Melissa Ch. 02


Melissa and Sir approached Sophia. He bent down and kissed his spot, her soft neck, just below her ear. “I love you my Sophia,” the words resonated in her body and she knew he was hers. No matter what happened, he will always be hers. Sir cuffed her hands behind her back, kissed her sodden lips and then stood in front of Sophia. She looked up and saw them looking at each other with lust in their eyes. Sir placed the collar around Sophia’s neck and directed Melissa, “grab my cock, let Sophia watch you stroke me.”

His hard on was visible down his leg and she wrapped her hand around his dick. Sophia watched as she pleased him with her touch, just like she does for him. It was the last image she would have for some time; Sir placed the blind fold over her eyes and the room went black. She could hear them and knew he was touching her and she liked it. Sophia was wet and his pussy was on fire.

“Bend over and kiss her; I want you to describe to Sophia what I am doing to you and how I’m making you feel.” Melissa pressed her soft lips against Sophia’s neck and kissed her. She opened her mouth and let her warm tongue glide over her skin. She could tell Melissa was aroused because her breathing was elevated.

The first thing Melissa said made the pleasure sensors in her spike; Sir knew exactly what buttons to push. “Miss Sophia, Your Sir told me how much he loves you. Thank you for sharing him with me.” Melissa’s voice was soothing and gave her the reinforcement she craved.

“He just flipped my skirt up onto my back. My ass is exposed and he is rubbing it. My god, his hands feel good on me.” She kissed her again, deftly; a woman’s kiss is so delicate.

“I want you to massage Sophia’s breasts while I play with you, but don’t touch her nipples.” She felt Melissa’s hand cup her; “If she behaves, I might let you kiss them.” Her nipples were erect and were ready for her mouth; too soon. gebze escort “Kiss her ear; let her feel your lips on the outside; that will drive her crazy.”

She felt her warm breath on her ear. “He is running his hands lightly up and down my thighs. Damn, I’m so wet right now. His fingers are massaging the sides of my pussy but he is not touching it.” Melissa’s tongue touched the edge of her ear and she pulled her head away.

“DON’T MOVE AWAY FROM HER SOPHIA!” Sir barked and it went straight through her. She felt how intense he was and it was very clear what he expected. He was going to edge her tonight and when he finally let cum, it would be on his terms. “Spread you legs for me Melissa.”

“He is rubbing my pussy lips, massaging them. His fingers are stroking them up and down. I know he can feel how wet I am and it feels like I’m dripping. Oh my, he just slipped two fingers in me. He found my G spot; damn that feels good.” Melissa’s hands were busy massaging her tits and she deliberately avoided her nipples as directed. He pulled his fingers out and brought them to Sophia’s mouth; she tasted her again. Warm and silken, it was splendid.

Sir unzipped his pants, pulled his cock out and stepped close to Melissa’s ass. “His hand is on my bum and I can feel the head of his cock parting my pussy lips; oh holy, it’s fat. He is rubbing the head up and down and teasing my clit. I want him to fuck me; I want to feel that fat cock in me.” Sophia knew what this felt like; his hard dick pressing against her opening. She knew what it felt like when he slid inside her and filled his pussy. He would tease her opening, slip the head tip in and let her start to open for him.

“When I push my cock in you Melissa, I want you to mirror that with your tongue. Let her feel your tongue slide in her ear each time I enter you. If I push in slow, göztepe escort you push in slow. If I slam it in hard, you do the same.” Sophia felt her heart race; her chest was heaving with the thought of Melissa’s tongue fucking her ear. The tip of her tongue was running up and down the outside and then she stopped. She felt the tip of her tongue at her opening, making small circles and she knew Sir was doing this to her pussy.

“He is pushing the tip in, pulling it out and circling the opening. I can feel…oh fuck…” Melissa grabbed her head and drove her tongue deep into Sophia’s ear, hard and fast. She pulled it out and pushed it in again. Sir was in her, she could not see it but she felt it. Sophia pulled her head away and heard Melissa; “noooooo…”

Sir stepped from behind Melissa and in an instant, had Sophia’s nipples between his fingers. She felt him pull them taut. “Do not move away from her. I don’t want to see you do that again Sophia.”

She felt the electricity run through her as Sir tweaked her nipples. He knew just how much to pull and squeeze. “Yes Sir, I understand.”

Melissa kissed her. “His cock is so hard and it felt good. He’s behind me again; please don’t move away, I want him to stay inside of me. His hands are on the front of my hips; he just pushed his cock in me again. He is holding my hips, pulling me back to meet his thrusts. I can feel how thick he is and it’s so hard. I think I can cum if he keeps doing this.”

“Put your hand between her legs and slide two fingers inside her. Fuck my pussy with your fingers like I’m doing to you. Make her feel how I’m fucking you.” Melissa slipped her fingers inside and she was so wet. With every thrust he did, Melissa’s fingers worked his pussy.

“He is holding his cock, massaging my pussy and rubbing my clit as he enters me. He is going halkalı escort to make me cum; I am so close right now. Oh my, he is deep inside me; I can feel him pull completely out and them all the way back in.

Sophia was ready; “May I cum sir, please?” Listening to Melissa’s description of what he is doing and how it feels was so pushing here to the edge. Melissa’s fingers were working her clit and penetrating her so perfect, it got here there fast.

“No you may not. Take your fingers out of my pussy Melissa.” She did as instructed. “Position five please, Sophia.” I an instant she was at the side of the bed, bent over at the waist and her chest on the bed. “Melissa, please stand next to Sophia in the same position.” She felt her move next to her; their hips touching side by side. “I want you to count for her and let her know what I am doing. Kiss her every time she gets spanked, please.” Sir slipped his cock in Melissa; deep and hard. Sophia could feel every thrust, every penetration he made.

“Oh god, he’s deep in me again, all the way in. He is pushing in hard, pulling out and back in hard. I…uh…uh…uh…he…is…fuck.” Smack, Sir brought his hand down against Sophia’s ass. “One,” she kissed her; “two”, another kiss. Sir delivered a dozen spanks and Melissa counted every one and kissed her softly each time. They were face to face while Melissa took him. Sophia could feel her body lurch forward every time he plunged into her.

Sir stopped fucking Melissa and took the cuffs off Sophia and directed her; “Sophia, position one with you back against the bed please.” She sat at the bedside and waited. “Melissa, put your feet on either side of her hips and lower you pussy to her mouth.” Still blindfolded, Sophia felt her warm wet pussy on her face. “Wrap your arms around her, grab her ass and pull her into you Sophia. I want you to lick her clit while I fuck her from behind.”

With her hands grasping Melissa’s ass, she pulled her tight against her face. Her mouth covered her clit and she attacked it with her tongue. Sir’s cock slid back into Melissa’s pussy and it didn’t talk long. Sophia felt Sir pumping his cock into Melissa. She heard Melissa speak, “Sophia, oh god, Sophia, I’m cuming. I’m…cuming…please…”

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