Milking Time B3 Chapter 10 Ebony Duz Clyda


Milking Time B3 Chapter 10 Ebony Duz ClydaChapter 11: A Night To Remember – Ebony Duz TiffanyTiffany strode over to Ebony, and reached out her arms to embrace her. Tiffany placed her hands on Ebony’s and leaned over so that she was sure to feel her large breasts on either side of her head. Ebony moved the side of her face to nuzzle in closer to Tiffany’s right breast. Tiffany smiled to herself and held Ebony’s hands tightly as the two girls groped closely together. “You always did love a great set of tits, didn’t you, Ebony?” asked Tiffany. Ebony’s response was a warm mumble, as she had her face buried between Tiffany’s huge boobs, while they were still in her bikini top. “I guess I’ll take that as a ‘yes’,” giggled Tiffany.Tiffany had moved her whole body so that she was up against the bed, as close to Ebony as she could be as they knitted together. Ebony rolled her head around between her breasts and Tiffany moved her hands up her body to her lovely hair. Tiffany stroked it, ran her fingers through it, down to her neck. Tiffany cupped her hands around Ebony’s neck and then caressed her cheeks with the outsides of her hands. Ebony was responding positively, and Tiffany was starting to crave Ebony. Tiffany ran one of her fingers over Ebony’s lips and Ebony opened her mouth and sucked it. Tiffany sat on Ebony’s lap and looked straight in to her eyes. Then they kissed. Just kissing on the lips at first, but in seconds Tiffany’s tongue was in Ebony’s mouth, licking her lips, laying on her tongue and caressing it. They were kissing deeply and passionately and Tiffany’s head was already spinning. As they kissed, Ebony’s hands were on Tiffany’s neck, feeling her beautiful warm body and pressing it up against her own. Tiffany broke from her kiss and started to kiss Ebony’s neck. Tiffany licked it up and down, watched her lovely face as Ebony stretched her neck to give her more area to lick. By now both girls were making a conscious effort to exercise the mental control over their cocks, and keep them limp and at a manageable size. The time would come shortly when both of them let themselves go, but for now they were caught up in the rapture of each other’s bountiful breasts.Tiffany pulled back slightly from Ebony, and her cleavage came in to view, full and firm and inviting. Ebony immediately moved down to kiss her breasts and love them, rub her face against them, hold them in her hands. Ebony leaned back to look at Tiffany in her bikini bra and couldn’t help but kiss Tiffany more. Ebony touched Tiffany’s breasts in her bra, spread out her fingers and held each one, and ran her fingers all over it. Ebony loved big breasts and Tiffany’s were fulfilling all her desires. Ebony reached around to the back of Tiffany’s neck, and undid the knot holding her top, watching as her breasts relaxed and were freed. Ebony slowly slid the straps down her arms, enjoying every moment of revealing them entirely, watching her nipples appear. Once Ebony saw them, she lost all restraint and yanked her bikini bra off the rest of the way and began to suck her nipples. Tiffany’s tits were so lovely, looking absolutely delicious. Ebony kissed them, wrapped her tongue around them, and enjoyed them every way she knew how. Ebony bit them carefully, pinched them just enough to let Tiffany know she wanted her badly. Then Ebony pinched them a little harder. Ebony smiled as she lowered herself down to Tiffany and they both gasped as soon as their nipples touched each other. Ebony reached behind Tiffany and loosened the bikini bra that encased her over-sized breasts, and then removed it and tossed it to the side. Ebony’s face lit up like a k** at Christmas with a new toy, when she saw Tiffany’s knockers fully exposed.Tiffany felt a flood of wetness flow from her pussy. Tiffany was already wet, but the sensation of their nipples and breasts so close turned her on even more. They kissed with their breasts touching; Ebony ran her hands up and down Tiffany’s back, into her hair, over her ass; she couldn’t be close enough to Tiffany. Tiffany was moaning, Ebony was moving down her neck to her breasts, squeezing them gently, squeezing the nipples roughly, tasting them, and stimulating every part of her breasts.As their breasts rubbed together, Tiffany could feel Ebony’s nipples grow, and felt her own