Waking up was always TreTia’s favorite things to do. Starting a new day, a new adventure, and new experiences just beyond her front door. This morning was like every other morning. The sun shone in through her bedroom window, spilling the golden rays across her lavador spread and white eyelet laced canopy. Stretching and mewing like a newborn kitten, TreTia smiled and looked around her. Proud of her ability to make this English flat a home.

Getting up and walking to the mirror TreTia looks at her figure…smoothing down her long silk red nighty she takes stock in her appearance…. Long blonde hair with red highlights that reach below her small waist, small button nose, eyebrows shaped like angels wings, hazel eyes that border on a brown green, small chin and a cute round face.

Smoothing her hands around her lush and perky breast still up and pointy after 2 children, noticing how they weigh in her hands like soft mounds of feathers…closing her eyes she remembers back, when she first knew it would be him, how he used to touch them to bring her to life. Moaning she squeezes her nipples between her fingers and rolls her head from side to side.

Spraying one hand down her still flat tummy, TreTia starts to go back to her past, that day. Oh yes that day.

Getting ready for work TreTia decides to start her new job with a bang. Looking in her closet she looks for something daring and yet presentable. Seeing her thigh length dark blue skirt and a red silk blouse, she takes them out and lays them on the bed. Going to the shower she turns the taps on to a nice steamy hot spray. Stepping into her shower stall and closing the see through curtain, she picks up her lavender scented soap smoothing it across her breast and tummy, she feels her body awakening.

Moving her hand low to the soft mound of light blonde hair, TreTia reaching between her thighs she slips a finger between her sweet lips feeling her clit and coming alive, she rubs it in small circular motions. Moaning she reaches up with her other hand and squeezes her nipple….

Feeling the building of the her quick fire she leans her forehead against the shower stall and enjoys herself, liking the knowledge that she can bring herself to this edge. Building her orgasm to frenzy she shouts out with a soft cry and releases her juices on her fingers and hands…. Slowly bringing her fingers it to her lips, she taste herself and smiles.

Finishing up in the shower she gets dressed. Putting on stockings, red lacy bra and panties, and her blue spiked heels. Being only 5’4″ TreTia felt she needed the extra height. She slips into her skirt and blouse. Places her hair up in a round bun on top of her head…. Applying her make up and pearl earrings, TreTia grabs her briefcase and keys and heads out the door.

Stepping out of the taxi, TreTia pays the driver and looks up the tall building. Wondering what wonders await her here in this tall metal building with windows everywhere. Walking boldly to the front entrance, she gives her name to the receptionist… Looking very confident in her out fit. TreTia goes to the elevator and goes to the 15th floor.

Knowing haramidere escort that the person she needs to see is in the office down the long hallway and to the left, TreTia goes to the restroom before she goes to the office…. Looking in the mirror she smiles at herself remembering this morning in the shower and getting that feeling again.

Smiling wickedly at herself, she goes in to a stall and takes off her skirt and blouse… folding them she puts them in her briefcase and puts on her long coat. Feeling the soft suede on her skin… she smiles again…. Walks out of the stall and the bathroom….

Going down the hall, TreTia opens the big double doors and walks to the secretary’s desk. Telling the secretary her name she is motioned to the door. *He is expecting you* the secretary announces…. *If you will excuse me I need to go to the post office, Please tell him I will be back in an hour* Smiling the secretary leaves the office. TreTia looks at the door…. Smiles a wicked smile and slowly walks to the door, excitement raiseing through her.

Slowly opening the door TreTia slips in unnoticed. Leaning against the door, she watches him. So handsome. All that dark hair, broad shoulders. Reaching behind her, TreTia locks the door. Hearing the click, the handsome man at the desk looks up. Looks at the woman leaning against the door, taking in her long legs and coat…. Her hair up in a tight bun, her pouty lips. And the sparkle in her eyes.

Leaning back in his chair, the handsome man throws his pen on the desk…. Give the lady a look that could melt ice cubes… *Hello, may I help you? * His voice goes through her like quick sliver landing all warm and sweet in the juncture of her thighs

Moving away from the door, TreTia walks like a dying mans dream of an angel…. Seductively and wanton. *I think it is me who can help you. * Walking towards the huge desk, TreTia unties the belt on her long jacket…. Letting the jacket open slightly…. Her soft neck is exposed to his view…his eyes riveted on the skin. His mind wondering what is under the jacket.

Leaning her hands on the desk, TreTia looks into the green eyes of the handsome man infront of her. Reading his passion deep into his eyes. *I think we have some things to discuss. * She says… His eyes never leaving her eyes. She walks around the desk; he moves his chair around to follow her movements. Standing in front of him, she slowly reaches up and takes her hair down. Watching it spill over her shoulders down her sides to just below her waist, he feels his heart beat pick up the pace and trip over his stomach. He feels his groin tighten. Watching this vision in front of him, he keeps his eyes on her face.

Slowly opening the jacket…. TreTia exposes her milky skin to the handsome man; her hands taking the coat off her shoulders…letting it slide down her arms to fall to the floor. Standing there in her red bra and skimpy red panties, her stocking held up by old-fashioned garters around her tight thighs, her hair shadowing her charms.

