Subject: Middle School Swim Team, Chapter 2 Title: Middle School Swim Team Installment: 2 Category: Gay, Athletics, Young Friends This story is a work of fiction and depicts graphic sexual content. Any resemblance to real individuals or places is purely coincidental. If you like what you’re reading, feel free to shoot me an email to let me know – I love feedback! If you like my writing, you can also check out my other series “Exploring at Camp Hardwood.” As always, if you can, consider supporting Nifty at fty to thank them for supporting our fantasies and our wanks. Middle School Swim Team, Chapter 2 Monday morning began like any other morning. Which for 13-year-old Sam Johnson, meant it began with a boner. Sam woke up to sun streaming between the gap in his curtains with a full bladder and painfully-stiff morning wood. He reached under his covers and adjusted his cock in his boxers so it could stick upward, which was slightly more comfortable than being stuck to one side. The small act of moving his cock around slid his foreskin back off his head, and Sam felt the distinct sticky slickness of precum on his fingertips. He glanced over at his alarm clock. 6:56 a.m. His mom woke up him at 7:15 every morning, meaning he had just enough time… He slid his blankets off and lowered his boxers to his knees. Out popped his stiff, upward-curved 5-inch cock, begging for attention. He slid a hand around his shaft, tickling his sparse, dirty blond pubes as he stroked. The feeling of his growing bush reminded him of how some of the 8th graders on the swim team trimmed or shaved theirs, and he began to think back to Saturday’s tryouts and the locker room showers. The image of Derek “Donkey Dong” Smith’s 8-inch cock getting stroked by his teammate was burned into his memory. He wondered what it would feel like to hold a penis that big in his hand, or to have his cock stroked by a teammate… and the pace of his stroking quickened as the thoughts of fooling around with his teammates turned him on even more. He could feel the pressure building within his shaft as it lengthened and stiffened, approaching climax… “Hey Sam, wanna watch a movie after school today?” Josh, Sam’s 10-year-old brother, burst into the room without knocking. Sam gasped, startled, and quickly pulled up his boxers to hide his rock-hard cock. Josh stood there, shirtless and wearing only a pair of pajama pants hanging low from his young, narrow hips. His eyes widened and his mouth opened silently. “Am I… interrupting something?” He asked. Sam was bright red with embarrassment and scrambled to find the words to form a response. “No, uh… you’re… nah you’re good,” he finally managed to say. “I can’t today, though. I have swim practice.” “Oh… yeah… that’s right,” Josh replied slowly. His eyes were fixed on Sam’s crotch. While his cock was now hidden beneath the plaid fabric of his boxers, it still poked straight outward, forming a distinct pointed tent. Sam didn’t dare adjust it for fear that the motion of his sensitive cockhead against the fabric would cause him to slip over the edge and cum in his own pants. “Maybe later this week, bud,” Sam said, trying to act normal. “Now get out! I gotta get dressed for school.” Josh smiled and nodded, his mop of blond hair nearly obscuring his eyes. He turned around and left his brother’s bedroom, closing the door behind him, and Sam breathed a sigh of relief. He wasn’t sure if his younger brother had seen his cock, or even if he knew what masturbation or ejaculation was, but he’d sure seemed curious about Sam’s bulge. By this point, Sam’s cock had deflated to a semi and he realized he’d run out of time. He fished a somewhat-clean pair of jeans out of the pile of laundry by his dresser and pulled them on. As he stuffed his semi inside the fly and buttoned them, he resigned himself to another day of getting painfully stiff boners in almost every class. Maybe if he had time, he’d take a long bathroom break…. he’d done it before at Woodland Middle School, and based on the stains in the bathroom stalls, he wasn’t the only one. “There you are,” his mother said when he finally emerged downstairs. “Don’t forget your swim bag; practices start today.” “Ugh, yes, Mom, I know,” Sam replied grumpily, still shaking off the cobwebs of sleep. “And don’t forget you have to get to the pool early! Your physical exam for the team is at 4 pm.” Sam had forgotten that part. He wasn’t sure what a ‘physical exam’ entailed, but he figured it would be just like a boring doctor’s appointment. As the day went on, Sam tried bursa escort to find a gap in his