Chapter 8

For the most part, the boys and I just had a pretty lazy day, we played with Rascal some, but also let him just play by himself, as well he would come and curl up on one of us for a while and just enjoy being petted, it”s quite nice. We watched a couple movies, we played a few games, we even just sat back quietly and read for a bit, which was nice. It was fully two hours before we normally go to bed, though, when Milos stood, reached out and took my hand, and pulled me from the room, taking me to our bedroom to lose our pesky virginity.

We heard Carl and Basti giggle behind us as we climbed the stairs, but, I”m pretty sure that they likely followed suit only seconds later. Hopefully they remember to put Rascal in his bedroom, though at the moment I could care less too.

Milos and I are in only single thick, super soggy baby diapers, because when we changed earlier, that”s all we put on. Yes, Carl and Basti noticed, and they grinned from it, but also said nothing. As it just so happens, I”m already super soggy and will likely leak soon, and I”d been holding my baby pee for almost an hour already, knowing that I was gonna leak soon, but also wanting to hold it all for my baby.

From the way Milos had been fidgeting for the past half an hour at least, I can only assume that he”s feeling the same, and his baby diaper”s every bit as gloriously soggy as mine is.

As soon as we get to our bedroom, and the door”s closed, I pick my baby up, cradle him under his sexy soggy baby diapered bum, and press our lips together, and kiss like the baby lovers we are. For easily ten minutes, we kiss. Finally Milos pulls away, and I can see that he”s about to say something, but I interrupt him and speak instead.

“I know what you”re about to ask, and I will give it to you. I know you”re both ready and able to take me deep inside you, and I want desperately to give it to you too. However, I want you to make sweet gay baby diaper love to me first please. I”ve needed it since I was five or six for sure, so far too long, so, please make sweet gay baby diaper love to me Baby.” I whisper softly to my baby, and then kiss him again.

“Okay, but I was hoping to get to go first.”

“I know, but you”ve needed it for just a few short years, I”ve needed it for so many long years.”

“I know. You know, though, that unfortunately, the only way we”re gonna be able to make this work, is for you to be up on your hands and knees, so that I can pull our baby diapers down or aside to slip into you. I”m just not large enough to go through them, and might not even be large enough to make you cum at all.”

“Oh, I don”t know about the not large enough part, I think you”re gonna feel just perfect in me, and I have a feeling that I”m gonna have my largest ever baby boygasm. I do know, though, that that”s likely gonna be the only way we can do so for a few years, unless we take our baby diapers off altogether, so that we can make love a different way, which we will do, but we”re baby boy diaper lovers, and our first time really hasta be while diapered, even if we haveta pull them down in order to do so. We”ll at least be able to make diaper love to you, and it”ll be nearly as good for you doing so to me with not going through them, but still getting to wear them, and until you”re big enough to go through them, I”m okay with that.”

“Yeah. I want you to try and hold off on cumming though, so that you don”t waste anything in the front of your baby diaper. Not that it”d go to waste anyway, I”d suck it out, not that I won”t anyway, because even if you do manage to hold off on cumming, I bet you leak precum like a fire hose while being made love to.”

“Okay, but honestly, I doubt I can hold it off, and if my precum isn”t flowing like a fire hose, I”m willing to bet my cum will.” I had to laugh.

Trust me, ever since this morning when Milos told me it”s time, I”ve been hard, and I don”t think I”ve actually gone soft even once. I”d had to force myself to pee my diaper every time that I did so today, not like normal, when I barely even notice if and when I pee. With that being said, however, my balls actually feel about ten times more full than my bladder ever got to today, and when I do finally cum, it could be monumental. I”m going to try and hold off, though, because such an amazing orgasm really needs to be injected deep inside my baby, but I”m just not so sure I”ll have the power in me to hold it back.

Milos had me get onto the bed in position, and as soon as I am, he”s there, pressing his face right into the soggy seat of my baby diaper, sniffing greedily, and from the way he”s groaning, I know what this is doing to him, it”s the same to me when I do so to him, he just smells so fucking good to me. It had to be ten minutes of this before Milos did anything else. It seems he wants to at least try going through my diaper, and from his actions, I”m thinking it might just work, because some of the diaper material has fallen down because of my current position, so there”s bound to be less material in the way, because he poked a hole in it, instead of pulling it aside like he”d been planning on.

