Subject: Milking the Cows Chapter Five Any Comments Uesliguy@. Please donate. The site needs donations to stay around. Milking the Cows Chapter Five. Jacob and the guys got home around 3pm. They decided they needed a rest from work. He sees all the school books on the table and asks what is going on. I tell him the teacher came by and as long as I complete the work at home, I am still in school. Good for you. You are a smart kid. I didn’t tell him about the deal we made. As I am at the table, he reaches around me and feels and pinches the tips of my nipples. Where are the rubber nipple tubes he asks. I told him I didn’t know how to put them back on. Ok let’s do it now. I want you to wear them 24 hours a day, he says. He pinches my nipple and slides the tube up as tight as he can. My nipple sticks out about an inch, he does the other one. He makes sure they are very tight. He takes his finger and flicks the tip of my nipples, again and again. I want them to be very sensitive. Make sure you come into our rooms tonight. We are all very horny and have lots of juice for you. Thank you, I say. I started dinner by cutting the leftover roast beef from last night. I chopped up several types of vegetables from my garden and then rolled it in pastry. Then I cover it with a beef gravy. Exactly at 6pm the door opens and I hear” it smells good . You are going to make us fat. I tell them to go outside and chop more wood as I hope to drop more at Mr. Miller’s store on Wednesday. Pa heads to bed around 9pm. I wait til 9:30 and head into Dean’s room. His 5 inch stick is waiting for me. I get to work quickly. My mouth swallows his 5 inch stick without a problem. I lick his bone several times. I start nursing on his cock head and I feel his dick jerk several times depositing his milk in my mouth. His cum is still a little watery as he has only been shooting for about 3 months now. I see Samuel waiting patiently in the next bed. He is laying on his bed with his arms folded behind his head. He says it is yours so do whatever you want. So suck this tootsie roll pop so you can taste the warm surprise that is in the middle. I lick, suck ,swallow and I have him cumming within 5 minutes. I say thanks guys. I now head to James and Tom’s room. They both are naked on James’ bed. They have interlocked their legs and at first look, I only see one cock. As I walk over I see their cocks are touching each other. We want to see if you can swallow both dicks at the same time. Are you game? I always love a challenge. I position myself over both cocks. Grab the base and I swallow both of them into my mouth at the same time. They say, “just keep your mouth open and we will fuck it”. They raise their butts in unison and begin to hump my mouth. I feel both cocks in my mouth stretching it wider than usual. They quickly are getting horny as their man dicks are rubbing each other. They reach over and push my face down on both of their cocks at the same time. I swallow all 6 inches at once and then feel their cream filling my mouth. I try to swallow but it is impossible , so their cream just flows down their dick shafts. “Fuck they say, that looks hot”. They release my head and tell me to lick their cum drenched balls. I nestle my face and tongue in their hairy sacks. I am jealous as I have no pubic hair and have no balls. Maybe next time we will have you on your back and we will have both our dicks fuck your throat at the same time. I say, “sounds ok with me”. I thank them for giving me their cocks and juice, as I was taught.. I head into Jacob’s room and he is seated in his chair, legs stretched şişli travesti wide apart. I just get on my knees and begin to lick his balls. Then I continue licking up his shaft and finally I swallow all 8 inches down my throat. I feel his dick wedged all the way down. He lets my throat spasm around his dick shaft. I start to bob my head up and down his rod. He said NO. Just keep still. I will release your head when I am ready. I am getting a little light headed and my throat starts spamming violently on his rod. Just another minute he says. I feel his prick grow and expand in my mouth. I feel the cum rise up his shaft and it fills my mouth almost choking me with the amount of milk it is releasing. My body begins to shutter as his cum is pouring out the corners of my mouth and dripping out my nose. Fuck he says. That was the best blowjob you ever gave me. That is one of the first lessons. We need to toughen you up a bit and expand your repertoire. He grabs my chest and begins to suck on my nipples. I think these rubber tit tubes are finally beginning to work. He grabs my ass cheeks as he wraps his strong arms around me. Tomorrow we don’t want you to come to our rooms. We have a great surprise for you at lunch time in the back field. As I sneak out of his room, naked, I look