Melissa , Tommy


Note: Thanks “Melissa” for the inspiration to write this story. I would like to thank LadyCibelle for the editing help.

“Arghhhh!” I yelled inside myself. My boss Robert had called me in to tell me about an emergency service call I had to take. It’s already 3:45 and by the time I get to the law office it will probably be 4:30. It was going to be a late night, I could tell.

“Their software is acting up again, and you are the most familiar with it” He said. I had done some work on the computers there but not that much. I was familiar with the software though and knew how to talk to the support people. “Melissa said she talked to the software company and that they would be available for you to call when you get there.” “They think it is pretty easy to fix, but Melissa doesn’t quite understand what they want her to do, but they have lots of work to do in the morning and she wants it done by then.”

Melissa! That’s the one benefit of going to the law office tonight. The first time I went to her office and was introduced to her, I had to excuse myself and ask her to repeat the problem she was having. Yeah, I was lost in the blue of her eyes, but she stood taller than my 5’10” with the heels she had on and that put her chest at prime viewing height. I’m not good at real measurements but she had well more than a handful. Her blonde hair came just below her shoulders.

Now Melissa and I got along great and every time I went her office she always smiled and had a look that sucked me right in. I did not really flirt in the true sense as she was a customer and I try to be professional with customers. But there was something there between us. The vibrations I got from her oozed sexuality.

“Oh, well” I said to myself. I hope she is wearing something hot today, so I can have some new memories to jerk off to tonight. As I drove to her office I thought about the things I would do to her if I ever got the chance. Kissing, sucking on those tits, licking her pussy, playing with her ass was checked off the list in my mind. I could feel myself start to get hard and changed the channel on the radio from music to the traffic report and news to take my mind off thinking about her.

I got to her office faster than I thought and was shown to the computer room. Melissa was busy so a secretary showed up a few minutes later and gave me the notes she had from the software support tech. I called tech support and they told me how to solve the particular problem the software was having. I tried the solution on the first document and it worked fine. Only a 100 or so more to fix!

I went into Melissa’s office to tell her things should be fine in a little while. Wow! Did she look hot today! Not the ripped jeans & sweatshirt with no makeup she sometimes wears when fishing through files all day. No, today it was a skirt with a pretty blouse. Her hair was framed around her face and her eyes hit me again.

“Eh, Melissa,” I stammered for a moment, “There should be no problem fixing the software, but it will probably be about an hour.”

“Thanks Tommy, I’ll let everyone know that they should go home and be ready to get back to work in the morning” she said.

I went back to the computer room and started in on all the files. It went pretty quick once I got in the swing of things. I heard people leaving and saying goodnight. A cute, petite brunette came in a few minutes later and introduced herself as Tracy, Melissa’s assistant.

“How’s it going? Melissa asked me to come find out” she asked.

“Just fine” I replied, trying to concentrate on my work. “It should be about another 15 minutes”.

“Thanks” Tracy called out as she left to tell Melissa. I heard her say goodnight about 10 minutes later and then only the radio in the break room was making noise other than the keyboard I was typing on.

As I finished I stood up and stretched out. The desk they had in this room sucked. It was at the wrong height and my back felt tight. I was bending left and right trying to loosen up, when I saw Melissa come into the room.

“All done?” she said with a look of hope.

“Yes it is and all the documents look like they should be fine” I replied. “If you have a problem with anything tomorrow, I can easily talk you through fixing it on the phone”

She looked happy as all get out. “Does your back hurt? I saw you stretching it out”

“A little, I would have to get a different desk if I was working here all the time”

“Let me rub it for you” she said “I’ll make it feel better”

My mind started running away into fantasy land at that point. “Sure, if you want to, but it will be OK in a couple of minutes”

“Let’s go into my office, I have a couch you can sit on while I rub your back. I have to sit down, these heels are killing me.” She leads me down the hallway to her office after turning off the lights in the computer room. “Sit down and relax while I take care of you”

I can’t believe it!! Melissa wants to rub my back. I trembled at the prospect of her hands touching me. gebze escort

“Are you cold?” she asked as her hand touched my back.” It feels like your shivering”

“Ah, no not really” I wanted to tell her I was excited by being so close to her but instead said, “well maybe a little” I stopped trembling after she worked on my back for a couple of minutes. “Would you like for me to rub your feet since you made me feel better with the back rub”

“Really?” she breathed, “you would do that for me?”