When Milos slipped his baby lotion lubed fingers in, to start preparing me, I think he found me more than ready to go, because I”m pretty sure he could”ve easily slipped his whole hand back inside me again without so much as even trying. Hell, I might”ve just been able to suck him in, entirely. I”ve been looking forward to this all day, hell, all my life really, and anticipating it all day like I have been, has kept me very charged and ready.

The next thing I know, I”m losing my virginity. My brain had went a bit foggy from feeling Milos preparing me, and I totally missed him pulling his fingers out, and then slipping his hot little baby bone inside me instead. Well fuck, I damn near came just from that realization. I had to clamp right down on it, so that I don”t cum before I want to, but this clearly did something to Milos, because he groaned even deeper than I did, and so, I did so again.

I”ve always known I needed a dick inside me, felt it really, and while Milos is hardly very large, he absolutely feels better than anything I”ve ever had inside me before, including his fist. However, until this very moment, I truly didn”t understand just how intense and amazing that it was going to be, and I feel better right now than I”ve ever felt in my life before.

Clearly Milos feels the same way, because the sounds he”s making are every bit as equal to mine, and it came as no surprise that Milos came barely a minute after entering me. I know that he too will have been hard all day in anticipation of this, and let”s face it, little boys aren”t exactly known for their ability to hold their orgasms at the best of times. The feel of Milos pulsing inside me in his spectacular orgasm, not to mention hearing him as he cums, damn near made me explode, and I”m just not sure how much longer I can hold off for.

As soon as Milos came down, though, he pulled out, instead of peeing inside me, and making baby peepee love to me.

“Mmmm, why”d you pull out Baby, you felt amazing, and I damn near came so hard my diaper would”ve been blown off.”

“I know, and because I”m still too fucking hard to pee, but I needta feel you inside me now. You”ll be able to pee right after you cum, but it always takes two to three baby boygasms for me to be able to pee, so, even though I really haveta go, I can”t, and it works perfectly, now you can make sweet gay baby love to me, cum and pee in me, which will make me cum at least once more I”m sure, and then we can trade places again after you make baby diapered cum and piss love to me, and by then, I should be able to peepee inside you like you deserve, and make baby peepee love to you too.”

“Okay Baby, that works.”

Milos laid down, opened and spread his legs more than enough to give me all the access I need, and I too dove in and inhaled all that I could from the seat of his soggy baby diaper. Once satisfied, I poked a hole where it counts, and with baby lotion lubed fingers, I enter Milos” baby diaper and search for his very wanting little baby bum hole. When I find it, I find that Milos is also more than gaping enough to allow me unrestricted access, but still, I don”t waste the lotion that I have, knowing that the little extra lubrication will make things so much easier and better. I don”t spend much time doing so, though, I simply have to cum, and I wonder if I”ll be able to last any longer than Milos did.

I pull out, poke the hole in my diaper, force my erection out of the hole, and then slip all in without even trying. Before I know it, our diapers are pressed together, and I”m buried as far inside Milos as I can possibly get. My god, the pressure, the heat, the amazing softness, and most of all, the intense feel of Milos” hole quivering around me, just that alone is damn near making me cum, and I haven”t even started thrusting yet.

So, I pull out until I slip clean out of Milos, and then reverse direction, and slip all the way back inside him again, causing the same reaction in both of us, and that”s it, that”s all I could take, and exploded so hard inside Milos that I”m not entirely convinced that my balls didn”t just eject and my sack suck inside out because of it. The sound we both made, though, was hard to comprehend, but even through my sex clouded mind, I did hear it, and understand it.

It was, by far, the longest and most powerful orgasm I”ve ever experienced, and likely will never feel again, and then, just as I”m finally coming down from that awe inspiring orgasm, before I could comprehend or attempt to do so on my own, I”m peeing deep inside Milos. As soon as I realized this, though, I started rocking back and forth inside Milos, truly making cum and piss love to him now. I”m only pulling out about a quarter of my length before slipping back in, just using a very short stroke, but I”m going even slower than if I were pulling all out and then going all in again anyway.

