Merridown Tales Ch. 02


The next morning Scott rose at dawn and headed to the beach for a quick swim before starting his long day. He grimaced at the thought of having to work. He wondered if he would get an opportunity to see Rebecca today and his body reaction reminded him of their previous encounter. He pushed the thought aside and headed into the water.

Scott finished his swim and headed home to collect his truck, the morning sun burning into his back indicated that it was going to be a long hot day.

Morning traffic was just beginning to come off the peak when he stopped outside his first delivery point and began uncovering his load. He raised the tarpaulin to the top of the front headboard and loosely tied the side drops up. This allowed him easy access to the load yet kept the drinks cool from the day’s heat.

Scott checked his run register and began selecting Mrs. Andrew’s standard order. Scott had only seen Mrs. Andrews once in the six months he had been delivering to her. She always left the empty bottles in a crate in the laundry and her money in a special envelope.

After Mrs. Andrews the three houses across the road were on his list. Scott checked his run list and filled two crates with drinks. He headed to the Parker household and wondered if they had remembered to leave out the money for last week’s drinks along with this week. Opening the front gate he spotted the familiar blue crate on the front steps. He removed the six empty bottles and underneath was an envelope. Neatly written on the front was, this weeks and last week’s money – Thank You. Scott smiled as he gathered the crate of empty bottles.

The opening of the front door startled him and he stepped back when Ashleigh emerged saying, “Mum’s left last week’s money for you Scott. Did you get it?”

Scott paused momentarily and looking upward he took in the view of the girls long shapely legs. A small bright yellow G-string bikini covered where they joined, his gaze quickly taking in the remainder of her scantily clad body, pert upturned breasts straining against miniscule pieces of yellow material and her young shapely body tanned by the summer’s rays.

“Yeah, yeah Ashleigh,” he replied, hesitantly. Scott had not seen Ashleigh since winter had ended and was amazed at how stunning the young 21 year old had become. Her name may sound like a boy but there was nothing boyish about the girl before him, he thought.

“How’s the nursing studies coming along?” Scott asked.

“I graduate in three months.” She replied, with a large smile.

“Then its lookout world here I come I suppose,” he said with a laugh.

“Its look out world now,” Ashleigh said, turning and showing her naked derriere to Scott as she slowly turned, slipping a towel around her waist. “I’m off for a few laps of the pool.” She added, disappearing through the doorway.

Scott felt the heat in his loins and the shapely body of Ashleigh was indelibly etched into his mind. He slowly gathered the drink crates and headed next door. It was too early for those kinds of distractions he thought, closing the gate. He didn’t want to have to explain a huge bulge in his shorts to a customer, especially one of the older women.

Scott pushed himself hard to keep from thinking about Ashleigh and just before noon he stopped at the Cliff-Top Café. He was pleased to be about an hour ahead of schedule and decided to sit and have lunch instead of the usual snack on the run.

The Cliff Top Café overlooked a small sandy cove. Scott knew it was a place often used for nude o topless bathing. He gave a casual look over the beach and noted that there were very few bathers soaking up the rays today. He sat at one of the many shaded tables and scanned through the paper while he ate.

Scott was engrossed in the paper küçükçekmece escort when a sultry voice interrupted him. “So this is where you spend your spare time.”

Startled he looked up to see Ashleigh standing there, broadly smiling. Instantly he felt the heat return to his loins. Although he had pushed the image of their previous encounter aside, it had still left a dull ache in his groin all morning.

Scott’s manhood instantly sprang to life at the image before him. Ashleigh wore white shorts, very short shorts that began around her pelvic bone and finished about three inches lower. They were so tight they accentuated the bulge of her mound and her ample breasts strained against the same yellow bikini top that she had worn earlier. The dull ache in his groin turned to a heavy thump and his penis began to harden. Scott tried inconspicuously to readjust his rising manhood as it strained to peak his shorts for a look of its own.

“Oh sure,” Scott replied with a nervous laugh, the ocean view is quite relaxing, he added.

“Oh, I don’t know about that Scott,” she said, straddling the bench seat and spreading her legs wide, sliding close to him. “You don’t appear to be very relaxed, she added, placing a hand high on his thigh and pushing her breasts into him.

Scott felt the heat of her hand burn deep into his body and silently cursed as his manhood instantly grew hard and cleared the elastic top of his shorts. Ashleigh nuzzled into him and slid her hand into his shorts and grasped the throbbing monster. She reached forward and kissed him hard, sinking her tongue deep into his mouth as she ran her fingernails the length of his rigid cock.