swelling and tightening as well. Slowly, she lowered her head and gently kissed Ebony’s mouth again. After a few persistent moments, Ebony’s mouth opened and their tongues touched. The kiss held more tenderness in it then their previous kiss had. Tiffany ran her hands up and down Ebony’s back and finally cupped and squeezed her magnificent buttocks. Ebony moaned into Tiffany’s mouth and began to caress Tiffany’s flesh as well. When they finally broke the kiss, Ebony’s tongue slithered down to Tiffany’s throat, then to her collarbone.Tiffany thought she would squeal in orgasm when Ebony’s tongue swabbed across one of her nipples. After agonizing moments played on each breast, Ebony shifted her weight further down to Tiffany’s belly. Her tiny hands began to dance up Tiffany’s thighs. When Ebony’s fingers grazed the swollen lips, Tiffany shivered in delight.”All right girl,” said Tiffany. “As much as I love you and your boobies, I just can’t hold myself back any more. Get down and show me you still know what to do with a cock.”Tiffany knelt in front of Ebony, stroked her neck then her back, and reached under her with her free hand and started massaging her balls. They were huge, like softballs, but the warm skin wrapped around them was so soft. Tiffany couldn’t help but kiss and rub her face next to them, they were so smooth against her skin. Almost immediately Ebony’s cock came to rampaging life again. Tiffany couldn’t wait for her cock to grow to its awesome size. With Ebony’s cock rapidly expanding, Tiffany started stroking it. Tiffany just touched Ebony’s cock with her fingertips at first. She was surprised at how silky smooth it was, warm and firm, yet soft and sensual. With that, she got down on her knees and leaned under Ebony. Tiffany took it in her hands and started stroking Ebony’s shaft while running her tongue all over her cockhead and around the large urethra. In a minute she stopped stroking Ebony’s back and began working her cock with both hands. Both of Clyda and Dee Dee’s eyes grew in direct proportion to Ebony’s cock. They knew Ebony was huge, and the stories of her sexual prowess were famous on the Island; but both were shocked at how thick and hard 1xbet yeni giriş it still remained after two major fuck sessions already this evening. Ebony’s cock was now fully three feet in length and easily over three inches thick.Finally Tiffany opened her mouth large enough to get the head of Ebony’s cock just inside, and continued to stroke the shaft and kiss and lick the flared head and urethra. Tiffany then opened her mouth very wide and placed it over Ebony’s cockhead. Since Tiffany was one of the senior amazons, her face and jaws quickly adapted to Ebony’s huge cockhead, and in little time, she had the entire fist-sized head in her mouth. Closing her mouth around it she now started to pump Ebony’s shaft in and out. She was taking about four inches in and making slurping sounds and rolling her eyes. Like all the girls, Tiffany was over a foot smaller next to Ebony, and watching her work like this to bring pleasure to the giant amazon was an incredible turn-on to Clyda and Dee Dee.It looked like Tiffany was now taking in about seven inches of Ebony’s shaft in her throat, and loving it from the way her body was slowly moving up and down, and her nipples looked as though they were as hard as diamonds. The sensation of tasting Ebony’s cock with her own saliva mixed in really turned Tiffany on. Tiffany loved the feel of it, and ran her tongue around Ebony’s urethra while closing her lips and feeling the veins on her cock pulsating. By now Ebony was secreting pre-cum continuously, and the sweet flavor did nothing but make Tiffany work her for more. After a few moments, Ebony gently pulled her cock out of Tiffany’s mouth.”I love what you’re doing down there, Tiffany,” said Ebony. “But look me in the eyes, and tell me whether you’d rather suck my cock, or be fucked by me.””You’ve gotta be k**ding, Ebony,” laughed Tiffany. “There’s no question at all.”Ebony took hold of her cock and held it down at a right angle from her tummy. Tiffany climbed onto the end of the bed, and then got on her hands and knees. “Everyone’s got their own favorite position, Ebony,” said Tiffany. “And doing it doggy-style has always been mine. This way I can take you deeper than in any other way inside of me.”When she was close