MICHELE’S NEW LIFE – CHAPTER 51ACHAPTER 51A: MARIE COMES FOR A VISIT, PART 1Life continues to be interesting for us. I guess it couldn’t be much of a surprise for a family made up of one man, three women and three dogs. And they are all active sexual partners. The addition of Stella to our group of active ‘extended family’ members to go with Harry and Juli has made for some interesting times together. Helen continued to pursue her interest in horseback riding and has steadily gain expertise as a new rider. Juli is convinced that our girl could accomplish anything she put her mind to. What a pity she was so restricted and limited in her developing years.The kennel business continues strongly and the word of mouth recommendations that we were so nervous about before has been the best business approach for us. We even put a sign out at our driveway to make it a little easier for clients to find us. We still make it very difficult for anyone to just drop in on us. They only get to the visit stage after a series of vetting by phone and email, then often a personal discussion at a site neutral if we still have some concerns. But, we are finding, training, and matching dogs with female partners on a regular basis. We have also found that more and more women are looking for some personal guidance in the art of performing with their K9 partner. We continue to get a wide variety of expectations from both women and couples. Many only want an occasional playmate to have a kinky release with and fulfill a fantasy of sorts. I am not wildly excited about this group but I have been convinced that it isn’t up to me and we merely provide a good service and trained dogs. If they don’t take full advantage of what they get, it’s their loss. But, still … just as long as there is no indication the dog is harmed or frustrated in the process. Once the dog has experienced sex with a woman, to fall back on the care and attention of a mere pet must be very confusing for the dog. Sometimes he is a sexual partner, but most of the time he is a pet.The Sheriff and his wife did return and were matched with a dog. These are the experiences that are the best. A couple that really will appreciate having a well-trained dog for a frequent partner in their sex life. It was also very good for Helen. Sarah, the Sheriff’s wife, was so impressed by watching the commitment ceremony that she insisted Helen handle their requirements. And Helen did great with every aspect of the service required. The woman has been back a few time with the dog for pointers and questions. Once, Helen volunteered to show the woman how she would do something so the dog could feel the difference and the woman see its reaction to the difference.Helen continued to spend time with Stella and bring her over to the house on occasion and sometimes joining Harry and Juli for a bigger ‘family’ BBQ. She even had it at her place once.So it was a pleasant surprise and welcome change to the routine when I got a call from Marie asking if she could come up for a visit.“Marie, of course you can come for a visit. We’ve been offering that to you forever.”“Like we’ve been trying to get you guys back down to the island.”“Okay, true, but we’ve been there several times and you’ve never been here. When were you thinking?”“Soon, very soon … like next week?”“I love it. Things were getting a little normal around here. Your visit will be what we need for a diversion.”“One more thing, though, from Carlos, you all are requested to spend Christmas to New Year’s here at the estate. Per Carlos, that is non-negotiable. He also said to bring the dogs, there are three now, right?”“Wow, a week in paradise?”“Plan on being here on Christmas Eve day and staying through New Year’s week. That will be a week and a half. That’s more than enough time for a girl like you to get into trouble.”“Heh! Be nice … Okay, I’ll have that talk with Tim and the family so we can be down there. Helen is going to love it! You let us know how and when you are getting in and we will pick you up. I’m so excited, Marie, I can’t wait to see you!”It wasn’t until I ended the call that I wondered about the comment that we should plan on bringing our dogs with us. Mr. R had two dogs, why were we bringing our three? Maybe to make it easier for us to manage getting away without the worry about them being cared for. But, that hasn’t really been that hard with Juli next door and Bob if we needed them kenneled. Oh, well … it was better to have them with us. A week and a half would be a long time to be separated.Mom and Helen were excited about both pieces of news. Helen had heard all of us refer to the island, the estate, and Mr. R, Anthony, and Marie. She was looking forward to finally meeting one of them in person. And the idea of a long visit on the island … well, she had never been out of state before we went to Key West. This would be even better and more exotic. Suddenly as Mom and Helen talked about the prospect of going, I remembered the special seat on Mr. R’s private jet and I shivered. The others hadn’t noticed my shiver so I didn’t want to think about it too much, but I did wonder if it was still on the plane or if he had it changed out with my absence of late.I called Tim at work and left a message. I knew I would have to. He spent so much time on the phone with managers at the USA sites. He has told me many times to just call his assistant and she could interrupt him, but I didn’t want to be one of those wives that inserted herself in the business world of their husbands. I could leave a message and wait for his return call. My day was a lot less busy than his.That night we had a lot to talk about at dinner. To mark the occasion, Mom made a fish meal that we had the last time we were on the island. She couldn’t get the type of fish or some of the accents but she did really well on such short notice. She really is an amazing cook. Left to me it would be back to peanut butter sandwiches. Well, maybe not quite that bad, but it would be a drop off from her abilities.We all dressed differently for dinner. We came to the conclusion over time that it was nice to coordinate occasionally as something special, but it was also good to dress separately and in ways that reflected our personalities and feelings at the time. Of course, we often found ourselves checking each other out as we got ready, out of curiosity and for some inspiration. Tonight, Mom was dressed a little conservatively in a floor length gown in light blue that was not quite completely sheer given the two layers of material. Her nipples were plainly visible as the material pressed over them but much of body was a hazy image rather than distinctly visible. Of course she had no underwear underneath and also left off stocking. She did include high heels which were nearly a fixture for us anymore. Tim loved the way our legs looked in heels and the way our walking in them made our breasts jiggle and our hips sway just a little more. I was wearing my favorite baby-doll that was definitely sheer and tied just below the waist. Without underwear, I was visible when the material parted as I walked or when sitting. The stockings and heels matched the gown in white. Helen surprised both of us, and Tim later when he arrived. She was dressed in black stockings and heels, a black choker around her neck and large dark hoops in the ears. It was very attractive and very obvious. The combination of Key West and everything that occurred there and the commitment ceremony had real effects on our girl. She was still somewhat reserved in public and with strangers, or most anyone outside our family, but within the family she was loosening up dramatically. Tonight’s approach being an example.We were in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on the dinner and sipping some wine since everything was essentially done. I smiled at Mom while addressing Helen, “I really like your gown selection tonight, Helen.”She looked at me and returned the smile. She put her fingers to her hips like she was taking hold of the edges of the material, moved her hands out about six inches, and did a cute little curtsy, “Well, thank you ma’am.”