Meeting Nick for a quicky

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Meeting Nick for a quickyIt was a Saturday, my husband had the flu and was sick and asleep in bed. About 9am I was sitting drinking a cup of coffee when I received a msg from my lover Nick asking me what I’m doing today, as he is alone and horny? I had nothing really planned accept watching my daughter while my hubby recovers. Nick was house sitting at his Gf’s house as they all had gone away for a family matter. He asked if I wanted to come over but I politely decline. The day went on and eventually my husband got out of bed and came downstairs. He told me he had received a call from his parents and they were going to come over for a while to see their grandaughter. They arrived about an hour later and after chatting for a while, it was decided they were going to stay for dinner. We decided to do a roast chicken and veggies. Not having any chicken in the freezer I had to go to the shops to get.  After making a quick grocery list. I headed to the shops, leaving my daughter with her dad and grandparents.In the car and on the way to the shops, I was a little annoyed, so I decided called Nick. He was still home alone house sitting, I asked him to send me the address and told him that I won’t be able to stay for long, but if he’s still wants to see me I’ll come past for a few mins. He sent me the address and after getting all the groceries from the shops I headed to his gf’s house.It luckily wasn’t far away. And soon I was knocking at the front door. Nick opened up for, and our lips met rather instantaneously. We quickly stripped each other of our clothing and he carried me to the lounge. I first sat canlı bahis down on top of him, his hard cock entering into my pussy, riding him hard back and forth. He soon stood up lifting me as well and fucked me while standing for a while before putting me down and telling me to kneel on the couch. He entered me from behind and started thrusting hard into me, making me moan from pleasure. Soon he was to moaning and I felt his cum shoot into my wet pussy. He pulled his cock out of me and I quickly went to the bathroom to wipe his cum off my pussy, well as much as I could. I then got dressed and gave Nick a kiss goodbye, and hopped into my car to go home. Once back at home I prepared and cooked dinner while chatting to my mother in law. We ate later that evening. Soon after supper my in laws left and my hubby went back to bed. I bathed my daughter and then we watched tv all together for a while. I was still horny and still had some of Nick’s cum in me. My husband was moody from being ill, and was definitely in no mood to pleasure me. Thats when i asked if he would be able to watch our daughter for a while tomorrow morning as I want to go and gym. He said it’s fine, not a problem. Our daughter started falling asleep and I soon put her to bed before going to run myself a oily relaxing bath. While in the bath I thought about my booty call at nick earlier and decided to msg him to see if he was going to be at his Gf’s house around 9am tomorrow morning as that would be the time I was going to go to gym, thinking i could maybe pop by him for another booty call. I relaxed in the bath for a while before bahis siteleri getting out, drying off and heading to bed. My husband was already asleep and I soon fell asleep as well.Waking up the next morning, I saw that Nick replied to my msg at 2am, saying he just got home a bit drunk, that he’s off to bed, but would love it if I were to stop by after gym, and I should give him a call when I’m on my way. My hubby woke soon after me and he was feeling a bit better. Wasnt long till my daughter too was awake. I got up and made my hubby coffee and daughter breakfast before getting dressed for gym. It was just after 9am when I gave my husband a kiss on the cheek and told him I’ll see him after gym, I said goodbye to my daughter and into my car I hopped. As pulling away from my house, I phoned Nick. He answered in a rather sleepy state. I asked if he still wanted to see me. And he asked what time. I told him, I’ll be at his Gf’s house in 5 mins. He said that’s cool and he’s going to leave the front door open as he’s going be in the kitchen making coffee. I pulled up to Nick’s gf’s house, and once through the front door I closed it and locked it. I walked to the kitchen and greeted Nick, he was standing in his jocks. He passed me a cup of coffee and suggested we go sit outside by the pool. As he want to swim to wake up. He removed his jocks exposing his large soft dick and jumped into the pool. He soon asked how long till I need to be home and I told him that I have approximately an hour before I needed to leave. He asked if I was going to join him in the pool. And I then slowly stripped. Butt naked bahis şirketleri I joined Nick, skinny dipping in the pool. We met at in the middle of the pool where our lips met, my arms around his neck as he picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. His cock was now hard, and it entered my wet pussy. He carried me to the steps in the pool where he sat down with his hard cock in my pussy. I started riding him back and forth, fucking him as he started to suck on my breast and hard nipples. I was moaning from pleasure and soon I orgasm as my body tensed up.I got off Nick and he told me to kneel on the steps. He spanked my ass before inserting his cock back into my pussy. He fucked me hard, thrusting fast, hard and deep in and out my pussy, placing his one hand around my waist and the other on my ass.His thumb was rubbing in a circular motion around my ass hole as he fucked me in doggy style. He soon started moaning while pounding hard into me and I soon felt his cum shooting inside of my pussy. He thrusted hard till his last drop of cum left his cock, before pulling his cock out me, and sitting on the step. His cum dripped out of my pussy into the pool as I stood up and moved to sit on Nick’s lap. I said thank you as it was a really well needed fuck. And our lips met for a short kiss. We got out the pool and dripped dry in each others company while chatting and finishing our coffee which had gone cold.We chatted for a while and soon it came time that I had to leave. I got dressed into my gym clothing, getting Nick to splash a little bit of water onto them to make it seem like sweat. Nick then walked me out and as I was exiting the front door, he said next time he gets me alone, he’s going to fuck my ass. I laughed as I walked to my car to drive back home after a good stress relieving fuck I got from Nick.

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