Mia Unzipped and Shared


I had recently spent two weeks visiting some friends in New Zealand. They had been working there for a year and were almost due to return home, so had suggested I visit while they were still there. My very good friend Mia had gone there with her boyfriend and another of his friends, working on a research project for university. I knew her boyfriend John and had met his friend Ryan a few times back home. Mia and I had been very close at school, never dating each other, but we came close a few times, it just never quite happened.

Mia was lovely at around 5’7″, with long dark hair and the most amazing full figure with beautiful big breasts and nice healthy hips and thighs. She was much admired at school and university, staying in fantastic shape playing all sorts of sports. We had come so close to dating, but she finally met John and although they became a couple, Mia and I reminded very close friends.

One night before they had gone off to New Zealand, I had stayed over at her flat when it was only the two of us and we had slept in the same bed, which was not unusual for us. We had gone to bed after a party and fallen asleep very quickly, maybe a little drunk. When I woke up in my underwear I had a full erection and looking over at Mia, I saw that she had kicked the duvet down as it had been a warm evening. She was turned away from me and lay on her side with her left leg bent up and over her right leg. She had on a loose camisole top which was twisted around and I could see her back and the side of her left breast, almost as far as her nipple. Looking down over her hips and ass with her panties up between her cheeks, it was almost as good as looking at her naked ass. Before I knew it, my hand was holding my rigid cock and squeezing it gently. It was so hot and hard, I felt that if I was to even pull down slightly on it, I might cum. I remember laying there gazing at her beautiful body and imagining cumming on her ass and her panties, still holding my cock with my underwear pushed down very slightly.

As these thoughts were racing through my head, Mia stretched her legs out straight on the bed and turned over onto her back, the side of her breast even more exposed. I quickly reached for the duvet at the bottom of the bed, but her feet were on top and held it down. She turned her head to see my erect cock sticking out of my underwear.

“Well, good morning to you too!” she said.

“I’m sorry, I woke up like this and was hoping it would go away.”

She laughed and turned to me, her face up close to my cheek and said, “You know that if I hadn’t gone to Uni and met John, we might have got together.”

“Yeah I know, it’s just the way things are, I’m cool with everything the way it is and glad we are still friends.”

Mia then kissed my cheek, very close to the side of my mouth and whispered, “Can I help you get rid of that?” looking down at my cock that was still very hard and poking out of my underwear.

I didn’t say a word, then she kissed my cheek again and I felt her hand on my stomach, moving slowly downward. Her moist lips then touched the corner of my mouth and I turned to kiss her lovely full lips. Her tongue slipped into my mouth and we shared the wettest, softest and most sensual kiss I have ever had.

As we kissed, I could feel my shaft stiffen and push up against my underwear, then I felt Mia’s hand slide down over the right side of my stomach and push my underwear down. I immediately moved my hand and pushed down at the other side, feeling the tight waistband pushing down over my foreskin. Once they were down and my cock fully exposed, Mia curled her fingers gently around my cock and held it firmly in her hand, the weight of her arm and hand pulling down gently on the shaft.

“So this is what I’ve been missing out on?” she said, as she held my cock up straight and we both looked down at it.

My cock is close to 7″ long and has a good thickness to it, my pubic hair trimmed short and my balls shaven smooth, I could tell that Mia was quite taken by the sight of it.

“You should be very careful with that you know, it’s loaded,” I said with a smile, but I was being serious as I knew it would not take much at all for me to reach an orgasm.

Mia kissed the side of my mouth again and drew her right knee up over my legs, sliding it up until her thigh was pushing gently at my smooth balls.

“Maybe we need to just let it go off and hope that no one gets hurt?” she said as our mouths connected again in another wet kiss and I felt her hand move slowly up and down my shaft.

Please keep in mind here that I was in bed with my very hot friend, I had woken with a raging hard on and spent some time looking at the side of her naked breast and also at her panties pushed up tight between her ass cheeks. There was going to be no way to make masturbation last any length of time, especially as she was going to do it.

As we kissed, Mia was breathing very heavily through her nose as she started jerking me off. I could not do much more than lay there, but was able to move my right ankara ucuz escortlar hand over and lay it between her thighs on the front of her panties. Once my flat palm touched the thin cotton, Mia rolled over onto my hand and started gently rubbing her pussy against my hand and the mattress.

