Melinda’s Fishy Discharge Ch. 02


I had been masturbating vigorously for many weeks following my encounter at Melinda’s place.

The thoughts of what I experienced that evening were a wonderful source for some very dirty and beautiful fantasies about her for some time afterwards.

What I had experienced was direct contact with several pairs of her soiled, smelly panties.

Those deep, brown discharge stains inside her underwear and her pungent, fishy vaginal odour were still very fresh in my mind and forefront in my imagination.

But it was what I DIDN’T experience at Melinda’s that was the perfect fodder for my delicious and dirty fantasies about Melinda and her secret, private femininity.

I had many vivid fantasies about Melinda’s vulva and vagina – what it possibly looked like – it’s size, colour and shape of her flaps and opening. What sort of clitoris did she have -was it large, small or medium??

I imagined her pubic hair – its colour, shape, length and amount.

Her anus was foremost in my thoughts – Melinda’s darkest, smelliest most secret and private bodily opening – and where she poos from every day.

I imagined her anus in all sorts of different colours and shapes -delicious, wrinkled poo-stained brown; freshly wiped, unsoiled baby-pink; purple, swollen and ready to defecate, dull and black.

I constantly imagined Melinda sitting on the toilet and her expelling waste from her body – both pee and poo leaving her body and ending up in the toilet bowl below and Melinda then wiping herself clean, soiling the white toilet paper as it came directly into contact with her dirty orifices.

The image that really stuck with me though was one which I saw one day at work when I noticed that Melinda had her fingernails freshly manicured.

Normally, I would have thought nothing of a girls’ freshly manicured fingernails however it was not something I had expected to see on Melinda.

She was not a glamorous girl even though she had her ample feminine shapes in generally the right places – many I imagined would have otherwise thought her quite dowdy and conservative, so seeing her fingernails looking so feminine and fresh was quite a surprise and provided me with some quite erotic thoughts.

I went home that night and started searching through some of my porn photos, specifically some photos of girls with full triangles of dark pubic hair between their legs. I wanted to find some nice photos of those girls with their legs spread wide apart and their manicured and painted fingernails on display as they reached down in amongst their pubic hair and peeled their pink fanny lips apart for the camera.

In some of these porn shoots, it was obvious the girls had their fingernails painted to be the same colour as their pretty vaginas -in others, not.

The thought of Melinda placing her own fingers down in amongst her pubic hair and pulling apart her (maybe) thick labia minora was something I masturbated over several times – just the thought of what Melinda’s vagina might actually look like in the first place combined with the thought of her feminine manicured fingernails reaching down between her legs and interacting with her fanny.

These erotic thoughts persisted and the next few times I worked with Melinda provided some nice opportunities to observe her and create some more imaginings about her.

The next posture I observed was simply of Melinda standing with her right hand on her right hip/buttock. It was an innocent enough image however and I did not have any problem at all imagining Melinda from this bent over, holding her buttocks apart as I entered her doggy style from behind.

Despite her straight-laced projection, I flirted quite regularly with Melinda as I worked with her and somewhat to my surprise, she always responded very positively, chatting away regularly and laughing along heartily to my silly jokes and general banter.

I suspected that not many men would have succeeded on this front as she never really seemed the type and more to the point, may not have had too many men flirting with her in the first place.

All this of course, I saw completely to my advantage.

The fact that Melinda, in all likelihood had never had a boyfriend and that I was the one that was giving her attention gave me the feel that there was probably a deal of pent up, secret sexual energy in Melinda that she would have been happy to release given the right situation.

I couldn’t be sure on ANY of this but they were certainly things that crossed my mind as I conjured my masturbatory ideal of Melinda in my head.

My final image of Melinda before what was to happen next, was of her squatting one day at work as she emptied a box on the floor.

I masturbated deeply at home later on that night as I imagined Melinda’s pink, hairy womanhood opening naturally inside her underpants which I hoped had a white cotton crotch panel. Her vagina lips would split apart as she squatted, providing direct contact between her bright pink vaginal opening and the inside of her white cotton sınırsız escort underpants, dirtying them naturally with some smears of her dirty vaginal discharge and fishy odour.

