Mick and Belle

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MICK O’NEIL – 45-year-old – executive chauffeur with a dubious past

BELINDA LIM – 37-year-old – Singaporean nurse and part time masseuse

I’m exhausted! Another 10-hour shift at the aged care centre, no point going home as I need to start at the massage parlour in half an hour. Sitting staring out at the water I find myself dozing off. Wondering how I ended up in this situation.

Working 2 jobs sometimes three if I include my occasional UBER driving sessions. What choice do I have, since separating from my husband last year and now having to start my life over and continue to pay the mortgage? I am wondering if I made the right decision to leave him, but I couldn’t continue just existing side by side with him.

Suddenly I feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I can sense someone staring at me. I can’t stand being leered at, I don’t even need to turn around to know it’s probably some old creep walking towards me. Why can’t I be left in piece to meditate and dream at my favourite place by the water. From the corner of my eye I see the culprit, I turn my head slightly to confirm my suspicion. He is standing on the boardwalk, I was wrong, he is not old, I can tell without seeing his face. Intrigued now I begin to imagine, he is probably late forties. From what I can see he is tall, probably around 6ft2. He has his hands on the railing, staring down at the water. He is wearing a long sleeve black shirt with the sleeves rolled up, has beige trousers, a black belt and grey boots.

Now I am not as offended about being distracted from my meditation. I can’t explain why my thoughts drifted to trying to remember when the last time was I had an orgasm. I find myself involuntarily leaning back on the rock, soaking up the spring sun, I am starting to have feelings I thought had abandoned me. I can feel myself starting to blush. What the fuck is happening. If I’m not mistaken I can feel my pussy starting to moisten.

Oh Fuck, suddenly he spun around and stared straight at me. Staring intently at me. My heart is thumping out of my chest.

I’m early again. Thirty minutes before I collect my client from the yacht club. As I’m sitting in my car tapping the steering wheel I am wondering if he will be drunk again and I’m wondering if his wife, who is twenty years younger than him, will be wearing underwear this time. I’m also wondering how and when my life became so fucking boring. Since leaving my wife after I discovered she was having an affair with her personal trainer I have been struggling to find any fulfillment in my life.

I need to stretch my legs; the water looks so inviting.

Before I get out of my car I instinctively scan the area, a habit from my years as a covert agent, a field of work I was forced to leave only to become a glorified bodyguard/driver for pathetic old drunks and their oversexed wives. At least they pay me well due to my reputation.

An elderly couple walking two dogs, neither on a leash, two teenagers’ fishing, a lonely looking lady sitting on a rock looking out to sea, wearing a dark blue and white striped skirt, probably Asian.

I get out of my car and walk along the boardwalk. Walking towards the couple with the dogs, one of the dogs reminds me of my own, sadly my only companion these days. I stop and stand looking down at the water, I sense I am being watched. Quickly I turn and notice the lady on the rock staring at me. She is startled that I turned so quickly and awkwardly looks away. She is Asian, looks to be in her late thirties.

I turn back and start to walk towards my car, as I do the Asian lady stands to walk away. I can’t help noticing her shape. Her skirt is tightly hugging her round ass and her cleavage is highlighting her buxom figure. I am momentarily distracted but am alert enough to realise the direction she is walking will have us pass closely.

The couple with the dogs are back on the scene and one of the dogs takes notice of us and playfully runs towards us. I can see the Asian lady is nervous as the dog gets closer. I step forward between her and the dog and reach down to calm the playful canine. As I reach down I can feel her hand on my arm, I turn to her and she looks embarrassed and steps back hastily. “sorry, I am nervous with dogs,” I clumsily reply that I think he was just wanting to play. She is stuttering slightly as she goes on to say that she was attacked by a dog when she was a child.

I don’t know what I said next, I was feeling instantly aroused, I couldn’t help staring at her cleavage. I think I mentioned that I needed to leave and pick up my client from the yacht club. Why did I feel it necessary to divulge this useless piece of information however it prompted her to ask what I do? I said “I’m a driver,” I reached into my top pocket and handed her one of my cards with a parting comment “Let me know if you ever need a lift anywhere.”