schedule for alone time, but he was unsuccessful. As a result, he finished the school day with what seemed like a permanent semi-hardon, and the “bottled up” feeling of a teenager in the grips of puberty who should be cumming 3 times a day, but didn’t get the chance to. At 3:45, Sam found Kevin near the front of the middle school and the two began the 5 minute walk to the high school pool two blocks away. Ever since tryouts, Sam decided he liked Kevin, a kind, mild-mannered boy who was quiet but friendly when spoken to. He also couldn’t help picture Kevin’s well-above-average equipment even when they were both fully clothed; while Kevin was cute in a nerdy sort of way, knowing he was carrying 7 inches of man-meat made the gangly, taller boy seem more attractive for sure. “Do you know what we have to do for this physical?” Sam asked Kevin as they leisurely strolled down the suburban streets in the crisp autumn air. Kevin shrugged. “No idea,” he replied. “I guess they just have to make sure we don’t have any weird health deformities that will make us die of a heart attack in the pool.” Danny, the redhead 7th-grader on the team, walk-jogged up behind the two boys to catch up with them. “My brother said they check out your junk too,” he joined in with the conversation. “He says it’s so you don’t get testicular torsion in the pool.” Sam and Kevin giggled. “Well, I’m pretty sure my balls are totally normal,” Sam replied. “Kevin’s might fall out of his speedo though!” Kevin blushed, and Danny laughed. “As long as you don’t pop a boner with the doc, you should be fine. That happened to me at my physical last year- it was so awkward.” “Was your doctor a guy?” Kevin asked, curious. “Yeah, thank God,” Danny replied. “At least he understands boners. If it was a chick I would have died of embarrassment.” “Well, good luck today, then,” Sam joked. “Try not to cum on his hand.” Danny chuckled. “Don’t worry – I beat my meat this morning just to be safe. All good down there.” He grabbed a handful of his own crotch to emphasize his point. Sam laughed along with the joke, but started to grow concerned. Based on the number of boners he’d gotten in classes that day, the odds he popped wood with the doctor were not low… The boys arrived at the pool, this time heading straight for the pool deck. There, most of the team had gathered fully dressed to wait for the physical. An informal line snaked down one wall ending at the other end of the deck where the coach’s office was. The blinds were drawn and the door was closed, so Sam assumed the exams were already underway. As the boys approached, Drew, the captain, emerged from the office with Coach Stern. The coach had a clipboard and was checking off a list, and Drew’s jeans were unbuttoned with a bit of his red boxer-briefs peeking out. He buttoned them as he walked out, winking at the 7th-graders as he passed. “Enjoy your exam, fellas,” he said. “See you in the locker room.” Coach Stern looked down the line of swimmers waiting patiently. “Benson, you’re up!” he called out, and Danny filed down the line to the door. He walked into the office and the coach followed, shutting the door behind him. Five minutes later, he emerged, and Coach Stern called out the next name. “How was it?” Kevin whispered to Danny as he passed. “No sweat,” Danny replied breezily. “Doc said my cock was huge!” A few of the boys within earshot chuckled. Kevin looked confused at first, but then smiled once he realized Danny was joking. As Sam recalled, Danny wasn’t the smallest guy on the team by any means, but he wasn’t exactly what anyone would consider ‘large.’ Like any normal 7th grader, he was likely still growing, however. “Johnson, you’re next!” Coach Stern barked. Sam filed past the remaining boys waiting their turn and entered the coach’s office. It was small but well-organized, with two adjacent desks separated by a file cabinet and some shelving. At one end of the office there was a massage table wedged awkwardly between the desk and the wall, which Sam figured they’d set up just for the exams. He was surprised to see the room was more crowded than he’d expected. He figured he’d be alone with the doctor for the exam, but in addition to Coach Stern, the handsome college-aged assistant coach, Greg, was there as well. The doctor looked fairly young as well, probably in his late 20s or early 30s, and he was wearing a white lab coat and navy scrubs. He had light brown hair and the slightest bursa escort bayan scruff of facial hair, and he was wearing a pair of thin wire glasses and a stethoscope around his neck. “Hi– Sam, is