What was to happen next was well beyond what I could have hoped for.

Having been checking every so often with Melinda as to how her computer was going, I was always hoping of course that the damn thing would break and she would need me straight around there to fix the problem, once again.

So it was somewhat beyond my wildest dreams when I arrived at work one morning to find an email from Melinda in my inbox that was worded as follows:

Hi there.

Just a quick email to let you know my computer completely died last night. I’m pretty upset as all my college assignments are on there as well as other stuff as you can imagine.

I don’t want to bother you but thought you’d want to know. I’m not sure what’s best to do right now.


My heart started racing every bit as hard as it had done the evening I had discovered Melinda’s dirty knickers in her bathroom hamper.

This was the opening I had been hoping for and I had great anticipation that it would lead me back into Melinda’s bathroom at the very least.

I responded in kind to Melinda’s email as follows:

Hi Melinda,

Sorry to hear about your computer. Probably best not to panic at this stage, as all may not be lost.

I’d be happy to come by again and have a look if you’d like. Can’t promise anything but I might as well try.

Beyond that, someone may have to charge you to format the hard drive so I guess it’s gonna help if you’ve backed everything up.


I was quite happy at how sincerely my response came across, although to be fair I had actually managed to fix her computer the last time and I was semi-confident of being able to support my previous efforts.

And of course, the chances of being so richly rewarded for my labours in the form of Melinda’s soiled panties were high enough that such semi-confidence was not in the least bit difficult to muster.

That evening was a good one as my mind spent most of it between Melinda’s thick, soft, milky white thighs.

My fantasy portal opened into a world of Melinda’s large, milky-white breasts and large nipples, her pubic hair covered vagina (I also referred to it at different waves of my fantasy as her cunt and pussy…); her stinky, discharge-stained white cotton panties; her pungent, fishy vaginal odour and the smell of her sweaty, soiled and swollen anus; I constantly imagined her sitting on the toilet – peeing, pooing, wiping and changing her tampons/pads throughout the day.

My fantasies subsequently overtook me the following day as the anticipation of paying Melinda another visit after work that evening loomed.

I excused myself a couple of times throughout the day for a visit to the restroom, although I was mindful of saving things up for what was possibly going to eventuate that evening.

Of course I saw Melinda at work during the day and tried to keep things as platonic as possible, merely confirming that I would drop by after work at around 6pm.

Eventually work finished for the day when somehow that day I never thought it would.

My anticipation was now such that I could have been completely opening myself up to some kind of huge disappointment as often happens when one builds something up in the mind to the point where it may become unlikely to ever occur.

As I drove towards my rendezvous with Melinda, all I could conjure was the basic smutty vision of Melinda’s white cotton undies rubbing constantly against her vagina, pubic hair and anus, getting nice and soiled and smelly between her legs all day long. My cock responded in kind as I drove along although I clearly could not turn up at Melinda’s door at this point with a huge bulge in my pants, as much as the idea appealed to me.

Back in reality on arrival, Melinda invited me in and thanked me for coming by.

One of the first things that I noticed also that Melinda was well into cooking dinner when I arrived, which resulted in me scrambling my thoughts as to what opportunities might present and when.

Clearly Melinda was not going to go out for any good reason as she had done last time.

I was going to have to take my chances in her bathroom during a rest stop at some point during the evening and outside of this, just go with whatever may transpire.

First things first and I needed to attend to the broken machinery – this, the main reason for me being there in the first instance, especially if my ulterior motives were to have any hope of materialising.

I also figured I could drag this out almost as long as I wanted – if I could clearly see the computer’s problems were beyond salvation, I surely could tinker around for as long as it took for Melinda to offer me to stay for dinner.

Or else, if I felt I could extend my stay by generating a surge of optimism both in myself and şırnak escort the computer’s owner then I would go for this equally.

My initial prognosis was not positive. There was every chance that Melinda’s hard drive had seized entirely and she most likely would lose everything stored on it as a result.

