Meat Packers


Meat PackersMeat Packersby BigSteveWho could believe the good luck I have had at this out of the way rest area? Its not even a major highway, but I guess all roads lead to someplace and this one lead to a really great time for me. This Monday had me driving through central Texas taking in the beautiful scenery of the hill country. Texas has had a lot of rain this month and everything looked green and fresh. I was on a black top, two lane road between Llano and Austin. I’ve stopped at this little picnic area many times over the years to stretch my legs and take a break. The drive from Houston to my home town takes 7 hours. This rest area has been here as long as I can remember and has not been renovated by the Texas Highway Department. Ever since I saw the movie “Jeepers Creepers” this stretch of highway has kind of spooked me a bit – I’m almost sure it was shot here or nearby. It’s almost like no one ever comes and goes out here. Today was going to be different though. I stopped the truck, cut off the ignition and got out to stretch my legs. There are a few sizable bushes where you can relieve yourself and not be seen from the road. I decided to walk over and “get some fresh air down there”. I was standing there and had finally started to take a leak when a semi pulled into the rest area. With my truck and this semi, there wasn’t much room for anyone else to park. As I stood there giving back to nature, I heard the doors open and turned to see two hot and humpy Hispanic drivers walking toward the bush. I finished but didn’t bother to put my dick away. Instead I just let it hang there thinking I had to see what these guys were up to. They looked pretty similar and I thought that they’re either cousins or brothers. Turns out they were brothers and ran their own trucking company together. Hispanic men are usually pretty shy about letting someone else see their dicks, but these two made no attempt to hide their thick, fat, uncut cocks. One unbuttoned and unzipped all the way pulling out both balls and his cock, the other just opened his fly and let his snake out. I was trying to look and not be too obvious but the heat of the moment took control and I stared openly at both men and their equipment. They were about 38-43 years old, each was around 5′ 10″ and weighed around 240 lbs. One had a buzzed flat top and the other had short curly hair. Both had mustaches. (I think it’s a sign of Hispanic masculinity to sport some kind of facial hair.) I watched with perverted thirst as first türbanlı zonguldak escort one and then the other started to pee. I’ve never played around in water sports, but I confess the idea of it makes me hotter than hell. One of them skinned back his foreskin and showed his full cock-head, the other didn’t bother, pissing right out of this hooded head. This was making me hot and my cock started getting hard. They had no problem seeing me and my thickening dick. I saw them look at each other a couple of times and then the older looking of the two started to squeeze his fat sausage, letting out the last drops. Damn, I wanted just a taste of that piss. He made no effort to put it away and kept stroking back and forth on the foreskin. The other one took forever to finish peeing and finally shook his cock around letting the last drops fall wherever. I saw one of them looking at me and look back to the other one, all three of us standing there, behind a bush on the side of a road in the middle of the day with our semi hard cocks hanging out of our flies. I finally turned and said hello to them and made some small talk. The older one just looked at me and said, “Hey – you want some of this meat or not, we ain’t got all day here.” His partner just laughed with that and his dick got fully hard. I said to him, “How do I know you’re not cops and I won’t be sitting in some county jail an hour from now?” The younger one said, “We’re standing here with hard dicks and you think we’re cops? Ay cabron!” So I walked over to the older one who finally had everything out in the open and reached down to grab his hot meat. He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down forcing me to kneel where he had just emptied his bladder. I took his meat in my mouth and swirled my tongue around his cock head finding a little bit of cheese under neath. It wasn’t bad, only a few hours old. I swallowed his whole cock down my throat and he responded by grabbing my head and holding me down on it, pumping my mouth with his dick. I looked up to see another cock right next to my face and turned to have a taste of it. It was longer and fatter but still crowned with an excellent foreskin. I did my best to swallow this one but it took a while longer to get it all the way down. He wasn’t as forceful as his friend and just held the back of my head while he slowly fucked my mouth. I looked up at the two handsome, rugged Hispanic men looking down on me and almost türbanlı zonguldak escort bayan creamed on myself. I pulled off and said, “Are you two brothers or what?” The older of the two grabbed my head again and said, “Just shut up