“Of course”, “I love would love to”

She spun me around on the couch, kicked her shoes off and plopped her feet right on my lap. As I was rubbing her feet, we talked about ourselves a little bit. I learned that she was a divorced mom with a couple of kids. I told her that I had been married but was single now. It turns out that her kids were at their fathers for the night. As we sat there, her skirt was riding up and I could probably see more of her than she realized. I was trying to keep from getting hard, but it wasn’t working. She must be able to feel my cock in my pants by now! I could feel the foot I was not rubbing at the moment rub up against me.

Melissa jumped up with “Thank you for the foot rub, they feel great now! Would you like a glass of wine?” she asked. “Sure” I replied. I did not have anything else to do that night but go home and watch something on TV, and the opportunity to spend time with her was much more exciting.

I followed her into the break room and got some glasses out of the cabinet, while she got the wine from the fridge. I took it from her, opened it, and poured it into both glasses. “To a successful service call” I jokingly toasted.

She giggled and toasted right back “To a wonderful foot massager, thank you” With that she leaned towards me and kissed my cheek.

“You’re very welcome” and I kissed her on the cheek also. We returned to her office and talked and drank for a few more minutes. She mentioned that her assistant, Tracy had been a big help lately. It turns out they talk quite a bit about things. They talk about men, sex and anything else that came up. Melissa told me that she admitted to Tracy earlier, that she thought I was cute and hoped she could get to know me better sometime maybe even tonight. That’s why she sent everyone home earlier.

“Do you think I’m sexy?” Melissa asked. “I see you looking at me every time you come here”

I thought about my job for a fraction of a second “Yah! I try not to show it because your company is our customer, but I guess it is hard to hide it.”

“You didn’t try to hide how hard it was a few minutes ago, now did you?” she smiled with that twinkle in her eyes again.

I took the hint and put my glass down and pulled her towards me. I kissed her lightly on the lips and felt her lips part slightly and her tongue against my lips. My lips parted and we kissed deeply. I could taste the wine we were drinking on her lips and we kissed even more forcefully. My arms were around her back holding her tightly. On a shorter woman they would have been on her back but on Melissa they rested on the top of her ass. My wandering fingers worked their way down to rub the cheeks of her butt as we continued kissing.

Melissa hands were on my back and were following my lead. I could feel her tits pressing against my chest and I could only hope I would get a chance to play with them tonight.

“Let’s sit back down” Melissa said in my ear.

We almost fell onto the couch as we were still kissing. I could not control myself much more so I started playing with her nipples through her blouse. She must be turned on, I thought to myself. I could feel how hard they were getting, just begging for more attention. I unbuttoned the top button with one hand and waited to see if I was going to be stopped. When I felt her hand on my chest, playing with the buttons on my shirt, I took it as a good sign. I continued opening her blouse the rest of the way, and found a lacy bra underneath. It was thin and almost see-through, so her nipples were clearly visible and pushing through. I stopped kissing her and looked into her eyes for acceptance and saw a slight nod of go ahead.

I bent my head down and kissed each of her breasts lightly. My lips closed around her left nipple and sucked it through the fabric of her bra. The combined taste of her perfume and sweat from the days work only turned me on more. My hand was playing with her other nipple, squeezing and rolling it between my fingers. I pulled Melissa up from the back of the couch so I could reach around and unclasp her bra. One handed bra removal practice pays off again. Her tits came into view as the fabric fell away. They were more than I had ever dreamed about in all the times I imagined them. My lips fell on her and kissed all over. I sucked on both nips at the same time by pushing her tits together with my hands. My teeth were nibbling on them as I sucked them. Melissa breathing was getting heavier as I continued.

I felt her göztepe escort hands pushing me away and I looked up at her face as I backed away. It was flushed and her blue eyes had a wild look to them. I was pushed back on the couch and she knelt on the floor in front of me. Melissa was licking her lips as she rubbed my cock through the front of pants. She unbuckled my belt, unclasped and unzipped me. She pulled my pants and boxers down to my ankles. Her hand caressed my hardness, examining it and stoking it. Her fingers felt so hot as they grasped my cock tighter.

