Subject: Middle School Swim Team, Chapter 7 Title: Middle School Swim Team Installment: 7 Category: Gay, Athletics, Young Friends This story is a work of fiction and depicts graphic sexual content. Any resemblance to real individuals or places is purely coincidental. If you like what you’re reading, feel free to shoot me an email to let me know – I love feedback! If you like my writing, you can also check out my other series “Exploring at Camp Hardwood.” As always, if you can, consider supporting Nifty at fty to thank them for supporting our fantasies and our wanks. Middle School Swim Team, Chapter 7 The season was off to a great start for the swimmers of Northwood Middle School. The team, led by their charismatic captain Drew Stiffey, had won their first two meets against other local middle schools. Coach Stern was tough but fair, and the new boys had all grown to trust his guidance and advance. And Assistant Coach Greg, in addition to being handsome and well-endowed, was a knowledgable and talented swimmer in his own right and had a particular knack for giving technical advice in the backstroke and butterfly. 7th-grader Sam Johnson set personal bests in the freestyle and butterfly in both of the meets, and he was quickly growing closer with his teammates. The hustle and bustle of the first few weeks of practice coinciding with the first few weeks of school meant that, most days, the locker room after practice was more a place of business than fun, but still Sam enjoyed looking at the taught, growing bodies and soapy genitals swinging between legs in the showers. Very quickly, the 7th graders became as comfortable with casual nudity as the 8th graders, and given the raging hormones every 12- to 14-year-old experienced on a daily basis, it wasn’t uncommon to see one or more of the boys sporting a half-chub or even a full hardon walking around the locker room. The two boys Sam paid particular attention to were his friend Kevin and the 8th grader “Donkey Dong” Derek. Derek’s cock hung 5 or so inches fully flaccid, and it was just fun to watch it swing around, heavy and full, as he showered and changed. Kevin was the biggest 7th grader, and the memory of their secret after-practice blowjob meant that Sam was always looking for opportunities for them to continue their shenanigans, although few emerged. Instead, Sam was relegated to closely watching his special friend as he showered, noticing that often the telltale sign of Kevin starting to get aroused was that his foreskin would start to retract from his head. He also kept an eye out for more chances to see Greg, the assistant coach, naked. Neither he nor Kevin or Zach had said anything to the rest of the team about their after-practice shower with the 20-year-old college swimmer, but Sam had busted many nuts in his bed at home thinking about his assistant coach’s perfect body and massive cock. He did notice that he wasn’t the only one who’d taken a liking to Greg- often, at practice, it seemed like many of the boys were competing for his attention and approval. Deep in the thick of puberty, it wasn’t clear whether the boys wanted to be like him, thought of him as an older brother, or were attracted to him. It was likely some combination of all three. Before practice started Monday, Coach Stern walked into the locker room while the boys were getting changed. This was unusual as normally Coach Stern met them out on the pool deck for practice. In fact, Sam had never seen the coach in the locker room and, for the first time in weeks, felt a little embarrassed about another man seeing his sparse dirty blond pubes, dangling uncut cock, and smooth balls as he reached for his speedo. None of the other boys seemed to mind; in fact, Coach Stern nearly ran right into Danny Benson’s bent-over ass in his hurry. He dodged to the side and gave Danny a pat on his right buttcheek to get his attention. “Hurry up and get ready, fellas,” commanded Coach Stern. “I have some exciting news for the team before we get started today.” The boys looked around in confusion and picked up the pace of their changing. One by one, they filed down the narrow locker room hallway and spilled out onto the pool deck. Coach Stern was standing there accompanied by assistant coach Greg and a small, mousy boy with a mop of curly brown hair shivering in a tiny speedo. He was shorter than the shortest boy on the team, maybe 5 foot 2 inches, although his narrow, smooth body looked surprisingly strong and compact. Coach Stern patted him on the shoulder and cleared his throat to get his swimmers’ attention. bursa escort “Boys, I want you to welcome William Bush to the team,” he said. “Will is a 6th grader who just transferred to Northwood from private school. Now, I know that normally 6th graders aren’t allowed to compete in sports, but Will was an accomplished swimmer at his last school and because he’s slightly on the older side for his year, and will turn 12 later this fall, his parents have convinced the administration to let him join.” There was a murmur among the boys as they processed this new news. A few of the less-talented 8th graders in particular looked a little annoyed by the announcement, as a young hotshot joining the team could push them out of relay spots. “I want you to take him in and quickly show him the ropes so he can get up to speed with how we do things around here,” continued Coach Stern. “And I won’t stand for any bullying or different treatment because of his age. Drew – I expect you to make sure he is included and treated equally in your role as captain.” Drew nodded. He looked at Will up and down with a glint in his eye, sizing him up. A small grin spread across his face. As practice began, it became clear that Coach Stern knew what he was talking about when he said Will was accomplished. The small boy darted through the water as quickly as any of the 7th graders, and quicker than most boys on the team at backstroke. He didn’t say much in between reps during the workout, but he seemed to Sam like a nice enough kid, albeit a little quiet. It was hard to tell in the cold splashing water, but it did look to Sam that, despite his small stature, he filled out his speedo quite nicely… Coach Stern blew the final whistle promptly 6pm, and the boys gathered at the far end of the pool. As customary, Coach Stern dismissed them with a brief shout. “Great work today, fellas. Hit the showers!” Sam looked over at Will, who looked a bit shy at first as the boys half-walked, half-ran to the locker room. Then, he grabbed his duffel bag off the bench by the wall and followed the rest of the team to the locker room door. The rest of the team was already going through their normal after-practice routine. A dozen middle school boys walked around naked, strolling into the showers, chatting by the benches, or pissing into the trough urinal. Cocks of all shapes and sizes, from Mikey’s nearly hairless, pointy prick to the meaty python dangling between Derek’s legs, flopped about in the steamy, sudsy air. Sam was used to the group nudity by this point, but as he looked over at Will’s wide-eyed stare, he realized how overwhelming it must’ve been for the team’s newest member. “Will, come shower next to me!” Drew called from inside the shower room. Sam peeked around the corner and saw that Drew was showering on the far side of the three-sided shower room, an empty showerhead to his right. On the other side of the gap, Derek was soaping up his long, floppy cock, occasionally turning to show off his taught buttocks as well. Sam wondered if the placement was deliberate: in order to claim the empty shower, Will not only had to stand between the two tallest, most attractive guys on the team, he also had to walk through the middle of the shower room and show off his body in full view of everyone else. Will stood frozen at the entry to the showers, still wearing his speedo. He looked smaller than ever to Sam, standing a few feet behind him. Then he gulped, puffed up his chest, and lowered his suit. Even though every other part of his small, slender body was hairless, Will sported a patch of dark, curly pubes just below the waistband of his swimsuit. In fact, he had about as much hair down there as Sam, a year older, had, and it was more visible because of its dark color. The cock that hung below it was also more developed than the rest of his body. His scrotum hadn’t descended much, and his plump boy balls still clung tightly to his pelvis, but the penis resting on top of them, while thin, hung surprisingly far down. In fact, he was longer than Sam flaccid. Sam remembered learning in health class that boys’ bodies developed in different ways at different rates. It seemed that, while the rest of his body seemed prepubescent, Will’s crotch area had gotten a jumpstart on the process of puberty. He was lucky, given how much attention boys and men everywhere pay to penis size. Sam wondered whether he was a ‘shower’ or a ‘grower,’ and if the latter, if he was bigger than any of the older boys. Will hesitantly walked into the shower, giving all his new teammates bursa escort bayan a full view of his cock and, once he’d passed, tight, perky butt. Sam