Milking It for All Its Worth


Katie was a senior at the Rosemont Academy for Girls in California, having just transferred across the country due to her father’s job relocation. One of the perks of the company was a private education from one of the gender-specific college prep. schools in town, both were highly lauded and nationally respected. Katie wasn’t too pleased to be starting over during her senior year, so she made a plan to avoid everyone and just get out of town as quickly as possible. Despite her frustrations, she was very pleased with her classes so far and the school was living up to its reputation by preparing the teenage girls for placement in some of the nation’s best universities. Katie was on her way toward her next class, Advanced Spanish when she crashed into a student.


Katie scrambled to her feet, her chest somewhat sore but otherwise she seemed to be OK. She looked over at the other student “I’m so sorry, hear let me help you up!” Katie extended her hand to the small, petite girl she had just barreled over. She helped the girl up quickly and was surprised to see the Asian girl beaming a bright smile when they finally made eye contact. “Sorry about that again, I didn’t see you and anyways my name is Katie.”

“It’s no problem, Katie, I’m Mika and it was my fault,” Mika said cutely, still smiling at the taller blond in front of her. “But you might need to watch where you’re going, you never know what you might run into!” Mika said before turning away from Katie and soon disappeared in the moving crowd of students. Katie thought it was odd that Mika seemed so nonchalant about being knocked over, but maybe it was that West Coast California attitude. Katie rubbed her chest and inspected her school uniform. She huffed in frustration about having to wear this ridiculous outfit sometimes, but at least it was cute. She had a plaid skirt with black knee-high socks, a white collared shirt, and a blue blazer. She longed for days back at her old high school to wear cute shirts with her jeans that showed off her trim figure very well. Katie made her way across the hall into Spanish class and settled in to learn more about the Spanish language which she was already nearly fluent in!

Throughout the class, Katie kept itching her chest a little and noticed that her chest was sore. “That Mika girl sure packed a punch,” she said as she shakes her head to refocus on the test in front of her. It was a warm spring day in Rosemont, and she felt that the classroom must have still had the heat on because she was burning up. Katie found that it was hard to focus on the test, everything else seemed to be distracting her not to mention her chest was still tender and itched like crazy. She finished the exam and prepared her backpack to go to her last class of the day when she suddenly doubled over in pain and ran toward the girls’ bathroom. Once inside, she threw off her backpack and looked at herself in the mirror. She was sweaty from the heat of the last class, and her school uniform wasn’t helping matters either. The beautiful blond looked down at her chest where the tenderness was coming from and noticed that her blue blazer had two very tiny holes in it. Katie took off her blazer and found corresponding holes in her white shirt, which she opened and noticed her chest was red and slightly swollen. “What the hell? Did I get stabbed by something?” She said to no one in particular. There wasn’t any blood showing and it didn’t seem to be very deep, but the marks on her chest were very tender.

She was buttoning up her blazer and felt a wave of pain erupt from her chest that doubled her over and almost sent her to the floor. Her internal temperature seemed to be rising too, she felt warm all over and could feel the sweat running down her brow. trabzon escort Katie struggled to get back to her feet and took another look at herself in the mirror. She moaned in pain as her chest felt really hot and very sore, she was unbuttoning her blazer again and noticed that the top few buttons seemed to be a little more taut than usual. Katie took off her blazer and she could feel the cooler air invading her skin, which felt great against her hot and sweaty skin. The young blond looked around the bathroom and saw that nobody was around, so she unbuttoned a few buttons on her white collared shirt and pulled back the shirt.

Her boobs were slightly swollen and were straining her B-cup bra, and they felt like there were on fire! Katie could feel the cool air tickling her skin, all the sweat was now cooling her off in the cool bathroom air. She immediately tried to find out a source for the swelling and began taking inventory of everything she had eaten in the last 24 hours and trying to remember if she was allergic to anything. Katie was drawing blanks as to the cause of the swelling, though it didn’t seem to be affecting any other part of her body so she counted that as a good thing.


“Oh no, the bell rung! I can’t be seen like this!” Katie exclaimed and decided to hide in one of the bathroom stalls. Her chest was still on fire and she was stifling painful moans as best as she could. Katie could hear the bathroom filling up with other girls and tried her best to keep herself quiet as the other girls milled about and talked about boys.