I turned to walk back to my car.

How embarrassing! I just grabbed this stranger by the arm in a feeble attempt kurtköy escort to shield myself from the dog. The stranger exuded an air of confidence in calming the dog and my fear was momentarily distracted by the expanse of his shoulder filling his immaculate black shirt. Then as the owner called his dog away we were left standing alone, inappropriately close to each other. I can’t remember what was said, I was a bundle of nerves, something about him being a driver and having to collect his client and him handing me his card. I can feel his stare burning me deep, his eyes gazing down at my cleavage, my shock that this did not make me feel uncomfortable as it should but rather dizzy and a jolt going through my heart and tummy.

Fuck, I can’t stop imagining what would happen if his client wasn’t there and he returned with a picnic blanket and we were making out with the water as our backdrop. Silly thoughts consuming me. But what I am not imagining is the trickle of wetness going to my thighs, that is real.

Dam, what am I? a sexually repressed middle-aged woman? I have always thought that I had a low libido hence sex with my ex-husband was more of a chore rather than anything resembling enjoyment.

I looked down at my hand to realise I was clenching tightly and crushing the card he handed me. Realising my hand was shaking I carefully unfolded the card.

MICK O’NEIL – EXECUTIVE DRIVER and a mobile number – no other information. Silver writing on a black card. What should I do – naturally I will throw it in the bin and put this distraction behind me. Well I’m separated for barely a year and I have so much baggage in my life. I have no time to entertain this attraction or whatever it’s called. However, there is no reason why he can’t find his way into featuring in my masturbation dreams as I have decided that suddenly Brad Pitt is just too short to arouse me anymore and has yet failed to bring me to that elusive orgasm.

As I am about to place the card in the bin I look across the car park to the entrance of the yacht club to see the mysterious driver opening the door of his black BMW as an older man and what appears to be a younger woman stumble into the backseat. As I am staring, I see him close the door and walk around to the driver’s side then suddenly again he stares in my direction and pauses. My heart jumped a beat, I walk away quickly and neatly slide his card into my phone case.

As expected my client is drunk, this time more so than usual. He is stumbling out of the club and I have the door open for him and his young wife who is also quite tipsy. He stumbles into the back seat and she follows and as she does she reaches down to squeeze my cock. “Hi Mick, I’ve been looking forward to seeing you again.” Her flirting with me is becoming more blatant and I can’t determine if her husband is aware of it or even encouraging it.

I walk around the car to my door and instinctively look back across the car park to see the woman still standing where we parted. She was standing still almost transfixed, staring at me. As I looked at her she quickly turned and walked away.

We are not 5 minutes into our journey when the chatty young wife speaks up excitedly , “Hey Mick , Malcolm is asleep already,” I look back to assess the situation and notice she is siting with her legs spread and one foot on the console, from this angle I can confirm my earlier prediction that she is not wearing any underwear. “Hey Mick, you like what you see?” I look back again to see that she now has her skirt fully lifted and she is rubbing her pussy, what I also notice is that she has not followed the almost compulsory trend these days of shaving and waxing. Her pussy was generously adorned with a thick coat of hair, but her lips and swollen clit were profound and definitely not obscured. She was rubbing her pussy vigorously, her eyes rolling back, her hips lifting and gyrating while her elderly husband slept through her shuddering and loud moaning.

“Fuck Mick, I just squirted over your back seat, sorry.” Minutes later she was also asleep making no effort to lower her skirt.

My thoughts were still drifting back to the mysterious lady by the water.

Since discovering 12 month ago that my wife was having an affair with her personal trainer I have condemned myself to an existence of self-imposed exile. My sexual encounters since can be counted on one hand and all have been nothing more than drunken tacky on night stands.

I have thrown myself into my work and drink. I have not really been interested in pursuing any form of intimate contact. However, looking over my shoulder I cannot help feeling aroused by the spectacle I just witnessed in the back seat and the sight of her glistening full pussy lips still unashamedly on display. I reached down to confirm that I had a full erection. Rebuking myself again for allowing myself to be distracted twice today during the course of my work- firstly by the mysterious Asian lady and now the horny sex pot in the back malatya escort seat.