followed him in, picking an empty shower on the right side, and looked around to see how his teammates would react to the fresh meat. Drew was nearly a foot taller than the 6th grader, and as such, his thick cock and big, hanging man-balls were closer to Will’s chest than his waist. Will was clearly not used to such displays of nudity, and he couldn’t help but stare at the captain’s shaved crotch, now only a foot away. Drew pretended not to notice. “How do you like the team so far?” He asked the younger boy. Will seemed not to hear the question at first, then shook himself out of his trance. “Uh… it’s cool,” he said slowly. “Coach Stern seems like a good coach. They didn’t really have a good swim team at my last school so I’m looking forward to that.” Drew nodded. “Yeah, we’re 2-and-0 on the season so far, and we have a good shot at making it to states,” he said. “Coach Stern and Coach Greg know their shit, and you can learn a lot from us big boys as well.” While he was talking, Drew re-applied a healthy measure of soap to his crotch, washing it with far more care and detail than was necessary to get it clean. Unsurprisingly, the motion made his cock rise a bit, lengthening and lifting off the saggy, smooth sack beneath. By this point in the season, Sam had seen Drew hard or half-hard at least a dozen times, but he was surprised at the older boy’s brazenness in front of the new recruit. “Are things way different on this team from your last school?” Derek asked from Will’s other side. Will turned to face the other boy and did a very obvious double-take when his eyes traveled from his teammate’s face down to his crotch. Derek also had a semi, but because his penis was so long, it was already close to 7 inches, pointing outward at a slightly downward angle. “Uh… yeah, definitely…” replied Will. “It’s a small private school so… we don’t have big locker rooms and… we don’t shower together.” “That’s crazy!” said Zach, another 8th grader, from the other side of the room. “Showers are the best part of practice.” Zach was washing his hair, but even though his hands were nowhere near his crotch, he was fully bricked up. His thick 6 inches pointed straight at Will, with no curve or angle. Sam looked around and realized what the 8th graders were up to: while none of them acknowledged it, one by one, each swimmer around the room was getting hard, showing off his little soldier to the wide-eyed 6th grader. “So… is this your first time getting naked with guys?” The 7th-grader Tyler asked, standing at the shower next to his brother. He was semi-hard too, his cockhead poking out from under his foreskin. “Do you have any brothers?” Will shook his head. “I’m an only child,” he half-whispered, his eyes darting around the room. “I’ve never seen another dick until today.” Eric, Tyler’s older brother, scoffed with surprise. “Not even your dad?” he asked. Again, Will shook his head. “We’re… a pretty shy family, I guess,” he said. His cock was starting to lengthen as well, his pink, circumcised cockhead almost halfway up and lilting slightly to the left. “Well, you have a lot to learn, then,” Drew chuckled. “And we’re here to help.” “Do you jack off?” Zach asked. He was openly demonstrating the action as he spoke. Will paused and looked around. “It’s okay,” Kevin said gently. Sam looked over to his friend, who often was quiet and reserved in group settings. He had a semi as well. “We all do it.” Will nodded silently, then after another pause, said, “I mean, yeah, duh. Every guy does.” “Can you produce jizz?” Drew asked. His cock was fully hard, a girthy 6 inches, and he was treating himself to slow, regular strokes that had nothing to do with washing. “It’s okay if you can’t,” he added. “I couldn’t jizz until 7th grade.” “Yeah, I can,” Will said, a little indignantly. “I’ve been cumming since last spring.” “Wow, you must be an early bloomer like me,” Derek said. He gave his cock, which had risen to its full impressive 8 inches, a squeeze to emphasize his point. “How big does that thing get?” He pointed to Will’s crotch. Will hesitated. “I’ve… never measured,” he said shyly. “Well let’s see then!” Drew shot right back, looking expectantly at his shower neighbor. Will took a deep breath, then, for the first time, grabbed his cock. It swelled and stiffened, growing in length to 6, then 7 inches. After a few short strokes, he released it, showing off escort bursa a thin but long member that curved upward and slightly left. Although Sam was slightly thicker, the younger boy appeared to be at least an inch longer than he was. “Wow,” said Drew