Feeling the heat of her pussy on my hand and the slight dampness of her panties was just about the final straw for me and I made it clear I was close to cumming I tried to hold her hand still on my cock, but there was no stopping her as she kissed me frantically and rubbed her pussy hard against my hand while jerking my shaft faster and more firmly now.

I opened my mouth to let out a gentle moan as I felt my orgasm building deep within my balls. This only made Mia pull down harder on my cock and she kept kissing and licking at my open mouth.

She seemed to want this as much as I did, so relaxing for a brief moment, I turned my face towards her again as we kissed deeply as she brought me to my first ever orgasm with her.

Knowing it was going to be a huge orgasm, I was aware the cum could shoot high up onto us both, but there was not much I could do or say to prepare.

As my legs tensed up and shuddered slightly, the first cumshot hit us as we were still kissing. I felt it first on my right shoulder and the side of my neck and was sure it must have also hit Mia somewhere on her face. Our mouths separated at that moment and Mia looked down while continuing to jerk me off very rapidly. As is normal for me, my cock continued to spurt large jets of thick white sperm up onto my stomach. Mia had a big smile on her face as we watched and could even hear the cum landing on me. As my orgasm faded Mia kept her hand moving up and down, splashing smaller droplets of cum all over my lower stomach.

“Holy shit!” she said with a giggle as she looked up at me, “that was unbelievable.” It was only then that I saw that some of my cum had hit the side of her head and was in her hair as well as on her neck and cheek.

“Yup, I tried to warn you,” I said as I looked down to see the last of my cum spilling out of my cock and running down over her fingers.

At this point Mia rolled off my hand on the mattress and took her hand off my wet cock. I could see the cum on her fingers and running down onto her wrist, as she wiped it on the sheets, then quickly getting up off the bed, she pulled up my underwear, letting them snap down over my wet, softening shaft.

She pulled on some jeans and said I could use the shower first, then continued to pull on a top and left the bedroom. I had really hoped to stay that morning and fuck her, but it was not to be. I showered then we said our slightly awkward goodbyes, knowing that she was off to New Zealand in a couple of days and that I wouldn’t see her for some time.

I can’t tell you how many scenarios have gone through my head about that morning, mostly while masturbating. I have imagined fucking her in so many positions on that bed, that I can’t even count.

So fast forward almost a year and there we were in New Zealand, just a few days from coming home. John and Ryan were getting a different flight from Mia and I, as she was going to see her parents before meeting back up with John. I still lived in the same city as Mia’s parents. We had left it too late to party too hard as the flights were early, particularly John and Ryan’s flight. The sleeping arrangement suited me, as both John and Ryan were in one room, due to their middle of the night flight, with Mia and I in another room. There were two double beds in our room, so I wasn’t too hopeful of repeating our previous encounter.

During our night out of dinner and drinking, I had noticed John and Mia being very touchy and intimate, with lots of hands on her hips and waist as well as random kissing. However, something that I could not figure out was that I also saw Mia doing this with Ryan. If you didn’t know who she dating, it would appear to change throughout the evening or you might think it was both of them.

I noticed it less as the night went on and forgot all about it as we headed back to their apartment. It was a short walk back and once inside, John and Ryan went to shower as we were much later than planned and it seemed they might need to stay up and head for the airport.

Mia and I went to our room and she sat on the end of one of the beds. It was only then that I noticed how amazing she looked and what a sexy outfit she had been wearing all night. It looked like something from the 70’s and was basically a sage green velvet jumpsuit, with long sleeves and flared bottoms. It had a gold zipper running from the crotch right up to her breasts. As she lay back on the bed, I could see her full breasts damp with sweat from our energetic night out and the zipper had moved lower, almost exposing her breasts. My eyes followed the thick gold zipper down over her stomach and I was surprised to not see it ending, but instead seeming to go between her thighs and continue around under her crotch.

She lay there elvankent üniversiteli escortlar and of course I had many different thoughts, but decided to get into my bed and see what might happen if John and Ryan were to leave soon. I got down to my underwear and into the other bed, watching a Mia’s breasts heaved up and down with her deep breaths.