Concentrating on the task at hand our journey takes us past. AVA Day Spa and Massage. An upmarket massage parlour that I am well familiar with as many times recently an increasing number of my clients ask to detour there on the way to or from their destinations. The establishment is owned by a Chinese lady known as Mrs Christie. The place is known for the special service that the clients receive at the end of their massage.

A short time later we arrive at the gated property and as the gates swing open to allow me access to drive in I turn to wake my passengers who were now slowly rousing from their drunken nap. I pull up and get out to open the door for them , firstly she fumbles her way out of the back seat , legs spread then stands and wobbles, holding her shoes in her hand she staggers to the door, “see ya next time mick.” Watching her walk off I am further aroused at the shape of her ass and her full thighs. Next the red-faced slob gets out and stands close to me and boldly states, “you know you can fuck her Mick, I won’t mind, just as long as I can watch.” Suddenly the thought of him watching me fuck his wife dispelled my arousal and i replied with a, “have a good day sir!” Got back in my car and decided I feel like a massage before my next booking.

Although the hours at the massage parlour were flexible, I still wanted to be on time. I have only been doing this for 2 weeks and i am afraid my boss, Mrs Christie, is losing patience with me as it appears that the customers are not providing very good feedback on me. It was made clear to me when I first started that although not compulsory it is at my discretion if I wanted to give the clients a happy ending as i would receive good tips and clients would return and ask for me.

I have not yet been able to bring myself to do this even though almost all of them ask for it. On my first shift 2 weeks ago, I was asked to take part in a duo massage being myself and another lady, a tall Maori gal whom i have befriended and she has taken me under her wing. The client was i guess in his early fifties slightly overweight with an uncircumcised penis. I had never seen this before and although curious it was a confronting experience for me. The client was showering, and we were ushered into the room to dry him off. He then lay face down and we set about massaging his back. My friend then started on his legs and buttocks and was not shy about how far up into she went. I was shocked to realise that she was massaging his balls from behind and rubbing his ass-hole with oil.

He was groaning and soon asked to be tuned over. We wiped down the back of his body with warm wet towels and he rolled over. I know i was blushing. His penis was erect, and I guess must have been just over 5 inches long. My friend again took the lead and as i massaged his fat stomach and saggy chest she went to work on his legs and her stokes went all the way up to include rubbing his balls and his cock.

Soon she was applying more oil to his cock and jerking him off. Within about a minute he let out a painful groan and ejaculated over her hand. When we finished towelling him down he got dressed and handed her a $ 50 tip. I got nothing.

Afterwards she told me, “don’t worry dear, you will get used to it. Just think of the money.”

That was my first day in the massage industry. I have not yet been able to bring myself to offer the “happy ending,” still working on dropping my morale guard, so for now i am having to settle for a very low retainer but with a reducing number of clients asking for me I may soon have to make a decision. I do need the money and the flexible hours do suite my other commitments.

For now, I am dressing into my sarong, standard uniform for this establishment, and getting ready for my shift.

Just arrived at the massage parlour and was greeted by an excited Mrs Christie, she recognised me and the reason for her excitement was the number of clients I had been bringing her lately. “So, who you have today mick?” when I replied that I had no clients that I was wanting a massage for myself she had a puzzled look on her face then quickly regained her excitement and started to fuss over me. “We have very good girl for your massage mick, she only knew but very good, come with me.”

She ushered me down the hall and into a dimly lit room, it was lamp lit which I liked, and the room had a shower, a couch, and a massage bed on the floor, and to my amusement there was Dean Martin playing through the speakers.

“You take shower first! She be in a minute!” She bellowed excitedly.

I got undressed and stepped into the shower. The water was hot, and steam started to immerse me, I leant forward under the hot stream and my thoughts drifted. First to the horny young wife, I was wondering if i should go back there and fuck her regardless of whether her fat slob of a husband wanted to watch or not. Then my thoughts drifted to the kayseri escort Asian lady by the water. I suddenly had a strange feeling of emptiness, like I had lost something special. Then arousal when remembering her touching my arm and the sight of her cleavage. I was imagining my cock sliding between her tits. Then to shake me from my thoughts I realised that my cock was again beginning to harden. I turned off the shower and stepped out to dry myself off.