it?” the doctor began. Sam nodded. “Nice to meet you. My name is Dr. Rodman. We’re going to do a quick physical exam just to make sure you’re healthy and ready for the season. Ready to go?” Sam nodded and dropped his backpack on the ground. Dr. Rodman patted the massage table next to him, indicating that he should hop up and take a seat. Sam complied. He felt a bit like he was on display with three pairs of men’s eyes on him. Coach Stern leaned against the door, watching closely, while Greg sat at the nearest desk and appeared to be taking notes. Dr. Rodman took Sam’s temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, and examined his chest with the stethoscope. When he slid his hand inside Sam’s shirt, he was close enough that Sam could feel the doctor’s breath on his neck, and he felt a twitch in his pants. Sam was worried, as he was still fully clothed and already struggling to stay flaccid. It didn’t help that he could feel the watchful gaze of Greg, the handsome assistant coach, eyeing him closely. “Everything looks great so far, Sam,” Dr. Rodman said in a kind voice. “Now, I’m going to ask you to take off your clothes so we can do the genital assessment.” Sam looked over at Coach Stern, who nodded encouragingly. Sam slid off the exam table and took off his shirt and unbuttoned his jeans, lowering them to his ankles and stepping out of them. He paused, standing in front of the men in only his underwear, unsure of how to proceed. “Boxers, too, please,” Dr. Rodman said matter-of-factly. After another moment of hesitation, Sam slid his boxers down and stepped out of them, exposing his fully nude teen body. His cock was mostly flaccid, with only the slightest swelling of excitement, and his foreskin still covered his cockhead. Both Coach Stern and assistant coach Greg looked directly at his cock, and Greg made a note in his notebook. Sam wondered if the note was about his penis specifically. Dr. Rodman gently reached out and cupped Sam’s hairless scrotum with his right hand. The second the doctor touched his bare skin, Sam could feel his cock starting to grow, and tried to distract himself with thoughts of baseball stats and science class to stay flaccid. It partially worked: his cock lifted from where it normally rested on his scrotum, but it didn’t rise to its full size or angle. “Turn your head and cough, please,” Dr. Rodman said, and Sam coughed, feeling his balls twitch. “Once more,” Dr. Rodman continued, and changed his grip. Gently, Dr. Rodman swirled his fingers around Sam’s scrotum, fondling each testicle. He ran his fingertips through Sam’s pubic hair, and the sensation made Sam’s cock grow even more. Now it was unmistakably aroused, not pointing north like it did when he was fully hard but right around level with his waist. The arousal caused the tip of his cock to emerge from his foreskin. There was no way the men couldn’t tell he was getting hard, but Dr. Rodman ignored the growth completely. Greg and Coach Stern were still watching closely, and Greg shifted in his seat. Sam thought it might be his imagination, but it seemed that the bulge in his khaki pants was growing as well. “Do you trim or shave your pubic hair?” Dr. Rodman asked. Sam shook his head. After a moment, he looked at Coach Stern. “Uh… should I be?” He knew that some other boys on the team did so and he wondered if it was a team policy to reduce drag. Coach Stern shrugged. “That’s entirely up to you, Johnson,” he replied. “Most of the guys on the team don’t have enough leg hair for it to matter in a race, and trimming the hedges is more of a personal choice. You can always ask an 8th grader on the team for advice if you want.” Sam nodded sheepishly. Dr. Rodman took his hand away from his balls, and stepped back. “Can you please turn around and bend over with your hands on the table?” Sam nodded again, glad to turn around so his growing semi wouldn’t be fully visible anymore. He put his hands on the exam table and bent at the hip so his smooth, pale ass faced outward. Dr. Rodman put his hands on Sam’s hips and adjusted his pelvis downward so his back arched, exposing his cheeks to the room even more. The doctor ran a hand down his spine, assessing its alignment for curves, and in doing so got close enough that his own legs brushed against Sam’s. Sam thought for a moment he felt the doctor’s own bulge pressed against his thigh escort bursa but he couldn’t be sure. Dr. Rodman reached up and pressed a hand on each shoulder to ensure they were level. In doing so, he got even closer behind Sam and this time, there was no mistaking