“You are really finding your comfort in all of this.”“With you guys, yes. Watch out, I’m saying it, again. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I just love my life!”Mom put her hand on my shoulder and we just smiled at her. We couldn’t help but think about what she was now: it was only seven months ago that our girl came to us as an abused, scared, completely insecure girl with no large world experiences to rely on. Now, before us was a loved and loving, competent, independent young woman who was building and treasuring new experiences and relationships. A thought or feeling flashed through my mind and I wondered what it would have been like to have brought a c***d into the world and guide him or her along in life. Despite my obsession with sexual pleasure, giving and receiving, I thought I would be a great mom. So I turned to my own and crushed her with a hug.“My, what brought that on?”“Mom … I love you so much and I was/am so lucky to have you as my mother.”Tim was pleased with the transition in our dressing as much as we enjoyed being individuals in our selections. It was funny, though, when Helen went into his arms for a hug and very passionate kiss that he told her, “Helen, I really like your choice in gown, tonight.”She looked up at him with a smile and a glance back to me, “Hmmm, seems to be nearly the exact comment from your submissive wife.” She gave him another kiss, which was cheating, grabbed his hand and led him into the family room for some time to wind down with casual talk before dinner. He had a bourbon and we stayed with the wine. Yes, we go through a lot of wine.Mom was with Tim on the loveseat tonight. Helen was crossing and uncrossing her legs and completely distracting Tim from any conversation. Mom pointed at her and gave her ‘the look’ that mothers can give, “Behave yourself over there, young lady.”She just giggled and did it one more time. Then she turned to me, partly to quiet Mom, “Michele, tell Tim about the phone call today.”He quickly responded, first, “That’s right, I had a message from you and I completely forgot to call. I am sorry, honey. What was it about?”“It was about the phone call I received today from Marie. She had two things of importance to share. First, she wants to come to visit next week for the entire week. I told her’ finally’ and to let us know the details and we’ll pick her up. Second, we are instructed, by Mr. R, to spend the Holidays on the island at the estate. This is a family invitation including our dogs, for us all to spend the Holidays together, with them.”“Interesting. He’s been asking a lot of questions about us, lately. He must feel the subtle approach isn’t working.”Helen didn’t know the man but knew we admired and respected him. “What kind of questions?”“About you, how you are doing with the adjustment. Nobody would believe how you have grown into this family so easily and quickly. He knows you are important to us and he is just keeping tabs on things that are important to us. Then, there are always questions about Barb, how she is handling life after the divorce and jokingly wondering how she is coping with living with a woman like her daughter.” He said it with a big smile and we all laughed. But Mom was blushing and it wasn’t the joke part, it was his concern for her. Tim was directing most of his attention to Helen and me so I was sure he hadn’t noticed. That was an interesting response from her.We moved the conversation to the dining room table and dinner. Everybody was ready to return to the estate. Especially Helen who had never been to any place like that. Tim pretended to relent to our enthusiasm but the reality was that he thoroughly enjoyed the life on the island, too. “Well, I better make the arrangements tomorrow when I get to the office.”I looked at him, then diverted my gaze to the fish on my plate. I moved it around on the plate, then, “Tim, will we be taking the private jet?”“I’m sure we will.” He looked at me and smiled, “Ohhhh, are you concerned about your special seat on the plane?”“I wouldn’t categorize it as ‘concerned’, but … it did cross my mind.”He laughed. “I would think so after some of those trips.”Helen watched us intently but had no idea what we were talking about. “What? Tell me.”Tim offered, “Carlos modified one of the seats on the plane and it is strictly Michele’s. The difference is … well, I don’t think a verbal description could do it justice. You’ll have to see it.”Mom added, “Travelling on the private jet with your sister is quite an experience.”Helen just shook her head. She could see no more juicy details were coming until the actual trip. But I was watching Helen and so was Tim. I couldn’t get over how erotic it was to watch her as she sat there naked. When she leaned forward in conversation very naturally, her nipples would sometimes press into the edge of the table when she was slumped just a bit and she leaned far enough forward. Very erotic. I must be horny tonight knowing Marie is coming. Another female body to pleasure and enjoy. That conversation was a little off, though; it was almost urgent, as if her visit was more important than just a visit. Well, we’ll find out soon.I was surprised to hear that Marie was coming in on a commercial airline. We met her at baggage claim at our international airport. It would be tight in the car with all of us but no tighter than the night Tim put all three of us naked in the backseat. That was fun. But there was no chance of that happen this time. Marie was very reserved sexually and we have to introduce her to Helen carefully for Marie’s sake. Actually, thinking about it, I wasn’t sure how many details Mom knew about Marie’s experience. It certainly is a primary element in knowing her and appreciating where she is today compared to that prior life. But, she is sexually inhibited as a result. She has only opened up sexually with me. But, with me she can have fun and I hoped I could give her that while she was here with us.We were waiting by the conveyor belt for her flight and a few passengers started arriving and waiting. I look up at the escalator bringing passengers bursa escort down from the upper level when I spotted her. I was dressed in a full, but very short skirt and buttoned, sleeveless blouse, and heels (of course). Helen was dressed similarly and Mom was in a similar outfit but her skirt was a little longer.I touched Helen’s arm and pointed to the escalator and starting running while waving wildly to Marie. She got to the bottom a little before I arrived and she braced herself. I went into her arms and she was able to twirled me around with the energy of my coming into her. People were watching and smiling at us. I hugged her, again, then kissed her.