“You okay?” I asked.

“Yeah, just exhausted,” she said, letting out a long slow breath.

I lay on my side looking at her, still hoping the others would leave soon, when suddenly the bedroom door opened and John entered. He was only wearing shorts and his hair was wet from the shower, then after looking over at me briefly, he knelt down beside Mia at the far side of her bed. I could hear them whisper, so I turned away and lay on my back, my slight erection fading.

“Are you crazy,” I heard Mia whisper to him.

John then replying, “It’s gonna be a whole fucking month Mia.”

She then let out a long slow breath and said nothing else that I could hear, but I did hear him say, “I don’t care, he can fucking watch if he wants.”

At that very moment I heard the slow click of her zipper being pulled down and turned my head slightly to see John pulling it halfway down her belly and slipping his hand in over her breasts.

I saw Mia turn her head, but I quickly closed my eyes and turned my face away as if I was already asleep.

I could then hear her breathing and turned slightly to see the two of them kissing as John fondled her breasts.

I kept my head turned towards them and watched as they kissed and John caressed her beautiful big breasts, seeing her nipples stiffen. John eventually taking one of her nipples into his mouth and sucking on it, before moving to the other.

At this point I saw John stand up and pull down his boxers, his erect cock springing up towards his stomach, looking very hard indeed. He took the gold zipper and lifting it up off her skin, then started pulled it down over her belly and I watched as his hand kept going carefully down over her pussy and between her legs. Then opening the top of her jumpsuit, her naked breasts were now fully exposed and he made his way with his stiff cock swinging in front of him to the end of the bed.

It was only then that I fully realized what was about to happen. I was about to see him fucking Mia on the bed right next to me, really only a few feet apart. I guess he really wanted or needed a final farewell fuck as he wouldn’t see her for a while.

As John bent down and took hold of Mia’s legs, he raised them slightly, before pulling the zipper around under her, reaching the end of the zipper and exposing her pussy to him for fucking. Another realization was that this amazing green velvet suit, was clearly made for fucking and quite likely was indeed from the 70’s. My cock was rock hard with anticipation and I was hopefully to get something out of this tonight, even if just to watch and jerk off.

Once John was in position and poised to fuck Mia, she turned towards me and smiled through the dim light.

“You alright if we do this here?” she half whispered.

“Go right ahead, don’t mind me at all,” I said.

Then as I was beginning to consider kicking off my underwear in the bed, Mia patted her hand on her bed and said, “Come on over here beside me.”

I slipped out of my bed and knelt on the floor between the beds, my stiff cock pushing out the front of my underwear. Now that I was closer I could see again what a stunningly full figured body she had and to see it unwrapped the way it was under the soft green velvet, opened like a parcel, was just incredible.

I had almost forgotten about John, until I saw Mia’s breasts shake slightly and realized that he had penetrated her already and was about to start fucking her. I looked down over her soft belly and saw that her pussy was completely naked, then as John was fumbling around between her legs, his cock sprang up out of her pussy. We both looked down and I was amazed to see how curved upwards his shaft was and just how rigid and throbbing the head was. John took the shaft and bent it down between Mia’s thighs and penetrated her pussy again, this time starting to fuck her with some firmer thrusts. I turned back to Mia and placed my left hand on her belly, before slowly moving it up under her left breast and cupping the underside in my hand then softly running my fingers up and over her nipple. She had turned to look at me now and I smiled as I reached over to her right breast and fondled it in the same way, leaving both nipples standing erect and a deeper red colour.

I was surprised to see Mia’s breasts suddenly start shaking move violently and looked down at John. His face was very red and he was staring straight ahead at the wall, occasionally looking down at Mia, but he was keeping a steady rhythm of quick, firm thrusts into her pussy. I knew this couldn’t last long, but almost as soon as I started to think about whether he was going to cum and if he was going to shoot his etimesgut vip escortlar cum into her or not, he leaned forward letting out a long groan. His hands went to each side of Mia on the bed and there was no mistaking he was ejaculating into her. After what could only have been a couple of cumshots inside her, he sat back and pulled his cock from her pussy, then leaning forward, he started to jerk off over her pussy and belly. I kept my hand on her left breast as his thick sperm shot up over her belly and between her breasts, splashing across the top of her right breast and nipple.