enough, Ebony held her cock down to Tiffany’s pussy and told her to move her rump back down onto it. Tiffany mashed herself down on it, but it looked way too big to fit in her little pussy. Tiffany’s pussy lips weren’t even close to opening wide enough to take Ebony inside. Ebony rubbed her cock up and down against Tiffany’s pussy to lubricate it with her juice, and also put her saliva on it to make it even more slippery. When Ebony asked Tiffany to push down on her cock again, she rubbed it all around Tiffany’s crack, which slowly opened much wider. Dee Dee and Clyda couldn’t believe the site of beautiful Tiffany kneeling naked in front of the massive shemale Ebony with her huge cock poised at the entrance of her vagina. Ebony’s gigantic flared cockhead was touching both of Tiffany’s inner thighs. Ebony’s cock was shiny slick when she asked Tiffany to press her pussy down on it. Tiffany couldn’t believe how fat it felt between her legs; it totally covered and pressed her pussy lips inward.Slowly Ebony pulled her massive cock out, as Tiffany lay there panting in anticipation. After lubing her cockhead with her saliva, Ebony then pushed it back into Tiffany. Tiffany’s pussy lips parted slowly at first, and then suddenly opened wide to receive Ebony’s cockhead. Tiffany felt a momentary pang of pain, and then quickly it was less painful, until Ebony’s cockhead was inside her, and was ready to reach the still unstretched part of her pussy. Ebony’s cock was just so big it felt like Tiffany’s entire cunt was being stretched open and invaded by a telephone pole. Clyda piped in from the side, “You’ve got about five inches of Ebony into your pussy; you’re doing great girl!” “That’s what she thinks,” muttered Tiffany. It felt like she had a football being shoved up inside of her. Tiffany could feel the sides of her pussy pressing against her lower guts, which were pressing against her pelvis. Tiffany’s pussy lips were spread around the enormous cockhead and it was pushing against her opening when she said, “Clyda, she’s stretching me so much, it feels fucking incredible.” From the side, Clyda responded, “Hey, I can always take over if you’d like, love.” “No fucking way!” retorted Tiffany. “It’s bad enough I had to be the last in line here. No way I’m giving up my turn with Ebony.”With that, Tiffany began pushing her body onto Ebony’s cock ever so slowly. Her eyes winced with pain as the flared head passed though her now stretched vagina opening. When Ebony’s cock was several inches inside she pulled back a little. Not wanting to remove Ebony’s cockhead, but just enough to relubricate the walls of her pussy. Tiffany moved again and took a little more of Ebony’s immense cock into her shaved and contorted little pussy. Dee Dee and Clyda were embracing each other, and watching Tiffany being fucked by Ebony. Tiffany’s body was rapidly adjusting to the size of Ebony’s massive cock inside her, as about seven inches of Ebony’s cock would disappear into her vagina. Tiffany was groaning loudly, the guttural sounds coming from her raising the exotic level of this experience. Tiffany now had just under a foot of Ebony’s cock inside her pussy.”I want that monster of yours inside me Ebony,” said Tiffany. “And I want it buried fucking deep! Lube it up good, and then ram it in me!”Dee Dee was overcome with lust from the spectacle she was witnessing. “All right girl. Just remember: you asked for this,” replied Ebony.Ebony pulled out and re-lubed her cock, applying a generous portion of baby oil along the shaft and her cockhead. Ebony then pushed it back into Tiffany and pulled back on her waist and hips. One long, powerful thrust from Ebony buried just over a foot of cockmeat inside Tiffany. Before Tiffany knew it, this incredible monster of Ebony’s had crammed back into her vagina, even deeper than before. Tiffany was moaning. “Ebony, you’re fucking wonderful,” she insisted. “I can’t remember the last time I was filled up like this.” Tiffany had unbelievably stretched her insides to accommodate twenty or so inches of Ebony’s huge pulsating cock. “I thought you said you wanted me deep inside you girl?” replied Ebony. “Without warning, Ebony gave another powerful plunge forward. Another five inches of her cock rammed into Tiffany’s 1xbet güvenilir mi pussy. “Now you’ve just barely passed the two-foot mark Tiffany. Now you’re