“Michele, it is good to see you, too.” She was laughing.“I am so happy to see you, Marie. I have been so excited to show you the world I live in up here. It’s a lot drier than what you’re used to, but I hope you’ll have fun.” I put my arms around her neck and hugged into her again. “Oh, I’m so happy to have you in my arms, again.”“Careful, Michele, with that short skirt and you hugging me this way, you’re probably showing the entire baggage claim area you panties.”I took her hand and led her in the direction of the rest of the family. “Oh, no. Nobody gets to see my panties.” I leaned into her as we walked, “I still don’t wear any.”“Did Tim select your clothes, again?”“Of course, he did. Who would decide to go out and let their bare ass get exposed?”“You. You would. I remember Amsterdam, Michele.”“Hee hee, yeah, that was fun.” We were at the others. I leaned into her, “But, I am not the only one. Check out this young thing.” I pulled her into our group and introduced Helen. “Marie, you certainly remember my Mom … she was the other naked bride that day.”“I very definitely remember that!” She gave Mom a hug, “I want to get to know you much better, Barb. I hope this week gives us that chance.” She stepped to Tim and gave him a big hug. “Hi, handsome. Have you been taking good care of my girl?”“We all have, Marie. And you look wonderful. Welcome.” He kissed her on the cheek and she returned it on the lips, just a peck, but this was new and she seemed tentative.“Marie, this sweet, young thing is Helen, my sister.”“Hi, Marie. I am so happy to meet you at last. Michele talks about you in such a gentle, loving way. I just knew you would be wonderful.”“Michele’s sister?”“It’s a long story but I will share it later.”Marie looked into Helen’s eyes and smiled softly and took her into her arms and softly said, “I have one, too, honey. From the little I have heard, we might be a little alike. We’re going to talk and get to know each other. I want to very much.”Marie described her luggage and Tim went to retrieve it. I huddled us together and looked around the area. “Marie, you asked who would be so bold as to flash their bare ass wearing such a short skirt and no panties.”“Only you, Michele.”“Would you say Helen’s skirt is as short on her as mine is on me?” She agreed. “Show her, honey.”“Here, in the airport?”“You did it on the streets of Key West.”“On the streets of Key West I was completely naked. Oh, okay.” She lifted her skirt to her waist, baring not only her ass to people behind her, but her pussy to us.Marie threw her hand to her mouth which had opened at the sight. “You guys! Michele, you’re corrupting this poor girl. But I love it!”In the car, Tim had Marie in front and we took the backseat, again. Tim warned us, though, to not embarrass Marie on her first night here. We giggled and Marie looked puzzled. To change the subject I asked her why she flew commercial.“Carlos needed to get to the East Coast for some problem out there. Boy, was he hot. He got me as far as Dallas and apologized profusely but it was unavoidable.”Tim was curious. There were a couple of Rodriguez companies on the East Coast. “What was the big emergency?”“Something about both companies not performing. He was hot. Apparently, they lowered their projections, again. He was upset after reviewing their performance over the weekend.”“This is a tough year, I even have a company that is struggling to meet goals.”“Tim, I pity those guys out there if he is like this tomorrow morning. He went on and on about your companies. I am sure Anthony has had more of an earful on the next leg. He doesn’t know what to do except maybe clone you.”Mom reacted, “What? He said what?”“Clone, if only he could clone, Tim. That might be his exact words. Just a heads up, Tim, for ammunition for your next review, he said, ‘I wish I had a whole management team like Tim’. There you go, handsome.”Tim chuckled. His boss, the CEO and Chairman of the Board of a multi-national conglomerate, was singing his praises. “I don’t suppose you got that recorded?”“Sorry. But, it is good to know, right?”Helen was following it all, “Wow, Tim! Way to go, stud.” She put her hand to her mouth and whispered to me, “Does she know about us, the family?”“She does now.”When we got home it was late and Marie was tired. I offered to sleep with her in the guest bedroom, but she politely declined. She had a lot to think over and wouldn’t be very good company. We should go about our normal routine and she would catchup with us in the morning. I had to admit, at least to myself, that I was a little disappointed. It had been so long but I could wait one more night.The next morning started out like she wasn’t even visiting except that the guest room door was closed. She didn’t come out of the room until almost 9:00 AM. That seemed odd because it wasn’t what I remembered based on previous experience. I only had to presume that she had been awake much of the night because of the concern she expressed to us last night. While waiting for her to rise, I made a commitment to myself to find a way to help her with whatever it was that concerned her.I was on the patio with my laptop catching up on some emails and ideas for the kennel. Bob had been pushing for a marketing plan that would protect us, and him, but still somehow reach out to potential new client. I reminded him of the forum on the internet that seem populated by people really interested in a****l sex. I was sure most of the people were curious about it rather than really active, but if some of the curious turned into active, that might be a potential for us. The site was b**st Forum and many of the stories were excellent. There was also an area of the site for people to make contact and the user name approach allowed for some anonymity for as long as it was needed. I was responding to another member through the Personal Message system on the site which was a safe method of communication when Marie entered the kitchen.Before I could respond, she was opening the patio sliding door. I stood up and walked to her, giving her a heartfelt hug and kiss on the cheek. “Good morning. You must have had trouble sleeping last night.”“It was kind of rough, but I think I have it worked out.” She looked me up and down, “I see you like to save on laundry expenses.”I smiled, “Yes, I still do. I just love the feeling of nudity.” I took her outside and sat her at the table. “I’ll get you some coffee and something to eat. You said you had it worked out. Is that a conversation for just you and me or should I call the other two back?”