Meena My Landlord’s Daugther’s Friend

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Meena My Landlord’s Daugther’s FriendThis is story how me and my landlord’s daughter’s friend meena for intimate with each other.Leaving hostels to live in a rented room giving an excuse that studies are disturbed in hostel atmosphere can sound silly. Though true enough, but living in town is damn expensive. Well, all my regrets vanished when I came to the place I rented. It was a fine room on 1st floor of a bungalow.Just a room with a vast terrace, plus the house itself is at one end of the town. May be that is why I could get the room on rent, in this old fashion town. Usually it is almost impossible for a college boy to find a room on rent.If the room I found made be feel excited, what took by breath away is when I saw the three girls. Apparently landlord’s daughters.. wow.. all three girls were tall, fair, and quite pretty, one girl was my age.Must be studying in some college. One girl slightly older, may be in college or just may have finished college. And the younger one could be in school. All had sexy figures. To use our campus language, we can say the girls are pleasingly lookable and fuckable if one gets lucky..that kind of beauties.The younger one came with the key to show me the room. I found it neat and well cleaned and expressed her astonishment to see all my stuff. Declaring that she never imagined a single college boy would have so many things. I guess she said it looking at the number of packed boxes, well half the boxes are my home theatre system and my huge LCD tv. Plus the huge TV stand with enough space for my college books also. Something I designed myself and got it made to order.The stairs to come up are from outside. So I need not disturb them to come to my room, but there is no bath in the first floor. But they have one in their backyard, which I can use. Except for this, I have more or less total privacy.I introduced my self to her as Raj and studying in engineering college. And she introduced herself as Sudha now in school final. Which mean in a few months time she would be in a college. And that her sister Geeta is in 2nd year in college. Her elder sister Priya had finished college and working in a private company. And her father a govt employee, and that their mother had died soon after her birth.I was enjoying nice January winter breese on terrace when she came back with hot coffee. As I was unpacking bursa escort my luggage, and even helped in my work. So I can say we became quite friendly in those hour or two. The same evening she came again, this time with another girl Meena.Her classmate and her neighbor – well this girl is sexy too though short and skinny. Again in campus language the platform girl meaning she has no boobs to talk about, but the girl was very very bubbly. And both girls told me they would be coming often to meet me as both are going to write entrance exams for admission to engineering college, and would appreciate my help in the same.They seem to know quite a lot about me and that I was a rank student. And I myself did extremely well in the same admission test. I said that is fine with me. But we spent more time with my Home theatre system. And by the time they left, they somehow manage to get a key to my room. And my permission to come whenever they wish to use my books, my computer but mainly to enjoy the tv and the home theatre.It happened to be winter holidays. So a day later I left to spend time with my parents. But got bored within the week and came back telling my parents that I have so much to study and need so many books from library. When I reached my room I found Meena sitting in my reclining chair, Actually part of a three seater sofa and enjoying a music video.She said she got bored sitting at home and all her friends are gone to visit grand parents meaning Sudha and Jaya…Priya is in town as she has no winter holidays like her two sisters.We both seem to hit it off, and were spending most of the day time together. Though most of the time I was busy with my studies and she just sits and plays music or reads some magazines. Our conversation keeps flowing. I told you she was a bubbly girl. We generally told each other about our hobbies, our likes and dislikes in books, movies, movie celebrities..the usual teen talk.Well also about boy friends and girl friends and such and thus I learnt Priya has no boy friends. Geeta has one and Sudha has none though plenty of boys are after her. And that she herself has no one. I asked her whether she would like to have one, and she said yes.Then I asked her why and she said it should be nice to have a boy friend to go to movies and walks in nice places in the evenings etc. I laughed, and she asked what bursa escort bayan made me laugh. I told her she doesn’t know what happens in a movie when she goes to a movie with a boy friend, and that made her extremely red.And in her embarrassment and the way she felt shy- she appeared wonderfully sexy, and I said the same. That made her blush even more. Somehow we moved on from the topic to other topics. But while she was going home, she casually asked whether I would like to come to a movie the next morning, a nice English movie in morning show.Free Sex Videos BlogUsually I am not flirty with girls, but I became naughty that day, and said – well only if she is prepare for what may happen inside the movie when it gets dark. She ran away. That night while using my desk top, I found it rather slow, then found the reason, cache is full, and browsing history showing so many porn sites visited. Wow I told my self. So here is a pretty girl ripe for the taking, at least for a try – I told myself.Next day morning, I was ready to go for my breakfast, and casually looked down from where I can see the next house where Meena lives, I found her watering the plants, I made some nice hisshh sounds to get her attention. And using only signs told her about the movie, and she replied the same way that she would meet me at the theatre. At least I hoped that is what she was telling me.But when I reached the theatre, she was very much there, and dress wonderfully too in sexy punjabi suit. Being holidays, crowd is sparse. English movies are seen mostly by college boys and girls, so we could find nice corner seats. With nearest people were at least 3 or 4 rows away from us. I again made signs that we are quite apart from others and lots of mischief is possible. She pinched me hard…I guess she got my meaning.But the movie was quite unforgettable time for me, the blushing girl put up lots of resistance that it took me most part of half hour to reach her small boobs inside her kurta. Though small her boobs were quite hard, and her nipples quite sensitive and her cheeks quite warm for kissing.I admired her choice of punjabi suit, which has a dupatta which is quite wonderful as it hides my hand inside her kurta. If someone were to be watching, though no one was around to watch. Well it took most part of an hour to reach the point where I could forcibly escort bursa take her hand and keep it on my crotch.Free Sex Videos BlogSo that she can feel my hot cock’s warmth and hardness, but once I could do that she didn’t let go. She kept on pressing my cock and unzipped by pants. So that she can put her hand inside my pants and feel my cock though my tight underwear. Didn’t help…quite foolish of me to wear such tight one.Movie was great too with quite a few hot scenes, but soon it ends. And we had nice lunch in a nice air-condition restaurant. After which she said she would go home by herself. I said ok, as girls don’t want to be seen riding scooters with boy friends much.I returned to my room, found my underwear all wet with pre-cum and a lot of it too, changed into pajamas and slept. But Meena came visiting. I knew instinctively when she knocked .. opened the door, saw her, pulled her inside and quickly bolted the door. And we were hugging and kissing hard.Wow this girl really knows how to kiss.. she just chewed my lower lip so hard and for so long. We both were fighting for breath, we hardly had anything to talk. We fell on sofa. And continued kissing when I took of her garments one by one. Soon making her naked and threw off my clothes too. Only time we wasted was with the condom, with door shut and windows closed. It was quite dark inside the room, and that added to the intimacy.I start with her nipples, which were so sensitive under my lips, and felt so tasty and her fingers around my cock was so maddeningly erotic. And her small cunt so wet with all those secretions. When I rubbed my cock on her cunt lips the oozing lubricated my cock head wonderfully well.And i could go inside her quite easily, at least the first inch or two. I guess that is when her virginity put a stop to my entrance. But one real hard stroke took care of it, The girl hardly whimpered. Though I can feel her pain, a surprising thing happened.My cock lost its erection and became flacid but still hard enough to keep its length. So I kept it inside, And Meena’s legs around me helped a lot. Though we did not stop kissing or my sucking at her nipples. Soon my cock is hard once again. So we kept on our fucking movement though now on slow side. And soon we found we are reaching orgasm, it hit her more or less at the same time it hit me.Finally she got up, dress herself, gave me a deep kiss. And left saying it is too late and her family would be wondering where she was….promising to comeback early tomorrow. And that there are quite a few days left in the winter holidays.

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