gonna know what it really feels like to get fucked by me.”Now when Ebony pulled her cock out of Tiffany on the backstrokes, some of her cock would pull the flesh of Tiffany’s inner pussy walls outside of her vagina, wrapped snugly around its girth. Tiffany was slowly starting to get into a rhythm now that her vagina and Ebony’s cock were well lubricated with her juice. Throughout her fuck session with Ebony, Tiffany’s own cock had been growing steadily larger and harder, without any help or stimulations.Ebony pushed her huge dick up into Tiffany again and the feeling of her cock opening Tiffany’s cunt up was wonderful. Feeling that immense cock of Ebony’s between her legs, spreading her pussy so wide as it buried itself in her, was an incredible turn-on for Tiffany. Tiffany was sprawled on the bed underneath Ebony and spreading her legs out as wide as possible to accommodate her huge meat-muscle. Tiffany’s mouth was open and tears were streaming down her cheeks as Ebony continued to fuck the hell out of her. Tiffany loved the feeling of Ebony’s cock pulsating against her pussy walls and feeling her deep in her gut. Tiffany was gently tilting against Ebony to control the power of her thrusts. To Clyda and Dee Dee’s astonishment Ebony had immersed well over two feet of her gigantic cock into Tiffany’s body. Tiffany’s legs were fully stretched as open they could possibly be which helped ease most of the pain of Ebony’s entrance inside her. When Ebony’s next thrust worked against the back wall of Tiffany’s pussy, she let out a scream. Tiffany could feel Ebony going deeper inside of her. Ebony had worked at stretching Tiffany’s cervix so much that it could give way to her huge cock. Ebony was fucking Tiffany with well over two feet of her powerful cock. The feeling of being fucked so deep inside was giving Tiffany strange yet wonderful sensations as she could feel Ebony sliding through her pussy. “Oh fuck me, Ebony,” Tiffany cried as she felt areas of her body being fucked that she had never felt at all before. “Fuck me deeper and harder!”Now it was Ebony’s turn to be surprised. “Tiffany are you sure you want me to do that? I mean, you’ve taken more of me inside of you than Dee Dee or Clyda already. You don’t have to try and impress me.”Tiffany twisted her head back so that she could look Ebony in the eye, while she was on her hands and knees. “I said shove that monster of yours in me farther!” said Tiffany. “I want to feel you deeper in me than I’ve ever felt you before. If I can’t take it, I’ll be sure and let you know.””All right girl, you got it,” said Ebony.Ebony intensified her pumping and thrusting into Tiffany. What was happening to Tiffany had rarely, if ever happened before on the Island. Ebony was cutting loose all inhibitions, and filling Tiffany literally to the bursting point. Tiffany slowly started to move with Ebony, feeling all kinds of emotions: wicked, slutty, depraved, and sensuous. Inch by delicious inch she stretched her pussy to accommodate Ebony’s raging flagpole. Moans of delight emanated from Ebony each time Tiffany gained another inch of her cock inside of her pussy. Tiffany couldn’t believe what was happening to her or how hypnotic the feelings were she was experiencing. Tiffany loved feeling that meat of Ebony’s go so deep inside her, through her pussy, cervix and into her uterus. She was so very hot and ready to cum. Tiffany felt her own cock continue to thicken and enlarge, as it hung down between her legs, and grazed the bedcovers. Because of the position she was in, there was no way Tiffany could effectively reach down and stimulate her own cock. Taking Ebony as deep inside her as she did was requiring all of her skill and concentration. She’d have to wait until later, to be able to bring herself off, and shoot her load.The feelings running through Tiffany were beyond her ability to describe. What should have been rending and tearing her insides to jelly was somehow the deepest, most profound pleasure she had ever felt. Tiffany had no idea how she was managing to absorb this much of Ebony’s cock inside of her, and not be screaming in agony, even if she was a senior amazon. A tiny warning signal somewhere in the back of her brain told Tiffany that this was a once in a lifetime experience, and that she should be thankful she was able to do it this time, and survive to tell