Meghan’s Awakening Ch. 01


Meghan stood silently outside the bedroom door, watching her husband, Craig. She had arrived home much earlier than expected; the anticipated shopping trip had been cut short because the car’s touchy ignition coil had once again acted up. Climbing the stairs, Meghan had been about to call out to Craig when she heard the sound of the television coming from the bedroom: moans and grunts, the unrealistic ecstatic dialogue of pornography.

She had refrained from speaking and ascended the rest of the staircase as quietly as possible. Now Meghan watched in a kind of horrified fascination: there on their bed, her husband was splayed out spread-eagled, his eyes intent on the small television perched on the dresser, his boxer shorts around his ankles, his right hand slowly but relentlessly squeezing and stroking his penis.

And there was something else. His penis didn’t look normal; it was hard, but at a strange angle and the whole package was somehow weirdly constricted. Meghan crept closer, actually coming into the room but keeping a hand on the open door, ready to close it quickly in front of her if need be. Now she could see: his penis and testicles were wrapped tightly in some kind of strap mechanism, the balls pulled away from the penis and separated from each other and the cock itself constricted at the base so that it swelled a dark purple without being able to stand at its usual sharp upward angle from his thighs. Meghan noticed, with open-mouthed fascination, that it hung at a downward slant, yet swelled, thick and turgid, as Craig slowly stroked his loosely closed fist along its length, exhaling with a shuddering intensity.

As shocked and disgusted as Meghan felt, mentally, something stirred in her, a lightness in her head and a flush of feeling in her thighs that tingled its way, hot and insistent, to the lips of her cunt and centered with a sudden throb at her clitoris. Instinctively, one hand strayed to her crotch while the other held her uncertain balance with a grip on the door’s edge. She stole a glance at the television screen as her fingers dug against the fabric of her skirt, searching for a purchase through her panties to the hungry heat in her pussy.

The video was something different from the typical fuck and suck skin flick that Craig frequently insisted they view together before sex on Saturday night (against her half-feigned objections.) In this film, a woman clad in skin-tight black rubber that revealed her swollen nipples and puffy sex, had a man, bound at the wrists and ankles, lying across her lap as she inserted some kind of pointed apparatus into his rear end. After shoving the thing in and out of him several times, adding sharp twists on the inward thrusts, she left it buried there and raised her hand to spank him hard on the ass, over and over. The video man squirmed against her thighs and made small sounds of tortured pleasure.

Meghan thought he might come to orgasm and realized she wasn’t far from that herself, so she withdrew her probing hand but not before her audible intake of breath had seized her husband’s attention. Simultaneously, Craig snapped his head in her direction and released his grip on his bound-up penis. Sitting up clumsily, grabbing at the sheets in an ineffectual effort to cover himself, he stuttered her name, tripped over the beginnings of an explanation, then quickly gave up, sighing deeply and looking as miserable and humiliated as imaginable. Still, his organ, sınırsız escort trapped in its wrappings, refused to give up its turgidity, waving in defiance of his embarrassment.

Meghan wasn’t sure what to say or do. They stared at each other, eyes wide and frightened, until, finally, Meghan spoke.

“What . . . what do you think you’re doing,” she managed to choke out, the heat of her arousal still throbbing in her crotch. “What are you watching and what,” she gestured at his penis and its paraphernalia, “What the hell is that?”

“I’m sorry,” Craig squeaked and he started to unwrap his organ, fingers fumbling nervously, his eyes unable to meet hers.

“Wait,” she said, louder than she had intended. “Leave it there.”

Craig froze.

The only sound in the room was the phony orgasmic screams of a woman on the television who, Meghan realized as she glanced at the screen, was watching the spanking while she masturbated furiously with a huge dildo.

Meghan’s scalp tingled and her arousal made her knees weak. What was going on here, she wondered but she couldn’t stop herself from approaching her husband as he lay there, watching her, his hand still holding the end of the strap that was coiled around his cock and balls.

