Midnite’s Magic Ch. 06


This is the fourth chapter in the “Midnite’s Magic” series. I am trying to write a chapter for as many Literotica categories as possible. Chapter 1 “Meeting Midnite” inter racial: chapter 2 “Midnite’s Surprise” mind control: chapter 3 “Midnite’s Show” exhibitionism voyeurism: Chapter 4 “Midnite Makes a Friend” lesbian: Chapter 5 “Midnite’s First Toys” toys and masturbation.

Chapter VI: Midnite’s Back Door Delight

Coming back from brunch; I pushed my wheelchair along the sidewalk; following Midnite. I always enjoyed following her because it gave me a great view of her big butt; as it rolled back and forth; like a cork on a wave.

The view was especially sexy today ; as she wore very tight, short, dark red satin shorts. They encased her swaying globes like a second skin; exposing the top of her butt crack; barely covering her ass cheeks. Her top was a matching short pop top that ended just below the bottom curve of her breasts; barely covering her huge tits. It exposed an ample swath of her chocolate colored back and belly. The dark red satin of the outfit and the chocolate colour of her skin; created an erotic contrast. The sexy outfit was completed by a pair of high heeled matching red sandals. Midnite’s ass looked so good it would have given a dead man a hard on.

Nearing our room; I noticed people on the veranda of the room occupied by a German family. There looked to be three people; two women and a man. This morning; when Midnite and I had been putting on our show; I had glimpsed them peeking out from between the louvers of the window. I hope they had enjoyed the show.

Drawing parallel to the veranda; Midnite and I hailed them, saying “Hello! How is everyone today? What a beautiful day.”

“Greetings.” The man returned. We are very fine on this hot day. Would you care to join us?” The man inquired.

“We’d love to.” Midnite and I chorused; as I bounced the wheelchair up the small step to the veranda.

My eyes were immediately drawn to the two bare breasted women. I also noticed that the Man’s gaze was fixed on Midnite in her hot, red outfit.

“This is my girlfriend, Midnite. Everyone just calls me Johnnie or Cool.” I stated; making our introductions.

“This is my wife, Kristine; my daughter, Kandie, and I am Kurt.” Kurt introduced; waving to each woman; as he made the introductions. “Would you like to join us in a rum punch?” Kurt asked.

“Yes, but I only want juice. I don’t like the taste of alcohol.” Midnite replied.

The two German beauties rose from their chairs; busying themselves preparing drinks. As the two lovely women made drinks; I could not take my eyes off their obvious charms. The mother looked to be in her late twenties or early thirties; about 5 feet six inches tall; with short blonde hair; a 37 D bust; flat belly and nicely tanned skin. The daughter was in her late teens or early twenties; about 5 feet 4 inches tall; with long blonde hair that flowed over her 36 C cup breasts. Like her mother; Kandie had a flat belly; long legs; flared hips and a completely tanned body. I was not yet sure if the tan extended to the ladies crotch area, but I hoped I would soon know for sure.

While I ogled the mother and daughter; Kurt’s eyes were glued to Midnite. He stared at her large, firm 38 triple D tits; trying to see through the red satin top. The top hung loosely from the tips of her pointed nipples; barely covering the bottom curve of her globes. His eyes were then drawn down Midnite’s body; to her ample, tight satin encased buns. He was transfixed by the sight of her big, brown bottom and the crevice created by the two abundant ass cheeks. He could not tear his eyes away from the sight. He reminded me of a deer that has been caught in the headlights of a car.

Midnite did not fail to notice the glazed look in Kurt’s eyes. To give him something more to think of; she rotated her hips; causing her broad butt to jiggle. Kurt licked dry lips; in anticipation of more to come.

Setting the drinks on the table; Kristine giggled, “Midnite you have found Kurt’s weakness. He loves to look at; and play with generous dark brown butts. When we saw you and Cool on the porch this morning; he could not drag his eyes from your body. All he could talk about was driving his hard cock up your ass. When you had climaxed and gone into the next door room; he could barely wait to get his hard meat into me. Before I knew what was happening he had bent me over a chair; pulled down my thong; burying his cock up to the balls in my ass. That was one hot ride.” Kristine laughed; as she reminisced. With a mischievous grin; Kristine inquired, “Would you let my husband fuck that beautiful butt of yours? You would be full filling his fantasy. I would love to see you and him together. You visited with the French couple next door;. How about some German back door action?”

“I don’t know.” Midnite replied; hesitation in her voice. “I have never done anything like that. I’d like to try new things, but I’m a little afraid. Would it hurt?”