It certainly seemed as though the issues were not related to the battery or power supply and beyond this it may well be a retrieval job, which was beyond my facility.

I persisted regardless, even though I dreamed of miraculously conjuring a miracle and Melinda would soon enough give me unrestricted access to her white cotton underpants and the dirty contents within.

In the meantime, I was bursting with anticipation on the somewhat “lesser” issue of granting myself access to Melinda’s bathroom (albeit for just a few minutes) and the much more realistic prospect of gaining access to Melinda’s dirty laundry hamper.

Memories of the filthy delights I had found in there previously had stayed with me vividly and the possibility of savouring them yet again was mandatory, as I saw it.

I decided to wait no longer and head straight for a “bathroom break”.

Sticking my head quickly behind Melinda’s bathroom door, I was delighted to see her laundry hamper just where it had been on my visit several weeks earlier.

I entered the bathroom and shut the door behind me, flicking the toilet seat up for effect and then going directly for the wicker hamper.

Lifting the lid revealed the basket to only be about one-third full but after a quick rifle, I plucked out exactly what I was after – a pair of Melinda’s size 12, frilly, dirty, off-white underpants, once again stained deeply with her magnificent yellowish-brown vaginal discharge across the larger part of the cotton crotch panel.

My heart raced and my breathing intensified as it always did when discovering a woman’s dirty, private and feminine secrets.

Melinda’s dirty undies were staring right up at me now and I once again relished inspecting the detail of her discharge stains.

I compulsively brought the soiled crotch panel straight to my nose and inhaled – Melinda’s odour was as rich and disgusting as I had remembered it – a foul cocktail of her sweat and a genuine feminine fishiness which I had really noticed on my last private incursion into the world of her dirty underwear.

In my extended fantasies involving Melinda, I had perhaps dreamed of finding a nice, curly brown pubic hair inside a pair of her dirty knickers but it was sadly not to be with this pair.

With minimal time to indulge myself, I quickly rummaged for another pair to possibly satisfy my immediate curiosity and to my delight located another pair towards the bottom of the hamper – this pair were brown and cotton in the full-bottomed style and also wonderfully stained across the crotch panel, but alas no pubic hair for my enjoyment!

Carefully placing the illicit items back from whence they had come, I flushed the toilet and returned to the real world.

If I got nothing else from being there that evening I reasoned, I had at least got another peak into the dirty gusset of Melinda’s undies.

And how dirty they were!

Now back into reality, I was at the point where I had to make a decision about Melinda’s computer for both our sakes.

Sadly, I was 98% confident that the problem was beyond my realm and this is what I then told her. She was very accepting and thanked me profusely for coming by.

As I had so sincerely hoped, Melinda then invited me to stay for some dinner which I gladly agreed to.

She had cooked up some chicken filo rolls with vegetables and it so happened that I had a bottle of wine in the car, which I went out and retrieved.

Melinda told me she didn’t drink much wine but I gently encouraged her to try some as it was a very nice Verdelho.

With a good meal and some tasty wine, our conversation flowed very freely over dinner which I think surprised both of us.

We successfully chatted our way through dinner and then dessert which was nothing more than a bowl of chocolate ice cream, but enabled me to stay all the while and hopefully move towards the holy grail.

My cock had meanwhile been most active beneath the table for the entire evening as I interspersed our conversation some dirty flash fantasies of what was likely on the inside of her underpants as we sat there eating, drinking and talking. The possibilities were exciting me to say the least.

I continued to exercise the utmost restraint all the while, whilst briefly contemplating my options as the evening slowly moved towards some kind of inevitable conclusion.

Overall, I got the feeling throughout the evening that I was giving Melinda more attention at this moment than she had possibly ever been used to. Although she had only had a couple of glasses of wine, Melinda was more as relaxed as ever I had seen her to the point of being almost amorous towards me.

With dinner and dessert (and the taksim escort full bottle of wine!) all done, I offered to help wash up which Melinda refused, at which point I decided that it was probably appropriate to make motions to leave as it was a weeknight and we both had work the next day.