and chupa me, cabron.” The other one laughed again and reached down to find my erect nipple. As he did he whispered in my ear, “Don’t worry about him. He thinks if he acts tough like this, he’s not gay. We are brothers. I’m Ruben and he is Adam.” His older brother said to him, “Shut the fuck up, he doesn’t need to know who we are.” I was sucking Adam as good as I knew how trying to make him relax and enjoy himself. But is seemed the more I did for him, the more aggressive he got. I sucked and licked his balls and he grabbed my head and held me down there until I couldn’t breathe. He turned to Ruben and said, “I’ll bet this faggot wants to eat our shit holes.” Ruben smiled at me and said, “What about it? Do you eat ass man.” I looked up at these two hunk thinking to myself that I would do just about anything they asked. I don’t know if I was more turned on by having 2 hot Latinos or by the fact that the 2 hot Latinos were also brothers. I said, “We could probably have more fun, if I could get naked with you inside your truck.” Adam didn’t say anything, he just zipped up and walked over to the cab. Ruben gave me a hand up and I wiped off my knees with a bandana I carried. Adam was almost naked by the time we got inside and Ruben wasted no time in getting out of his clothes. Adam pulled my t-shirt up over my head and started to suck my tits. Ruben grabbed my shorts, pulled them down and started feeling all over my cock and balls. They became like a****ls in the privacy of their cab. I wanted to lick and kiss them both all over. I started with Ruben and got my head down under his balls. I was licking and sucking and he was sliding back and forth along my tongue until he landed his hole right on it. He spread both cheeks open, letting me in deep while Adam reach over and started jacking him off. Then Adam moved behind Ruben and stuck his cock close to Ruben’s hole so I could suck him and eat Ruben, going back and forth between them. They were both furry and getting sweaty and hot by now. Adam was pushing his cock more and more into Ruben’s ass. “Damn,” I thought, “This is hotter than hell watching these two brothers fuck.” Adam finally drove it home into Ruben and I got behind them both and türbanlı escort zonguldak started to eat Adam’s fur covered crack. He moaned loudly feeling my tongue in his ass. I licked down under and licked his balls and cock while he was fucking Ruben. He got Ruben on his side so I could suck his dick and Ruben motioned for me to turn around. He wanted one in each end. So I was sucking Ruben, who was sucking me, while Adam fucked the hell out of him. At one point Ruben looked at me through glazed eyes and said, “Kiss me.” I moved up and we kissed liked crazy for several minutes. I sucked on his tongue and licked on his neck. He moaned out loud, “Adam, you’re going to make me cum!” With that, Adam pounded harder and harder on Ruben and I got down there and sucked Ruben’s cock. Ruben growled loudly and shot into my mouth, over and over again filling me with hot cum. Then Adam yelled out, “Puto, you want my load?” I said, “Hell yes!” Adam shoved his cock into my mouth and shot again and again, a thick creamy load of cum. I reached down and jacked off while I was eating Adam and Ruben was quick to suck the cum out of me, draining me dry. The three of us lay there in the sleeper in the aroma of pure man sex, all spent and worn out. Adam surprised the shit out of me when he leaned down and kissed me hard on my mouth, letting me feel his fat tongue inside of me. Ruben laughed and said, “See, I told you he was really a romantic at heart.” As we recovered and got dressed, I asked them if they did this kind of thing regularly. They said that they had noticed me at a convenience store about 20 miles back on the road. Adam was the one who wanted to stop and fuck around. I looked at Ruben and said, “You like having your brother’s dick up your ass?” He just laughed and said, “Adam is the only man I ever let fuck me. Besides, if our wives find out at least we can say we weren’t fucking around with another woman.” I grinned and thought to myself, “the Hispanic male: what a wonderful mixture or irony, sexuality, contradiction and lust.” I told them I had a great time and would love to see them again but they wouldn’t give me a phone number or any other means of contacting them. Adam only said, “If it happens, it happens.” As I got out of the truck, I noticed on the side of the door in white letters on the red painted door, “Cardenas Meat Packing Co., Inc.” San Antonio, Texas. I got back in my truck and took our my cell phone to call information. When I got connected with the company, I asked for drivers Ruben and Adam. The receptionist told me that the company no longer employed on the road drivers and only provided local service. She went on to say that they had sold all their rigs over a year ago and that I was the 2nd caller this weekend looking for Ruben and Adam. I guess the only meat these two studs were packing was between their legs. Copyright © 2007 BigSteve

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