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The water seemed to lift and push her in a wave. But it was a wave created by her. Her strokes were long and steady. She moved through the water like a dolphin. She moved through the water like I envisioned a mermaid. She’d put flippers on, grab a kickboard under her forearms, and dolphin kick for hundreds of yards. I wonder if she sensed how it affected me and knew how beautiful she looked doing it. Her body slithered through the water.

She was so long and slim. Many would say skinny, but she had nice muscle tone. Swimmer’s muscles. Elongated and stretched. She had medium length, sandy blonde hair, with color streaks. Her shoulders were broad, and chest wide, which made her breasts look small. Or was it that she was just muscular in her chest? Her eyes were deep and dark. Her arms and legs were long.

From her hips, down, is where I got dizzy. Her hips were not wide, and she lacked curves. But her ass was tiny and tight with muscular cheeks. She wore a high cut one-piece suit which left at least half of her butt cheeks bare as she swam. Her skin was smooth and tan. Always tan. Her stomach was flat and tight and flat right down to where her long, muscular legs grew out, leaving a little arrow of groin mounded nicely. I fantasized about watching her swim nude. How gorgeous it would be to see all those sweet parts move through the water uncovered.

She was not well liked. She was bossy and a bit snotty. She had a reputation for being a BMW (bitcher moaner whiner). But she was always nice to me. Maybe it was me being older, or maybe also being a strong swimmer. I had the same muscular body type that she had. It may have been mutual respect created attraction.

On days I don’t watch the pool, I come in and swim for an hour to stay in shape. Somehow, our schedules ended up matching. We just seemed to be there together every time. If there were empty lanes, we’d swim side by side. If it was busy, we’d share a lane. I passed my training time keeping an eye out underwater watching her through my goggles. I got some great views as she swam by, or in front of me. The body in motion is a beautiful thing.

I think after a while, she figured out how much I was watching. She didn’t seem to mind. I think she enjoyed it. That’s when the teasing started. At least, I think it was teasing. If it wasn’t, it was awful convenient exposure. And I liked it.

If she stopped, as I was following, she’d stand up with her back to me. Her suit would ride up as she swam, leaving her gorgeous ass cheeks exposed right in front of my face, in total! I’d quit turning for breaths as I swam towards her, coasting, to take in as much as I could. I tried to maintain my composure as I watched. I was tentative to make any comments or aggressive moves towards her. I was just enjoying the views.

One Tuesday we were sharing a lane. We stopped together and leaned at the wall for a while. We talked about random things, but our conversation led us into a discussion about our swimming and training. She had been entering competitive meets for older swimmers called “Master’s” competitions. There were age groups right up to old timers, even well beyond my years. She planned on entering several competitions this Fall. She encouraged me to try it. I acknowledged that I was interested, and would love to join the group for a meet or two. She got excited and spent the next twenty minutes telling me all about them.

“We have so much fun at the meets!” she said. “Especially when we stay overnight!” she added smiling with a wink. That sparked my interest even more.

That night I went home and ordered more training equipment online, including a pair of speedo racing trunks. The baggie shorts I wore just wouldn’t cut it in competitive meets. In the following weeks, we continued to talk about the meets, and our training. She continued to tease and I continued to enjoy it. I was excited when I received my new slim and trim speedos in the mail soon after. They weren’t bikinis, but they were thin material, tight around my thighs, and pretty much everywhere. My package was semi exposed and well outlined when I tried them on dry. I was sure they’d be even more revealing wet.

I wore them in training the following day. She was there swimming in the 5th lane. The 4th was open so I moved in next to her and sat on the side. She swam up and stopped next to me. She said good morning and how was I?

“I’m good.” I answered. “I got my new training suit.” I looked down and adjusted the sides. “Tight.” I added smiling.

“Sweet!” she said enthusiastically. “Stand up and let me see.” She pulled her goggles back.

“I hope they’re not too revealing?” I asked as I stood up.

She looked and smiled up at me. “Better not get and erection in them.” She giggled and smiled.

Ha! Ha! I answered. “Are they?…too revealing?” I asked nervously.

