless pace.

“Fuck yes, you’re so wet.” Josh groaned, slowing momentarily to grab a handful of my black curls before resuming his brutal tempo. We had never discussed what I enjoyed, me not being experienced enough to realize it was needed. But as he kept going, tugging none too gently with every thrust, the sting mixed with the pleasure, creating a new sensation. Jay had always been gentle, unsure. This man however talked to and treated me like I was just something for him to use. And I was loving it. Time seemed to stretch as the wet smacking sounds of him slamming into me again and again filled the otherwise quiet space. I didn’t realize it, but I had started crying out “Yes, please yes, it’s so good, so fucking good.” every few moments. My body seemed to take on a mind of its own, pushing back against him and spreading my legs wider.

Eventually letting go of my hair, Josh gripped both hips, his thrusts just as hard but growing ragged. “I’m going to cum!” he panted. Despite my earlier thought to have him pull out, a sudden urge to feel him unloading inside me took hold. I was on the pill. It was time to put it to the test with someone else. “Cum inside me. Fill me, please!” I begged, feeling wanton as the words left my lips. I had never begged with Jay. But what we did was lovemaking compared to how this near stranger was handling me. Moments later, a long, loud groan accompanied the pulsing of him flooding me. The sensation was unbelievably erotic, making me moan with him. I hadn’t cum, but was just as satisfied from that simple act.

I slumped against the tree, spent from the intensity of what we had just done. After catching his breath, Josh pulled out, leaving his cum to drip out of me and down my thighs. The sound of him zipping up snapped me back to reality. Straightening up, I fixed myself as best I could, using the skirt to wipe up some of the fluid leaking from me. On shaky legs I headed back to the car, Josh already settled and buckled in by the time I reached it. “So, did you enjoy that? Seems like you did, but I like to ask.” His question made me laugh, still riding the high of sex. “You’re right, it was amazing. I want to do it again, as often as possible!” I didn’t care how me admitting I wanted more made me sound. It couldn’t be any sluttier than bending over for someone you barely knew.

The ride home was quiet, both of us tired from the encounter. Finally, he pulled up to my house, parking and glancing over. “Thanks for the good time. I’ll let you know when I’m free again.” He fell silent, unlocking the doors so I could get out. I hesitated, waiting for him to say something else before I understood. That was it. He was done with me and it was time to go. Not even a kiss or anything. Hiding my slight confusion, I nodded, replying “Yes, great time. See you soon!” I scrambled from the car, feeling another gush of cum escape as I stood. Watching him drive away, I hoped he would message again. He had unlocked a new feeling for me that I craved. Of being taken like I meant nothing. Pausing a beat to breathe, I prayed my parents wouldn’t catch me when I walked in. I looked like every bit of what I was.

A thoroughly used slut.

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