Subject: Men and BoysOnly Please 5 MEN AND BOYS ONLY PLEASE By Encolpius DISCLAIMER: This is fiction. I wish it were real but it isn’t. Compliments, complaints and comments to ail Please donate to Nifty. I want to continue to help you get off. FIVE I waited for Daniel and Cliff to come in for food in the dining hall. I had on a black jock strap and a shirt that read “I can’t even think straight” as I brought them some fruit salad and yogurt and coffee and OJ for Cliff and the same drinks and a mimosa but a grilled cheese and some fruit for Daniel. Rafi was behind me as I carried both trays. Rafi got some approving looks and a couple of comments from the men scattered around. “Good morning!” I said. “Ass sore?” “A little bit. My dick too” “It was a good birthday then?” “Oh, yeah. Thanks for everything. It was …. the coolest day of my life” I nodded. I was genuinely happy he was happy. And now the pay off of my Cliff plan. I had planned to use Sebastian but Rafi might actually be better. “So, this is my little brother, Rafi. Today is his first day as a cabana boy” I say, pushing him forward gently and toward Cliff. He was naked and holding his hands in front of him. “Let them see your pinto” He had done what I had told him, which was get it hard, at least a little hard, and it was standing up straight when he pulled his hand away. Cliff’s eyes told the tale. He was turned on incredibly by this brown boy, skinny and short and hairless with small but hard dick sticking up jauntily. He reached down and tugged on his own cock. Daniel knew for sure what I was doing but Cliff was too lost in his own lust to notice that he was being played. Well, not played. I was giving him what he wanted most in a way that he would enjoy it the most. Daniel greeted him first and Rafi grinned and said hello and then Cliff did too. I pushed Rafi his way and he climbed up on Cliff’s lap. “It would be real cool if Rafi could hang out with us. For his training” “Absolutely” Cliff said. I pull a bottle of lube out of the waistband of my jock and hold it up. “So, why don’t you eat up and then we can go and get started training Rafi” Daniel was famished and he inhaled his food. Then he started picking at Cliff’s, who was too distracted to eat. I cleared off the trays and took them back and when I got back to the table, Cliff had his hand on Rafi’s junk, rubbing it. I smiled. Perfect. Daniel had his day; Cliff will have his. “So, let’s go” I led them out and past the pool to a path between the office and the front gate, a kind of secret garden, except not too secret. Just around a bend and where you can’t see from the main path, there are two padded benches facing each other. I stripped off my jock and shirt and sat down, Daniel beside me. Cliff and Rafi got on the other. “You need to have başakşehir escort sex with him, Cliff. Me and Daniel will watch. He has to get over shyness about public sex. He’s not a virgin, though, Cliff. ” Cliff was hard. He got hard as soon as I told him that he had to have sex with Rafi, something he desperately wanted to do. Rafi, still hard, climbed up on Cliff’s lap, this time facing him, his small cock pressed up against Cliff’s man cock, and leaned in to kiss him. Rafi’s small, unformed boyish face, mouth open met Cliff’s, with scruff on it, to kiss. He put his hand down on Cliff’s cock and I think I saw the man jump just a bit, a fraction. He began to stroke the boy’s whole body as they kissed. I was suddenly afraid that Cliff might cum too soon but decided if he did, he did. He wouldn’t next time. Daniel was hard, too. I handed him some lube so he could jack off and I was impressed after yesterday that he could get hard so quickly. “I guess you were right” Daniel said. “It can be beautiful. It can be the right thing to happen, a boy and a man, when it’s right” I nodded, glad he understood. His lover had desires and fantasies. Both of them loved the other but they had needs and desires that the other couldn’t fill and they were going to leave here understanding that and, I hope, giving each other permission to be who they are. I was super glad and proud of Daniel for being turned on watching his lover with another boy. Rafi stood on Cliff’s thigh’s, balancing effortlessly. His dick was at face level. Cliff had to angle it down a bit to get in his mouth but he did, his lips making a tight seal on it and he moved back and forth on the limited distance. Basically all he had to do was nod yes and he would transit the whole of Rafi’s dick. He came off and nibbled at his undersized balls. Rafi groaned, the pleasure he felt coming out vocally. “So it feels good?” Daniel asked. “Oh, yeah. Definitely. He won’t cum but he can orgasm over and over again, way better than you can. And he doesn’t really feel lust like we do but, you know, I always liked it and I liked to cuddle a lot too back then.” I let Cliff have some time on Rafi’s dick — and a dick, young or old, being serviced does feel good — before telling Rafi to get down. I had Rafi sit and Cliff stand in front of him so Rafi could blow him. All me and Daniel could see is Cliff’s firm ass but that was cool. “Oh, Jesus fucking Christ, he can suck a dick” Cliff called out. Rafi kept going, doing what he was doing, and Cliff moaned more and more as the excitement built. I figured now that him cumming in his mouth would be cool. But Cliff had other ideas. He pulled out and turned toward me, his hard dick dripping Rafi’s spit. “I want to fuck him” “No” I said. “He hasn’t been fucked much. You’re too horny halkalı escort and you’ll hurt him. Sit down and I’ll show you what you can do” Cliff sat on the bench and I slathered lube on his