“Tie it back up. Or whatever you do with it,” Meghan heard herself say. “I want to see how it works.” He complied, tightening the thing even further, making his trapped erection twitch and jump. Meghan took his wrist and wrenched his hand away from the thing and up over his head. She reached down to examine his contraption: a leather thong or shoelace, it seemed, wrapped tightly under his scrotum, between the testicles and around the base of his penis. The end, tucked into the coils around the base of the scrotum, hung down toward his ass.

She grabbed it and pulled with increasing pressure, forcing the balls apart and the cock down, creating a tension between its desire to rise in its arousal and the strap’s insistent tug. Craig made a strangled moan as she pulled but when she looked up at his face, there was more pleasure there than pain.

“Oh, God,” he said. “Oh, please . . . don’t stop.”

Meghan was again feeling that mixture of disgust and arousal. “So, this is what you like?” she said, pulling harder. “Since when? In all the years I’ve known you . . . ” She let go of the strap and, for reasons she could no longer figure out and no longer wished to think about, she slapped his erect penis, hard.

He drew in his breath sharply. “You’re disgusting!” she told him,

“You make me sick. You want to suffer? You want punishment? All right, I’ll give it to you!”

She grabbed his separated, swollen testicles as she spoke and pulled them even farther away from his body. He squirmed and moaned. Meghan had found a way to combine her disgust and anger with her horniness. The more she scolded Craig and punished him, the hotter she felt. The fact that Craig was obviously enjoying it didn’t matter; in fact, in some strange way, it made it even more exciting. She was in control, complete control.

“Too bad we don’t have one of those little things to shove in your butt, like the guy in the movie, huh baby?” she said, looking back at the screen where the man’s spanking was, at least temporarily, over. Now he was on his feet, squatting with his legs apart in what looked like a very uncomfortable position. The woman in charge was seated şırnak escort behind him, still shoving the butt plug in and out of his ass while her other hand grabbed his hard on from behind and pulled it roughly back between his legs.

Meanwhile, she was ordering him to service the other woman, the one who had been masturbating. He was complying, his face buried in her crotch, his tongue working overtime. Meghan groaned inadvertently and slipped her hand under her skirt. She wasn’t surprised to find the crotch of her panties wet.

“Turn over,” she ordered her husband, “Get on your stomach, you miserable baby. I’m going to play with myself now and I don’t want you watching.”

She shoved at him as he flipped over, his erection poking into the mattress uncomfortably. “Why should you be the only one to have fun?” she said as she pulled off first her skirt and then her panties. She rubbed at her wet pussy with the underpants, feeling her clitoris swell.

Now she felt inspired. All inhibitions were gone. “Here, smell these you sorry son of a bitch,” she told him as she pushed the wet panties under his head and hard against his nose. She rubbed then into his face as she told him, “Smells good doesn’t it? Smells like real cunt. But what do you care about real pussy, huh? You’d rather jerk yourself off watching those whores on video, wouldn’t you?”

She reached between his legs and shoved his thighs apart. Then she grabbed his tightly wrapped cock and, like the woman in the porn flick, pulled it suddenly back between his legs, squeezing his balls back against his ass. He raised his hips off the bed to let her get at him more easily.

“Oh, God, I want to come so bad,” he said into her panties. “I wish I could come.”

“But you can’t come can you, baby?”

She realized as she spoke what the cock strap was for. “This thing won’t let you come, will it? That’s too bad. That’s really too fucking bad,” she said, yanking his prick back even farther, then stroking it fast and hard. “Too bad we don’t have another girl here. like in the movie, for you to lick. Too bad you’ll have to settle just for me.”

The idea was in her head now and as repellent as it would be to her normally, it seemed so hot right now that she could feel her juices flowing. Another woman to help her humiliate Craig, to spank him and play with him, to play with herself while she tortured Craig.

Her hand was going at her clit furiously just thinking about it. “I feel like coming now so get yourself lower on the bed,” she told Craig, grabbing his ankles and yanking him towards the foot of the bed. Then she arranged herself on the pillows just above him.

