Men Are Like Cars


Beautiful Pia an Internet sex star plans a ‘sex free’ holiday and ends up helping a virgin couple discover their sexual partnership and finds herself falling in love with an older man.

First times are always amusing in retrospect. What we find amusing is our inexperience and lack of practical knowledge. At the time it is a serious affair made more hurtful by comparison to more apt and seemingly experienced peers. It is the same for many things we do and learn how to do in life but sex is perhaps the most problematic of these life experience made worse by the absence of any real training. Certainly the practice and lead up to the first time for a virgin can be enhanced by at least one partner knowing what to do or made more amusing by one or more partner acting like they know what to do when they have no idea. Such was the case with Peter.

He had been dating Helen for two months. Helen was 19 and whilst she may have been a shy ‘late developer’ in High school her recent development had seen her move from a modest ‘A’ cup to a generous C almost overnight. Peter’s friends were envious of him the ‘class computer geek ‘plucking up the courage to ask her out and eventually work up to heavy petting in the back seat of his classic Peugeot.

His hand moved boldly towards her firm round breasts to fondle them through her low cut cotton top and lace bra. Helen liked it when he touched her breasts almost as much as she delighted in the attention she received when guys gawked at her. They kissed wetly, panting breathlessly and feeling the warm flushes of sexual tension rise in them both. Peter pinched her left nipple and she felt a tweak of discomfort and then the pleasure of the nipples erect state. She sighed appreciatively. Peter fondled first one then the other nipple and cupped each firm round tit in his hand like a shopper seeking fresh fruit. Tonight he plucked up enough courage to move one hand beneath her skirt to fondle her smooth thigh beneath it.

Helen had been waiting for this. Tonight she would allow him to touch her not push him away as she had the first time he tried. She had explained how she was a virgin and wanted to get to know him better first. After all that was the kind of values she had held since school and she had received with her insubstantial sex education which for all intensive purposes consisted of a few uncomfortable Catholic Family planning videos at school, an embarrassed explanation about menstruation from her mother and her fathers penchant for continuing to treat her like his little girl until he noticed how large her breasts were getting and the change of underwear style from pooh bear cutesy to G-strings and lace underwire bras.

Peter on the other hand being ‘ a man of the world’ was a ‘mature’ 21 and working as an IT professional he had learnt everything he knew from internet porn and Google. Where he learnt about the magic of G-spots and the clitoris. Strangely though all his research seemed to fall apart when he started dating Helen. He had no idea where her clitoris was or her G spot and so far had only managed to contribute to a maximum of sexual tension that sent them both home exhausted and horny. Tonight however there would be some relief for Helen, Peter moved his hand from her thigh to her soft cotton panties. They were damp enough to show her excitement he gently rubbed around the general area of her labia not knowing where he was going brushing her clit on enough occasions to make Helen excited.

‘Mmmmmm up a little, Oh yeah there. That feels nice. Oh yeah.’

Peter’s fingers had managed more by blind luck than anything else to trigger Helen’s first non-self stimulated orgasm. She celebrated the occasion by muffling her cries of pleasure in urgent kisses, shivering and shaking and feeling the wetness grow in her panties. Peter was proud of himself and was already imagining slamming his now throbbing cock into Helen’s pussy like he had seen countless times on the net.

‘Peter I do want you to be my first but not tonight I don’t want to do it here in the car. I’d rather wait and do it in a bed. You understand don’t you? I’m sorry, you are making me so horny darling but we should be getting home I promised my parents I’d be home early tonight.’

Crippled with sexual frustration was how Peter always went home. He was too nice a guy to push her into it and too shy and inexperienced to get her so excited she was begging for it. They drove home to her house where the porch lights were on hovered in the darkness heavy petting before she went inside. Peter opened her door and they stood kissing and grinding against each other for a few minutes. Peter exploded in his pants and Helen kissed him sweetly and went inside.

The red E-type Jaguar pulled smoothly to a stop outside number 69. Ralph the owner of the house had been in Europe for several months and Helen’s family had been allowed to use his pool while he was away. A petite figure wearing baggy cargo pants slung low around the hip demetevler escort and an oversized floppy top, got out of the car and walked towards her. Helen had made a habit of having a morning swim and emerged wearing a white string bikini that accentuated her blossoming figure. The stranger removed the baseball cap she wore and let a wave of silken honey blond hair fall past her shoulders and took of her sunglasses to reveal the most enticing pair of blue eyes Helen had ever seen.