“Have any of you seen Katie?” Asked someone, seemingly in a panic. The bathroom just got quiet and no one gave a response to the question, the girls just went back to what they were doing. “Ugh, well if you see her tell her that I’m looking for her!” The panicked girl ran out of the bathroom and the conversation resumed about which guy on the football team was going out with which girl.

“Who’s Katie?” Asked one other girl.

“Who knows, that girl was probably just looking for her girlfriend!” Laughed one of the girls.

“Why do you say that Allie?”

“I’ve seen that Asian girl around the school, she’s always checking me out. I catch her looking at my boobs all the time.”

Katie’s eyes widen at hearing “Asian girl” and knew it was probably Mika! Maybe she was looking for me because she knows what’s going on with my boobs. Katie patiently waits until the girls leave the bathroom and can hear the last class bell ring. She is about to emerge from the bathroom stall but another wave of pain forces her to the fall, sweat dripping off her forehead. Her whole body feels unbelievably hot and she can feel sweaty all over. Katie tells herself that this isn’t normal and she begins to feel very tired, her eyelids barely staying open. “This…this…ca…can’t…hap..hap…happen,” the blond says as she falls asleep on the fall of the bathroom.

Katie wakes up, her eyes shoot open and she takes in her surroundings. She is still on the floor and feels very warm still, though her temperature has gone down a little. Katie tries to get up and yelps in surprise at her chest, which has grown significantly! Katie shrieks and takes a seat on the toilet, looking down at her huge boobs hanging off her chest. They are still very sore but now the pain has been replaced with a pleasant warmness, something she’d best describe as butterflies in her stomach. The teenage girl gets up from the seat and nearly falls face-first into the stall door, unadjusted to her new weighty chest.

Katie finds her balance and exits the stall as best as she can, her boobs press against her chest as she wedges through the narrow door. She looks at her tunalı escort reflection in the mirror, her upper body is dominated by her newly grown boobs. She tentatively brushes her hand across her exposed chest and shudders in reaction to the intense pleasure radiating from her boobs. Katie struggles to stay focused on finding help but her painfully erect nipples are so sensitive, she can even feel warm dampness emanating from between her legs. She slides her hand across her breasts, her skin feels electric as her dainty hand lightly touches the upper swells of her volleyball-sized rack. Katie let out a pleasurable moan and tweaks her nipple, her voice catches in her throat and all she feels is an intense pleasure.

“Foc…foc…focus Katie…get…help,” she says to herself and stops clutching her sensitive mounds. Katie studies herself and walks slowly out of the bathroom, her eyes adjusting to the darkness.

Katie doesn’t hear any of the student millings about the halls and realizes that she must have passed out and school is over for the day. The halls are darkened, the only light is coming from the bathroom. Katie knows she needs to go see a doctor, breasts don’t grow huge so suddenly, right? Katie grabs her backpack and the discarded blazer then starts walking down the hall toward the exit. She hears other footsteps and thinks that someone else must be here still, “maybe they can help me!” Katie says to herself trying to force her tired legs to move faster. She reaches the end of the hallway and steps into the light of the main hallway, only to discover that no one is there. Katie looks around very confused but still hears footsteps and they sound like they are getting closer.

“Hello? Is anybody there? I think I need…sme…help” Katie calls out to the neighboring hallways.

Katie turns around and sees Mika walking toward her, which Katie immediately feels a weight of relief upon seeing the petite Asian girl. Mika smiles brightly at Katie and runs over to her “I found you! Finally! Katie, I’ve been looking all over for you!” Mika gets close to Katie and her eyes focus on Katie’s newly expanded chest. Katie feels Mika’s eyes on her chest and blushes slightly, realizing that her chest is mostly uncovered for all the world to see.

Before Katie can say anything further, Mika quickly reaches out and feels Katie’s chest. “It worked! Yes!” Mika cries out, eyes full of pleasure.

“Mika…I’m so glad to…wait, it worked? What worked?” Katie exclaims as she bats the invading hands away from her chest.

“My breast growth formula! It worked! Your boobs are huge!” Mika says copping another feel of Katie’s breasts. “This morning when we collided, I was running to test out this formula on a friend but I just happen to run into you. When I collided into you, the injection must have gone through your uniform and into your bloodstream. I saw the injector wasn’t in my hand and grabbed it quickly from your chest and hid it from your sight.”

