Midnight Blue Part One


Midnight Blue Part OneMidnight Blue was our 35 foot fly bridge cruiser in the eighties, I bought her at a bankruptcy auction for about 30 cents in the dollar best deal I ever made. Right from the start she helped our sex life tremendously, not having owned a boat this size on our first day out on her I asked at the marina if anyone could help me to get to know how to handle her, they told me one of the staff there could help for a small remuneration.Twenty minutes later and $150 of fuel and we were leaving the marina, Anne myself and Steve who was going to show me the ropes. I had to admit handling the cruiser was different from our ski boat but with good tutelage from Steve after two hours I figured I was competent. Apart from keeping an eye on me Steve was keeping an eye on Anne who was now dressed in her bikini and sunbathing on top of the cabin, I’m saying bikini though the scraps of material did little to cover any part of her body much to Steve’s obvious delight.I decided that Anne should learn how to handle the boat for when I had to visit the toilet, bar etc., so I called for her to come up onto the bridge once çankaya escort there I left them to get to grips with the lesson and went down to visit the toilet and get myself a beer and enjoy our new acquisition.Twenty minutes later I returned to the bridge to find Steve getting a hand job from my darling wife, it appeared that Anne’s bikini took his mind of the lessons and his large erection erased any thought of learning to handle the boat instead she decided handling his cock was more interesting.I ended up taking over the wheel while Steve and Anne got to grips on the seating behind me, fortunately there was little traffic on the water that day so I could enjoy the sight of my wife being fucked by Steve. Happily Steve was not at all put out by having a womans husband watching while he fucked his wife, made me wonder how many times he had done it before. On return to the marina Steve got $100 for his assistance, I learned how to handle my boat and Anne was happily satisfied by their lovemaking and Steve looked satisfied as well.I found on later trips from the marina that people were balgat escort always looking for the chance of a trip on a cruiser, friends and strangers. I remember one time we had just loaded up with supplies for a weekend away, two young guys were admiring her lines, Anne’s as well. They started asking questions about her, speed, fuel usage plenty of other questions, being young and not unattractive Anne invited them aboard to have a look around. Now knowing Anne I could see that the guys appealed to her and she had been put out that friends that were supposed to be coming had canceled due to health problems. To cut a long story short Tim and Dave got an invite for a weekend cruise which the quickly accepted, given that the woman giving the invitation was wearing a very tiny bikini and was attractive and sexy. Midnight Blue could sleep six in cabins and another four converting lounges but I was pretty sure that Tim and Dave wouldn’t be sharing a cabin or sleeping alone all the time.An hour out of the Marina Anne was out of her bikini sun bathing with the two guys who were also naked elvankent escort while I was alone on the bridge. I could tell the guys were happy as they both had hard cocks I was happy for Anne’s sake as they were both relatively well endowed from where I was standing Tim had the advantage though not by much and Dave was thicker both were circumcised. The reason why they were both hard, Anne had started flirting with them as soon as they were on board and once naked she had started stroking their cocks to the point that both of them were more than ready to fuck my darling wife. I opened the throttles to the motors and pushed on to Kangaroo Island Dave brought me a beer his cock bobbing about as we hit the odd larger wave, he asked if I minded Tim and himself being with Anne, nice of him to ask, I told him to go and enjoy himself. He rushed down the steps and down to the master cabin to join Tim and Anne an hour later all three were back on the bridge with sandwiches and drinks looking very pleased with themselves. For the rest of the day they would take it in turns Anne with Tim or Dave or all three together it amazed me how much stamina the guys had. By the time I moored in the bay at Kingscote I figured Anne had been fucked a minimum of ten times, by the time I fucked her her muscles had been stretched to the point I could barely feel them and Dave and Tim’s last loads did a great job of lubricating my cock.

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