Scott moaned loudly when she gently dug her nails in, scratching his pulsing knob. It was both painful and pleasurable. Pre cum had begun to escape and Ashleigh quickly gathered it with her thumb and forefinger and spread it over his knob, where her fingernails had just travelled. The flow increased and Ashleigh expertly moved up, down and around, spreading the smooth sticky substance over the hot angry head of his hard on. Unexpectedly Scott felt the pain of his loins ease and grasping the edge of the bench seat he moaned deeply while his love juice spewed geyser like from him. Ashleigh firmly squeezed his pulsing cock, adding to his pleasure.

“Are you up for a swim?” Ashley whispered hoarsely in Scott’s ear, while pushing a breast into his body.

Scott swallowed hard, trying to clear the lump that had formed in his throat. “I, hum, no err I would love to but I can’t, he stammered. I’ve got to finish my run. Mrs. Cruickshank will be waiting for her drinks,” he mummbled, immediately feeling foolish at his last remark. “Maybe after I finish,” he added.

Ashleigh swung her legs round and standing, she leaned forward and kissed him hard. Scott began to stand but Ashleigh gently pushed him back down. “I’m leaving for two months at city General this afternoon.” she said, while beginning to walk away.

“I’m Sorry… Scott began but Ashleigh interrupted him. “Say hello to Mrs. Cruickshank,” she called before disappearing down the steep path leading to the cove below.

Scott slid from the bench and quickly moved to his truck. He climbed in and hastily changed his shorts. I’m glad I always carry spares clothes he thought as he continued with his deliveries.

Scott turned into Mulligan Street and immediately spied Mrs. Cruickshank waiting at the gate. She was dressed in a thin floral summer dress and sneakers, He began to laugh loudly as his mind had extreme difficulty trying to mentally superimpose the scantily clad image of Ashleigh onto that of an ageing Mrs. Cruickshank. He quickly shook the images from his küçükyalı escort mind and climbed clumsily from the truck.

“You’re a bit late today Scott.” Mrs. Cruickshank called as Scott alighted.

“Yeah, sorry about that Mrs. C, I had a lunch break that was more than I thought and it blew my timing out. Blew more that than Scott thought.

“You know you could have lunch here Scott, I wouldn’t mind.” Mrs. C said.

“Thanks Mrs. C, I know that but I really do prefer to eat on the run.” He replied, placing four bottles of soda water in her carry crate.

Smiling, Mrs. C handed Scott the money, squeezing his hand gently.

Scott clambered into his truck. “See you in a week,” he called, and started off.

Scott momentarily glanced at Mrs. C and noticed the out line of her figure as the sun shone through her flimsy dress. He slipped the clutch and while he headed to his next delivery, he couldn’t help recall last summers encounter with Mrs. C.

Mrs. C hadn’t been out the front to meet him, as she normally would. Scott gathered her four bottles of soda water and headed toward the door. Mrs. C came rushing, saying, “Oh Scott, you’re early, and opening the door she added. Please come through to the kitchen, I have some empties there.”

Scott followed and Mrs. C mumbled something about having trouble unscrewing the tops. Sometimes they can be difficult, Scott had told her and when they entered the Kitchen, Mrs. C suddenly turned and gently grabbed a hold of his cock.

“Oh I would like to screw the top of this she murmured huskily and pushed her body hard into his. She quickly reached an arm around his neck and confidently pulled him to her, kissing him passionately. The smell of alcohol filled his nostrils.

Scott recalled feeling like a dork as he stood there with arms out stretched holding two bottles of soda water in each hand. He could neither hug her nor push her away but his body did react naturally. His huge cock began to harden as Mrs. C released it from his shorts.

She firmly slid her hand up and down its length, occasionally pausing and squeezing the knob while she pushed her tongue deep into his throat, all the time moaning passionately.

Scott could taste the gin.

Scott manoeuvred around and was trying to place the bottles on the table.

Mrs. C broke from her kiss and unexpectedly dropped to her knees and engulfed his manhood with her mouth. Scott was taken aback with surprise and nearly dropped the bottles. He managed to get them to the table and leaned back enjoying the moment.

Mrs. C expertly mauled him, running her mouth up and down the length and flicking her tongue around the throbbing head of his pulsing cock. Intermittently she would push hard onto him and he could feel the back of her throat, she would murmur deeply, the vibrations driving him to heightened pleasures. She would then rake her teeth gently back up along his length and nibble his knob. Scott thought he would blow his mind before he blew his dick.