dick. Then I slathered it on Rafi’s hairless thighs. I picked him up and sat him so that his ass was on Cliff’s crotch facing away, sort of reverse cowboy. Cliff’s dick came up between his thighs. Rafi clinched them together tight. “Fuck him like that” I said Cliff began to buck his hips, moving his dick back and forth between the thighs. “Oh God, Oh God” Cliff called out. “Oh fuck” He was too hot. It was a dream come true. He had one arm around Rafi’s lean torso and another on his genitals as he moved his cock up and down between the thighs. “Move your hand, Cliff. Cum on his dick” I said “Oh God!” Cliff said with a whimper. He grunted and the first spurt hit Rafi dead in the center where his pubic hair will one day be and the next five coated his dick and balls. Daniel jumped up and went over and licked up Cliff’s cum off of Rafi’s body, licking his dick and balls clean and then giving the boy a quick blow job as a bit of an extra. “Well, that was cool” I said “Anybody want to go parasailing?” “I do!” Rafi said, excited. “Yeah” Daniel said. Cliff agreed and Rafi scrambled down and ran down the path, uninhibited and unconcerned about being naked. It had been fun and he was happy with it and since we attach no shame or guilt to sex, even intergenerational, he felt no shame or guilt. Even though Jeffrey gets them young, he only wants gay boys here, the kind of boys that want to have sex with other boys and with men. Rafi may be just 9 but Jeffrey is sure he is gay and he hasn’t been wrong yet. He ran on ahead and had to wait for us at the pool. As we caught up, Cliff stopped me. “Thanks” he said. “I would have hurt him. I was too horny and I would have. I would have hated it later but I would have fucked him too hard.” “You needed to get that first load out. I want you to fuck him today. Cabana boys are more often than not bottom boys and young boys like him have to be. He needs to get fucked. ” “I can handle that” Cliff said with a big grin. “You a bottom?” “I like it all. As long as it involves a dick” The parasailing was fun and Rafi had a blast which made it even better for us. We took the jet skies out and roared around, Rafi sitting in front of Cliff in his. When we got back, Dnaiel and Rafi went to play video games while Cliff and I went to lift. He could bench more than me, dead lift more, squat more. We were forever changing out weights as we spotted one another. “It doesn’t bother you that it’s your brother at all?” “No” I said. “Why should it” “I don’t know. Because he’s 9, I guess. And your little brother. Would you fuck him if I asked?” “Sure” I said. “He’s şirinevler escort fine wth sex. He likes it. Besides, Laurencio initiated me into boy sex. It’s only fair” “You regret it?” I laughed. “Never. I was made for this” :And Rafi?” “Jeffrey says so” I said. “He’s usually pretty spot on about that” “I am going to fuck the boy” Cliff said I just nod. Of course, you will. That’s the point. After we workout, we head over to the video game room and roust out Daniel and Rafi, who are steady playing. Daniel wants to run and so me, him and even Rafi, who outran us the first mile and then pooped out, went. We were all sweaty when we got back and, along with Cliff, we got clean under the outdoor shower. There was a lot of playing and grabbing, including Cliff trying to get Rafi, as the cool water dumped on us. Rafi is a little boy and his sweat is sweet but he was sticky. Cliff soaped up his back and little ass for him. He was hard. I made Daniel a pina colada but he didn’t like it. It was the cocomut he didn’t like. So I made him sex on the beach instead. That was better. We just lounged around the pool with the other guests for a while. I even made Rafi a smaller weaker version. He’s only about 4′ 6″ inches and 65 lbs. He’ll get drunk quick. Sometimes little kids a little bit drunk can be real fun but you have to watch it. As it was, he was being real playful with both Cliff and Daniel. laughing and splashing around. There were a couple of other little kids running around, jumping in the pool and Rafi joined in, trying to splash Cliff and Daniel. Then he got Cliff to hoist him up out of the water and toss him toward the deep end, lifting him and tossing him with his hand on his ass. Cliff was happy to comply and right away the other 3 boys wanted him to do the same thing. Cliff had no problem handling little boys asses. Of course, they don’t know when to stop and it really isn’t safe but I let it go. The kids were having fun and Daniel even tried to help out but wasn’t as strong as Cliff. One of the adult men csmr to the side of the pool to chibe a brown haired thin boy that was begging Cliff for one more throw. “Cody” the man said/ “He might be tired. Well, not tired of holding your asss exactly but tossing you” “Daadd” he ptotested “One last time” Cliff said. Cody shrieked with he sailed through the air. I told Rafi to swim over and kiss that other boy. He grinned and swam over and got in front of Cody and began to make out in the pool. A black haired boy that had been playing got jealous and wanted in and then the last of them did too. I got thm to come to the shallow end and iine up across the enrance steps, sitting outside the water. I got Rafi over there to suck each of them. Well that turned up the heat. Cody’s dad got hard fast watchign Rafi suck off his son. Cliff was hard too. I was too and I was surprised that even Daniel was. The biys thought it was fun and they used their erections as if they were guns. “It’s time” I said to Cliff. As we gathered up. Cody’s dad came up to Cliff and said. “If you’re gonna fuck him

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