Midnight Stranger


She didn’t know his name or even what he looked like, this was very common when all your friends seemed to originate from cyberspace. The only thing she knew about the man was that he was six feet tall, his name was David and he was infatuated with her. David wrote erotica stories some short, some novellas, he was famous though no one knew what he looked like, and he was a mystery. He autographed his books with his pen name Xesavolie, she didn’t know if this was a made up name, or possibly a last name. He was very intriguing to her, but she wouldn’t pursue a relationship with an invisible man.

They had met online when she had begun writing her own short erotica stories; he sent her a feedback telling her that she was prolific as well as cute. She checked his profile and finding nothing of his sex she began to read his stories, having only read the first two of them, she made the assumption that he was a female. This was incorrect he informed her when he responded to the feedback she had left him. Melissa had nothing to hide; she put her picture up on her profile and enjoyed the feedback from her stories as well as the feedback from her picture. Over time the anonymity of David allowed her to trust him, he promised to never share anything she gave him. She sent him pictures of herself, some very innocent, some completely devoid of all innocence. He enjoyed receiving her pictures, telling her how he thought her body was amazing.

She began chatting with him on messenger, he would plead for her turn on her web cam for him, the minute she would turn it on, he would tell her how beautiful he thought she was. No matter how she looked if it was the middle of the night or first thing in the morning, if her hair was messy or dirty of she was all fixed up seemingly for a night on the town, he still said she was wonderful. She so enjoyed his flattery that she demonstrated things for him on the web cam, she would take off her shirt for him and massage her own breasts, and the excitement of displaying herself for him sometimes brought her to climax even without touching herself down low. Once a mood stuck her and she pulled her pants and underwear down to the web cam and she held the cam at her pussy and opened the lips up for him to view and began stroking her finger up and down the length of her sex. She so badly wanted to cum for him showing him her ability to ejaculate, but in the end she could not, because she feared she would be discovered.

When Melissa would masturbate or climax from pure excitement David would tell her how hard she was making him and that he would not be able to go to sleep for hours, until his hard on went down. She told him to masturbate as well, but he refused, he wouldn’t tell her why he just wouldn’t. She enjoyed him telling her of how hard she made him, but she wished he would get the same release she caused on herself. She thought that maybe he was saving himself for the time when they would be together for real. She respected his wishes or beliefs and would not pursue telling him to masturbate as well; though she felt sorry for the blue balls she repeatedly gave him.

Melissa lived with her parents along with her three children. She was temporarily staying there until she got her education and was able to afford to get out. She took chances here and there displaying things for David on the web cam, but wasn’t able to show him all she wanted because she feared discovery from her parents. She wanted to move out of her parent’s house badly, but could not afford to get out and pay for her own place. David came up with an idea, he thought that Melissa was a wonderful author even better than himself, so he thought that if just some of the publishers of erotica could just have the chance to view her work that they would love her writing as much as he did himself.

David told Melissa of his plan to release her works to a few publisher friends he had, not wanting to go forward without her express permission. She told him to go for it, but she would not pin her hopes on hoop dreams, if they sold great, if they didn’t oh well, that was life and she would go on. David contacted his publisher friends and told them what a wonderful author he thought Melissa was, and asked them to view her collection of stories. Given that David was already a well-established author himself the publishers gave into his whims, not wanting to upset him and have him pull his stories from their publications. Each publisher viewed Melissa’s stories without much hope of finding a truly amazing author, just someone that David had a crush on. The publishers read the stories and found that David’s opinion was not off base, they thought she was truly good, and contacted David for a way to get Melissa to sell her stories to them, he gave them her contact information and the races were off.