“I think this is all of you. It could have been just you, Michele, but since I am here with all of you, it will impact you all.”“Sounds mysterious. I’ll call them and then get you taken care of.” I grabbed my cell phone from the patio table and went into the kitchen. I called Mom and Helen to see if they could join us on the patio. Then, I grabbed the coffee pot, cups, and some pastries and returned to the patio. Outside again, I saw the door to the kennel open and Mom and Helen came out. They were naturally naked and talking expressively including hand motions about something and suddenly burst into laughter.“All three of you like the nudity feeling. I suppose you are going to expect me to join you.”“That, my lovely friend, is completely up to you. We are comfortable being naked while you are dressed. If we make you uncomfortable, we can put something on.”“No, I’ll decide for myself, but you guys do what you normally do.”Mom came and pulled Marie up for a hug. Helen was right alongside them, “Marie, can I have one of those, too?” Marie smiled at her and pulled her right into a big hug. Her hands stroked Helen’s back to her lower back. “Welcome to our home, Marie. The way Michele has talked about you I have sometimes been jealous, just a little.”Everybody sat down and we all had another cup of coffee with Marie. She had a couple bites of pastry and asked, “Helen, Michele has told me a little bit about you but not much detail. I felt she was teasing me, or enticing me to come for a visit. What’s this about you being sisters? And, heck, I’ll just ask it, since everyone is naked around here and you all disappeared together, are you all … with Tim … how do I politely ask this … intimate, sharing?”Helen chuckled, “Sorry, usually it is me who can’t get those types of questions out. It’s nice not to be the only one. Let me answer the second part first, it is shorter. Yes, we all disappeared, as you put it, to the same bedroom. It is a very large bed. And, yes, since last fall, we share each other sexually.”Mom added for clarity, “Last fall was when our little innocent here gave her virginity to Tim when we were in Key West for Fantasy Fest. After that is when it was decided that she should share our bed instead of being separated from us.”Helen concluded that discussion with, “Once I got past that step, the others just fell one after the other. I had experienced both Barb and Michele before, but then it was Tim more, the couple next door, and then the dogs. Oh! That reminds me, you have to see the pictures and video from Fantasy Fest. What an erotic treat that was.”She chuckled at the youthful enthusiasm. “I would love to, probably in a couple days, though.” She seemed to get a little serious. “Tell me about yourself and being sisters.”Helen looked at both Mom and I, we both nodded for her to tell it. Interesting that as she started she u*********sly used her arms to cover her exposed breast. We had to prod her some to divulge more detail about her past for Marie to fully understand. When she got to the point in the story of finding us and living with us, her arms dropped and she seemed comfortable with herself, again.Marie waited to the end with only a few probing questions, then reached out and took Helen’s hand and held it for several minutes before looking at her and gave her a smile. A smile of understanding. “We aren’t that much different, Helen, you and I. There is no better or worse kind of abuse. Abuse is abuse. Ours were different perhaps, but we both suffered because of it.” She bent down and kissed the hand she held and looked at it. I didn’t know if I should be concerned or encouraged. Was this stopping her from sharing her concern or was this emboldening her to be able to share. I had to be patient. “I had a sense from little things Michele said or included in messages, that you were maybe a kindred spirit. Hearing your story and seeing where you are in life and your comfort gives me courage, Helen. I came here thinking this trip was something I needed to do and to rely on Michele for primary assistance and support. That remains true, but I can see that you, Helen, could be critically important to guiding me. Barb, you, too, because you surely were instrumental in luring Helen away from the darkness.”Mom reached out to Marie’s arm that still held Helen’s hand, “Michele was amazing in this. Helen will tell you that. I was a mother and that probably provided a safe place, but Michele was the big sister that challenged her to look it in the eye and reject it from controlling her life.”“Well put, Barb. And I have no doubt any longer of what I need to, want to, do. Last night was miserable for me as I continued my second doubts. But being with all of you this morning has already convinced me that I have to follow through with it for my own sake.”Now I was concerned. I rose from my chair and reached across the width of the table to add my hand to those of the others on Marie. It seemed like a ‘healing touch’ exercise, but it did seem to be helping Marie. “Marie, you’ve alluded to this issue several time in the short period you have been here. What is it? Let us help you.”She took a deep breath. “What does Barb or Helen know about my background?” I hadn’t shared but basics to Mom and almost nothing to Helen. “Then let me start there and I need to correct something that I didn’t correctly tell you before, Michele. Not because I was trying to keep anything away from you, but my mind was avoiding it. Let me also start by adding that I have been under some heavy counseling help over the past months. Actually since late spring, ironically, about the time you appeared here, Helen. We have certainly taken different routes to recovery. I wish I had had your route available to me. But, that’s why I am here now.”She pulled her hands from under ours and sat back into her chair. We did the same and waited. She was taking several deep breaths and staring at her hands in her lap. And, we continued to wait. This had to be at her pace. Whatever it was she wanted out and how we could help her, I was certain we would do what we could. “Helen, Barb, my life has been a mess. Like you, Helen, I suffered abuse. Unlike you, mine was also sexual, d**gs, and physical. Although, you didn’t suffer that full extent, you were a c***d, not knowing why or for what reason it was happening to you. Mine was different. I was like an adult, late teens, to an adult. I knew why it was happening to me, what the reasons were. Some men knew they could make money off my body if they made me compliant. And they did. They first enticed me with gifts and what I thought was love and care at a time when I was lacking both. Then came the d**gs that took away my ability to think and be rational for my own well-being. And that assumes that I could have, anyway. Then came the sexual and physical abuse. Once hooked on the d**gs they withheld it to coerce me into doing what they wanted. When I didn’t perform perfectly as they wanted, when they wanted, I was physically escort bursa abused. It was an endless cycle of trying to appease them but wanting to