down and see my 1 inch clit is still as hard as a rock and sticking straight out. I fall asleep wondering what the surprise will be. I arrive in the back field at 1pm. We are going to turn our girl into women today. For the rest of the afternoon, Jeremy will be referred to as a girl. You will treat “Her” as such. We are all going to fuck her and make love to her. Everyone is going to suck and lick her clit, just this one time. But I don’t suck cocks Dean says. Look at what Jeremy has between her legs. Look how small it is. She is almost 11 and you are 12. Now look between your legs and look at Tom, Sam and James. We have cocks, Jeremy has a clit. If you want to fuck Jeremy then you will do. End of discussion. Jeremy will decide who is going to take her cherry. She can start out with the smallest (sorry Dean) or anyone of us up to me, the biggest. It is her choice. Jeremy, now lie on the blanket and spread your legs. Who will be the first to fuck your pussy? I open my legs wide and point to Jacob. So be it. It will hurt for the first few minutes, but then your body will shake as I pound away making you my bitch. Jacob gets between my legs and licks and sucks on my little clit. He keeps playing with my clit till I begin to moan. Ok he says I have warmed her up enough. He grabs some Crisco and lubes up his 8 1/2 inch king sized trophy. He has me get on my knees and tells me to push out. Jacob lines his cock head up at my pussy entrance and says, Now. Everyone’s eyes are on Jacobs’s piece of meat. I push out and he rams his 8 1/2 inches up deep inside of my cave. All I say is fuck, fuck fuck. Jacob tells me he will leave it there till I adjust to his massive weapon. A minute goes by and Jacob says, now using your ass muscles clamp down on my dick. I do as told. Ok now the ride begins. Jacob tells Dean to crawl up and let Jeremy suck your cock. But when you feel you have to cum, don’t, otherwise you will lose your turn to fuck her. As I am sucking Dean’s 5 inches, for the moment, I have forgotten about Jacobs log up my pussy. Jacob then begins to shove his steel poker in and out of Jeremy’s pussy. In and out, each time burying his pole as deep as he can. Jacob shifts his weight and now has found Jeremy g- spot. Jeremy’s eyes light up and she says again, please again. Jacob tells beylikdüzü travesti Dean to get on his back and suck her clit. Jacob puts all his force together and just continues to fuck and pound her ass. In and out without any let up. Jeremy doesn’t know whether to cry or scream in pleasure. All the brothers just watch in awe as his mighty python disappears into Jeremy’s tunnel. They watch as they see her ass lips become puffy and swollen. Jacob just continues to bury his bone. He slows down his assault for a minute as he picks Jeremy up and flips her over. He grabs her legs and places them on his shoulder and without missing a beat; he continues to use her pussy for his pleasure, not hers. Jeremy is shaking her head back and forth as she moans submissively, as Jacob continues to hit the spot. Jeremy’s mind is still spinning as Jacob destroys her once virgin hole. I whimpered Please yes Sir. Jacob then leans forward, bending Jeremy’s legs almost over her head and he bits down on her protruding nipples. As Jeremy screams in ecstasy, Jacob with one finally thrust, rams his pleasure machine as deep as he can. He screams “fucking bitch take my cum”, as his milk gets pumped inside her man pussy He lies on Jeremy’s chest and kisses the red lips and pale skinned neck. Before he pulls out he tells Dean to get ready. Dean’s cock is already at attention. As Jacob pulls his cock out of her pussy and we see a river of cum flowing down the crack of Jeremy’s ass. Now, Jacob says, shove that dick inside of her pussy lips before it closes. Dean shoves his cock in her pussy opening, just in time, as it begins to close around his hard and fleshy stick. Dean asks what I do? Jacob says do whatever feels right. Deans just begins to shove his cock inside and pulls it in and out. Jacob tells him to use your dick to poke around inside her pussy, till you find that spot. She will let you know. He rotates his cock in and out hitting the pussy walls. Then he hears Jeremy moaning, “Oh yes, that’s it. Dean continues to run his dick head over the spot again and again. Dean yells oh fuck, oh fuck I’m cumming. Someone grabs his ass and keeps pushing his dick into Jeremy’s warm cave as he empties his horny load. Jacob yells, Samuel you are next. As Deans withdraws his cock out of the warm hole. Samuel positions his 6 inches to continue the taking of Jeremy’s cherry. Samuel just keeps pumping his milk tool in and out of Jeremy’s slummy hole. In and out, his cock goes sliding it over Jeremy’s ass lips. We all can tell Samuels’ cock can’t take the pleasures that are running up and down his