Mrs. C squeezed his balls and Scott felt his cock pulse hard as his juice began to flow. Mrs. C clasped one hand firmly around his cock and sunk hard onto it pushing it deep into her throat. Scott released his load and guttural sounds of pleasure escaped Mrs. C as she swallowed hard and fast, her body convulsing wildly.

She had released Scott from her mouth and sunk to the floor, leaning back against a cupboard. Scott noticed her hand in her groin and knelt beside her. He gently covered her hand with his, pushing lower he felt her warm wetness and with long fingers. He began to softly massage her love nest. Mrs. C clasped his hand hard to her and gently shook her head. No, she whispered, maltepe escort this isn’t right.

Scott lifted her from the floor and she leaned into him and kissed him lightly before pulling away.

Confused, Scott gathered the empties and left.

Scott pulled away from the kerb and thought that would be the end of a good customer but alas next week Mrs. C was standing waiting for him. Nothing was ever mentioned about their previous encounter however Scott learned later that her husband had run off with another woman about a month before.

Scott pushed the thoughts of Mrs C to one side and concentrated on finishing his deliveries. Distractions such as these made it difficult and the summer heat didn’t help.

The humidity of the afternoon began to sap Scott’s energy as he struggled to finish his deliveries. His thoughts were more on getting to the beach for a swim although it was a reminder of what he missed by not taking Ashleigh up on her offer.

His second last delivery was Mrs. Johnson a regular who sometimes struggled to pay for her drinks. Policy was not to allow credit for more than two-dozen drinks to accumulate however Scott had let Mrs. Johnson go to three and he hoped there would be payment today.

Scott pulled his truck to a stop and instead of gathering Mrs. Johnson’s usual order he headed toward the door. Two sharp raps quickly brought her to the door.

“Scott, I’m, glad you’re here. I have a favour too ask.”

Scott immediately knew what it would be and dreaded this moment. “What is that?” Scott replied, hesitantly, dreading she was going to ask for further credit or worse, cut out her account.

It is my daughter Em’s 18th on Saturday and I already owe you for three dozen drinks and um, wondered if….

Here it comes Scott thought as he braced himself to disappoint her.

If I could pay you for the three dozen I owe and get two dozen for the party on credit.

Phew Scott sighed inwardly, “yeah sure Mrs Johnson that is no problem, he said with a grin. Expecting a huge gathering,” he added.

“Oh, about twenty of Em’s friends plus the usual family crowd, which will out number her friends I am sure.” She laughed.

“Birthdays can be like that hey,” Scott replied. “I S’pose you want a few mixers in the order Mrs Johnson?”

“Oh Yeah,” she called over her shoulder as she headed inside.

Scott returned with the order and placed it at the front door.

“Thanks Scott you’re a real lifesaver for doing this.” Mrs Johnson said as she paid him.

“Gees Mrs Johnson we can’t have a dry 18th birthday can we.” Scott laughed Heading for his truck he called back, “Have a great birthday Emily.”

Scott’s mobile began to ring drowning out any reply. “Scott here,” he said, answering the phone.

“Hi Scott,This is is Amanda, Susan’s friend.”

“Hello Amanda, How is the house sitting going?”

“Well a little slower than I thought but the rest is doing me good. Amanda replied, and then continued. “Unfortunately I have just about finished all those drinks you delivered and I know you don’t come again until next week but I wondered if you could maybe make an exception this once and refill my order early.” She asked.

Scott thought for a moment, the image of Amanda stretched on the lounge flashed through his mind. “Oh yeah I think I can manage that Amanda. When did you want them?” he answered.

“Would tomorrow be an imposition?” Amanda asked.

Tomorrow is very busy as it’s my half day, Scott explained but I could deliver them somewhere around one pm if that’s okay.” He offered.

“That would be great Scott. If you like we could have a swim. Oh could you put in an extra bottle of passion fruit for me.” She added.

“Extra passion sure thing, see you tomorrow.” Scott smiled and hung up.

Scott had five deliveries to do before he could head home for the day. He had difficulty getting Amanda out of his thoughts.

Scott cruised past the beach on his way home, hoping to catch a glimpse of Rebecca, not that he would have stopped for a swim. Tonight was his weekly boy’s night out with darts at the local pub.

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