Meeting Jackie


Meeting JackieMeeting JackieA true story….We had been friends and chatted on Hamster for over a year. The friendship became more fun and deeply erotic, particularly in the most recent three months. Personal photos were exchanged through e-mail. The mutual attraction was genuine and growing.Jackie is married with k**s. Like many young and beautiful mothers, she is stuck at home, bored, horny and watching porn as opened up her most secret desires and fantasies. Jackie wants to be trained to be a submissive slut. She also wants sex with black men.I have been a dominant since I was very young. Let me clarify. A natural dominant dominates nothing. Explore your partner’s mind and lead the partner where they want to be taken. Jackie matched the perfect partner for me. A month ago Jackie informed me she was travelling to my city for a family event. When I suggested we should meet I was very pleased she responded immediately with enthusiasm. No conditions were set or discussed. It was lunch at a public place.Sitting in the outside patio on a beautiful day, I watched Jackie walking from her car. She was in a long skirt, blouse and open shoes. Her dark hair was pulled back. Lovely. She is a naturally beautiful woman. The hostess was told to expect her and escorted her to my table. I rose smiling.“Wow you’re tall,” she said shyly smiling.“You’re beautiful Jackie,” I said looking deep into her brown eyes.I confess my heart was thumping as we made small talk over some wine. Our eyes were locked together and sometime during the conversation Jackie put her hand on my knee. I looked into her eyes and put my hand over hers.“Would you like to see my home,” I asked.“Yes I would, is it far?”“No, only ten minutes away,” I smiled.“I have the whole day to myself,” she said quietly looking down at her lap.I knew immediately Jackie had decided to release herself to my control and guidance.We walked to my Mercedes and I opened the door for her. As she leaned to get in she brushed against me and I smelled her hair. No perfume, just the natural scent of a woman. I was instantly aroused.The drive seemed like seconds and I pulled into the open garage bay. I stepped out of the car and Jackie had already opened her door and one leg was out and I took her hand. She stepped out and I put my hand on her waist and drew her to me.She was trembling. I took her close to me and leaned over and whispered in her ear.“Thank you for trusting me.”I stepped away and took her hand and led her from the garage, through the mud hall and into the kitchen.“I love your house, “ she said.“I hope this will not be the only time you are here,” I responded.I reached into my pocket and took out a spool of black thread.“Give me your left hand,” I commanded quietly.She reached out and I tied her middle finger with one strand of the thread, leaving a length hanging of about six inches.“When you want to stop, remove the thread. If you do not remove it we will continue, Do you understand and agree?” I said firmly.“Yes,” she said with a whisper.“Yes what Jackie,” I insisted.“Yes, I will not stop you while I wear the string,” she said, her voice trembling.“Remove your panties,” I instructed.Immediately she stepped back, reached under her long loose skirt and retrieved the black panties. I took them and as I expected they were sopping wet. I held then to my nose and drew her scent in deeply.“Beautiful,” I whispered.Jackie flushed and stepped sideways with a stumble.“I need to sit down for a moment.”“Yes you do,” I said smiling.I led Jackie to the low sofa and sat in the rocking chair opposite of her.“Raise your skirt and open your legs,” I commanded.Jackie instantly performed the act and even slid down on the sofa so her tuzla escort pussy was more visually and physically accessible. She was closely trimmed and I could plainly see her beautiful pink lips glistening with her arousal.“Spread your lips for me.”Again, I received instant obedience.I rose and walked to Jackie noticing now without my request she was sliding her fingers around her pussy and clitoris. I stood in front of her and she stared at the swelling in my pants.“You want to suck my cock don’t you Jackie?”“OH GOD YES she whispered.”I unzipped an opened my black jeans, exposing my now completely engorged cock.Without encouragement Jackie leaned forward taking the shaft in both hands and began ravenously running her mouth, and tongue over the head, trying to get her mouth over it. She was moaning and writhing her hips on the sofa.“God it’s huge,” she said looking at it. It’s bigger than I expected.I did not respond, as I wanted her to have these moments to allow her to give up control to her growing arousal. She continued to suck, lick and caress my cock, which was now impossibly hard. After several minutes I pulled away and stepped back.“Take off your clothes Jackie.”Again she immediately stood and in an instant was completely naked. I could plainly see her thighs were damp and shining to her knees from her soaking wet pussy.