His eyes roam her body, taking içerenköy escort in her breast straining to bust from the bra, her tight stomach and small waist showing off her full hips. Her panties covering her womanhood to perfection. Watching as she walks closer and turns his chair so that she is behind him…leaning down to brush her lips across his ear, her hot breath blowing into his sentive ear. Whispering to him. *I am here at the request of an urgent matter that needs to be attended to. *

Closing his eyes, he lets her breath flow through him, feeling it travel down to his groin and feeling his need growing. Moving the chair so he is facing the huge window that is behind the desk. TreTia sits up on the big desk… with her foot she flips the chair around and places her foot between his legs stopping the chair.

Noticing she has his attention…. And that he is breathing hard. TreTia smiles a wicked smile and moves her hands to the back of herself and unclasps the bra…. Letting it slide down her arms.she throws it to the floor. Her breast full, her nipples hard and waiting for his touch.

Reaching down she grabs his gray tie, pulling him up, till he is close to the desk. Using her heels, she opens the top drawers on either side of her and places her feet in them. Looking at this handsome man she has in front of her, TreTia gets a shiver down her spine.

Placing both his hands on either side of this witching woman in front of him, he looks at her face, then slowly down to her ample breast. With one hand he motions her back till she is leaning on her elbows on his desk. Using one finger, he slides it down her chest to her tummy, opening his hands to lay his flat palm on her and rub all around. Moving back up to cup one breast. Feeling the reaction of her nipple in his hand.

Lifting his other hand he places it on this woman’s ankle. Moving up her calf to her knee. Lightly whispering his touch down her thighs, to softly place a light finger touch on the corner of her soft panties and her skin and the feminine folds of her womanhood.

Feeling his touch and his fingers, TreTia gasps and moves her hips down farther till her ass is on the edge of the desk. Looking at this man watching her, her heart races.

Slowly he takes her panties off. Leaning down he kisses her legs from her thigh to her Ankle then back up the other leg as he throws the panties over his shoulder. Sitting on his leather high back chair, he moves it close to the desk. Placing one hand on her tummy he leans down to smell her scent. Breathing on her, watching her body buck a bit to the reaction. Lightly he nuzzles her lips with his nose, darting out his tongue, he hears her gasp, smiling he licks up her folds, lightly teasing her clit. Opening her lips with his fingers, he darts his tongue deep inside her opening. Licking and tasting her, he uses his finger to rub her clit. Hearing her gasp and moan makes him go faster and deeper.

Moving his hand up her tummy to squeeze her nipples, he feels her move and wiggle. Moving her hips in rhythm of his tongue. Hearing innovia escort her moaning and gasping, tasting her justices on his tongue, he can tell she ia about to cum. Standing up he unzips his pants. Lets them fall he rubs his hard cock against her sweet wet folds. Moving it up and down. Looking at her and smiling. He leans down and kisses her. Moving close and shoves his hot, throbbing, hard shaft fastly into her. Smothering her gasp and moan with his lips he starts to move in and out of her slowly, building to a faster rhythm.

TreTia’s mind is spinning. Holding on to the edge of the desk above her, as she is sprawled across the desk her feet in the top drawers, being made love to by a man that is this hot and sexy. She lets go as she feels the rush of her release. Screaming her pleasure into his mouth as he moves faster and harder.

Wanting this wicked woman to feel, as she has never had, He places a finger on to her clit as he pounds her fast and hard. Lifting her leg to lay on his chest, he looks down to see his hard cock plunge in and out of her.

Riding the ride as no other, TreTia pants and moans as her release is yet again taken her to the heights of no return.

Looking down at the woman sprald on his desk, the handsome man takes her hands…. Lifts her up and sits on the chair. Having her get down off the desk, he has her sit backwards and slams her down on his still throbbing cock. Moving her up and down and moaning as she takes him all in… He leans his head back and feels his passion rise for this wicked woman who walked into his office. Feeling her release yet again he whimpers and feels his balls tighten…. Releasing his warm cum into her hot depth, he moans.

Excasted and sated, TreTia leans back on to this handsome mans chest. Feeling good and loving the warmth that floods her.

Slowly getting up, TreTia walks around and picks up her clothes. Putting on her jacket she stuffs the bra and panties in the pockets. Ties the belt, walks around to the front of the desk and leans on it. Looking into the green eyes of the handsome man in the chair she states.

“It was a pleasure doing business with you sir.”

Spinning around on her heels, she heads to the door. As she reaches for the knob she hears him behind her move in his chair.

“Will I see you again sweet lady?” he asks

Looking over her shoulder as she opens the door, TreTia smiles a wicked smile, looks him up and down.

“If you are lucky handsome.”

And with that TreTia walks out of the office and back down to the lobby. Calls a cab and goes to her new job just down the road a ways.

Shaking her head out of her dream state. TreTia realizes she will be late for her appointment. Some memories are so wonderful to go back to. Getting dressed she grabs her purse and heads out the door. Taking a cab, she smiles at the nice memory she just had.

Getting out of the cab she looks up at the building. Smiling she goes in and greets the receptionist. Taking the elevator she heads for the 15th floor. Smiling as she walks down the corridor, TreTia greets the secretary and walks into the office.

Sitting at the big desk in front of the huge windows is the man she has been just remembering all those years ago.

“Hello darling, I have come to take my husband to a nice lunch” TreTia smiles at the handsome man.

“You are a wicked woman sweetheart” states the handsome man…

“So you have told me darling”

Written for love by SWF 8/17/00

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