MIL Reluctantly gives in


MIL Reluctantly gives inAs Always True story. This one is the most recent story about my and my MIL. Ill Sum up our dry spell quickly as well and get into the good stuff.Dry Spell- We ran into a situation that caused us a bit of a dry spell. To sum it up she was sending me nudes when she was horny. I had edited her face out of them and saved them to my computer. Without my knowledge my wife had used my computer and found photos of “Multiple Women” as she put it. I discussed it with her and told her after my accident I had been looking at porn and saved some pictures. Luckily she didnt notice it was her mom! Well she talked to my MIL and told her she had found porn on my computer. My MIL called me right when my wife left her house and freaked out knowing they were probably some of her pictures. Anyway she stopped sending me pictures and has been refusing to meet with me or asking me to come over and “help” with things around the house and yard. Luckily I knew that wouldnt last forever so when I got the call I knew I could try to make a move and here is what happened.I was in an accident recently so I’ve been off work thus the reason I had the opportunity to sleep with my SIL. Read my SIL stories to get caught up. Anyway my SIL, FIL, and Wife were all working and my MIL was late for her appointment with her personal trainer. Her car wasnt starting so she called me to see if I could come help her. I took and Uber to her house and looked at the car. It ended up being she left the lights on in the car and drained the battery completely so there was nothing we could do to start the car. We went back inside to call AAA to come jump the car and they said it would be a while before they could get to it. During that time I talked to her about the situation with the pictures and she immediately got red in the face saying “I cant believe you saved them to your computer my daughter could of seen them at anytime and figured out who it was.” I told her I had it handled she was non the wiser about the whole thing and things were good. Well after going back and forth for a bit I said I’d wait for AAA to get there so she wouldnt have to talk to them alone then when they started the car she could give me a ride home. After about 30 mins My MIL decided to go change because she wouldnt be making it to the gym. Me thinking this was a good time to try to strike up some fun waited until she was in her room and quietly went outside her konak escort room and cracked the door. Seeing her undress got me so hard I couldnt stand it. It was like the first time all over again we hadnt slept together in over a month. Seeing her in her underwear checking herself out in the mirror. Just so hot. After a few seconds of her doing that i saw her lay on the bed and check her phone. The next thing I knew I saw her pull her tits out and pinch one of her nipples, then one hand go down between her legs. She was seriously starting to masturbate right then and there. Me being the perv I am stood back for a minute then barged into the room thinking it was an open invite. Well I was wrong she freaked out telling me to GTFO and we werent doing anything anytime soon. She proceeded to yell at me about how this all has to stop and enough is enough etc etc. So I left the room blue balls and all with just some spank bank images to get off to. Another 15 minutes went by and she came down the stairs, sat on the far side of the couch, and told me she really didnt think it was a good idea anymore. My FIL had almost caught her and the other guy she was seeing. Hes became paranoid and obsessive so much so that she has to have her location on her phone at all times so he can see where she is at. To this I laughed out load saying what your worried he has cameras in the house now or something. Looking me square in the eye she said “I’m calling your bluff you tell him if you want but our secret is over.”So to see how far I could push it i took out my phone and typed up a message screenshot it and sent it to her. She looked at it and said you wouldnt dare. The gist of the message was me saying I’ve been banging (MILs name) for years it was her idea to keep me from telling you about (the other mans name) and threatened to tell (My wifes name) it was my idea if I ever said anything. I have the messages from her to prove whats been happening if you want to see them Im more than happy to send them to him. My MIL snapped for what seemed like forever, screaming, crying, then finally said “NO MORE SEX. I’ll dance for you, Ill suck your dick, Ill strip and you can jerk off to me but no more!” To calm her down I said “you know Id never send that message but come on we have been doing this for years its the best sex we have both had. Fine lets slow down but you can cut me off like this.” This got a smirk out of konak escort bayan her but nothing else. I said “One last time then lets just do this on special occasions to make it