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Subject: a mid night naughty This is another story in the saga of Florence and Erica. Obviously it’s all about lesbian love and sex. If that kind of story doesn’t interest you then I think you should leave this site now. It’s also possible that you are of an age that’s no permitted to read such stories and again if that’s the case it’s time for you to leave. The story is mine and should not be claimed by any other person however, if you wish you may copy it to your computer for your own reading pleasure of, if you so desire, you may send it to a friend for their reading pleasure. The story title is “A MID NIGHT NAUGHTY. The author is Erica Milligan whose e-mail address hoo.au I love to hear from readers telling me what they thought of the story, nicely of course, and offering points that I could take into future stories that would improve them. It was very unusual for me to have to get up and go to the toilet during the night so I had no idea what had caused it. I’d gone to bed wearing only a pair of knickers, not the usual pretty ones that I wear during the day but a rather baggy pair in plain cotton. Just a little cooler but I’m sure if Florence had intimated that she wanted sex I would have worn something much more alluring for her. As I wandered back to bed she moved and turned to face me holding out her arms for me. Goodness, it’s only 4 am surely she doesn’t want me at this time of the morning but as I snuggled up to her she said “love me”. I thought it was a question so I’d said “of course I do, we wouldn’t be here otherwise would we?” I’d interpreted her remark in entirely the wrong way, what she wanted was for me to make love to her but being in my night time dopey condition she could have been asking me anything and she wouldn’t have got a sensible answer. She’d wanted me to hold her and make love to her but I couldn’t really feel romantic at that time of the morning and besides my mouth tasted like the bottom of a parrots cage, the chances of me kissing anybody was absolutely nil. She was persistent so I got up and cleaned my teeth, at least now I felt comfortable with myself, and when I returned to the bed I took her in my arms. Better take those baggy knickers off she’d said and I had to agree that they would put off even the most ardent of lovers, whilst they were very comfortable they could not be called glamorous. So, I sat up took them off and threw them on the floor at the side of the bed then dropped myself back to the mattress and asked her what had brought this on, we’d never made love at this time of the morning. She’d had a confession to make, she’d been dreaming and in her dream she’d found Madeline fucking me. Now, you all know that my romance with Madeline had finished sometime ago when I’d caught her kissing Victoria at the Lez Bian caf�. If I was honest with myself I’d have to admit that there were times when I’d thought about Madeline but since Florence had come into my life as an almost permanent fixture I hadn’t given any thought to sleeping with Madeline. Florence had all, or almost all, the attributes of Madeline plus because we were of similar ages I felt more comfortable in her company than with Madeline. So, I suppose you could nearly say that Florence and I were a “married couple”, we weren’t living together but we managed to spend about four nights a week together either at her house or at mine, like now. Having sprung her dream on me I was a bit “put out” because I didn’t think there’d ever been an occasion when I’d given her any inkling that I wanted Madeline again. I was just about to start my protest when she jumped out of bed and threw her knickers on the floor and walked off to the bathroom. Didn’t know what had brought this on, the jumping out of bed and taking her knickers off I mean but shortly she came back and said “I’ll bet I taste bursa escort bayan better now don’t I”? She’d cleaned her teeth too, I hadn’t liked to tell her like everybody else during the night her breath had smelled unpleasant. I had no excuse to stay away from her now did I? But as I went to kiss her she took my hand putting my two first fingers in her wet pussy. One thing dreaming about Madeline has done for me she’d said is got me really in the mood for you and with that she’d pushed me as far in to her as she could. I’d started to make a move in her pussy when she’d said “no, leave it to me” and she started to ride my fingers slowly just lifting her hips and lowering them again but all the time she’d been holding my hand in place. Her breathing was starting to get laboured and as usual when she was aroused her language was not the kind you’d use in Sunday school, too many “fuck me baby” were included in her vocabulary. I’d said let me slip something underneath you, you’re soaking the bed and we have to sleep in it for the rest of the night but she’d not taken any notice of me rather she’d started to move her hips even higher and now she was moving so that she could no longer hold my fingers still, she was driving them back such was the force of her thrusts. As you might have expected I was not immune to the aroma