the tale. Attempting this a second time could prove disastrous.Tiffany was just kneeling there and getting totally fucked in such an overwhelming way, completely helpless as this massive b**st called Ebony had her way with her. Tiffany could feel Ebony pressing against the back of her womb and it felt wonderful to feel something alive and moving so deep inside of her. Suddenly, Tiffany felt something large hard and wet slap against her ass cheeks. It took a moment for her to realize what she’d experienced. Ebony’s balls were now slapping against her butt! That meant that Ebony had buried her entire shaft inside of Tiffany.”Holy shit, girl!” exclaimed Ebony. “I don’t know where you’re putting it, but you’ve managed to take my entire cock inside of you. Are you sure you’re okay down there?””This is the most delightful moment in my life,” Tiffany panted as she continued to pump her thighs against Ebony while her body was wracked with pleasure from Ebony’s cock.Ebony was in her own sexual stupor. The fire from her balls had spread down the inside of her thighs, back to her butt, up her spine, and down her legs to her toes. Ebony’s hands started roaming all over Tiffany’s body in an attempt to somehow share her experience with her. Ebony fucked Tiffany hard and heavy like this for over twenty minutes, before she finally reached the point of no return, and felt the pressure inside her cock rising to the inevitable end.By now, Tiffany knew that Ebony would release her sperm deep into her very soon. Ebony bounced a little which made her cock poke against Tiffany’s tummy and she could feel the first warm tingling of Ebony’s fluid gushing inside of her. Ebony’s massive cock was barreling in and out of her when Tiffany felt her pussy explode in a breathtaking orgasm.Tiffany had spasms for what seemed forever, and then started all over again when she felt Ebony’s cock shoot off inside her. She continued humping Ebony’s cock, as she felt her start to erupt inside 1xbet giriş her. As Ebony’s long denied load finally erupted, Tiffany’s orgasm thundered through her. Just then Ebony started to nod her head and make noise. Before Ebony could say anything, she shot her cum into Tiffany and she took off again on an incredible orgasmic ride as Ebony quickly filled her pussy with her seed, which was quickly overflowing from her cunt.Ebony’s balls pumped semen hard and fast. She came with such force, injecting Tiffany’s overfilled, overstretched twat with so much cum that it seemed like gallons squirted out between them. Ebony gave a bestial roar of lust, as her cock continued to shake with pleasure.Pulling out, Ebony tried to control her spasming cock, but so much pressure was being released that even she couldn’t completely master it. Ebony was cumming with such force, that it was all she could do to just hold her shaft pointed away from her body at a ninety-degree angle. Ebony’s cockhead, dark brown and full, pulsed seemingly with a mind of its own. Cum jetted everywhere.For the third time that night, Tiffany’s bedroom furnishings took a beating. Even after shooting off several huge torrents of jism inside Tiffany’s womb, Ebony’s cock was still unleashing towering waves of jism that seemed as if there was no end to them.Tiffany watched sheet after sheet of Ebony’s sperm launch over her head to plaster against her pillows, bedcovers and headboard, over four feet away.”Oh jeez, not again,” Tiffany grimaced to herself. Tiffany’s bed reminded her of years ago, back in High School, when she and other girlfriends had taken some bleach and poured it on their cut-off jeans, to make a sort of tie-died blue-white blotchy effect. Her bedroom furniture, which had started out as a lovely, dark blue color scheme, now bore more than a passing resemblance to her bleached jeans from years ago.”Oh well,” Tiffany thought to herself. “It’s a small price to pay for the fucking of a lifetime, and to know that we’ve got Ebony back to normal, and that she’s on our side again.”Eventually, Ebony’s orgasm ran its course, and the huge seven-foot amazon finally came back to earth after one of the most intense orgasms she could ever remember since coming to the Island. Ebony looked just like Tiffany had imagined she would. Whatever the depth of the feelings that Tiffany had just experienced, Ebony had gone light years beyond that. Tiffany suspected