As I went to leave, we both continued to thank each other, me for the dinner and her for my attendance.

We were clearly both stalling for the moment that I think we both wanted but neither of us were in any way sure about how to make happen.

However it happened is now probably irrelevant but somehow in a matter of seconds before I turned and left, our lips were locked in a lengthy and passionate kiss.

I immediately noticed that her breath was a little on the tangy side – exactly how I imagined the inside of her knickers to be.

My hands moved down to her hips regardless and rested there as we continued to mouth each other and slowly began to explore each other’s tongues.

Several minutes of this persisted until we both paused in a glowing uncertainty.

“Where to next?” I wondered, before Melinda quietly offered up some important yet highly exciting information.

“I’ve never really been with anyone before”, she admitted to me.

“That’s OK. I don’t mind at all”, was all I could come up with.

I could feel Melinda relax immediately at this as I embraced her in a nice hug and just as quietly accepted her offer.

I then grabbed her hand and asked her to point me in the right direction, as we soon reached her bedroom and then mutually ramped up the activity.

Immediately I began unbuttoning her shirt, which she completely allowed me to do.

Underneath her large breasts were cupped in an off-white, lacy bra which was fully revealed as I pulled her shirt back.

We continued to kiss as I began to rub her breasts through her bra to which she happily offered no resistance.

I then slowly removed her bra straps from her shoulders and then assisted the garment from her breasts as they flopped on her chest in front of me.

They were indeed as big and milky and floppy as I had imagined, with large brown nipples and areolae that I could not help but begin to fondle.

Melinda looked down and closed her eyes as I began to gently knead her boobs and nipples, which began to rapidly erect in my very fingers.

I then took the opportunity of bending down towards her chest and began sucking and licking around her areolae and now erect nipples, one breast at a time.

There was a rather nice salty flavour and gentle sweaty odour around her breasts and particularly underneath them, which I began to explore thoroughly with my tongue.

My tongue swirled around and around Melinda’s sensitive nipples as I periodically sucked hard on them as they now swelled to maximum erection in my mouth.

The texture of her areolae also felt good in my mouth and Melinda was now moaning ever so quietly as I stimulated her beautiful big boobs with my hands, mouth and tongue.

I so wanted to start moving downwards, ever so gradually towards what I hoped was the hairy treasure chest between her legs.

After 10 minutes or so of working on her breasts, I began to inch away in the direction of her belly hole, which I spent a minute or two circling.

With her work pants still on, I thought it may be appropriate to pause rather than just pushing on and possibly having her stop me.

“Would you like me to go further? I asked.

“Hmm. Maybe just a little bit,” she replied very hesitantly.

Having seen the condition of her soiled undies in the laundry hamper earlier in the evening, I figured that she was probably quite self-conscious about herself down there, given there was every chance that her current undies were in a similar state.

“OK.” I responded, sensing her reservation. “Is it that time of the month?” I put to her, thinking it was a fair enough question to ask in the circumstances. “I don’t mind if it is…”

“No it’s not that,” she responded.

There were several more moments of extended pause after this as I thought about where I could possibly go next with this, all the while knowing what the issue probably was.

“Is everything OK??” I asked, thinking this may help.

“Hmm. Yes…,” she clearly was not entirely comfortable.

“If it’s secret women’s business, I totally understand.” I fudged, although I felt I really did.

“Do you really??” Melinda asked almost suspiciously.

“Well, you don’t have to be embarrassed about anything is what I’m trying to say,” I honestly announced.

I was so hoping I was going to get access to the inside of her pants at this point that accepting “no” for an answer was going to kind of kill the moment, although given the sensitivity of the situation, I could fully predict that Melinda was not going to easily allow me to see inside what were probably her heavily stained underpants and in turn, her most private and feminine of body parts.

“Are you sure?” Melinda was now at her most vulnerable in wanting to trust me.

“I’d love to give you pleasure down there if you’d like me to. There’s nothing to be worried about. I want to see you in your natural state if you’ll let me,” I added now in a state of semi-pleading.

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