“O my; your ass is still virgin. Kurt; can you imagine ; a black cherry ass. That pendik escort is more than you could have dreamed of.” Kristine bubbled; clapping her hands with joy. “Do not worry about it hurting. I will make him be gentle; taking it slow. I will help to ease you into the new experience.” Kristine promised.

“Ok. If you help me to make it feel good; I’m ready for a new experience.” Midnite stated; confidence returning to her voice.

Putting her arm around Midnite’s waist; Kristine led her into the room. Kurt followed like a little puppy about to get a treat. The anticipated treat had caused a tent to grow in his shorts. This left Kandie and I alone on the veranda.

Looking at the eighteen year old, blonde beauty was making my own shorts start to form a tent. The way her shiny white g-string bikini bottom clung to her vulva; clearly revealed the lips of her labia and the valley between them. My eyes were torn between the treasures hidden by the thin white g-string, and the exposed, firm, inviting globes on her tanned chest. This was one very hot, sexy teenager.

Smiling; as she licked soft pink lips; Kandie invitingly asked, “Would you like to join the others? Would you let me push you into the room?”

“I would be honored.” I hungrily replied.

Walking behind me the young vixen grabbed the hand grips of the wheelchair; beginning to push me toward the door to the room. Sitting in the wheelchair put my head at the same height as Kandie’s breasts. She took full advantage of the situation by thrusting her breasts forward; placing my head in the valley between her magnificent melons. With each step forward; her breasts rubbed along the sides of my head. All this tit play had caused my manhood to grow to its fullest size.

When we entered the room; Kandie leaned over my shoulder; let her hands drop to my waist; whispering in my ear, “Your shorts look to be very confining. Would you like me to loosen them and give you some breathing room?” Running her fingers over the tightly stretched material; Kandie giggled, “You have something very large trapped in there. I think it would like its freedom.” When Kandie had unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts; releasing my hard on; She gasped, “Wow! You were hiding a magnificent monster in there! Its huge! With my two little hands around it; the head still sticks out. Your girlfriend is a very lucky woman.”

“Thank you.” I mumbled; unable to think of anything else to say; as this nubile, young nymph draped herself over my shoulder; gripping my cock in her soft hand.

“May I play with your monster; while we watch mommy and daddy initiate your girlfriend into the pleasures of the back door?”

Tongue tied; I was unable to do more than nod my ascent. With my consent; Kandie began to slowly rub her hands up and down my shaft; paying special attention to the glands under the head. As she massaged my member; she stuck her stiff pink tongue in my ear; continuing to jiggle her breasts against my head. With Kandie and I enjoying ourselves; we turned our attention to Midnite, Kristine, and Kurt.

Midnite knelt in the middle of the bed; head against the mattress; ass provocatively thrust in the air. Behind her, Kurt knelt on his haunches; mouth and nose buried in the crack separating the ample globes of Midnite’s butt. With his tongue; Kurt was busy laving and probing Midnite’s puckered ass hole; making sure he got it wet and slippery with his spit. With the fingers of one hand Kurt kneaded Midnite’s bountiful butt; while the fingers of the other hand delved into her aroused cleft.

Reclining on her side; Kristine propped herself on one elbow; taking in the seen before her. The fingers of her free hand had slipped beneath the glossy red bikini g-string. From the way the red material rippled; I knew Kristine’s fingers were busy playing with her pussy. The growing wet spot on the g-string and the way her hips undulated made it obvious that Kristine was enjoying her ministrations.

“Midnite, I can tell you are enjoying Kurt’s attentions by the way your pussy is drooling. I think your wet pussy has made Kurt’s fingers slippery enough to slide into your anal passage.” Kristine commented; licking her lips; anticipating the deflowering of Midnite’s ass. “Kurt! Take your slippery finger and try to slide it into Midnite’s butt hole. Be gentle!” Kristine ordered.

Moving his mouth from Midnite’s spit drenched ass crease; Kurt brought the glistening fingers to the entrance of her anal rosebud. Pressing one finger into the slick, puckered hole; Kurt forced it past Midnite’s tight sphincter. Passing through the tight ring; Kurt drove the finger up to the knuckle in her back door passage. Instantly Midnite tensed her thigh and butt muscles.

“That feels strange!” Midnite gasped. “I’ve never felt anything like that before. It hurts a little, but it also feels kind of good.”

“Relax your ass muscles, Midnite. If you do, it will feel better.” Kristine instructed. “Let your ass get comfortable with the sensation of having something in there. Kurt will massage your anal passage. This will help you to relax; tuzla escort enabling you to open up more; allowing you to enjoy the anal sex to the maximum.”