that this might have been the first time that the seven-foot amazon had truly had the power of her three-foot cock unleashed to its full potential. Because of her uncertain status with Barocca, Ebony had been exempt from the milking rituals. So until now, no one knew for certain just what Ebony was truly capable of.Tiffany rolled over on her back, so that she could get a good look at Ebony’s face, as well as her cock. Tiffany gasped in surprise as she got an incredible display of just how big Ebony truly was, compared to even the senior amazons. Tiffany’s cock was fully erect and throbbing, reaching to not quite two feet in length, and coming to just below her breasts, when she was fully extended and stretched out on her back.As Ebony relaxed and her breathing returned to normal, she let her cock land on Tiffany’s tummy next to her cock for a moment. Ebony’s cock was almost two inches thicker than Tiffany’s. And as far as length went, there was no question whose was the biggest. Tiffany couldn’t be certain on something so huge, but it seemed to her that Ebony might even have gained a couple of inches in size. Ebony stretched out her arms to release the tension in her muscles, and her cock lifted up in mid-air again.Ebony’s cock looked every bit as dominating and powerful as it always had. Tiffany leaned up so she could lick the bottom of the shaft with her tongue, and move on up to the head to lap up the last remnants of her monumental orgasm. Although Ebony’s cock had finally stopped shooting off, Tiffany was undoubtedly certain that Ebony could make herself perform at the same incredible level long into the evening if she wanted to.Tiffany also noticed that when she tasted Ebony’s cum now, it was sweet and delicious tasting. Dee Dee and Clyda confirmed this too, when they met later. Many girls who had been forced to service Ebony had remarked that Ebony’s sperm usually tasted very strong and almost bitter. Dee Dee suspected that the only way this might be caused was by some type of chemical imbalance in Ebony’s body. The knowledge of Barocca feeding Ebony the various d**gs had probably been the reason for this change in her.Finally, Ebony let out a long sigh of breath. “Oh my god…” was all she could get out, before she had to take another deep breath. “Tiffany, I have never felt anything remotely like that in my life!” exclaimed Ebony. “I don’t know how to begin to thank you, as well as Dee Dee and Clyda for treating me like this tonight.””Well I know exactly what you can do,” said Tiffany. “I want to let you be the first one to know that we aren’t finished tonight, Ebony.””What do you mean?” asked Ebony. “Don’t tell me the three of you still haven’t had enough? I may be strong, but even I’ve got my limits, you know.””What Tiffany means, Ebony,” said Clyda, “is that the three of us aren’t finished with you.””That’s right Ebony,” said Dee Dee. “We’re gonna bring things to a fitting conclusion here tonight the only way we know how.””Wait a minute…. you don’t mean…” stammered Ebony.”We want to show you how grateful we are for what you’ve done for us, Ebony,” said Tiffany. “We want to have sex with you, with you on the receiving end now.””Come on, Ebony,” asked Clyda. “When was the last time Barocca or anybody else really showed you good sex could be here? She’s had you being the intimidator and the enforcer for so long, you need someone you really love and trust to show how good things can be again.””Please, Ebony,” said Tiffany. “We’ll take things just the way you did it with us. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, and you can dictate to us how long and how hard you want it done. What do you say?”Ebony pursed her lips together, and mulled her thoughts for a moment, weighing her options and the rediscovered love and trust she felt for Tiffany, Dee Dee and Clyda. Ebony’s face broke into a wide grin. “Dee Dee, Clyda: I say get your butts over here and get ready to help Tiffany. And get those cocks of yours good and hard. And make it quick. I’m going to give all three of ’em a workout you aren’t gonna forget!”With that, Dee Dee and Clyda eagerly sprang up from the sofa where they had been cuddling together, and quickly bounded across the room to join Tiffany as they prepared to give Ebony the fucking she hadn’t had in far too long.

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