Katie couldn’t process this information, this strange Asian girl had meant for her to grow huge? But why?

“Mika, just tell me how we can stop it! I don’t want these huge breasts!” Katie said, still full of shock at Mika’s revelation.

“Oh…well that’s not possible. You see, this formula, it keeps replicating itself in your DNA. So, you really can’t get it out of your system. The good news is that it doesn’t look like the second part of the growth has affected you yet.”

“What second part of the growth? You mean I’m going to grow more?” Katie shrieked at the news.

“Oh yes, you’re going to grow much bigger. Soon, your milk production will kick into overdrive too!”

“NOO! YOU CAN’T DO THIS!” Katie shouted at tunceli escort the small Asian girl. “You can’t be serious!”

“Well if you’ll just come with me, we can go back to my house and I can properly get all the scientific information I need,” Mika said, absently licking her lips as she stared as Katie’s bulbous breasts.

“I’m not your guinea pig you freak!” yelled Katie, finally comprehending the gravity of the situation and Mika’s intentions.

Katie began to run away from the shorter girl, trying to disappear into the darken hallways again and hoping that she could get away from Mika. Mika quickly ran in front of Katie and pushed the taller girl up against the wall. Katie was surprised how strong Mika was, as she was preventing most of her attempts at getting away. Katie could feel her breasts pressing outward again, which seemed to delight Mika.

“Oooh, they are growing! Isn’t this so cool? You’re going to be so much bigger too! Now, come with me and you’ll be safe…who knows you might even enjoy this!” Mika said as she got closer to Katie’s large chest, the smaller girl nuzzling Katie’s boobs lovingly. Katie tried to break free from Mika’s grip but seemed powerless to do so, she could only fidget while Mika rubbed her face against Katie’s growing chest. Mika extended her tongue and brushed it lightly around Katie’s areola, enjoying the crinkled skin and wrapped her mouth around one of Katie’s nipples. Katie’s mind was awash in terror and pleasure at the same time, she couldn’t believe she was in this position and that Mika was tonguing her breasts. Mika sucked a few times on Katie’s hardened nipple and was rewarded with a few tiny droplets of milk. Mika savored the taste of milk on her tongue and eagerly sucked Katie’s extended nipple with fervor. After about 10 seconds of suckling, Mika released the trapped nipple from her warm mouth and looked up at Katie.

“You taste delicious!” Mika said as her eyes rolled back in her head. Mika went back in for another taste and was so consumed with the task at hand that she loosened her grip on Katie’s hands. Katie fought to get free and managed to knock Mika over with her enlarged breasts, then she took off running down the dark hallway trying to disappear. Katie was running as best as she could, which was difficult in her current state. She ducked into a darkened hallway, trying desperately to avoid Mika who was in pursuit. Katie could hear Mika’s footsteps approaching the darkened hallway, but the young blond couldn’t see where her pursuer was. The sound of footsteps disappeared, and Katie spent a few minutes trying to calm her breath from running down the hallways of the school. Katie hadn’t heard footsteps in several minutes and decided the coast was clear, she stepped out from her hiding spot and make a break for the exit. She ran through the exit doors and was greeted by blackness and an arm wrapped around her face, suddenly sleep sounded like a good idea and the blond-haired girl shut her eyes while muttering “who…areeeeee yyou…”.

Mika appeared in the school’s exit, looking at the large man standing over Katie. “Get her loaded up, we have to move her quickly while we still can!” She called over to the large man as she started walking toward a black van in the parking lot. Mika’s mind was doing backflips, she couldn’t believe her breast growth formula worked that well and had tasted that great! Mika couldn’t wait to get Katie back to her lab so she could further examine the young blond and drink more of her deliciously creamy milk. The large man was behind Mika as they arrived at the black van and he proceeded to load Katie into the back of the van, while Mika went around the driver’s side door and took her seat. “Is she secure?” The large man just grunted in response, and the van sped off to Mika’s lab. The small Asian grinning in immense satisfaction that her experiment had turned out so well and saying to herself “Katie my dear, tomorrow you are going to be a huge hit at school when everyone sees your milky boobs!”

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