A little moisture escaped from the tip and her mouth bent down. Her lips parted and the tongue licked the pre-cum from the tip. I jumped at the contact. I watched as she licked all around the head of my cock, then down one side and back up the other. She leaned down and kissed my shaved balls. “Umm, nice and smooth” I heard her purr.

She was stroking me as she sucked on my sack. I could feel the pressure building. My eyes closed with the pleasure I felt from her ministrations. All of a sudden I felt the heat of her mouth on me as she slowly took my cock between her lips. I sucked my breath in it felt so incredible. Her tongue was working around the underside as her mouth continued to work its way up and down on me. It has been a long time since I’ve had my cock in a mouth this HOT!

I could only stand so much of this before I had to pull her face up to mine and kiss her again. “Enough!! I am going to blow a gasket any second if you keep this up”

“I know!” she said with a glimmer in her eyes. She bent back down and sucked my cock deep into her mouth again. Deeper than before and sucked like she was trying to suck an extra thick shake through a coffee stirrer.

I was watching her as I held her head in my hands. I wanted to pull her off before she got me too far gone to stop. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a movement at the door. It was open just a crack, but I could notice a little motion through it. Someone was watching! I was sure if I should tell Melissa or not, but it made me a little hotter thinking someone was there.

Regretfully, I pulled Melissa off me, pulled her up onto the couch and removed my pants all the way. “My turn, Sexy”

I kissed Melissa again, thinking I could get used to kissing her. I pushed her skirt up until I could see her thong. It matched the bra I removed earlier. My hands pushed her legs apart and my lips started kissing the inside of her thighs. I pulled aside the thong with my fingers and found a shaved mound there. I love to eat shaved pussy. It is so smooth and no hair to work around. My fingers caressed the lips of her pussy as I kissed up her legs. I could smell how turned on she was and could feel the wetness seeping out of her.

I pulled the thong off her legs and leaned down, putting her legs over my shoulders and I tenderly kissed Melissa’s pussy. My lips could feel how wet she was. I licked up through her middle and collected the dew of her heat. It tasted as hot as it felt. I could do this for hours.

“Oh Tommy! I love your tongue in my cunt. Keep licking me, please!”

I felt her hands on my head, holding it in place. I stuck my tongue between her lips as far as it would go and lapped at her insides. My fingers worked their way down under her ass and started playing with the puckered star that was there. The wetness that was sliding down her crack made it slippery and smooth. I pulled her clitoris between my lips and sucked on it. I was trying to give it the attention Melissa gave to my cock. My tongue flicked it as my lips sucked it. “Oh My God, Tommeeee, fuck that feels so good, keep sucking it. Oh baby!!”

I pulled my fingers from playing with her ass and pushed them up inside her. She was humping her crotch hard against my hand and face. I wanted to make her cum so hard. I went back to pushing my tongue back into her pussy and took my soaked finger and again played with her ass. I slowly pushed the tip of my finger up into the tight hole of her ass. I could feel her push her ass against my finger and try to draw it in. I pulled it back out and with a little more pressure pushed it further back in.

I had forgotten about our company at the door, but hoped whoever it was, was enjoying a good show. I wanted to see who it was but with Melissa moaning and my head trapped by her thighs, it couldn’t get free at the moment.

Melissa was groaning up a storm as I pushed another finger in her ass with the first and renewed giving her clit a working over with my lips and tongue. A constant stream of “Fuck, fuck, fuck me Tommy” was coming from her mouth.

With my 2 fingers plunging deep in her ass, and my tongue deep in her cunt I heard “Tommy, make me cum! Keep fucking my ass, Tommy” Finally she pushed against my face and “I’m cumming! Baby”

I felt her ass clench my fingers and my tongue felt the wetness from her orgasm. She collapsed back onto the couch and lay there, chest heaving trying to catch her breath.

I halkalı escort lay back against the couch, my head leaning on Melissa’s leg. My eyes searched the opening at the door for a glimpse of whoever was out there. I saw a movement and winked at the door. It was Tracy, Melissa’s assistant! I put my fingers to my lips with a Shhhh motion. She must have come back for something.