be out of it, but then avoiding the beatings when my mind tried to rebel against what I knew was wrong. I definitely knew why it was happening.”She was picking at nothing on her shorts, something to do with her hands, perhaps. “Then one night, my entire life changed and for a time it was nearly as painful. I have come to see more details of that time since the counselling which incorporated some hypnosis. Helen, your salvation was initiated by being kicked out of the house and having snooped to find Michele and Barb’s name in the smartphone. Mine, ironically, was initiated when the men controlling me decided I needed a beating, a particularly brutal beating, in an alley, but too close to the street. But that wouldn’t have been enough. Most ‘good’ people would never interfere and risk their own security and safety. It also required the fortuitous passing of a car with some extraordinary men inside.”She looked at me, “Michele, this is the part that I didn’t have a good memory of. Remember that I was d**gged up higher than a kite and was being brutally beaten. For several years now since then I have had the wrong impression of that night. It is another reason why Anthony will always be even more special to me. But, I digress from the chronology of the story.” She took another breath and was wringing her hands, perhaps feeling the tension of the situation all over again. The sessions with the counselor must have been difficult. “There were two men in the car, one driving and another in the passenger seat. I didn’t know any of that until the car stopped and the men paused in beating on me and I looked up. Nothing happened for a while, or so it seemed to me. The man on the passenger side got out yelling. The other man ran around the car and took hold of him to pulled him back. I thought before that he was trying to leave and avoid a confrontation like ‘good’ people would. I now know that I was wrong in that. When I saw them going back to the car, I collapsed again into the filth of the alley, sure they were leaving and my beating would resume. That must have been what the men thought, because it did start up, again.”She looked up embarrassed, “I did a great injustice to Anthony by coming up with that presumption. In fact, he, Anthony, the driver, was merely putting Mr. Rodriguez back into the car and locking his door. He then turned back to where I was and ran directly into the men. They were surprised as much as I was. I couldn’t tell you what happened after that. I do know that it became quiet and he was helping me up and took me to the car. I looked back only once to see the three men lying on the dirty alley surface. I didn’t care how badly they were hurt, I hoped they were dead.” She looked up at Helen, “Sorry, that’s a terrible thing to feel, but it is how I felt at the time.”“Don’t apologize, Marie.”“The rest is what you know, Michele. Mr. Rodriguez was on his phone calling the police. We went directly to the police station and gave our stories. They got the men, they were still u*********s, and we were all cleared of wrong doing. It took the considerable influence of Carlos to get me out of there.” She gave a weak smile, “I was, after all, just a d**g addict prostitute.” She then detailed her coming to at the Rodriguez estate, her withdrawal from the d**gs, and recovery from the beatings and sexual abuse. She didn’t know how many times a doctor and nurse came to the estate to care for her. She now works for Carlos and still stays in the estate main house.It was nearly noon by this time and we took a break. She apologized for taking so much time and we asked about Helen’s school schedule but Mom and I agreed this was more important. She had never missed a minute of class time and there were no tests today. Mom prepared a quick salad for lunch. While that was happening I asked Helen to show Marie around the kennel building and into the back. Marie seemed to be pulled to Helen as a fellow survivor who had fared better afterwards than she had. I thought there was a strength in Helen she was trying to tap into. They returned to the patio holding hands. One naked and the other dressed.After the lunch, we got to the point of what she hoped to receive from the visit. And I was blown away. “So, yes, there is a lot more to my wanting to come here right now than to say ‘hi’ and see your home. And, it is lovely and ideal for you all, by the way. You can be so free here without interference.”“A lot like the estate.”“Yes, exactly, and that is why I am here right now. Why I said it had to be right now and why you have to come and spend the Holidays with us.”“I thought you said Mr. R made that mandatory, non-negotiable.”“He did, but at my encouragement.” She laughed. “It was pretty easy. He wants you two down there with Tim and he wants to finally meet Helen. So, it was easy to get that past him without him wondering why.”We had walked to the back of the property and sitting in the tree shade next to the stream in a tight circle. I touched her knee, “So, Marie, what is the ‘why’? Tell us so we can work out how to help.”“How you can help? … you’re going to laugh, honestly. What I need is so easy for you guys. It was my identity at one time. Michele, you know how deeply I feel about Carlos and Anthony. And now, after learning how Anthony came to my aid that night, I feel even more so for him. Anthony has always been my protector, now I know just how much he has been. But my feelings are much, much deeper for him now. And for Carlos. I owe them so much.” She looked up quickly at me, “Don’t say it. I know neither one would agree with me, either. That’s another reason I love them so much. They give so much, expecting nothing, and accepting nothing.”“Except that you be the person you are. And after what you have been through, that is quite a gift.”“Perhaps, but they deserve more. So, I have made a decision. I have anguished over this because you know how difficult this has been for me since I was taken away from that life.” She touched my bare thigh, “Except with you. For some reason with you I can let myself be open. So, I am hoping you can help me move forward.”“You want to be open sexually, again?”“Yes. Why aren’t you laughing? I thought that would seem absurdly simple to you.”“It’s not.” I looked to Helen and she took over the explanation.“Marie, we know how difficult that is. When I came here I was sexually repressed. I was beaten if I DID have any sexual inclination. Even if they thought I might be thinking about it. I was the opposite but it is similar. It took me a long time to accept that I could and wanted to be sexually open. Understand the comical aspect of that as I am living in this environment where two women share a man and two dogs, then there are the next door neighbors and other friends. Not to mention the stories about Europe and the estate parties. Here was a virgin living in what seemed like a swingers’ club.” That broke the tension and we all laughed.I pulled her to me and we hugged. “Okay, that’s the what, now the why. Why do you want this and why the importance of now.”