more of a thrill for both of us.” She didnt answer. So after getting frustrated I said “Fuck it pulled up some screen shots of our sexting and said if your truly done I’m done I’m sending these to the other guy your fucking so he knows your getting around.” This caught her attention she jumped up trying to grab my phone saying dont you dare!!! After wrestling around for a few minutes I told her one last time is all I’m asking for then “Special Occasions” thats it!She sat down and said fine one last time. She was pissed and asked how I wanted it. I said slowly take your clothes off, bend over for me so I can see your little ass, she did. Then I said the top to, she said UGH FINE. I pulled my cock out and started jerking off to her. She tried to cover up and I said no let me see you, Grab your tits, pushed them together, She rolled her eyes and did it for a seconds. After I was good and Hard I said suck me. She got on her knees and told me to stand up I said no lay on your back. She did as I said then I said lean your head off the couch she looked confused but did it. I went infront of her and gave her my cock. She started sucking me and I told her to stop. I started fucking her throat slowly while grabbing her massive fake tits and pinching her nipples. I told her to suck harder while i was fucking her throat. Before I know it I was thrusting away while she gagged on my cock. After a few minutes she stopped and said she couldnt take it anymore. I sat down on the couch and said “Fine but if this is the last time for a while I’m putting you to work I want you to ride me reverse cow girl until your legs give out. I hung my ass halfway off the couch and told her get on. She looked puzzled and said you dont want to eat me? I said no this is about me today so get on. I knew she was wet you put a cock in her mouth and she starts to drip. She struggled at first but after a few seconds she had my cock half way in and was slowly working to go balls deep. I thrusted my hips up and she let out a scream saying she wasnt ready! Well I kept going I was fucking her just like I Fucked my SIL. She was speechless minus a few screams when my cock pounded her cervix. With her leaning forward bouncing on my cock I had a thought slobbered escort konak on my thumb and rubbed her tight little asshole that I hadnt been in for what seemed like forever. She grabbed my hand telling me “No shes cant she caa….. I rammed my thumb in her down to the bottom knuckle. She screamed and my cock turned to a ROCK! I proceeded to work her asshole with my thumb and when my cock slipped out she grabbed it to put it back in saying “Cum so we can stop this!” I took my cock from her and guided it to her pussy rubbing her slit. It was soaked from her pussy. She briefly stood up a little more and i told her to sit down on it. As she did i guided my cock to her asshole. the head popped in she she SCREAMED when she tried to get off of it I stood up with her and went balls deep in her tight asshole. I could feel it squeezing around my cock from her clenching. When I did this she screamed louder and fell to the ground. I gave her a few small thrusts and she said “OMG YOUR SO DEEP I CANT TAKE IT! I gave her a few more shallow thrusts and told her I’ve been dreaming about this asshole since the last time I had it Ill finish quick.” She screamed and whimpered for a moment then I could feel her push her ass against me. Before I knew It I was about to cum. She started to moan reaching back to play with her pussy. She screamed again saying “DONT STOP DONT STOP CUM IN ME OMG IT FEELS AMAZING!!!!!!” She orgasmed and as she did I filled her tight little asshole with a massive load. I collapsed ontop of her and laid there until I went soft pulling my cock out of her.She rolled over and we made eye contact. I apologized saying I couldnt help myself I saw red I’ve never been so hard. She laughed saying “That was so fucking hot. You telling me what to do and taking control GOD I never thought I’d like a man throwing me around and treating me like that but I want MORE we’ll have to remember that but maybe this time without the anal” We got cleaned up after that talked for a bit about when can we do this again. She repeated saying we needed to slow down and only do it on special occasions. We defined those occasions and my FIL and Wife being out of town, me being out of town close enough she can meet me at my hotel, or my birthday. We’ll see how that works but I can tell you that a few days afterwards my wife and I were over for dinner and I had about 30 seconds alone with my MIL. During those 30 seconds I saw her nipples poking out through her shirt so I came up behind her and grabbed her tits, then slipped my hand down her pants, rubbed her clit for a 5 seconds and walked away. Later that night I got a message saying she masturbating to the thought of the other day and wants it again soon!

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