“Kneel before me.”I walked over and attached a studded black leather dog collar to Jackie’s neck with a leash.“Rise up on your knees an put your hands behind your back.”I walked over and put my hand behind Jackie’s head, guiding my throbbing cock to her mouth. “Lean your head back and relax. I am going to train you to be a proper mouth whore.”Slowly I guided my cock into Jackie’s mouth, deeper and deeper as she strained to accommodate it. As she gagged and her eyes glazed and teared up I could see her increasing release and arousal. Finally her eyes rolled back and my full nine inches were down her throat. I withdrew and she grasped my legs for support, or so I thought.I gazed down and Jackie’s eyes were black with a lust I had not expected.Grasping my ass with both hands Jackie again forced my cock the full length down her throat and held it there, her face pressed against my stomach. Her body shuddered as she struggled not to gag, withdrawing my cock, leaving a long stream of saliva, then repeating the impalement, growling and clawing at my ass.My cock was on fire and I could feel the impending orgasm. I didn’t want to cum yet. When I reach that point and hold off on the fist orgasm my cock remains rock hard for as long as I hold back and I wanted Jackie to receive a fucking she would never forget. I stepped back and she sat back down on her legs wiping the saliva from her chin and licking it off her fingers gazing at me with a look of arousal that only increased mine.“Oh God I love your cock.”Taking the leash I wordlessly tugged it and Jackie stood and I led her to the stairs going to the master bedroom. I had her go first so I could watch her hot sexy ass and enjoy seeing her juices tricking down her thighs. MY GOD this woman was soaking wet.Entering my bedroom I instructed Jackie to lie on my king-sized bed with her head hanging over the edge. Once in position I slapped my cock on her face and she reached out to stroke the shaft.“No Jackie, you may not touch it with your hands. Open your mouth.”As she opened her mouth I slid my cock slowly into her throat and she began to moan and writhe on the bed. Methodically and repeatedly I began working my cock deeper and deep until my full length was accepted and she began to lubricate the shaft with ever increasing amounts of saliva. I reached down and began tormenting sancaktepe escort her hard nipples, pinching and twisting them. Her right hand was between her legs, working her pussy furiously. I was having trouble maintaining composure but I was determined when Jackie left, she would be a properly trained fellatrix and totally consumed cock slut.Again and again I slowly impaled her with my cock, my full swollen length completely down her throat, deliberately holding it balls deep until she began to get more and more into subspace from the oxygen deprivation. Suddenly her body began to shudder as I withdrew my cock.“OH FUCK I’M CUMMING OH MY GOD!” she cried out.Her hand was plunging between her legs and I could see she had three fingers buried in her pussy, working them so fast it was almost a blur.FUCK FUCK YES OH MY GOD I’M STILL CUMMING!!!!!I stepped back because I almost had an orgasm from seeing this woman reaching a state of absolute release.Jackie’s spasms subsided and she drew her knees up in a fetal position. Her eyes were closed.I went down stairs to the kitchen and came back up with a bottle of wine, two glasses and several bottles of spring water. I cracked open a bottle of water and sat down next to Jackie on the bed. Leaning over I ran my tongue over hers lips and she opened her eyes and reaching around the back of my neck responded with incredible passion, sliding her tongue in my mouth and crushing her lips over mine. My cock instantly grew fully erect as Jackie devoured my mouth. I realized after all had passed this was our first kiss.We broke the kiss and I managed to say, “Water?”Her voice raspy from the assault of my cock Jackie replied, “Oh yes please.” I stood up and finally removed all my clothes and rejoined Jackie on the bed. Lying on my back she slithered over to me and again pressed her mouth on my sucking my tongue into her mouth like a little cock. As we passionately kissed I knew I could not resist much longer taking her however much I wanted to hold off.Pushing her onto her back I began sucking her nipples, working down the bed and finally arriving at the prize. Jackie opened her legs without my request and I began sucking, biting and licking her inner thighs, running my tongue up and down the crease between her pussy and her thighs. Then I slowly slid the tip of my tongue between her wet and swollen lips and danced the tip over her hard clitoris.Her back arched and she drew in a deep breath her hands holding my head.“No Jackie you must keep your hands by your sides, “ I commanded her quietly.I began in earnest to devour her dripping pussy. Sucking on her clitoris and rolling it around on my tongue like a fresh g****. I then slid my tongue into her pussy savoring her sweet fragrant flavor. Her hands were clamped tight on the bed sheets and I could feel her starting to crest to orgasm. Each time she crested I stopped, refusing to allow the orgasm until I reached absolute control.