Subject: Memories 1 (incest) Memories 1 ©ail DISCLAIMER: This is a fantasy depicting sexual acts involving male teens. The story is intended for adult readers and not minors. IF YOU ARE NOT OF LEGAL AGE TO BE READING THIS STORY OR IF YOU FIND SUCH MATERIAL OFFENSIVE, PLEASE LEAVE. All characters are fictional and in no way related to any person or persons living or deceased. In no way is this intended to advocate for sex with minors its just my fantasy about growing up. _______________ Incest? Is that a dirty word? In my case it reopened memories from the past and created a new world of relationships with my son and even some of his friends. 3 years ago Todd had turned 10, my marriage was as good as ever and maybe getting better all of the time. Sorry, I am Tom and my wife was Brianne. I say `was’ because she and some old girlfriends took a weekend trip to reconnect and they ended up swimming in an old quarry joyfully jumping off the high cliffs into what they believed was deep water. Brianne and another gal somehow hit a stone outcropping under the surface and and while the other girls was hospitalized a few weeks, my wife succumbed to the injuries. It had been a real adjustment for both myself and Todd. He is 13 now and I had noticed some behaviors that concerned me a bit but I attributed them to missing his mom. Me not being able to toss out all of her clothes was one of my hangups. Most of the stuff I donated but her lingerie like bras, panties and skimpy nightgowns I kept in the drawers where they had always been as a reminder. I needed that touch of femininity close to me to remain sane. Yes, maybe I would keep something under the pillow at night when I was feeling lonely. Maybe Todd had similar feelings as I had noticed some of her `things’ had been moved around in the drawers every now and then. Even saw the lacy edge of one of her satin camisoles revealing itself under the edge of his bed once. Figured it normal for a young teen missing şişli travesti his mom. He wanted a reminder close as well. Anyway one day I got to leave work at noon and drove home. Parked the car in the garage and grabbed a soda heading to my bedroom. It had been a long time since I took a siesta. Around 4 I awoke to sounds in the house but knowing it was just Todd home from school I ignored them and stayed quietly in bed until the nature of the noises changed. They were louder and I realized coming from my sons bedroom. There was sloppy slurping sounds, gagging noises, mumbled words I could not quite get and a lot of grunting that did not appear to be Todds high pitched voice. Lower, older, I thought sexual, causing me to get up and investigate but in a stealthy way. Peeking into the hall I could see my boys door was not fully closed and the sounds were even louder and kind of hot. Were they watching porn on his computer? I had to check. Getting close to his door I positioned myself for a good view thru the gap but enough hidden by the door frame so as not to be discovered. Holy Shit! Oh my G–! Todd was laying on the bed wearing what i discerned was one of moms lace trimmed camisoles and a pair of nylon panties. His head was propped up on a few pillows and even more stunning was that the 15 year old stud, Robbie, from a few doors south was naked, straddling my sons chest and feeding him his cock. Yes, a rather long thick obviously rock hard prick was against Todd’s lips from which momentarily came his tongue to vigorously swab the plum sized head before most of that big dick disappeared in my son’s mouth. Seeing my boys face smashed into Robbies bag of balls and knowing the other end of that lengthy shaft was certainly into his throat, I almost lost it. This teen was face fucking my son! If i was not so fucking turned on I might had tried to stop it. The older boy slowly extracted the prominent shaft from Todds sucking mouth. Keeping beylikdüzü travesti the head right at his lips he gave it a long hard stroke causing a large puddle of pre cum to appear like the cherry on a sundae. Todd’s tongue swiftly swirled and slurped it away once again pushing his face down the length almost to the base. His lips were busy massaging the shaft. The hunger my boy had for that cock was undeniable. He loved being face fucked. seeing the energy he was putting into sucking Robbies big dick was so erotic. Way better than any porn video online. By this time my own hard cock was out and my hand was pumping the daylights out of it. At one point Robbie released his rigid rod from Todds lips, gripped the base by the balls and used it like a ball bat to slap my cocksucking son a few times on each cheek before cramming it back into the eager suck hole that was agape and waiting. Robbie’s grip on his cock made me aware O just how much bigger that teen cock was than my own. A fist full of cock and another hunk just as lengthy beyond his fingers. Holy crap. What a cock. I could only imagine what that felt like socked away in my sons mouth pussy. It continued and the sounds were as stimulating as the visual. Amidst gagging, gurgling, spit and mucus surging around the shaft, the slurping sexy sounds of cock sucking were accented by mumbled pleasures from my boy. “I love cock! Yummy so fucking good.” The slam fucking of Todds mouth continued with obvious pleasure from both giver and taker. I had to face it that my boy loved sucking cock! My best friend and I in high school had experimented with some sucking a few times. I really like it but we never took it to a conclusion although I wish we had. Soon we both had girlfriends and never continued our horsing around. Maybe I was jealous that Todd was finding such enjoyment in servicing Robbie’s big schlong. Then, abruptly the pistoning into Todds mouth stopped. Probably half of that thick istanbul travesti prick was still embedded when he announced, “I am going to cum, bitch boy. You want all of my teen ball batch of baby batter?” Clearer words never said as Todd responded. “Come in my mouth. Give me that fucking hot load. I need cum!” With that I could almost feel the studs dick swell like it was in my own mouth as my boys lips fought to maintain a tight seal and contain the deluge of sperm that obviously was pulsing up thru and out of Robbie’s giant fire hose cock and into his mouth. My son’s failure was soon visible as long rivulets of pearly white glop drizzled from the corners of his mouth while his loverboy’s strained but distant stare gave away his continuing gushers of gonad gravy feeding Todd’s hunger for cum. After what seemed like a forever frothing of slimey slop around the base of the fat and beautiful dick, Robbie pulled out to allow his sucker to breathe and take down the deluge of discharge filling his face. Following a few good gulps a slurp and a suck Todd raised his head taking the prick in once again to begin the clean up process soon being directed by boner boy. “Get it all cock sucker! Thats it. Lick my cock, base to tip. Use your talented lips to scrape the full length enjoying each gooey smear as you go. Give it a yank and suck the tip to be sure you have it all. A good cocksucker never leaves a ball undrained. Right?” Todd nodded with his mouth still working the tasty wet tool. I stifled my own orgasmic groan while distributing my own geysers of goo onto the wall beside the door. Oh shit, that might leave a streamer of a stain i surmised. In my current state of erotic thoughts, I knelt and proceeded to lap off the entire stringer of evidence. Shit, I was eating my own cum. Was I totally out of my mind for sex or just plain insane. Flushed, high, somewhat worn out and with the after taste of sperm in my mouth I snuck back to my own room not appearing again until almost dinner time when I met Todd in the kitchen. All seemed normal between us so I guess he has not idea what I had seen. More to come? Comments? ail Please consider donating to Nifty. I know that you enjoy it as much as fty/donate.html

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