I turned to Melissa and kissed her again. Her tongue licked around my lips and said “I love tasting me on your lips” We kissed for a moment and she reached down to grab my cock. “I want this in me, Baby” She took my shirt off and pulled my pant all the way off. Now naked, I pulled her close, removed the rest of her clothes and hugged her. I felt her hard nipples against my chest and I played with her ass. I could see Tracy through the opening of the door. It looked like her hands were down her pants!

Melissa pushed me down onto the couch and bent over at the waist and sucked my cock into her mouth again. “Just want to get him ready for the ride of his life” she smiled. Tracy must have gotten a full view of Melissa wet and swollen pussy and her ass. After a few licks with her hot mouth, she pulled my legs forward so my ass was almost off the edge and crawled up onto my lap. When her legs were on either side of me, she reached down and gave my cock a couple of strokes, held it up and slowly lowered herself down.

“Jesus, Melissa! Your pussy is so hot and wet” Was all I could exclaim as I was enveloped by first the lips of her pussy and finally the rest of her. She bounced up and down on her knees until I was firmly buried deep inside. “Unfucking believable, Melissa! I have thought about fucking you for so long!”

I pulled her forward until I could get my lips on her tits and nipples. As I sucked her nipples between my lips, I would bite down lightly on them. Melissa was rocking back and forth on my cock, pressing her clit against me at the same time. With her head thrown back and between her grunts she would be saying my name, “Tommy, ugh, fuck me Tommy! Bite my tits Tommy, please!”

I started to push up into her and changed her motion from a rocking to rising up almost off my cock and then drop back down, hard. I had to let go of her tits with my mouth and reach down to hold her ass as she slammed her clit on the base of my cock. “I’m going to make you cum, Tommy. I want you cum with me!.”

“Cum on me, Melissa. I want to feel your cum flow all over my cock” I renewed my efforts with my teeth on her nipples. It seemed to have an amazing effect on her.

“I’m cumming Tommy, Make me cum baby! Please!!” I reached down between us and rubbed her clit. She bucked, threw her head back and gave a deep moan. “Oh fuck, Tommy. Oh my god!!” WOW, she came hard!

Melissa collapsed on my chest and lay there for a moment. “Did you cum, Tommy?”

“Not yet, baby. Soon, I promise” I pulled her up off me and laid her back on the couch. I had to stick my face back into her wetness to get another taste of her cum. I kneeled up between her legs, drawing them up to my shoulders. I reached down and pushed my cock back into her pussy. My hips started pumping into her depths as I held her legs on either side on my face. I licked and kissed her calves. “You like it like this, baby?”

Melissa had a glazed look on her face and didn’t respond to my question. So I gave her butt cheek an easy whack with my hand. “Do you, huh?” Her eyes opened wide at the contact of my hand and she smiled.

As I smacked her other cheek I got a lick of the lips. “I can see you do like it!” Well, I started fucking her fast and deep, with a smack on the ass every few strokes. After a few moments, I slowed down. I pulled my cock all the way out and rubbed her clit with it. I pushed it back in, slowly and all the way til I hit bottom. I fucked Melissa that way for a minute.

“Tommy, Spank my ass and fuck me fast! Please Tommy”

I again fucked her hard and furious with a spank for good measure every few strokes. All of a sudden, I heard someone moaning from outside the office door. Melissa must have heard it too! She looked toward the door, looked back at me and said, “Keep fucking me” She lifted her hand and waved to beckon Tracy into the office.

“Tracy, come in and watch Tommy fuck me!”

I could see Tracy slowly push the door open. Her face was flushed and her pants were undone and pushed down along with her underwear. I could see the moistness between her legs. She walked over to where Melissa was reaching out to her. I continued to fuck Melissa, but slower now, watching to see what was going to happen between the girls. Melissa took Tracy’s hand and sucked on the fingers. “Delicious!” ,”I thought I heard you out there. Did you come back to watch us?”

“Not on purpose, Melissa. But when I came back for some paperwork to do tonight I saw the lights were on in your office. I heard you two going at it and couldn’t help but listen.” Tracy said meekly, waiting to see if she was in trouble.

“Don’t worry, baby” Melissa told Tracy reassuringly. “I don’t mind an audience sometimes” “See, I told you I was going to try to get with Tommy tonight.” Melissa pulled Tracy’s pants down the rest of the way off and reached down and touched Tracy on the leg. “Tommy is fucking me up a storm. You want to try some?”

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