“OH my God you are driving me insane,” Jackie rasped.Slowly I slid two fingers into her dripping pussy, which had now soaked the bed beneath her. I began to fuck her pussy slowly and she responded involuntarily my grinding her hips.“OH fuck, oh God fuck my pussy!”Turning my wrist I reached up and applied firm pressure on Jackie’s G Spot while sucking her entire clitoral area into my mouth. “Jesus Christ OH MY GOD!”Pressing hard upwards with my two fingers I began to massage her G Spot with ever increasing pressure and speeding up the motion steadily, maintaining the suction on her clit I also pressed hard on it with my tongue.The magic moment had arrived.“AAAAAAAAHHH FUCK YES I’M CUMMMMING!” she screamed.Jackie’s body üsküdar escort began to shudder and then a massive ejaculation shot out of her pussy, covering my chest and reaching across the room. I immediately slid a third finger into her asshole and maintained fucking her G Spot.“OHGOD OHGOD OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUUUUUUUUUUCKKK OH SHIT!!!!”Her orgasm continued even surprising me. I slowed down and then removed my fingers, allowing her to relish in the downward curve of this massive orgasm.My cock was rock hard and it was time. Reaching out, I pulled on the leash and wordlessly positioned Jackie on her knees, her hips raised and her body over the edge of the bed. I began slapping her ass with my cock.“Tell me what you want Jackie.”“Oh God please fuck me.”“Continuing the rhythmic slapping I demanded, “Are you going to be my willing cock slut and slave?”“Yes I love it I want it please fuck me.”Still slapping, “Are you going to let me share you with big black cocks?”“YES YES OH MY GOD YES, you know that’s what I want!”I took my impossibly swollen cock head and slid it between her sopping wet swollen pussy lips, rubbing it over her clit and teasing her hungry opening. She kept grinding back like a hungry cat trying to get me to enter her.“I need to put on a condom Jackie.”“No please fuck me like this I want to feel you inside me.”“Tell me what you really want slut.”“Fuck me, fill my pussy I need this! Please, I want you to cum inside me.”Taking her hips I positioned my cock head at the target and in one slow thrust I fully impaled Jackie, my cock bottoming out, the head pressing firmly against her cervix. Her body shook and she cried, “OH GOD!”I began slowly fucking her with deep stroked, slowing at the point where I hit bottom and holding it there, working her out and still having more cock to give. Jackie back clawing at the bed and I saw her hand reach between her legs to massage her clit.My strokes became more determined and the pressure inside her increasing I felt her depths beginning the release.“FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK YES OH MY GOD I love this OGOD AAAAAAAHHHHHHH JESUS CHRIST!”Her body began to shudder in another orgasm and I began to pound her, her depths releasing my balls slapping her clitoris as my cock took full ownership of this woman.A long wordless hoarse scream erupted out of her throat mixed with a growl. Both of us covered with sweat I continued this merciless assault on her pussy, pounding deep. Reaching out I grabbed a handful of her hair and jerked back her head, arching her back, knowing my domination; pain and friction on her G spot would take her even further.She began thrusting back on my cock, pounding her cervix, which had now opened and demanded my release. Collapsing face down on the bed I repositioned myself behind her and lying over her, completely dominating her body I began to grind deeply into her depths, my orgasm starting to climb, to what would be an epic joining of two people.“God baby I am going to cum!” I growled.“OH GOD YES! Cum inside me I want it please fill me!’Her voice did the trick and I could hold back no longer. Faster and faster I began pounding her like a mad a****l, the fire inside me reaching critical mass. Harder and harder I fucked her and she took all of me and demanded more.I roared and jet after jet began filling Jackie. At least six huge spurts of my thick semen filled her and she responded with a massive orgasm of her own, crying face down into the pillows. I held my cock deep inside her, not wanting to separate. The smell of our sex rising up and my cock remained hard from the arousal of our intimate fluids mixing together.Slowly I withdrew my cock and a flood of my semen followed, pooling onto the sheets.I rolled onto my side and lay next to Jackie, feeling the ceiling fan cooling the sweat covering our bodies. Turning her head Jackie looked into my eyes and I knew I now possessed this woman; the taboo of ravaging this married mother of three adding to my arousal and desire.

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