He let out a long breath as his weaker cumshots spurted out onto her belly and down over her bald pussy.

I gazed at the thick cum on her nipple as it glistened without moving, then watched as the cum on the underside of her right breast slid down and pooled with another cumshot on her soft skin.

As John held Mia’s legs open, I saw him reach down and then heard the tiny metallic clicks of the zipper being pulled up over her pussy. He then stood and laid Mia’s velvet covered thighs gently down onto the bed, then moved up to the far side of the bed and taking the zipper again, pulled it carefully up over her cum soaked belly until her breasts made it difficult to close. He then leaned over to kiss her briefly. I took this opportunity to push down and remove my shorts, exposing my own stiff cock, that was ready to cum at a moments notice.

John whispered something in Mia’s ear and walked out of the bedroom naked. I looked up at Mia as she turned her head and said, “You might need to wait you turn, they both particularly love fucking me in this jumpsuit.”

I was puzzled what she meant, but could not agree more that this velvet fuck suit was indeed the sexiest thing I had ever seen and I loved the idea that she was covered in cum under that fine, soft velvet. I could see some dark patches appear on the light green velvet as some of the cumshots started to soak through, mostly on her lower stomach and around her pussy.

“Will you kiss me?” she asked quietly.

“Sure I will, but I would really like to do more than kiss you tonight Mia,” I replied hopefully.

“Don’t worry, you will, just best to wait until they leave.”

I moved up the bed and we kissed quite an erotic kiss, my cock pressed into the side of the bed, wishing it was her pussy I was pushing against.

Just then the bedroom door opened and Ryan walked in naked with his cock fully erect and he was jerking off slowly.

“This will be quick Mia, we really need to get going.”

“Fine with us,” Mia said, “I don’t want you guys to miss your flight.”

I then watched Ryan follow the same steps as John had, just a short while ago. He lifted the zipper up gently off Mia’s skin and pulled it all the way down to expose her wet belly and pussy, then moving between her legs, he raised her thighs and pulled the zipper all the way down.

Holding her thighs open, Ryan wasted no time in penetrating her cummy pussy and starting to fuck her with short, hard thrusts of his hips.

I prepared to see the same scenario unfold and was more ready this time to watch her getting covered in another load of fresh sperm.

I moved down the bed a little to get a clearer view of her pussy getting soaked in more cum. The image of her bald pussy, shiny and wet with sperm and the thick gold zipper tracks and soft green velvet framing it on either side of her open thighs, was something I will never forget.

Kneeling naked now on the end of Mia’s bed, I placed my hand on her left thigh, feeling the soft, warm velvet as Ryan started fucking her. Stroking up and down her thigh, getting close up to her pussy and then down over her thigh, holding it and helping to keep her legs spread open.

I lightly ran the fingers off my right hand along the brass teeth of her jumpsuit zipper, then carefully slid my hand across her belly. As soon as my fingertips touched the warm sperm, I felt my cock head expand even more. I let my fingers move around in the cum, amazed at how slippery it felt on her skin.

Mia now had her head raised up and was watching as Ryan fucked her and I gently caressed her cum covered belly. Her belly moving in time with Ryan’s hips as he pumped fast into her. I knew he was very close to cumming and I was determined to stay close and watch, maybe even touching Mia’s pussy after he pulled out.

Then with her belly and breasts shaking as she was being shunted up and down on the bed, Ryan started to cum inside her. I stayed close and held her thigh as I watched the base of his shaft pulsating and throbbing, knowing that he was shooting another few loads of sperm into her pussy.

I looked up briefly at Mia, who had her head tilted back and her mouth open, then I moved my right hand down over her wet belly and started to slid my fingers around just above her clit. I saw Ryan reach down to take his cock from her and fully expecting him to still be cumming, I moved my hand away.

I was not to be disappointed as he laid his cock head on top of her wet clit and pushed forward, pressing his cock down hard against her. At that moment several rapid cumshots sprayed up over her belly, pooling together to become a thick puddle of sperm, filling her belly button and sending small streaks of cum running down her sides and soaking into the velvet.

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