approvingly. “You’re longer than half the guys on the team!” Will looked around to see for himself. Virtually every guy in the shower was fully hard, and several were stroking away without restraint. Derek was unquestionably the largest, and Kevin was next, but although a few of the boys had him beat on girth, Will was at least as long as Eric, the next biggest, and perhaps even a little longer when accounting for the curve. “So are you guys… allowed to cum in the showers?” Will asked, clearly noticing the turn the evening had taken. Several of the boys laughed. “We’ve never been told we can’t,” Drew responded, “but I actually have a better idea.” He shut off his showerhead with a metallic thud. “Let’s have a good old fashioned wank race,” he announced. “Any boy that wants to compete, line up at the urinal.” He strode out of the shower area, still wet, followed closely by Derek and Zach. Sam looked over at Kevin, who smiled and shrugged, then turned off his own shower. One by one, boys filed out of the shower room, including Will, hesitant but clearly wanting to be included. Sam walked into the bathroom area to find his teammates standing side by side, fully naked, at the urinal trough. From behind, it looked as if they were all peeing, but without clothes. The array of buttcheeks of different sizes and heights, but all well-rounded and sculpted by tough workouts, got Sam even harder, which he didn’t think was possible. After a few moments of jostling, 8 rock-hard swimmers stood side by side: Drew, Derek, Tyler, Eric, Zach, Sam, Kevin, and Will. Every single boy was rock hard and quivering, but following Drew’s lead, they stood there motionless, hands by their sides. “Someone count us down!” Drew called out over his shoulder. Tim, watching from behind, did the honors. “3… 2… 1… go!” Each boy began vigorously stroking his cock as fast as he could. For a few moments, the locker room was dead silent except for the sound of sliding foreskins and slapping balls. Between the raging teenage hormones and the head start they’d gotten in the shower, it didn’t take long before several swimmers were close to climax. “Unnnh… ugh… yes!” Zach grunted, then cried out. His soda-can cock was spraying the metal wall of the urinal with pearly white liquid. To his left, Drew was right behind him, launching his own ropes into the communal trough. Then, the sound of boys cumming filled the room, as almost simultaneously, the rest of the team finished their work. Tyler and Eric, standing next to each other, came with the same high pitched moans, followed closely by Kevin and Derek, their large cocks spraying the largest loads of anyone. Will’s cum was more translucent than the older boys, and dripped, rather than sprayed, but his load was unmistakable as he braced himself against the wall. Sam had busted his own load somewhere in there- in the heat of the moment, he wasn’t even sure which of the cumstains littering the wall was his. “Ew, gross, dude!” Drew exclaimed as he turned around. Tim had cum as well, but his load had dripped onto the tile floor of the bathroom. “You animal!” He exclaimed, feigning annoyance while laughing. The tension broken, the boys began to file into the changing area, chatting and ribbing each other gently. “Gentlemen!” a voice called out from the hallway. It was Coach Stern, standing a few feet in front of the doorway to the pool. The whole team lapsed into silence. Coach Stern took a few steps forward, surveying the scene. His eyes drifted from the urinal trough, which was visibly stained with countless streaks of white semen, to the boys in the locker room, many of whom were still half hard, to Tim, who was on his hands and knees, fully naked, wiping up his cum with a paper towel. Standing in the midst of it all, Will was bright red and looked like he was about to cry. Coach Stern’s expression softened a little. “Are you… making our newest teammate feel at home?” He asked. Drew spoke up. “Oh yes, sir, absolutely! He’s one of us now.” A few boys giggled under their breaths. Will still stood there frozen. “Bush, are you having a good time so far?” Coach Stern asked. Finally, Will stirred, a big smile breaking out across his boyish face. “Yes, sir, absolutely.” “Good to hear,” Coach Stern said. “Have a good night, gentlemen.” He turned around and walked back to the door, then paused. Without turning his head, he added one last thing: “And Tim Lawson, if there is any semen on the floor when I get to the pool tomorrow, you’re doing double laps.” [end of Chapter 7]

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