“As I already stated, I owe these two men. I owe them a lot. But, before you say anything, I don’t mean that just because I ‘owe’ them that it is my body that I use to thank them. What I mean is that I love them, respect them, trust them explicitly, and care about them deeply. And I know that it is returned to me in full and has been given to me. I have no illusions about them. Carlos is a traditionalist in regards to women. He doesn’t chase around with women or accept their offers despite what he could generate with his money and power. As far as I know, there are only two women he has been with for years since his wife died. You two. I have no thoughts of winning him someday. He has eyes for only one and even that is a hope for someday.”She took a breath, but before I could pursue the ‘only one’, she continued, “Anthony … dear Anthony. Michele, you saw the way we tease each other. Despite the knowledge that I wasn’t going to ‘put out’, it didn’t stop our suggestiveness. Now that I know that they didn’t just find me in the alley as I thought, that he actually almost killed three men to rescue me … I feel a sexual tension when I am close to him. Michele, I need to find a way to release this and allow myself to express my feelings for them, to allow what will happen to happen.”She looked at each one of us, before continuing, “I want to start the New Year the right way and be rid of my past. That is why I need this to happen now. So, when you come down to visit over the Holidays, you can help me, through your activity, to open myself to Carlos and Anthony. It is not without some amount of fear, however.”I stroked her leg up her thigh to the edge of her shorts. “Because of your past, you mean. Sex was a non-thinking, uncontrolled part of you. You have some fear that if you release yourself, you won’t be able to stop, to control you passions.”She hung her head, “Yes that scares me almost as much as never enjoying sex, again.”Helen inched closer to her in the tall grass, took her hand, and placed it on her own thigh. “We can help you with this, Marie. They led me down the same path. They gave me much more time than we have with you, but I know these women and Tim can lead you to enjoyment and with the knowledge and security that it is yours to give and receive as you want to give it and receive it. I believe that with all my heart.”Marie looked into her eyes and smiled. She moved her eyes down her body to her breast, further down over her stomach, and finally to the hairless pussy slightly open from sitting with her knees open and her ankles crossed. She reached out and gave the girl a kiss, lightly on the lips.Mom was watching intently the interaction of them. “Marie, I know you are able to express your sexuality with Michele. In fact, you are probably already lovers in the true sense, able to give fully and receive openly. I think that if Helen agrees, and I can see that she already does, that starting with her anew would be an excellent next step.”Marie had already turned to face Helen, seemingly attracted to the young woman as a safe partner. I came up behind Marie and took her in my arms, “We all love you here, lover. You know that. Tim adores you. Your choice was perfect to come here. We will move to the rhythm you set for us, like we did for Helen. You are experienced in sex, though, Helen wasn’t. The sexuality isn’t the scary thing for you, it is the emotion and psychological aspects that concern you more. We will move slowly, gently bringing you along.” My hands moved from her stomach to her blouse and bra covered breasts. Helen was watching my hands, then Marie’s face, then my hands, and back to her face. “I have another question, though. How much do you want to experience?”“All of it, Michele. All of it, as much as we can.”“Including the dogs? Including our friends?”“If we can get to that point safely and securely for me, yes. As much as I can.”“Is that why we are to bring our dogs with us? You hope there will be four K9 loving women and Mr. R only has two dogs?”“Yes, yes. I talked him into it. It wasn’t hard. I just said you were such a dog slut that you couldn’t be away from yours for ten days. He believed it, too.”“Marie, all three of us are dog sluts. And you want to be one, too?”“Yes, after … after I am comfortable with you four. Then the dogs, then your friends, if you think it would be right.”“You’ll love them, Marie. Helen already does.”“You are so sure all of this will happen, aren’t you?”“Yes, Marie. I am. Now, I want you to stay here with our girl. Mom and I will be back at the house. Helen, I love you and I love her.”Helen looked up at me as I stood, “I understand, Michele. I’ll take good care of her.” This is our girl talking? But she will. She has grown so much since we first met her about seven months ago. As Mom and I were walking away from them through the trees along the stream, I looked back once to see that Helen had scooted a little closer and in front of Marie, holding her hands.Marie thought the situation was a peculiar turn of events from her expectations. She was the one with years of excessive sexual experience and she was sitting in front of a naked young woman who only months ago was a true virgin. And she was the one who was going to start her journey back to being able to express her sexuality?Marie looked up from watching their hands in each other’s and found Helen watching her closely. “I have to admit, Helen, that I didn’t expect this. For some reason I only thought of Michele guiding me. But, of course, this makes sense. I am already comfortable with Michele and I need to gain confidence and comfort with others.”“Well, I’m a little taken aback by being here for you, too. I mean, it’s not like I don’t know what you are …”Marie got a look of surprise and some shock on her face. Will she never lose that stigma of what she was? She supposed not. How ironic that a society that thrives on sex for marketing a wide variety of products and services, TV shows, movies, and even sporting events, yet for any individual in the society who provides those very real physical services is looked down upon and ostracized. She venture forward, though, “I suppose, but that doesn’t reflect on who I am now, does it?”Helen looked at her questioningly. “I don’t know how it couldn’t, Marie. I’m certainly no expert on these matters, but you … wow. I mean, really, being Michele’s lover and … well, I heard how you … hmmmm, how do I … oh, the heck, why am I worried about the words? Marie, I have heard how you have taken Michele to the highest peaks of orgasms. That you’ve made her scream like she is losing her mind.”Marie smiled in relief and relaxed and chuckled. “I thought you meant …”“What? Oh, NO! Marie, no! I’m sorry, I didn’t … shoot, I’m sorry …”“It’s not you Helen, it’s me. That is what I have to let go of and trust that people I care about and who care about me, truly care about me and not about that stuff in the past.”“That’s what we’re going to do this week, Marie. Listen, I am not an expert. bursa escort bayan You know I am practically inexperienced, in fact. But, I think that sometimes a novice at something has a perspective because it is new that the experienced person loses over time.”