Melissa began getting offerings from Playboy, Penthouse, Playgirl, and various other magazines, begging for her stories. Melissa couldn’t believe her luck she was amazed. She was totally flabbergasted when a major publishing company contacted her wanting her to complete a book of erotica stories istanbul escort for them offering to give her a $10,000 dollar signing bonus. Melissa quickly pulled her picture off her profile attempting to find the anonymity that David had. She accepted each of her offers and the money started pouring in, she couldn’t believe it, she had went from nearly homeless to being richer than her wildest imaginations. Melissa was able to pay off all her debts and was able to buy herself a nice house, not extravagantly so, but a nice house in a nice neighbor hood. For the author page in the mags and for the future book she replaced her normal picture with one of a caricature drawing of her, revealing herself but not completely. She changed her bio from that of a single mom living in the middle of the bible belt, to a bio of a street walker working on the streets of LA, that once her stories began to sell she was able to have a life without selling herself for sex.

Every publication that was printed she dedicated to Xesavolie, the press and other tabloids started to rumor that there was a clandestine affair going on between the two famous authors, both PR firms representing these authors denied any hint of anything other than friends going on between the two major authors. The press clamored for the authors to arrange a meeting together to reveal themselves to the public eye, but each author adamantly refusing saying they preferred their solitude.

Once things settled down for Melissa she moved into her new house and decorated it to her own tastes. Her friends and family members constantly asked how she had been able to achieve her income; she told close friends that understood her completely the whole story having them promise not to repeat it to a single soul. Her parents and sister she told half a story not able to reveal the whole truth, but resting their curiosity. To the rest she made up a story that she had been very studious in her schooling of computers and had received high marks and been able to get a very good job that allowed her to work out of her home on various programs. She actually had retained a lot of knowledge from her schooling and was able to answer any computer questions they had, satisfying them with her story.

The first weekend she had to herself when things slowed and her kids were off visiting their father she got on the computer and contacted David. She apologized for her lack of contact for so long and thanked him repeatedly for his efforts in helping her to achieve her goals. He humbly told her it was no trouble he just wanted to do a favor for a good friend. She told him she wished to repay him, he told her there was no repayment required, but she told him it wasn’t a monetary payment but one of complete exhibitionism, wanting to reveal everything to him that she had been unable to do while living with her parents. Using the skills she had acquired in computer class she had equipped her bedroom with cameras at every angle, she turned on this feature for David and explained to him how he could click on each different angle.

David used this feature to view her at every angle while she sat on her bed wearing a silk robe and typing on her laptop. He asked her how she was going to repay him back she told him to watch. Melissa got up from her bed and took off her robe revealing she had nothing on underneath. David told her she was beautiful, clothed as well as naked, though he preferred her naked. She laid on the bed and proceeded to begin playing with herself, she knew with the different camera angles David could close up on the motions she was making inside her pussy and close up on her breasts watching as she massaged each in turn. The exhibitionism was turning her on to the tenth power, and it did not take long before she was in the throes of orgasmic passion, her juices poured out of her hole and wetted the bed beneath her. When she had finished and was lying there tying to catch her breath, David sent her a message.

David said that there was another way she could repay him for the favor he had given her and also allow him to give her another favor. She was intrigued she asked what this could be, he told her how much she had turned him on and he wanted to be able to please her, numerous times over and over again. She told him to come on over and do what ever you will to me. He said no, he said that from her stories it was obvious that she wanted to have an anonymous sexual encounter, he said that he wanted to be her anonymous lover, letting her experience her fantasy and letting him experience his own by making love to her as many times as she would let him.

She was becoming excited at this thought, she told him that she was becoming very wet, and that she wanted him now. He gave her some instructions he told her to leave a key over the front door of her house and to turn all the lights off in the house. Then he said for her to turn her computer off and go to sleep just as she is naked on top of her covers, and sometime in the middle of the night she would be awaken by kadıköy escort a stranger, and not to be alarmed cause this stranger would not harm her, he would just pleasure her in all the ways he had imagined doing over the last year or so that they had know each other via the internet.

She told him okay and he said he was logging off right now, but for her to be asleep soon so that the stranger could gently wake her up. She logged off the computer, and shut it down and put it away, so it would not tempt her to stay on it, and end up not going to sleep. She then put her robe back on and went rummaging through a drawer until she found the spare key to her house. She walked to the front door and placed a key above the doorframe first looking down her neighbor hood to make sure that no one else was watching.