My desire for a cup of tea before starting was interrupted by a noisy Mrs Christie. “Belle, Belle, you have customer, you the only girl available you need to go now! He in room 3, you need to make him happy! He very special customer, Make him Happy!”

So, I guess the decision has been made for me, it’s time for me to succumb to providing my client with a hand job at the end of his massage. I am so nervous, I want to run out of here now and never come back. Then remembering what my Maori friend told me, “Just think of the money dear.”

I steeled myself and walked toward door 3, forgetting to knock I opened the door and walked right in.

After drying myself I was about to wrap the towel around me when the door swung open. I was slightly startled and fumbled to cover myself, as I did I looked over to see who the intruder was. I felt my knees quiver. “YOU!” It was Her, the lady from today by the water. I am rarely in a situation where I am caught off-guard, but this was one of them, I didn’t know what to do or say, I think if just mumbled something like, “ITS YOU!”

As I entered the room I didn’t want to look directly at him, I could make out he was standing by the shower drying himself. I slowly lifted my gaze to take in his shape, Fuck, the first thing I noticed was that his cock appeared to be semi erect. My gaze was fixed on it, then to startle me from my trance the words “YOU, ITS YOU!” as he quickly tried to cover himself with the towel I lifted my gaze to see his face. I know my heart stopped, I couldn’t breathe, I think I blurted out something like, “DID YOU FOLLOW ME HERE?” Before realising that would be impossible as he left the yacht club before me with passengers.

I had to steady myself, I leant against the couch and tried to catch my breath, I am so confused. What the fuck is happening?

Then some steady words, “Nice to see you again,” I looked at him, the towel now around his waist, his hairy chest still slightly wet, his remarkable shoulders now highlighted by his well-defined deltoids and him staring intently at me.

“How did you find me?” I asked, he replied, “I didn’t know you worked here.”

I needed to calm the situation. I could tell that she was confused and anxious. “How long have you been working here?” I asked. “Only 2 weeks, this is my fourth shift.”

“I am surprised to see you again”, I fumbled.

She went on to ask me, “Why are you here?”

“For a massage of course.” I replied hastily.

I am standing in front of her, now closer as she has wandered towards me, I was taking in the scene. She was wearing a fukin sarong! I could see she wasn’t wearing a bra, her nipples were pointed and if I was turned on earlier today by the encounter with her and her cleavage then now my lust for her is insatiable.

I glimpsed the shape of her thighs and as she turned the shape of her curvy ass. I walked closer to her and was now standing close to her. Impulsively I reached down and placed my hand on her hip. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes to take n the moment. By now I didn’t care that my cock was throbbing with anticipation.

Despite the confusion of the situation, as soon as he spoke, and I heard his voice I became numb. I could feel my nipples becoming erect and disturbingly I can feel my pussy moistening again then quickly I lower my guard and as I see him walking toward me still holding his towel around his waist I have a shot of confidence despite the fact that randomly I introduce a concern that I am wearing an old pair of faded pink undies under my sarong.

He is now standing alongside me, I can smell him, his left hand holding the towel around his waist, I know my pussy is drenched, I can now appreciate his height, I am focusing my stare on his chest and his deltoids and then as his right hand reaches down and touches my hip I feel so tantalised that I just want him to have his way with me, now and roughly.

My arousal for her is something I have never felt before. I take the lead and state rather bluntly. “Well, what are we waiting for? I am ready for my massage.” I can tell she is nervous as she bites her lower lip. She does stutter slightly as she replies, “Please lay face down,” pointing to the floor bed.

“What about the towel?” I ask. She pauses and doesn’t look at me, silently she holds out her hand. I am standing adjacent to Her and take another step closer. I drag the towel away from around my waist and slowly lift it to her hand. He looks down, I have my eyes fixed on her face, I don’t need to look down to know I have a throbbing erection. I watch her as she takes the towel and tries not to look down, then as she does I see her eyes widen when she sees my cock. She looks away and pauses, I move to lay face down on the mattress.

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