“Like what?”“Like what ‘LOVE’ really is. Since I have been here, they have been reinforcing their concept of ‘love’. True love is freely given, without expectation of return, reward, compensation or consideration. True love is unconditional. And, by consequence, true love given to a person worthy of receiving it will also return it the same way.”“So, what you are saying is that if the relationship is truly love, your entering into it completely open and giving should result in a like response of openness and giving.”“Yes! And, here’s the neat part, neither one of them even thinks about it, it’s not a conscious consideration. I also think good sex is very similar. Another thing that is just accepted by these three is that good sex is not a performance issue. Oh, sure, the better your technique might have an effect, but like loving someone, good sex is about letting your love and interest in your partner take over. To focus completely on your partner and his, or her, pleasure. They believe, and I have seen Tim use this thought on us, that sexual stimulation in large part can be intensified by psychological and emotional connections. So, when your partner recognizes that your attention is on his or her pleasure, not your own, he is further stimulated.”Marie shook her head, “You’re not a novice in these matters, Helen. You are so far ahead of me. Now that you explain it, I can see what Michele has provided me, and I can see why Carlos and Anthony are so dear. They have had no expectations on me, they just keep giving. And, yes, that has stimulated in me a desire, a need, to return it to them.” She looked into Helen’s eyes, through the tears in her own. “People think a prostitute has so much sexual experience, but it takes someone who has been truly active for only a couple months to show how wrong that is. Sure, I fucked a dozen or more men a day for years. But I was a fuck-toy. A doll from an adult novelty store could do the same thing.”Helen stood up and put her hands out to Marie and helped her up, too. “What? Are we leaving?”Helen smiled at her and her fingers went to the buttons on Marie’s blouse. “No, silly. Not for a while, yet.” She leaned forward as she continued with the buttons and kissed the woman on the lips, then harder. By the time the last button was undone and pulled out of her shorts, Marie was holding Helen’s face and they were trading tongues. And, both were moaning. Marie shed the blouse quickly and reached behind her back to unhook her bra, slide the straps off her shoulders and drop it to the ground at their feet. Helen’s hands meanwhile were busy on the shorts and dropped them as she lowered herself to remove shoes and shorts from her feet. On the way back up, Helen saw and kissed the pussy of Michele’s lover, soon to be her new lover.Helen elected to stay on her knees and slip her tongue between the woman’s legs. She looked up and smiled. Marie smiled back. “Thank you, Helen.”“Thank me? I haven’t done anything deserving of it, yet.”“Yes, you have. You’ve made me feel safe and secure and loved and cared for. You’ve made me feel that I am important to you, not an object for your pleasure, but someone you desire to pleasure. I think I am beginning to understand how this will work.”Helen chuckled, “Good, then maybe you’ll stop talking and get down here with me and do something about it.”Marie laughed, “So much for not expecting anything?”“I’m just a beginner at this, remember?”“No, no you are not. That comment allowed me to relax even more. Again, thank you. You’re going to get tired of me saying that.”“I am told that I say it a lot around here, too.”A now naked Marie lay in the tall grass alongside Helen, each tentatively touching the other. Helen took her finally into her arms as she rolled the woman onto her back. With first a kiss on the lips, the eyes and back to the lips, her hands slid down and cupped a breast, fondling it and taking a nipple between finger and thumb. She looked in the eyes that were watching her, “Are you okay?”“Much better than okay. I feel like I could stay here forever.”“Yeah, I know what you mean. I bring Kaycee down here for some private time with him.”Marie looked at her with a huge smile. What a lovely and kinky image. This young woman seeking a private, intimate, sexual moment with her dog, right where she was now. “No, not the stream, trees and tall grass. With you, Helen, in your arms. I’m already in love with you. Can we make love now?”“Yes, we can, anytime you want it. I am feeling the same way about you, Marie. But, did you see what just happened? You didn’t need to be pushed or encouraged or manipulated; you freely gave yourself to me to love.”Marie moaned and shivered. Yes, psychological and emotional effects.Helen kissed the woman on the lips, not a peck or briefly or tentatively. This was a kiss indicating what her intentions were for the coming moments. She transitioned into probing with her tongue into Marie’s mouth, rubbing her tongue on her teeth, finding her tongue and dueling with it until one of them would trap the other’s and suck on it. Helen succeed first, clamping down on the tongue as it came into her own mouth with her lips, sucking on it and gently nipping it with her teeth. And, all the while, her hands were exploring, finally, the body of this woman she had heard so much about from Michele, so lovingly and caringly. Marie, in Helen’s mind, was like so many things that were associated with Michele’s experiences; one of the wildly conflicting elements contained within the event, experience, or people. Wildly erotic, taboo, even maybe decadent experiences were still mixed with tenderness, love, and caring. With Marie it had seemed the reverse. Marie was always the tender and loving relationship that would occasionally result in mind blowing peak experiences. Helen couldn’t help to recognize similar things in her own new relationships, especially with Stella that started out as caring and tender expressions for an older woman that turned into erotic mutual enjoyment of each other’s bodies.Marie moved the action between the two of them from the one-sided efforts of Helen to mutual stimulation for each other. She enjoyed the experience of discovery of this new female body and interaction. She found herself getting lost in the process of seeking and discovery, trial and recognition of what worked better, and what caused a particularly sharp gasp or moan of an arousal spike. It wasn’t until later that she realized how quickly she had transitioned to being an active participant and then initiator with this new lover. It was she who rolled the two of them over so Helen was now on the bottom. She then turned to present her pussy to the expectant mouth of Helen while she lowered herself to engulf the pussy she was presented with. And it was she who unceremoniously jammed two fingers into that pussy, curled them up and sought out the g-spot of the young woman. The very action that motivated the same young woman to duplicate her act so her own pussy was being rammed with two fingers and her g-spot stroked insistently. Both women came quickly after that and they found themselves on their backs, heads pointed in opposite direction when Marie simply rolled off Helen, collapsing after her orgasm. Helen struggled to turn with her body still easing through the final stage of orgasm release and moved into waiting and open arms. “That was wonderful, Helen.”