As Midnite became more comfortable with the finger in her butt; Kurt started to slowly work a second slippery finger past the anal ring. Midnite had relaxed enough so that the second finger slid in with greater ease. Kurt was now massaging her inner channel with two fingers. Midnite’s rosebud was opening up; becoming more accustomed to having something inside it. The tension in her body and the consternation on her face was disappearing; being replaced with relaxation and contentment.

“It doesn’t hurt any more. As a matter of fact it is starting to feel good. I can feel little tingles in my pussy; as Kurt moves his fingers around. It feels like he is rubbing my pussy from the back.” Midnite giggled; giving her buttocks a wiggle.

Rising from the bed; walking to the dresser; Kristine said, “It is time to move to the next step in the deflowering of your butt.” Returning from the dresser; Kristine held up a tube and a vibrator for Midnite to see, saying “I am going to put some lubricating gel on this butt vibrator and slide it into your back door. The gel will allow it to slide in easily. It will open you up some more and the vibrations will help to relax you. This will make it easy for Kurt to enter you.”

Sitting on the bed beside Midnite; Kristine put a generous amount of gel on the vibrator. Placing the head of the toy at the entrance to Midnite’s back door; Kristine turned it on; slowly pushing it past Midnite’s relaxed sphincter. Slowly Kristine continued to insert the vibrator; until she had the entire eight inches buried in her anal canal. With this accomplished; Kristine began to slide the toy in and out. The whirring sound and the vibrations had a soothing effect on Midnite. She was really starting to enjoy the rear entrance intruder.

Letting out a squeal; Midnite cried, “Wow! You’re going so deep. The vibrations are making me tingle all over. My pussy is throbbing with the pleasure. Don’t ever let it stop. It feels great.”

“It looks like Midnite is enjoying the attention mommy and daddy are giving her butt.” Kandie whispered; punctuating her words with her stiff tongue probing my ear. “Watching all the ass action is making me very horny. Would you like to use your big cock to do that to my ass? I simply love to get butt fucked. It’s fantastic!” Kandie cooed; giving my cock a firm squeeze; wriggling her lithe body against my neck.

“I sure would!” I exclaimed. I thought you would never ask. I’ve never done it that way before.”

“O wow!” Kandie enthused; jumping for joy; as she moved in front of me. “You are a virgin to the fun of back door sex too. I will be your first. That is simply great. I have never done it with someone for their first time. You are so big!” Kandie cried.

Slipping her fingers under the string of her white bikini bottom; Kandie quickly pulled it over her hips; letting it drop to the floor. Seeing the naked fox standing in front of me; my eyes were drawn to her completely shaved, tanned pussy. My cock started twitching with anticipation at the sight of this luscious young beauty.

“I want you to fuck me in the pussy first. When you get your cock all wet and slippery; you can put it in my ass. It will slide in easily. I have done this before.” Kandie giggled. “Put the arm rest on your wheelchair up. I will then straddle your lap and lower myself onto your huge cock.” Kandie instructed; as I lifted the arm rests. “I am lucky I have my four inch high heeled sandals on. They give me enough height to easily straddle your lap.”

When I had raised the arm rests; Kandie straddled my lap with her wide spread legs; walking forward until the head of my rigid shaft nestled in the valley between the lips of her labia. Placing her hands on my shoulders; she flexed her legs; sliding her aroused cleft up and down my shaft. The dew that had formed on her inner and outer labia lips began to coat my throbbing pole.

Holding Kandie by the waist; I helped her to lower herself onto the cock head nestled between the folds of her slit. Watching my engorged shaft disappear into the soft pink folds of her pussy was making me very hot. I was amazed when the five foot four blonde fox’s pussy had engulfed my entire huge twelve inch shaft. I thought I would have split her in two. Obviously she had done this many times before. I could feel little contractions all along the length of my shaft; as Kandie adjusted to the size of my manhood.

When she had become familiar with my monster; she started to slowly slide her tight sheath up and down my rigid pole. The sensations created by Kandie’s snug snatch were mind blowing. I had to grit my teeth to keep from blasting to quickly. Moving her mouth to mine; Kandie teased my lips with her practiced tongue. Each time Kandie slid her love tunnel down my shaft; she would thrust her tongue deeply into my mouth; teasing and flicking around the inside.

After a few minutes Kandie pulled her mouth off mine, whispering, “I kartal escort think we have made your big cock slippery enough. Now I want you to put it in my ass hole. I can hardly wait to feel that huge monster up my butt. Be gentle; until I get comfortable with it up there; then I want you to slam it to me.”

