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Subject: Man Cam (Meat4yourgrill (6) This is an fictional story of sex with men from an internet chat site. This is completely fictional as most of the men live far far away. Some are straight, some gay and many bisexual. But all are hot, hot , hot. Enjoy… +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Man Cam (Meat4yourgrill (6) ……….”Aweeee yesss” Nate cried out Then he thrust hard into me. Pain hit my like a knife as he thrust most of his huge dick into me. I screamed.. “Awweiiiii fuckkk. Hurtssss shitttt” But Nate at this point was not paying much attention as his cock slammed down into my guts. And as I screamed my fingers gripped his tits harder as my ass clamped down like a vise on his schlong. Nate cried out again at my action. “Aweee fuckk baby” he cried “Pull harder ” He fell over on me and he grabbed my shoulders, Nate grasped me by them and pulled me onto his schlong harder. Then his body just took over. He began to maul my ass with his massive club. Power fucking my poor guts fast and pile driver like. I continued to scream as his cock crushed down repeatedly into my prostate. Pain was ripping through my body as he continued to rape my hole with his big cock. He gunned his massive dick into my ripped up guts faster and faster. I felt like he might tear a hole through me and into my stomach from the harsh pummeling he was giving my poor bowels. The pain was sure but when he grabbed me and placed him mouth on mine as Nate gutted my body with his man rammer. I could do nothing more than hold bursa escort him tightly. And I let Nate have me, even though I was crying out from his assault throughout most of the next few minutes. “Ohhhh Godd” I yelled ‘Such a big cock Nate. Fuckkk hurtsss sooo good” “Fuck me stud. Fuck me harder baby” I could hear my hunk of man Nate grunting as he continued slamming into my body. His balls soon were slapping against me. Making loud sounds that rang through my skull. I could feel my heart pounding and my breath racing as Nate’s grunts grew louder and louder. Then as he seemed to near the inevitable, he pulled from me. His big schlong taken from my ass. Then he quickly moved down my body and grabbed my dick. It was hard again. The constant pounding he had given me had struck another hard on from me. Then Nate went down on my dick again. I felt his hot wet mouth slurp down my raging boner once more. His expert mouth sucked my cock again. Nate then took his fingers and shoved them back into my ass once more. Then again he started to fuck me with them. Just as he had done before. It wasn’t long before I was writhing on his hand again. “Ohhh babyyy” I cried “What are you doing to me Nate” “That’s sooo incredible stud. ” Then as I was about to bust another load from his awesome suctioning on my dick and the ass ramming of his hand again, Nate released my aching dick. he pulled His hand from my ass and then the stud climbed Back up on me. He pulled on his cock a few times , then he spit down on it and then once again he slammed his big beast bursa escort bayan back into my ass. The huge salami was buried deep into me once more. His cock head slamming into my prostate. The breath was once again taken from my lungs as the hot stud plunged into my depths once more. “Aweeee fuckkk baby” I groaned “Such a big beautiful cock” “Fuck me Nate. Tear up my shitter” Nate began to thrust into my ass harder now. His big dick pushed down into my bowels with each commanding thrust. I grabbed his shoulders and pulled him back down on me again. I kissed his mouth once more. My tongue driven into his mouth like a spear. “Fuck me stupid baby” I said “Then breed my guts with that goo Nate” “Make this hole all yours stud. Do it. Do it hard” Nate pulled me to his hairy body and started to slam into me harder. I cried out again as his gut crusher slammed into my button repeatedly. My body writhed on his cock as he pounded me. I pulled myself to his hot chest and buried my face in it. The hair tickling my nose as I licked him there. his man taste had me crazy horny. I pushed against his hugs dick and it slammed against my prostate harder. “Aweeee Godddd” I cried as my body gave into another orgasm. My dick clamped down hard on his cock and he too howled. “Fuckkk mann. Your ass is trying to rip off my dick man” He started to push harder at my ass with his raging boner as my body rocked in my second orgasm. I whimpered and shook in Nates strong arms as I gave into the inevitable that took over me. I blasted about 6 spurts of cum escort bursa from my dick and buried my face deep in his hairy chest . His chest was damp from his now sweating body. He then pulled me hard to his big dick and started to really pound me. His body was shaking as he pile drived my guts with his jack hammer dick. He was grunting madly as Nate drew ever so closer to his own awesome orgasm. I found his nipple and clamped my mouth on it. Then his hot body tensed up and he howled like a beast as his dick started to bust its mighty load into me. I felt his cock bloat as each thrust poured a big dollop of his cum into my bowels. “Oh God. Oh Shit, Oh God” He cried “C-Cumming inside your ass baby” “C-Cumminggg” He pulled my face to his and kissed me as he unloaded his seed into my belly. a good healthy load it was too. I could feel as the overflow of his cum started to ooze from my ass as his big dick started to subside from his explosion. He continued to jab at my body with his hips as he finished his cum dump into my body. When it was all done he just slumped over on my body. He released my lips and his head fell to my shoulder as he tried to regain normal breathing. Nate’s body was wet with his sweat. The cool air chilled me as it touch my now drenched chest. But this was such hot sex that I didn’t mind any of it . I let Nate just lay himself on my body. I grabbed his head and kissed his hot mouth again. “Such a fucking hot stud” “That was so awesome baby” I cooed “I have all that sweet cum up inside my ass now” “You have bred me like I should be bred and this ass belongs to you Nate” So I kissed him once more and let him just lay on top of me………. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Next. Nate’s friend Gonzo joins the fun

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