mid night swim?


mid night swim?So I need you to come over to my apartment complex for a late night swim. I’d like to swim with you under the nights sky fully clothed, let’s jump in with no hesitation no changing into a swim suit. Just us swimming alone being young and dumb, we could get caught any moment so we swim slow and close to one another. I reach over to you and I notice your soaking wet shirt clinging to your big tits, it makes me excited so I swim really close to you so close lotusbet güvenilirmi I brush up against you and you feel my body up against yours. You feel how excited I’ve become and as I come closer I try to be slick. I go to give you a hug but my hands find your butt. And in one smooth motion I squeeze both cheeks and pull you in close, so that now I’m between your legs and you can definitely feel my big cock as its now pressing against you. lotusbet yeni giriş You jokingly ask me “what I’m doing? ” With no hesitation I just kiss you. “okkkay” is all you say then we start kissing really heavily. You don’t notice at first but my hand has moved up inside your shirt to unhook your bra. I want to see them swim on their own. I immediately then pull your shirt off so I can play with them unhindered. You look at me and say “you lotusbet giriş see me, now it’s turn” so I take my shirt off and you have a mischievous look and as I’m pulling it over my head you reach down to my waist and pull my shorts right off of me. Then I look at you with the same look and intentions but you swim away. You won’t get far though the pools not that big and I can swim fast. I catch up to you in the deep end and corner you against the edge and as I get closer you wrap your legs around my waist. But something is different I feel no clothes it is skin on skin and now my big hard cock is pressing up against your pussy just waiting to be invited in. But it’s at that very moment you reach down and give him a pull and squeeze. And tell me???????

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