‘Hi there, is this Ralph Goodren’s house?’ The pretty stranger said, ‘Number 69 Fenwick Street.’

Pia always dressed down when she went out these days. Too many guys recognised her and that was generally embarrassing for them. Still it was a small price to pay for the lifestyle she led.

‘Sure this is his place, I’m Helen from next door he lets me swim here. He’s not home I’m afraid though. He’s in Europe somewhere I think.’

The stranger held out her hand.

‘I’m Pia Alexander I’m an old friend of Ralph’s,’ she lied; Ralph had been her lover and financed her first Internet venture. ‘He let me house sit for him for the summer I need a break from work. So I guess we’re going to be neighbours.’

The girls grasped hands and giggled. Pia smiled at Helen’s naivety, Ralph encouraging a busty teen to swim in his pool was hardly a charitable act. Helen giggled because she intuitively liked the extremely pretty girl dressed as a tomboy.

‘ Can I give you a hand to move in? Wow is that your car?’

Helen fixed her towel around her waist and between them they carried the suitcases to Ralph’s luxuriously appointed house. The girls chatted like old school friends. There was ease about their relationship that did not seem predicated on age or demographic it was like they were sisters. Pia the older experienced 25 year old and Helen at 19 excited by her companion’s professional makeup kit, extensive lingerie collection and easy open manner. Over the next week the two became almost inseparable and Pia became her confidant and mentor. Pia enjoyed the sisterly relationship and the honesty of her friendship. She found it a refreshing change from the sleazy entrepreneurs and medically adjusted bodies and personalities of her city life.

Pia pulled the Cello from its case. This had been the reason she had left her own replica of a suburban neighbourhood over seven years ago. She felt the ancient smooth wooden body between her legs and began warming up with scales then improvising around a Bach motif. It was around eight o’clock and somewhere out in the suburban darkness she heard the sweet sound of a child’s laughter. Pia had begun the habit of playing her beloved cello in her underwear since she was eight years old. Her teacher had told her to practice before bed in the dark each night so she could feel and hear the music in her body.

At seventeen she had gained a place in a music prestigious conservatorium in ‘The big city’. Struggling to make ends meet by her second year she began waitressing and her attractive looks and years of ballet experience led her into erotic dancing. She enjoyed the adoration of men and quickly turned her own passion for sex into an income. By her final year she had graduated to soft porn photography and then live sex videos. Pia’s panties tingled as she ground a low note with her beautiful French bow. By the time she graduated from the Conservatoire she had moved into her own Internet business and her lifestyle and income seemed to rule out a lowly chair in a regional orchestra for good. She pulled the slender neck towards herself and slid her fingers up and down it sensuously. What she could do with her left hand to a man’s cock was all due to years of practice with this long smooth wooden neck. She kissed the curls on the scroll and ran her tongue around the indentations. For as long as she could remember playing cello had always made her horny. Her hot pink string bikini panties were damp and her nipples pressed an outline in the pink silk cups of her bra.

She laid the neck of the cello against the bed where she had sat looking out the large ceiling to floor window where she could see the stars twinkling across the skyline and a soft light underneath from the house next door. She began to sway her body in an erotic dance, the music from her improvisation filling her head. She slowly unclasped the tiny bra that moulded her small round firm breasts into the cleavage that 10,000 subscribers paid to see. She flung the bra across the floor and pressed her palms against her breasts feeling the nipples stiffen as she massaged them lovingly. Her hips were gyrating sexily and her tiny string bikini panties grew damper with each moment. Playing cello brought back such good memories. She loved to dance too and the adoration of men in a live club gave her an exhilarating feeling of power and made her very horny. For a moment she was again in front of twenty or so men and began to do what they demirlibahçe escort wanted to see and she wanted to feel. She slid one hand onto her panties and began to massage her pussy through the flimsy silk and revelled in the squirt of wetness that she encountered. In moments her accurate fingers encouraged shivers from her and she began to quiver as her clitoris responded to her nimble fingers.