emanating from her pussy and my arousal was now reaching its peak. I’d wanted to move my fingers from her pussy and replace them with my mouth but her strenuous exertions meant that I couldn’t get down to her anyway and her grip on my hand was far too hard for me to escape from. I was now trying to get myself in a position where I could touch myself but lying on my side, as I was, was making it difficult. Whilst I was struggling to free my hand to touch myself she’d said “don’t you fucking well dare, concentrate on me”. What could I do, one hand was trapped under me and she’d got such a firm grip on the other one that I was virtually helpless. Just about this time she’d said “push harder for fuck’s sake” and really started ramming my fingers in her pussy but her pussy was leaping forward at the same time, surely something was going to get hurt if this continued but there was no relief for me, she just kept ramming me into her. She’d let out a long moan, OHHHHHHHHHHH and at the same time her bottom had lifted off the bed and even more of my hand had disappeared inside her. God, she’d said, you’re wonderful, can’t imagine why she’d said that, she’d done most of the work herself, I hadn’t even got a chance to kiss her. Even though her pussy had continued to throb, and with every throb more “cum” had flowed from her, she hadn’t let me remove my hand from her pussy. When I said my hand, that’s what I meant, she was so wet that all of me had slipped inside her, whether that had happened because of the amount of liquid she’d let go or whether during the excitement I’d given a really hard push neither of us would have known. My beautiful woman had lain there still with my hand inside her and her juices leaking on the bed sighing and saying thank you darling, that was just so good. I hadn’t the heart to withdraw my hand from her pussy although I suspect now that she was relaxing she would probably tighten on it and if I left it in her for too long we’d have had difficulty in withdrawing it. Eventually, her hand had withdrawn it and then she’d taken it to her lips and kissed it and sucked it trying to get all the juice from it. That was until I moved my mouth to it and we’d both kissed and licked my hand occasionally meeting somewhere when our mouths joined in a kiss sharing that wonderful extract from her pussy. After she’d relaxed for a few minutes she’d gone to push me back on the mattress and I’d guessed that if I’d allowed it then I could expect her to attack me. Not nilüfer escort at this time of the morning, she may have liked mid night fucks but I had things to do in the morning so I’d pushed her away and turned onto my side indicating that there would be no more hanky panky tonight. But, I was naked wasn’t I so it wasn’t difficult for her to touch my bottom and let her hand wander to my anus. I’d hoped she wouldn’t put herself in there because I don’t like it when I’m `dry”, I definitely need some lubrication first. There was no shortage of lubricant, she’d put her hand in her pussy and slid several fingers in me, I like anal sex but I’d rather it happened after my pussy had made some of it’s own juices, I’m just a bit conscious about whose juices got inside me. Being Florence of course it didn’t make any difference so I bent my body so that my bottom was more available to her and her nice and slippery fingers slid in to her knuckles. Not content with having her fingers in my bottom she began to tease me by twisting them inside me so that as they withdrew and twisted it was almost like a corkscrew action that was reversed as she re entered them again. The next time she screwed them in the opposite direction and as she continued I had no idea which way they’d twist next. I told you I wasn’t immune and whilst I hadn’t intended there would be any sex with me tonight how could I resist her actions. Here I was, thrusting my bottom at her as she proceeded to poke me with her twisting fingers. But, not content with having me like that she flipped me onto my belly and pushed a pillow under me so that my bottom was really stuck in the air, I wouldn’t have made a pretty picture sprawled out like that. However, it had made my pussy visible too her besides my bottom and as her fingers now slid into my pussy her mouth descended to my bottom and she kissed and nibbled at the flesh of my buttocks. As long as she hadn’t bit me I’d been alright but her nibbles turned into not necessarily bites but she drew some of my flesh into her mouth sucking at it. Oh god, this would leave love bites on my flesh for sure, I’d definitely have to wear something longer in the morning or else I could perhaps be showing a bruised bottom to anybody and everybody. I was in for more treatment from her as she slid her arm under me and pulled me off the pillow up onto my knees and with my elbows on the bed and both my bottom and pussy were now clearly in her sights. She’d continued to kiss and suck at my buttocks whilst her closed fist had been at the opening to my pussy, surely she didn’t expect me to take all of that, I just wasn’t ready for it. There had been quite a lot of pressure on my pussy from her closed fist but fortunately she