The thought of her asking, and the thought of her looking, started to get me excited and gave küçükçekmece escort me that swelling feeling. I was going to jump quickly in the pool to hide it, but stood for just a few more seconds in front of her while she watched. Then I eased into the water gently. It was thickening nicely by the time I got under. The cold water helped once I got in, but I was still half hard. She giggled some more letting me know she noticed.

“I like them!” she said bluntly.

I put my goggles on, adjusted them, and took off swimming, before I got too excited. She was still at the end of the pool, leaning against the wall, as I turned and headed back to that end. The swelling was starting to go down as I got closer. When I got closer, within about ten yards, I could see clearly through my goggles. Her swim suit was pulled completely to one side, bunched up next to her thigh. A beautiful bare vaginal slit, with semi protruding lips, was waiting for me as I approached. I’m not sure how noticeable my reaction was, but I know I quit breathing to the side the whole way in. I cruised in floating.

She put her hand down on her thigh, and spread her leg farther, as I got real close. I laid still floating, almost over her, as I got to the wall. I lifted my head and stood up. She was giggling again, looking up at my eyes, and then down at my groin. It was growing to full length and I wasn’t hiding it. Accept for the thin material of new speedos.

I wanna see!” she laughed. “And feel.” She reached over just under water and gently touched my package. I pulled my goggles off and smiled back as she played. I turned and eased down into the water beside her. Her hand was still caressing me. I was fully erect and bursting out of the top of the suit. I reached down and shifted it to the side, so it stayed in and grew sideways.

“Satisfied?” I asked semi-sarcastically.

“Not yet.” She answered reaching up and sliding her goggles down over her eyes. “Stand up.” She ordered.

I followed her command. She eased into the water in front of me a foot from me. She came up, smiled, and went back under. I laughed and eased back down into the water. She sat back up beside me and slid her goggles up on her head.

“LOVE the suit.” She said bursting out laughing.

I blushed and she laughed more.

“You’re bad.” I said

“Sometimes.” She answered. “We should share a room overnight when we go to our next swim meet.”

I looked at her to make sure she was serious. “OK!” I said happily. “That would be nice.”

“It’ll be better than nice.” She added as she pulled her glasses back down. She went under and cruised through the water. She did a little dolphin as she came up. Her suit was still pulled to the side. Her half bare beautiful ass and that smooth pussy both appeared above the surface and then disappeared under. She flipped over on her back, and looked teasingly back at me, as she reached down and adjusted it. I eased my goggles down, pushed off, and followed, still rock hard in my suit.

We agreed to travel the morning of the meet and stay overnight afterwards. That way, we could enjoy some drinks, a nice dinner, and play all night if we wished. I got us a room in a nice newer hotel chain with nice baths and modern rooms.

The meet went awesome, with both of us, and everyone on our team, doing well. We kept our intention to spend the night secret, as we both wanted our privacy.

We checked in, and carried our bags up to our room. I was a little nervous, but her comic relief eased the tension when we got inside.

“Which bed do you want?” she asked jokingly.

For a moment, I wondered if she was serious, and then realized there was only a king in this room, as I had ordered. So, we were stuck together. She sat her bag down and started hanging a few things up. I just plopped my bag on the floor and flopped on the bed watching her. When she got them hung, she grabbed her shampoo and some toiletries, and skipped into the bathroom, smiling as she closed the door. I figured she was going to get a shower. I pondered whether to strip down and sneak in naked to join her.

I got up, pulled my shirt over my head, and walked to the bathroom door. I listened but didn’t hear any shower, so I decided to wait, and drop the sneak-in tactic. I laid back down on the bed in my shorts and waited.

The door opened after a few minutes. She came out smiling with a towel wrapped around her. I assumed only a towel. She flopped on the bed beside me, holding the towel from coming off. She rolled onto her back.

“I’m going to take a shower.” She said. “I’d invite you in with me but we’d never get to dinner if we do that now.”

“You’re right.” I agreed.

She rolled over right next to me and shuffled half on top. She stopped with her face just above mine.

“Kiss me.” She said half asking and half telling.

“Kiss küçükyalı escort you??” I questioned. “That’s pretty serious stuff. Do you think we should be getting all romantic on this trip?”

“Why not?” she giggled. “Will it make you crazy and ruin our relationship?”