A wave of orgasm gripped her as she pinched her own nipple hard. As the pleasure flowed over her she pulled her panties aside and lanced two fingers into her dripping pussy and held one hand hard against the windowpane as she thumped her eager fingers into her pussy. Wetness trickled down her thighs as she found her G spot and shivered with a series of pleasurable convulsions. When the pleasure abated she slid the panties off and showered returning to her room to put on a sweet pink silk baby doll nightie that hugged her exquisite figure like a second skin. It was early so she curled up in bed to read. This had been the first time she had been alone in bed for so many years she could not remember and this had been her first sex free day in an eternity if you didn’t count the solo experiences of the past half hour. These thoughts were all with her when she drifted into a blissful sleep.

Pia spent most of her time reading and swimming in the pool, trying to go out as little as possible. When she did go out she dressed down and tried to pick off peak times to shop for provisions. She was able to do a lot of business from her laptop and the super fast connection in Ralph’s house. Mostly though she rested and enjoyed the silence. When she did leave the house she took Helen with her to divert any attention. Even out here in the suburbs it was possible she would be recognised.

‘Men are like cars Helen take your boyfriend for example he drives an Peugeot they are a little bit conservative and men who own them think it endows them with European sophistication.’

‘Yes you’re right Peter does try a little hard to be cool but like his car he’s conservative and reliable. If that’s the case then what kind of man would your Jag be? Oh I get it now He’d be an older good looking guy with an upper class English accent.’ She giggled.

Pia loved spending her time with Helen like this chatting and being silly it was such a contrast to her own late teen years. The joke about men and cars went on all afternoon with High Performance Vehicles being like Big cocked low IQ muscle bound porn stars, sports cars being fast talking and sleazy, station wagons family man. They giggled their way around the supermarket pointing at men and reeling off car brand names until at the end of the children’s toy isle the most adorable little three year old ran straight up to Pia.

‘ You’re the fairy Queen. You dance pretty. Can I be a fairy too?’

Pia smiled, giggled and looked down at the tiny blond girl. Her flashing blue eyes looked up at her as if she expected her to fly around the supermarket. As the youngest in her own family Pia already had four nieces and two nephews all of which she adored. Teaching music had been one of her early career choices and she had been a Suzuki teacher working with kids under five as a job in High school. Babies and little children triggered something quite sweet in Pia and kids seemed to love her instantly.

‘Hi sweetie you can be my fairy princess but where’s your Mommy She can be the Queen too!’ Pia glanced around expecting to see a frantic mother running after the delightful little girl dressed in a yellow rainbow fairy outfit and clutching a chopstick that had been turned into a wand.

‘My mommies in heaven with the angels, will you be my fairy Mummy. Daddy misses having Mummy he’s sad all the time.’

A handsome athletic man with a sexy five-o’clock shadow and a crumpled imported suit rounded the corner with a trolley full of shopping.

‘Lexy there you are. You shouldn’t fly so fast Daddy can’t keep up.’ As the man got closer Pia could see he was in his mid forties tall and ruggedly sexy. Pia had always found men with kids sexy, especially those who encouraged childlike creativity and imagination. Older men too had become somewhat of a specialty for Pia. Ralph had certainly not been the first or last sugar daddy in Pia’s life. The man picked up the little girl and hugged her and then looked nervously at the two young women.

‘Daddy, daddy she’s the fairy queen. She can dance and play pretty music.’ Alexandra squealed excitedly.

‘Forgive my daughter she is so into fairies at the moment she thinks any pretty ladies are fairy Queens.’

‘ Hi Steve this is Pia she’s your new neighbour, Steve’s house is on the other side of from my place.’

Pia reached out her hand and Steve shook it briskly and then returned his attention to Lexy.

‘Please to meet you I’m sure we’ll see more of each other. I’d better get Lexy here home so she can have her nap.’

dikmen escort Hey why don’t you bring her over for a swim sometime or call on me anytime for a babysitter she’s adorable I’d love to play with her anytime. Would you like that Lexy?’

The toddler smiled and implored her dad to say yes and they quickly turned and left and headed for the checkout.