hadn’t persisted with pushing it inside me, eventually I got no more than my two favourite fingers that twisted around as they’d slid into me and twisted again on their way out. She’d paid much more attention to my buttocks than she’d ever done before but now she’d lay down at the side of me lifting my hand from the bed and sliding underneath me so that my tits could hang down to her mouth. She’d taken one of my nipples in her mouth and gripped it with her teeth and then, my god; she’d pushed my shoulders up and away from her so that my tits were now stretched out between her mouth and my chest. Oh fuck, it hurt but she was insistent that she kept her arms at full stretch. Because of the drama being played out with my chest I hadn’t noticed that she’d kicked the pillows out from under me and now my pussy was exposed from underneath. Her fingers had slid into me, no trouble of course, I was soaking wet, and she’d told me to fuck her fingers, she wasn’t going to do all the work, I could do some for myself. I’m finding it difficult to remember all that happened, she hadn’t türbanlı escort been this cruel to me before, but apart from the embarrassment of being put into a position where I either begged her to fuck me or I did as I was told, I was extremely happy. So, here I was, fucking her fingers just as she’d done to my fingers earlier. Slowly, slowly she’d said as I’d tried to move faster but I knew full well that I’d either comply with her directions or else I’d get nothing. My motions slowed almost to a stop and I seem to recall myself sobbing with desire and I tried to lower my face so I could kiss her but her other hand, the one not engaged with my pussy, was holding me at bay. Out of the corner of her mouth she’d told me to open my legs so I’d be lower and closer to her body and a I moved her fingers moved with me not giving me any more length inside me but just drawing me down closer to her pussy. Then she’d removed her fingers and pulled me clit to clit with her and her thrusting had started almost immediately so that from being finger fucked I was now returning her thrusts with vigour and sobbing with pleasure at the same time. She’d now relented and was now no longer holding me at bay so that now besides being clit to clit we were tit to tit and even though my nipples had seemed big before they were now almost inches long and as hard as bullets. Because of our closeness when I had my orgasm I’m sure I filled her pussy with my “cum” but I must have either missed with some or else she just couldn’t take all of what I gave her because I felt it running down her sides. As I finished I flopped down on the bed at the side of her breathing as though I’d just run the marathon but unconsciously my hand had slipped down to my pussy and I was masturbating again. Fortunately, Florence had grabbed my hand to stop me saying that there would be nothing left for the next day if I used “it” all up at once. Thank goodness she had stopped me because I was a little sore when I woke up later. She’d got up well before me and gone through into the main part of the house and organised the kids to go to school. When I’d got up, she’d ushered me back to bed saying that I looked “ill” but I wasn’t, I was just “fucked”, well and truly. Somehow or another I had to find some way that would let me “cum’ more than once, so far every lover I’d had wanted me to “go again” but often this caused me pain so I was reluctant to even try. There had been special circumstances where I’d “cum” twice but it was not very often. Perhaps there was a gynaecologist I could see that could offer a solution but I’d need to see a general practitioner first and I didn’t fancy seeing my usual doctor. I’d rather not tell her that I was now a practising Lesbian, I’m not sure that she’s got a closed mouth. Although she wasn’t as concerned as I, Florence had suggested an alternative medical practitioner, you know the ones, always trying to treat you with magic potions but I was game to try. We tried two and neither of them could offer a suggestions in fact one of them, a Chinese lady, thought I had nothing to worry about, at least I had an orgasm every time I had sex, she claimed that it was an absolute rarity for her to “cum” at any time. Perhaps I should have offered her an evening with Florence and I, she may have enjoyed it. I’m only kidding! I’ve promised myself I won’t worry anymore, Florence seems quite satisfied with what I offer her and on the rare occasions when she lets me make love to her she “cums” several times. She’s told me not to worry because if I “cum” anymore, that’s volume not times, she’ll drown I produce so much of the damned stuff. So apparently we’re both satisfied. I’d noticed that I’d started skimming through the sex advice columns either in the newspapers or magazines. The so called “experts” there have a million ideas but not about multiple orgasms so at Florence’s insistence I’ve stopped looking as she’s said she only has to touch me and I start to get very fluid down below. It’s true, I get so wet that it’s a wonder I don’t make squelching noises as I walk.

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