“No.” I answered. “It will make me hard! Very hard, if you’re as good at it as I think you are. And I’m laying here in my underwear.”

She laughed and got that devilish grin again. “I wanna see!” she giggled.

She lowered down and gently covered my lips with hers. Her tongue rolled in to meet mine slowly but with intent and passion. Like other things with us, it was like a competition. This one was “who’s tongue was the strongest”. Maybe not quite that extreme. but the passion was extreme, and the battle raged for minutes. She sucked and nibbled at my lips. Pushed her tongue deep in my mouth. My one hand pulled her tight massaging her back while the other held the back of her head firmly. Her hands started on my cheek and side. Somewhere in the second minute, I guessed, her hand roamed down my side, onto my stomach, and slid conveniently into my shorts. I was hard by then, as I had promised.

She massaged it gently, then gripped it firmly, pulling it up out of my shorts, standing it up straight. She broke the kiss off at that moment and stared down at me deviously. She fondled and flopped it like it was her toy. She moved it around testing the hardness, stroked it a little. Then she looked back down at me.

“This is going to be…nice.” she whispered, mocking what I had said before. She kissed me again for 30 seconds or so, playing the whole time. Then she stopped abruptly, rolled off the side of the bed, and headed for the shower.

“Showers might have to be a little cold to get us through dinner and drinks.” She smiled. She disappeared into the bathroom.

I laid dreamingly thinking about the coming night. Then I tried not to think about it, so my swelling would go down.

She dressed in a body hugging black evening dress for our night out. I was slightly underdressed, but she didn’t seem to mind. We had a great dinner, and a few drinks each. We stopped at a club we saw on the way back and had another couple. We danced for an hour or so. We headed back to the hotel happy and horny.

As we got to the room, I opened the door and moved to the side to let her in first. As she went by, she grabbed my hand and led me in behind her. The room was semi-dark, with only one light on. As we got next to the bed, she turned around, and laid her hands on my shoulders. She started to move her hands to my neck and head to pull me in for a kiss. Instead of stopping and moving in for the tender kiss, I grabbed her hips, lifted her, walked right into her, and threw her roughly onto the bed.

From then on, it was a tussle! She laughed as she hit the bed and pulled me in tight. She kissed me hard and tried to hold me there. I kissed her back but slid through her arms and down into her neck. I kissed and licked everywhere I could get to, while she wrestled me around. She squirmed when I got to her right ear. When she pulled away a bit, I slithered down to her chest. I nibbled and bit at her breasts through her dress. She started to ease up on the fighting as I got lower. She started massaging and encouraging. She spread her legs and held my ears, guiding me, as I got below her waist. I sucked hard on her upper thigh when I got her dress up. She wrapped her long legs right around my head pulling me into her groin. I licked her as hard as I could through her wet silk panties.

Quickly, I had enough of fighting through her panties. I wanted her bare skin. I reached up, grabbed the lacy straps at her sides, and yanked them down and off. She spread her legs wide when they got free. I dove back in. I grabbed her tight ass cheeks and pulled myself into her. I sucked her delicate little lips into my mouth and swirled my tongue around them. She pulled my head into her groin hard. I found that tiny button and flicked my tongue on it. She stretched her legs out wide. Her breath was short, in little gasps, as I licked her. I moved to the side, at that crease where her legs attach to her torso, and licked gently up, then over, teasing her clit to the other side. I squeezed her tight butt as hard as I could.

Suddenly her legs squeezed around my head. She rolled, pinning me underneath her. It shocked me but I loved her control. She pulled her dress over her head. She was naked. I peered up at her face. She was gritting her teeth, staring down at me, holding my hair. She ground her groin into my face.

“Tease me??” She growled. “I’ll make you eat my cunt!”

She ground faster holding me tight. I pushed my tongue up against her clit as hard as I could, swirling it, then pushed into her when she ground down. She arched her back and rode me, laying her head maltepe escort back. I watched her muscles and breasts move above me.

She turned as if she had seen something and lifted straight above me. “Look at that bulge in your pants!!” she cried.

She turned 180 degrees, then dropped, pinning me back under her groin again. Without hesitation, she was grinding again, but facing towards my legs now. I felt her unbuckling my pants and pulling them to free my throbbing manhood. She pulled it out roughly, stroking it with both hands. She pushed my pants down. I squirmed and kicked them off.