After the key was placed she closed and locked the door but left the chain lock off so that her midnight visitor could come inside. She then went about her house and turned off each light leaving just the bathroom and her bedroom lights on, the rest of the house was sheltered in complete darkness, she hadn’t even left the porch lights on. She went into the bathroom and viewed herself in the mirror; she hoped that David would like her body in person just as much as he liked it on the computer. She looked at her breasts and wished they were bigger and fuller, not the b and a half size they were, though David repeatedly told her they were wonderful and that she was completely stacked, thought she didn’t know if he was telling her the truth. She looked at her tummy it was slowly decreasing in size as her baby fat from her three pregnancies began to fall off, though it wasn’t happening as fast as she wanted.

Before she had gotten online with David she had showered and shaved wanting to show him a body as perfect as she could get it, she hadn’t thought that she was going to actually get to be with David, but was just going to give him a web cam show. She was excited about David coming over, she had told him so much about her, that she knew he knew every way to please her. She wasn’t sure she’d be able to please him as much since he hadn’t revealed as much, but she supposed with his infatuation with her, that just being together would please him enormously.

Melissa grabbed her bottle of Vanilla Fields perfume and sprayed all the good areas and some others. She brushed her teeth and did all her nightly ministrations. The she shut off the bathroom light and returned to her bedroom. She sat on the edge of her bed and lit up a cigarette, she’d been attempting, maybe not wholeheartedly to quit, for this was one thing that David did not like about her, the rest he loved.

Melissa thought about David and this night ahead of her, she didn’t know if she would be able to go to sleep thinking about it, she wondered how this mystery man would feel how he would please her, she had no doubt he would she just wondered in how many ways. Finally she was done with her cigarette vowing as she snubbed the butt in the ashtray that she would try harder to quit. She stood up and took off the robe, so she would be naked as David asked her to be, and she lay on the bed reached over and turned off the lamp beside her bed. Now the whole house was completely pitch black.

Melissa lay on the bed on top of the covers, and closed her eyes trying to go to sleep. She didn’t think sleep would come, she was too excited and too aroused, but she dare not play with herself tonight she wanted David to have those honors. Thoughts went through her mind like a whirlwind; she didn’t think she would ever be able to shut it off. Her pussy ached and she could feel the growing wetness spreading in her pussy and over her thighs. She tried to think of other things and was unable her mind kept returning to David. She tossed and turned disrupting the covers beneath her, she squeezed her eyes tight, willing herself to sleep. Eventually, Melissa was able to sleep, though her body had fallen into a deep sleep her subconscious mind and dreams were alive with visions of passionate lovemaking. Her body responded to her dreams and the wetness increased and the excitement of her awaited stranger.

A few hours after Melissa had fallen into a deep dream filled sleep, a car drove up her block and parked a few houses down from her own. A six foot tall figure came out of the car avoiding lights or to be out in the open as if he was a burglar. The figure walked up to Melissa’s front door, he did not knock or ring the doorbell, instead his fingers reached up to the doorframe and search for a key there. Once the key was found he opened her front door. Since David had never been inside her house, he had a flashlight with him; he nimbly walked through her house, heading to the hallway. In the hallway he shined the flashlight at three closed doors, and then found two standing open. He shined the flashlight at the first opened door and saw a tiled floor figuring this was the bathroom he headed toward the other opened door. Turning off the flashlight he walked into kağıthane escort Melissa bedroom, he could barely make out the shape of the bed, he knew Melissa would be lying on the left side of the bed since this was were she laid when she had turned on her cameras on the web.