“I agree. Can we just stay like this for a little longer? I … like being in your arms.”“Like I said earlier.”“Yes, you did and I agree with that.” Helen lowered her cheek to the upper chest of Marie and with roaming fingers over breast and nipple and lips kissing available skin, “Marie, you are a very special woman who is surrounded by people who love you and care about you. You are right that we are somewhat alike in certain ways. We have both been through experiences that could have left us broken, even shattered except for the people we found ourselves with.”“I am so glad I came up to visit you guys. I feel a lot more confident, already. Maybe it’s just easier with women”“It might be, but you’ll find Tim a perfect man for the first time. He is so giving and undemanding.”“First time? With my background, you’re being generous.”“Not, really, Marie. In many ways it is like a first time for you. You’re not only having to do it for the first time in a long time, but you are wanting to reprogram the responses and reactions of the act. You need to feel the love and care that should be a natural part of love making. Then the exciting, offbeat, or taboo can be incorporated.”Helen stood and put out her hand to Marie. She bent over to brush off dirt and grass clinging to the back, ass, and legs of the woman. Marie chuckled, “Nice, but I think you just wanted to get another feel.”“Damn, too smart for me.” She turned herself around and stuck out her ass, “Here, you can return the favor.” They both laughed, but Marie did take the opportunity presented to her.I was passing in front of the patio door when I spotted them coming down the rise. They were walking slowly, talking and carrying Marie’s clothes. Both were coming toward the house naked and barefoot. The dogs spotted them and made a bee-line for them from different directions. Helen squatted down to pet Cody who got to them first and then Kaycee and Jackson as they arrived. Kaycee moved in between Helen’s legs and I was sure was licking her. Cody moved to Marie and was licking her thigh. Helen then put them all into a sit and the two women got down on their knees. Each dog in turn presented a paw for shaking and then came forward for a pet. Helen was talking to Marie the entire time. Helen released the dogs and the women came to the house and into the kitchen from the patio. They dropped the clothes on the kitchen table and Marie saw that the dinner meal was in full preparation mode.“Is there anything I can do to help?”Mom half turned and smiled, “No, dear. We are a well-oiled machine in our routine. Just sit and keep us company. Or, take a shower, use one of the computers if you want to check anything. We have wireless throughout the house and kennel so take one of the laptops and go wherever you feel comfortable. Please, you’re our guest this week so take the chance to relax.”Mom got dinner to the point where it was waiting for Tim. That meant it was time for us to get ready and that meant we had to decide how dinner dress was going to be handled. I had called him at work to discuss that very issue and he recommended just flowing with Marie’s comfort. So, I brought the issue up, “Marie, we all dress up for dinner but … we can be flexible during your stay.”“Well, I brought a few outfits for dress up. You mean you dress up every night?” Helen was sitting on the table and was giggling. “What so funny?”Helen looked up, “They are struggling how to tell you how we dress up. Our normal attire is a sheer negligee, stockings, heels and our hair done and makeup.”“You wear only negligees for dinner as a standard?”“Well, sometimes one of us will forego the negligee for just stockings and heels.”Marie looked at each of us for a sign that we were pulling her leg. None of us reacted because we were serious and it was our routine. When she saw that, she just shook her head.I added the qualifier for her, “Marie, I talked to Tim and the three of us have talked about it. There are multiple options available from stopping that for this week; to us continuing it and you being dressed, like Tim will be; to you joining us as we would be dressed. Or, some variation in-between and including that it can vary as the week progresses.”“I don’t want you guys to change your routine for me. Whatever you normally would do, I want to be exposed to it and enjoy your lifestyle, at least as much as I can comfortably participate.”“Thank you. Then, we will do what we normally do and you can do what you are comfortable with. Tim is not expecting you to do anything in particular. It is up to you. And, if at some point you want to join us and you didn’t bring a sheer negligee or any negligee, just let us know. You can imagine that we have a variety of negligees to choose from.”Marie elected to be dressed but I knew that was an initial reaction. I felt she still needed to get a little more comfortable with the nudity and sexual expectation element that might be associated with that. Dinner was wonderful, as usual for Mom, and we shared with other, getting caught up on the estate news and our news. A big change for the estate was that George was leaving. He had managed to get a new restaurant. This time, with Mr. R’s support and assistance, he will be the owner and lead chef. The restaurant will be opening in the spring of the next year and the building is currently be remodeled and equipped. It is located downtown in the nice business district which will be excellent for business lunches, but also for the evening crowd with nearby theaters and clubs. It sounds ideal for him but they have been spoiled by having a top chef available for preparing their meals.After dinner was low-key. We did not introduce any active playtime. Instead it was a night of mundane activity for us. We enjoyed continuing our conversation and Marie was shown the family videos of Fantasy Fest. She was not at all surprised that I might do something like that but was quite surprised that both Mom and Helen were talked into it. Helen, elected to take the time for studying and some research online. She was working on something that was still a little mystery, but only because none of us had bothered to pursue it with her. I was pretty sure it had something to do with Dr. Anna but between her Vet Tech program and her part-time with Dr. Anna she spent regular time researching one thing or another regarding a****ls, care, facilities, and techniques. She was doing exceedingly well and I was very proud of her.That second night I didn’t give Marie an option. I told Mom, Helen, and Tim that I would be sharing the guest bed with Marie. She didn’t even hesitate tonight when I followed her into the room and closed the door behind me.* * * CHAPTER 51B: MARIE COMES FOR A VISIT, PART 2 will follow * * * Thanks for reading.

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