As Kandie lifted herself off my lap my manhood popped from her clutching hole. Standing, Kandie walked backwards over my lap; turning around when she was no longer straddling my legs. Facing away from me; Kandie again backed over my knees; ass first this time; stopping when the head of my cock nestled in the crack formed by her buttocks.

Holding her under the arms; I helped Kandie to lower herself onto my glistening, slippery, rigid member. Very slowly I allowed my erection to enter her bung hole. There was some difficulty; as my large knob forced its way past her tight sphincter ring. I could hear her let out a little gasp; muscles tightening as my cock head popped past the anal ring. With my knob past her snug entrance, Kandie relaxed; allowing my shaft to easily slide deep into her. I still went slowly; feeling her bowels contract and relax; as my entire length disappeared inside her snug back door passage. Finally my entire length was encased within her tight ass.

“O shit! I cannot believe I was able to get all that monster up my ass. I have never been filled like that before. It feels great.” Kandie cried; satisfaction in her voice. “Now I am going to ride your big cock until you fill my ass with your creamy sperm.”

Flexing her legs; Kandie raised herself off my lap; pulling her ass up the length of my shaft. Just before my knob popped past her anal ring; Kandie slammed her butt down; again impaling herself on my rigid rod. Flexing and relaxing her legs; Kandie pumped up and down on my tool; like an oil derrick.

“Grab my tits! Pinch the nipples! Play with my clit!” Kandie ordered; panting breaths coming in time with her thrusting butt.

While I enjoyed my first butt fucking with Kandie; Midnite was about to experience her first back door intrusion with a cock.

Kristine had removed the butt vibrator from Midnite’s ass; replacing it with the head of Kurt’s cock. Making sure the knob and shaft were well lubricated with the gel; Kristine eased the head between Midnite’s buttocks.

“Take it easy, Kurt. I want Midnite to enjoy ass fucking as much as I do. When she becomes comfortable with you inside her; you can start slamming it to her.” Kristine instructed; giving Midnite’s butt a light slap.

With his thumbs in the crack separating Midnite’s buttocks; Kurt pried her cheeks apart; slowly forcing his swollen knob past her tight sphincter ring. Inch by inch Kurt’s shaft disappeared inside Midnite’s anal passage. Finally, with a grunt; Kurt pushed the last two inches of his manhood into Midnite’s bowels. Crotch pressed against Midnite’s buns; balls tickling her slit; Kurt rested; allowing Midnite to become accustomed to the large intruder embedded in her anus.

“O fuck! I feel like I’m going to burst! You’re so big! I can feel my insides growing. It is starting to feel more comfortable. I can feel you all the way to my pussy. There are little feel good shudders in my bum and pussy.” Midnite moaned; relaxing her sphincter muscles so she could more easily accommodate Kurt’s manhood. “Displaying her superb muscle control; Midnite massaged Kurt’s shaft with her bowels; asking, “How does that feel? Do you like the way I’m squeezing your cock? I’m going to squeeze every drop of juice from your meat.”

” O shit, Midnite! You’re so tight! I can feel your muscles milking my shaft. It feels like a fist squeezing my cock; it’s so tight. I do not know how long I can last.” Kurt replied from between clenched teeth.

When Midnite’s muscles had relaxed; Kurt slowly pulled his pole out of her butt hole. Just before the head popped past the snug anal ring; he pushed it back in. It was obvious that Midnite was enjoying the back door treatment because she was now hunching her butt backwards; meeting Kurt’s thrusting cock. Soon the two had settled into a gentle rhythm. Each time Midnite met Kurt’s forward plunge with her backward drive; everyone could hear the slap of her crotch against his ass.

“Would your pussy like some attention?” Kristine inquired; reaching out; stroking Midnite’s wide open cleft with her long, red nailed fingers. “You are so wet. I must taste you.” Kristine cooed; bringing her dew dampened fingers to her mouth; licking the honey from them.

Placing a pillow between Midnite’s knees; Kristine slid beneath Midnite. Putting her head on the pillow so she could reach Midnite’s drooling slit; Kristine spread her legs wide; giving Midnite easy access to the treasure box between the thighs. Forming a shovel with her tongue; Kristine began to scoop the love nectar into her mouth. At the same time Midnite buried her face between Kristine’s thighs; tongue sliding along the lips of her blood engorged labia. The faces of both women were becoming slick with the copious love juice leaking from their excited slits. A steady slurping sound could be heard coming from between the women’s thighs; while a squishing sound emitted from Midnite’s butt; conjoined with a gentle slapping caused by Kurt’s balls as they hit Kristine’s forehead.

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