Mi, Jonny & an 18 year old guy have sex.


Mi, Jonny & an 18 year old guy have sex.Mi took the mobile call from Jonny. “Hi Mi I will be there in 5. Make sure you are on top of the bed bed naked and ready to be serviced until you can take no more. Leave the door unlocked and the alarm off.”Mi was excited by the way Jonny treated her. She was used to being the one in control. She was delighted by the though of Jonny’s cock in her and his abuse of her cunt, tits, nipples and ass. Mi was also excited by the danger of doing these things. What would her friends in the church choir think if they knew? She knew the minister (pastor) would disapprove, so it had to be secret. Jonny knew this and he was going to make use of it.Mi did as instructed. True as his word, Jonny arrived at her bedroom door in 5 minutes. “Get on your hands and knees with your head against the wall. This meant that She was facing away from the bedroom door and with no mirrors on the side walls Mi could not see who was entering the bedroom, never mind her soaking wet pussy. “Spread your legs wide my whore. Tell me do you want to get fucked hard with no foreplay right now.” “Oh Jonny I love the sound of that. I have been waiting for this since your last visit.”With that Mi felt Jonny get on the bed behind her. He grasped her hips with both hands and having placed his cock at the entrance of her cunt (Mi still hated that word but she knew Jonny liked her using the crude words so she started to think them). She felt her hips being pulled back and the cock at the entrance to her cunt being thrust hard into her. It well all the way in and hit her cievix hard. “Oh my.” Mi exclaimed. “What was that yoou said Mi?” Jonny asked “Oh sorry Jonny. I ment fuck me and fuck me hard please.” Mi knew Jonny liked her to make lots of noises when getting fucked.Hold on she thought. Jonny’s voice isn’t coming from directly behind me but off to the side. How can that be? Mi turned her head to the side and saw Jonny esenler escort was standing beside the bed with a video camera in his hand. “Jonny I thought you were going to fuck me. Who is fucking me?” “Mi I didn’t tell you I would be fucking you today. Just that you would be fucked all that you can take. If you recall you agreed. In fact, you left the door unlocked and the alarm off to facilitate your fucking. So you agreed and I am giving you what you wanted – just not me fucking you. That’s no problem is it?” Mi thought it is a problem but what can I do? I know Jonny always gets what he wants because he has ways of ensuring that he has people where he wants them. At least that’s what Jane told Mi after Jonny had fucked her. With video of her being fucked doggie style by someone on her own bed wearing no clothes on. The video proving the fact could be put on the internet, posted to the minister or all of her friends in the church choir. Best not to create a fuss she thought.”Jonny it is fine. I expect the fucker is a friend of yours so thats fine with me.” All the while the fucker was plunging his big cock deep and hard into Mi’s cunt. Each time it hit her cervix she exclaimed “Ahhhhhhh Ahhhhhh. So good. I love your cock in me don’t stop.” Secretly she was hoping that he would just cum and let her go. He did cum in her shooting a big load of his sperm inot Mi.”At that point Jonny said “I have an idea that you will love Mi. How about you get two cocks in you at once. That would fill you nicely wouldn’t it. Rob get out of her now. Mi let Rob lie on his back where you are kneeling. So Rob lay on his back. Now Mi. Lower your cunt onto Rob’s cock and when he is fully in lie on top of him.” Jonny had mean time removed his clothes and his cock was fully enlarged. “Mi spread your legs as far as you can. Rob you are a strong guy. I want you to draw your feet up toward bahçeşehir escort your ass, then I want you to push up so your ass is off the bed.” This ment that Mi was presenting her ass to Jonny, so she expected him to enter her ass hole with no delay. Mi relaxed her sphincter as much as she could in anticipation. Jonny had other ideas. He forced his cock into her cunt. It was hard to achieve but Jonny had brough KY Jelly which he had liberally spread on his cock. Mi could not avoid crying out “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” as he forced it in. Then he proceeded to fuck her at top speed while taking care not to extract it fully before the next thrust.After about 10 minutes of this Rob got tired and asked to be allowed to lower his ass to the bed. Jonny agreed. Now he was fucking Mi at top speed. When he tired he extracted his cock rolled onto his side and said “Mi is that what you wanted today?” Mi knew what she was expected to say so she said “Oh that was much more than I expected – so much more. I hope we can do it another time.” That pleased Jonny becuse the whole thing was being recorded on vidoe. Mi’s face was very visible as well as the rest of her. Rob was not knownn in the town so it didn’t matter that his face was showing. Jonny’s face was not showing on screen just his body and the backof hos head.”Rob do you have enough energy to do a but fuck now, or do you need something to eat first.” “Oh i would like a fry first eggs over easy, bacon 2 rashers, tomato, sausages, beans and coffee. Would that be possible?” “What do you say Mi?” Jonny said. “Oh that would be my pleasure.”Mi made to put on a dressing gown but Jonny said “Oh Mi we love the look of your sexy body. Make the breakfast as you are.” They all went into the kitchen and Mi started to make breakfast for two. The guys tucked in and complimented Mi on her cooking. So after all was eaten. Jonny asked Mi başakşehir escort “Would you like us to return to the bedroom now?” “If you would like to. That would be good.” Mi didn’t mean a single word of what she said.”Mi have you ever been spit roasted?” “No I have no idea what that is.” “We will show you now.” So Jonny asked Rob “Front or back?” Rob replied “Back.” Feeling slightly considerate Jonny liberally coated Mi’s ass hole with KY Jelly both around and in the ass hole. As soon as that was done Rob took station. Erect cock at the entrance but he waited for instructions. Jonny positioned his cock at Mi’s open mouth. Mi was kneeling on the bed and anticipating a double penitration.Mi was not disappointed. Jonny said “Stick it to her Rob on three” He counted 1 2 3 and they both thrust into the respective orifices. Mi could not make any intelligible noises with a bid cock down her throat ever though she wanted to scream with the pain of Rob’s cock being mercilessly thrust into her ass hole. One continuous thrust is all he took. Fortunately he had lubed it well so once the initial shock of it entering had passed, the fucking was not too sore. Mi was more worried about being able to breath.Jonny was thrusting in opposition to Rob so she felt compressed rather that being forced to sway back and forward ie they were both thrusting in at the same time. This fucking lasted for about 10 minutes before Jonny’s mobile rang. Jonny said “Rob continue as long as you want in her ass. When you want a change you can use her mouth. Mi was horrified by the thought of Rob’s cock that had been up her ass being put into her mouth.Before that happened Jonny came back into the room and announched “Mi, sorry we are going to have to leave you now. I hope you don’t feel too neglected.” “Oh no while I am sorry you have to go we were having such fun, I know your business comes first. Maybe we can do it another time?” Mi said the latter for effect not meaning a word.”Ah good I’m so glad you feel that way. We can definately do this another time. Only next time we will spend the whole day or night. Would you like that Mi?” Not waiting for a reply Jonny and Rob dressed and left.Hope you enjoyed. If you enjoyed be sure to give me a thumbs up at the end of the published story.

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