“Looks like you’re almost ready to fuck me.” She said. “Almost.” She bent down and licked the throbbing head. I gasped at the feel of her warm mouth. She nibbled and licked, teasing me, as I had her. She stroked me roughly again. I pushed my tongue up inside her as far as I could. Her slit was tight. I sucked her entire labia into my mouth. She covered my head with her lips, sucking me. She moved to my balls, pulling them up in a bunch, then sucking them in.

“Fuck!” I moaned from underneath her. She lowered, taking me deep, then bobbed up and down on it, sucking hard the whole time. I pushed my hips up, encouraging more. She raised up, stroking again. She lowered, and sucked me again, faster this time. I was so hard!

“You’re ready.” She said calmly.

She lifted off my face and turned around, mounting my hips. She lifted one leg and raised above me. She held my cock straight, positioning it for entry. I watched her every move breathing heavy. Her blooming lips spread around my head, opening for me, but barely. She was tight. She eased down, taking a little, then raised back up. She continued until I was half in. She raised up, let go of my shaft, and lifted her other leg. She lowered full depth. My mouth opened in awe of what I watched and felt as I filled her.

“Aaaaa!! I gasped and laid back.

“Oh yes!!” she whispered, as she started squatting up and down full length, head to base, with each stroke. She was so fucking physical. So physically erotic!! She dropped to her knees, with me deep inside her. She started rotating her hips.

She fucked like she swam. Smooth and effortless. Her stomach, hips, and legs rolled in a wave just like the mermaid swimming. She just engulfed the length of my throbbing shaft in each wave. I found myself exploring, feeling and touching every muscle. I had never fucked a woman like her and I was in awe. Her shoulders were tight, as she balanced herself over my chest. Her breasts were soft, but firm. Her back was rock hard, as I reached around her. I left my hands drop, cupping those tight ass cheeks. They tightened hard and then softened as she rotated.

I pulled her down and sucked in one of her pointy hard nipples. I nibbled, biting gently. She moaned and shivered. Her rhythm stayed steady, pacing herself, as if it was an erotic workout. I bear hugged her and rolled her over. I wouldn’t last much longer with her riding me at her pace. I began rotating my hips grinding slowly but deeply into her. I pushed my groin against her clit with each stroke. She responded opening her legs up wider, pushing her hips up in rhythm. She stared into my eyes and smiled, then gripped the sides of my head and pulled me down. Her tongue darted deep in my mouth and swirled, dancing with my tongue roughly. She bit lightly on my lip as she released me.

She increased her pace pushing me to go harder. My breath got shorter as I neared climax. She reached up, grasping my chin and neck. She held me firm and pulled me in. She kissed me again harder. Those long legs wrapped around my back and pulled me in tightly. She held me there, deep inside, as she kissed me. She held me tight and still to keep me from coming. She started to grind slowly keeping me deep.

She turned me roughly onto my back again, rolling on top, and began the wave again, faster. She ground her clit against me with each stroke. She started shaking with intensity. Each time her groin would hit me, she would quiver, and each was more intense. It was as if her orgasm had started and was building within her. I watched her face, so enthralled, and turned on by her performance. I was gasping for my own breath. My groin tightened, pulling my balls up inside me. I released my load while she continued. I pumped and pumped, grunting with each stroke she took. I felt like I was being drained by her tight pussy, sucking the sperm out of me. Her lips were so tight around my shaft. Then suddenly, she gasped. “Oooooooooooh!” That turned into a grunt, and then a light scream. Her pussy loosened around my cock, then tightened, contracting loose and tight, while she quivered on top of me. The come oozed out of her covering my balls. Her quivering subsided. She collapsed exhausted on my chest. Her pussy felt loose around my softening penis.

We held each other for minutes. She kissed me softly, nibbling at my lips, gently this time. She rolled off beside me on her back. Her breasts glistened with perspiration. Her nipples, still hard, pointed up beautifully.

“Glad we swam this morning.” She said giggling. “I’d have no legs tomorrow!”

I laughed.

“Let’s do the meet in November!” I blurted out.

She laughed again and snuggled in next to me. “I’m in! Wanna take a shower?”

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