She grabbed him by the hair to raise his head. “Watch!” she ordered as she spread her legs wide and showed him her swollen red cunt while she rubbed in rapid circles around the base of her clitoris. With the other hand, she inserted first one, then two fingers deep into her cunt. She pulled them out slowly.

“Hear that,” she asked him, “Hear how wet I am?” He could hear – her fingers made a sloppy, squishing sound as she thrust them in and out rapidly, throwing her head back and breathing quickly.

He had never seen her so hot. He reached down and grabbed himself, rubbing and squeezing, his cock so hard, so swollen he thought it would explode. Suddenly, Meghan looked down at him and grabbed his arm again.

“Stop it!” she told him. “This taksim escort is about ME coming, not you. Keep your hands off your miserable little prick and watch me!”

She added a third finger when she started fucking herself again. Then, when she felt herself about to go over the edge, she shoved all four fingers in, spreading them inside herself, stretching her cunt wider than Craig’s cock had ever done.

She couldn’t stand it anymore. Rubbing her clit furiously, she felt the first rush of orgasm race through her spine. Her cunt grabbed spasmodically at her fingers. She pressed them up inside her, towards her belly and pressed the heel of her hand against her clit. “Oh Jesus. Oh God. Oh fuck me, yes.” She couldn’t stop herself from shouting. It was so unlike her to make any noise; she was usually too embarrassed even while in the throes of orgasm. But this time was different, so intense, so complete. She had no choice but to let herself go completely. She shuddered as spasm after spasm shook her body.

Finally, she leaned back against the headboard, exhausted but strangely invigorated, and slowly withdrew her hand from her tightened pussy. Looking down at her poor suffering husband, his neck craned upward, rolling back and forth on his belly to some how stimulate his frustrated hard on, she brought her hand up to her face while looking into his eyes and inhaled the aroma of her own sex, deeply.

“Oh my God, that was good,” she said, licking each finger separately, then sucking all four into her mouth, slowly. Then she put her hand down under his nose for him to sniff.

“Smells so nice, doesn’t it baby? Wouldn’t it feel so good to come now? I came, didn’t I, baby? I came so fucking good. I came all over my own hand, did you see?”

She shoved all four of her fingers into his mouth, forcing them to the opening of his throat. “Did you see how I shoved my whole hand up my cunt? Huh? Did you see that?” She pumped her hand in and out of his mouth, just like she had fucked herself moments before. She told him, “I’ve never had my cunt so full, so stretched out. When I came, it grabbed my hand and wouldn’t let go.”

Craig breathed frantically through his nose and rocked more violently on his genitals in a vain effort to find release. Incredibly, Meghan felt herself getting turned on again. She rose from the bed and turned Craig over on his back. “I don’t think you can make yourself come like that, rolling around on your prick while it’s all tied up. But I’m not taking any chances,” she told him. “You’re NOT going to come, sweetie. You’re being punished, remember? For being such a pig. I know!” she said, moving to the closet, “I know what we’ll do to make sure you don’t come while I’m out of the room.”

She grabbed four of Craig’s ties from the rack on the back of the closet door. First she stuffed her panties into his mouth to act as a gag, then she methodically tied one end of each tie tightly around each wrist and ankle, pulled them taut and fastened the other ends to the bed posts so he was displayed there, spread eagle, his penis still strapped up but, she noticed, drooping a bit.

Before she left, she told him, “It’s no fun unless that cock stays good and stiff, right on the edge of coming, is it?” and she leaned over and took him into her mouth, sucking his cock hungrily, suctioning with her curled tongue while he tried to talk through the panties in his mouth and wrenched against his bonds. Finally, she released his cock with a loud plopping sound, sucked the head teasingly a couple of more times, squeezed his balls and left the room, saying “Goodbye, sweetie. Have fun!” As she left, it sounded like he was trying to beg her to stay.

(Part 2 to come)

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