He quietly walked to the left side of the bed and could make out a form lying there. He stopped moving and listened to the breathing, he could tell by the slow breath that she was in deep sleep. He turned on the flashlight hooding it with his hand, and finally was able to view Melissa up close and for real. She was lying on her side in the fetal position, her hands clutched in tight balls around her face and her arms covering her naked breasts. He watched her eyelids her eyes danced back and forth inside, probably having vivid Technicolor dreams. The hand not holding the flashlight went to her shoulder, he softly touched her arm and traced a line down her side stopping in the curve of her hip and then over her butt. This touch caused Melissa to stir, she rolled from her side and on to her backside, and a murmur came from her lips as a softly mumbled David. She was still in deep sleep, her eyes still dancing under the lids and her breathing still regular and slow.

Now David could view her completely he thought she was even lovelier in person than on the web cam. He watched the rise and fall of her chest, treasuring the look of her breasts close up and in focus. He lightly touched one of her tits, loving the soft giving tissue, his hand caressed the nipple, which automatically stood erect. He did the same to the other tit, then he worked his hand down her tummy and over to the mound between her legs. He loved the smoothness of her partially shaved pussy, but even more loved the softness of the tuft of hair left at the top. His hand wanted to go inside those pussy lips and begin caressing inside her, but he thought she might wake up at this, so he stood tall and took in one last look at her. He took in everything, his mind photographing this moment for eternity. Then he reluctantly turned out his flashlight.

David deposited his flashlight at the end of her bed as well as all the clothing he’d been wearing. He made his way over to the right side of the bed, and carefully without disturbing her sat down and scooted his way over to her sleeping form. He lay next to her and wrapped his arm around her body and held her there for a moment, holding her as a man would hold his wife. He inhaled her scent loving the smell of vanilla that seemed to wrap around her, and the buried his face within her hair smelling the delicate scent of jasmine shampoo. Then he met his face with hers and gently kissed her full lips, tasting the bit of raspberry chap stick left on there.

David worked his way from her soft lips down the side of her face and the curve of her neck, and then he made it to her breasts, he gently kissed each nipple, then he swirled his tongue over one of them before taking the whole nipple into his mouth. Melissa moaned out, but still in deep sleep her legs scissor out and her hips thrust upwards as if trying to fuck the invisible man. David continued his efforts on her tits, sucking and licking on with his mouth while massaging and caressing the other with his hand. Melissa started to wake up, her body moving with his actions moving slightly to her side and thrusting her chest out to David’s mouth. Then her hand went up to find a head suckling at her breast, and she automatically began running her fingers though his hair.

Finally Melissa’s mind caught up with her body and she was fully awake. She woke to find a deep yearning with in pussy, her thighs and ass crack slick with all her juices. Then she noticed the figure of a man at her breast, and she was running her fingers through his hair, suddenly she remembered whom this stranger in her bed was, she was thrilled.

“David! You’re here, you actually came,” said Melissa in a sleep clouded voice.

“Shh! Don’t talk,” said the known but unknown stranger in her bed.

Melissa grabbed this man’s head in her hands and pulls him to her face; she locked her lips around his and forced her tongue deep into the depths of his mouth, exploring with her tongue. Then she pulled her face from his and hugged him tightly to her breast. She released him and looked him in what she figured were his eyes though she could not see them.

“David please I want you. I want you inside me, I need you inside me now.” Said Melissa her voice now clearer.

“Not yet, but soon,” said the stranger.

David hovered over Melissa and began to devour her other tit while his hand continued his massages and caresses on the one he had just been sucking. Melissa’s pussy turned from a yearning to an intense ache, her body wiggled under David, she grab the hand at her tit and placed between her legs, spreading her legs wide. David still suckling at her tit, also began running his hand up and down the length of her spread open sex. Melissa was so completely aroused by her midnight stranger, that the minute he touched her pussy her body began to buck and shake. David was surprised that she would climax so fast; he sat up and watched her darkened form as wave after orgasmic wave ripped its way through her body. He centered his fingers on her clit and rubbed it vigorously her body shook from head to toe. Then suddenly something wet splashed his hand and he realized that she had just cum all over his hand.

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