‘Classic prestige vehicle I’d say. Steve lost his quite young wife about two years ago. Every woman in town from sixteen to sixty wants to either mother him or bonk him. He’s very cute but scared as a rabbit as soon as a woman looks at him. Seriously sad and tragic but loves that little girl to bits they go everywhere together… You’ve got the hots for him haven’t you? You do like the older models don’t you? Built for comfort and the long haul take their time and do it in style is what you said. You are an evil little girl Pia. He’s right next door but you’d have to be seriously hot to melt that glacier.’

Pia was already planning a visit and a series of babysitting ruses. What had started out as a sex free holiday was already percolating with fantasies?

In the meantime Pia and Helen had begun to have a more serious discussion about sex. Helen wanting to find ways to move Peter and herself towards an end to their virginity that would be as pleasurable as Pia’s stories of sex that Helen’s youthful inquisitiveness could allow. It was in one of Helen’s frequent visits to Pia’s that her naivety about Pia’s work in the entertainment industry was clarified. Helen’ seldom used the upstairs bathroom but on this occasion she used the bathroom off Ralph’s bedroom only to discover a wall full of soft porn pictures of Pia.

After her initial shock that her newest best friend was one of the hottest porn stars in the country she relaxed into a sense of pride and then subsequently encouraged Pia to let her see some of her videos and then asked her for advice on how to seduce Peter.

On Saturday morning Pia was at home on her own and Helen called and asked to come around. She sounded very secretive on the phone and when she heard Pia was alone she quickly put down the phone and within a few minutes was knocking at the door. Pia made coffee and they sat at the kitchen table and talked.

‘Pia you know how I’ve been going with Pete for a few months now? Well I’d really like to have sex with him but I don’t know what to do he’s so nice and gentlemanly he hasn’t done more than kiss me and touch my boobs and masturbate me once. And I’ve been too frightened to touch him in case he thinks I’m slutty.’

She blurted it all out. How they’d kissed each other and pressed against each other and how she was sure Pete had cum in his pants once and how she went home and masturbated herself to sleep fantasising about fucking him.

‘ Well what do you want me to tell you Helen? Why don’t you lead the way? I’m sure Pete’d love that.’

‘Yes but I don’t know what to do. I even bought a vibrating dildo to try out what it feels like inside me but I’ve been too chicken to put it inside.’

Pia unsuccessfully tried to suppress a giggle as she pulled out a huge flesh coloured dong. She had to hand it to Helen she was practical and wanted to do the research and the practice.

‘Come upstairs I think we need a series girl on girl talk.’

Pia led her up the stairs to her room and they sat on the bed the dong lying next to her.

‘Ok now first you have to let him know you want him to touch you, just whisper – I want you to touch me or do you want to touch me I’d like that. Then he will probably touch your tits through your top, and lets face it Helen you have great tits. Wear a top that lets him get inside and either no bra or a very sexy but easily to slip into bra.’

‘Show me’ Helen demanded.

Pia slid her hand onto Helen’s breast and began to tweak her thick nipple through her top then as it became more erect slid her hand inside her bra and caressed more until she moaned.

‘Oh God I’ve been aching for someone to do it like that. Peter thinks it’s like some computer button that you have to switch to boot the program.’

Pia didn’t even think about what was happening but just continued her instructions.

‘You could guide his hand under your skirt and show him how you like it. You need to give him clear instructions about where you want it, pressure and speed of movement.’

Helen obediently guided Pia’s hand under her skirt to her soft satin panties where she began to brush against the soft fabric feeling her folds and the dampness erupting there, she began to caress her feeling for her clit.

‘Lower’ she said ‘ Mmmmmm faster’ she moaned.

In a few moments she was shivering and cumming. Pia slid her panties aside and inserted first one then two fingers inside her finger fucking her slapping her clit with the palm of her hand. She shuddered into more orgasms. Helen was easy to please and seemed to get hotter with each quake of pleasure. Pia too was getting turned on and could feel the wetness in her own panties seeping through the silk and cotton gusset. When Helen finished cumming, Pia reached for the dildo and held it between her thighs.

‘Show me how you can play with him.’

Helen obediently began stroking the dildo.

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