cock shaft. Just before we hear Samuel screams I’m cumming, Tom crawls under Jeremy and begins to milk Jeremy clit with his mouth. Just as Samuels dick begins to jerk, Jeremy screams “oh my God” as Tom brings her to an orgasm. Samuel cock just continues to jerks as it fills her with more of the family milk. Tom flips Jeremy on her back and buries his 7 inches in her pussys hole. He goes to work and keeps running his dick head over her G-spot. He wants to make her scream with pleasure, again and again. Which Jeremy does. Jeremy squeals like a pig as her eyes roll in the back of her head. Tom folds Jeremy in half as he piston fucks her man hole. Driving his pile driver as deep as he can. He can’t believe the sensation that Jeremy pussy is giving him. He just like Jacob, leans forward and kisses the soft sweet lips of Jeremy as his cock erupts. It releases his hot creamy milk into her quivering pussy hole. We can all see Tom’s cock twitching as we see the overflow of white cream, oozing istanbul travesti out of Jeremy’s abused but pleasure giving hole. Jame’s cock has been hard for the last 30 minutes as he awaits his turn. His cock head is purplish in color. So much blood has flowed into his dick in anticipation of finally getting to fuck Jeremy’s pussy ass. He flips Jeremy over and mounts her like he has seen the horses do. With one swift movement his prick pierces its target and he begins to ride the bitch. He just pounds her hole with as much force as he can. His snake finds its way to that special spot and Jeremy begins to purr, not that James cares. He pounds Jeremy’s ass so hard Jeremy collapses unto her stomach. James is like an animal now that has to mate. He pulls his cock out all the way so we can see his cum coated dipstick. And then rams it back in. Again he pulls out and assaults Jeremy’s ass again and again. They both are moaning at the same time. Jeremy yells “fuck me, fuck me” as her hands claw at the blanket. James arcs his back and screams here is another load of the family milk as he lets his cock pump his man juices up her ass. There is no more room in hers hole so the juices just squirt out the sides of the swollen and used hole. Thinking Jeremy’s deflowering has finished, we look over and see Jacob pick Jeremy up like a rag doll and plants her hole over his outstretched 8 1/2 inch protrusion. He lowers Jeremy over his cock, no, he lets Jeremy drop on his hard dick. Jeremy grabs Jacobs’s leg and lifts up her ass and begins to fuck herself on Jacobs’s python. Fuck me hard, please Jeremy says. Jeremy knows where he wants that dick. She makes sure each hump has Jacobs’ instrument hit that spot. Jeremy again yells, “harder, harder, fill me up with that meat. In unison the both explode as Jacob deposits more cum up Jeremy’s hole. Jeremy experiences another orgasm. Jacob yells to James to start sucking her clit as he put Jeremy on her back . We want her to become our whore, so keep making her scream. Her clit twitches in James mouth with each dry cum. Anyone else want to cum again? Tom quickly plants his dick back in her hole and just fucks her. Just fuck Jeremy and fill her with more of the family cum. Fuck her like you would a cheap whore James says. She can’t get knocked up, so just breed her. You are the bull and she the cow so inseminate her, as they both laugh. And he does. He rams his hard pole in and out, burying it as deep as he can. Each time he hits bottom, Jeremy’s body jerks and it sets off Tom’s cock, filling her with more family milk. What about you, James? Do you want a second round. It looks like your cock is saying yes. He looks down and Jeremy’s pussy is wide open and the cum is still seeping out of his ass. James cock just dives in. The walls of her pussy grab James cock and massage it each time he plunges his tool deep down. Jeremy’s warm tunnel is too much for James as his dick erupts and out spews another load of juices. Jacob looks at his watch and says we have been fucking her for the past three hours. Let’s get Jeremy home and in bed before Pa gets home. Jacob carries Jeremy in his arms and he feels the family milk is dripping out of her hole and down his leg. He takes his finger and begins to play with his clit as he gently rubs Jeremy’s hole. I don’t know if my body can take anymore, today, Jeremy says. Dinner is already cooked and you just have to heat it up. Jeremy feels Jacobs’s warm arms and smiles, and says Thank you. I hear Jacob say’ you will make some guy a great wife. Jacob puts me to bed and Pa opens the door to check on me. With that shiny blond hair, hazel eyes and red lips, I hear him say, he looks more like his mother every day. I do miss her. I look over and I am not sure but I think I see a tent forming in Pa’s overalls. I fall into a ail Please Donate

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