it. A warm, round piece of flesh pressed against Sam’s lower buttcheek. Even through the doctor’s scrubs, he could tell it was stiff and engorged as it was sandwiched between the doctor’s legs and his own. The sensation of the grown man’s cock against his body was the last straw for Sam’s semi. He felt it lengthen and stiffen, assuming its full 5.5 inches and tapping against the underside of the exam table. He could tell his foreskin was all the way back as his sensitive cockhead felt exposed. Dr. Rodman stepped back, and this time he placed a hand on each of Sam’s cheeks. He spread them wide and held them there for what seemed like an eternity. Sam was staring right at the wall and didn’t dare turn around to see the coaches’ and doctor’s reaction, but he could feel his tight pink hole fully exposed, winking at the audience. Dr. Rodman placed a finger on his hole, gently pushing against it but not inserting it inside. Sam was so hard it was painful. And then Dr. Rodman let go. “You can turn around now, Sam,” he said. Sam turned around and looked down sheepishly at his painfully stiff cock. It pointed up at his belly button and the head was shiny with precum. He looked up at Dr. Rodman, who didn’t react and seemed to be completely unbothered by the naked, rock-hard patient in front of him. Sam’s gaze traveled down and he could see the very same bulge that had pressed against his ass moments ago was still there. He looked up and made eye contact with Greg, who was grinning awkwardly at him. Coach Stern still looked serious as ever. Sam’s gaze drifted down, and he could’ve sworn there was a bulge growing in Coach Stern’s pants as well. He looked back over at Greg and there was no mistaking it: the assistant coach, still seated, had a bulge pressed against his left thigh that was straining against his tight khakis. From the looks of it, he was fully hard and *very* well endowed. Dr. Rodman wasn’t done with his exam. He reached back down and gently pulled Sam’s foreskin back over his head, then retracted it back again. The feeling caused Sam’s cock to pulse and twitch. “Do you ever have trouble with your foreskin or experience any pain?” the doctor asked. Sam shook his head. “No, never,” he responded. “My dad taught me to wash it in the shower every day and… I do,” he trailed off awkwardly. Dr. Rodman nodded. “Very good, very good,” he responded. “You seem to be developing normally. And you’re well on your way to having a sizeable adult penis, too,” he added. He pulled back on Sam’s foreskin a few more times, this time with his whole fist. It may have been an exam from a doctor, but the motion was indistinguishable from jerking off. Sam could feel his balls tensing and tried to wish the feeling away with a deep breath. The doctor released his cock and started to pick up his chart to finish his notes. Sam’s cock pulsed again, and he tried to clench his pelvis to stop the inevitable. But it was too late. His dick twitched once, twice, and on the third time, pure white semen began to leak out. Then sprayed. One *thwack*, then another as his cum hit the floor. Sam couldn’t believe it. He’d just ejaculated in a physical exam, in his coach’s office, after only being touched for maybe 20 seconds total. He turned bright red with embarrassment. “Ah, yes,” Dr. Rodman said kindly. “It happens all the time.” He pulled out a Kleenex and bent down, wiping Sam’s cum off the floor. He handed Sam a second tissue to clean himself off. “I’m… so sorry,” Sam muttered. “Huh?” Coach Stern spoke up. “You’ve got nothing to be sorry about, Johnson. Boys your age have quick triggers and are very sensitive. If anything, it means you have a good future in the sport because your testosterone is high.” His practical, matter-of-fact tone set Sam at ease. None of the men seemed particularly bothered by his display; it seemed normal to them. He looked at Greg, who smiled encouragingly. “You’re not even the first guy we saw today who this happened to,” Greg said softly. “And I’ve been there myself when I was your age.” Sam relaxed a bit, and smiled back, relieved. His cock had deflated and he pulled his boxers and shorts back on. “Thanks, I guess,” he replied. “We’re all set here,” Dr. Rodman spoke up, ticking the last box on his chart. “You’re perfectly healthy and should have no problem on the team. Good luck with the season!” He extended a hand and Sam shook it. Then Coach Stern clasped him on the shoulder and walked him to the door. “Great stuff, Johnson. See you at practice.” [end of chapter 2]

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