I have no idea how long it actually took for me to finish peeing deep inside Milos, but I”m building up to an even larger orgasm, if that”s even remotely close to possible. Trying to concentrate on both making long slow sweet gay baby diaper love to my stunningly beautiful gay baby boyfriend, as well as trying to fill him as full of pee as I possibly can, it really is way too much for my feeble mind to be able to be able to truly comprehend, and I keep losing focus. Somehow I do manage it though, and then, barely a second after I can feel that I”m no longer peeing, I explode once again, and yep, pretty sure my sack just sucked completely inside out, and is now half way inside Milos. An orgasm that powerful shouldn”t, by any rights, be possible, and how I actually stayed conscious, or alive, is actually beyond me. Now, I didn”t pass out, but that doesn”t mean that I was totally with it either, mind you. Because one minute I was feeling my self pump my twelfth or thirteenth pulse of cum deep inside my baby, and then the next I”m crumpled down, pinning my baby beneath me, hopefully not smothering him.

So”s not to hurt my baby, as soon as I realized that he”s currently bearing all my weight, with his still shockingly tiny little body, I got up, but the power in which to do so damn near wiped me out again. When I look to Milos, he”s awake, or at least his eyes are open, and he”s blinking, but that”s currently all he”s capable of doing.

“Fuck me, that was amazing.” Milos groaned out only a moment later.

“I don”t think amazing is quite the word I would”ve chosen, but it”ll haveta do, because I can”t come up with anything better.” I said, but it came out rather hoarse.

“No shit. Get back up onto your knees now Baby, I really really haveta go peepee now, and I think this time when bahçelievler escort I cum, I won”t be able to stop it.”

Without even thinking of it, the next thing I know, I”m back up on my knees again. Milos pushed down the front of his diaper, now very much ruined, slipped all inside me, and started thrusting as deep and long as his still very boyishly small equipment can manage, thus making me feel far better than anything has a right to, and made very sweet gay baby diaper love to me once again. This time Milos lasted a good solid two to three minutes before cumming, and this time, when he did, he was right, his baby pee very nearly exploded out of him, which caused a groan that was absolutely more pain than pleasure, yet was undoubtedly very pleasurable as well.

Milos was unable to continue thrusting as he peed, so he would thrust for a second or two, pause to pee for a second or two, then thrust for another second or two, and wow, it just feels so fucking good. He continued doing this to me until he”s empty, and I”m full how I”ve dreamed since before I was Milos” age. There”s just no logic to wanting a boy to pee inside you, so many would think it truly disgusting and/or disturbing, yet I”ve dreamed of it since I was six or seven, possibly even earlier, I just don”t know. Milos is the same, though, and making sweet gay baby diapered piss love to him was definitely second on my list of most favorite things in the world to do, first is definitely having it done to me.

Almost no sooner had Milos finished peeing inside me, when he came again, which damn near caused me to cum again, but thankfully I managed to hold off. I wanted to beg Milos to stay inside me, to keep making sweet gay baby diapered piss love to me, but I know it”s just not fair, and when he pulled out and laid back down in position, I know exactly what he wants and needs, and so, I give it to him, and make even longer, slower, more beautiful gay baby diapered, cum and piss love to his wondrously sloppy, cummy, pissy gay baby diapered bum.

This time I figure I managed to last nearly ten minutes before exploding once again, and this time, even though still incredibly powerful, it didn”t nearly wipe me out, and I managed to keep myself from crashing down and crushing my poor little baby boy. As soon as I”m down, I pull out, get back into position, and urge my baby to continue, and after a few more moments, he does so, and makes longer, slower baby diaper love to me, and lasts what had to have been easily twenty minutes.

Both our diapers are now very nearly in tatters, I doubt either of us have even so much as half the diaper filler left in them, in the small part of my mind that”s still processing any information other than making love to, and being made love to, I can see the mess we”re making of our bed, and you know what, I don”t fucking care, at all, and you couldn”t possibly make me either.

That was our last time, though, and the mess that we”d already made, meant nothing, because with that, we passed out. The next thing I know, Carl and Basti are standing next to the bed, giggling and shaking us awake.

“Fuck me, wow, what a night.” Milos groaned when he finally came to.

“Ugh.” Was the intelligent response that I managed to respond with.

“You guys are a mess. Come on, you haveta get up, it”s almost an hour late already, you needta go get in the shower, you stink.” Carl said, still giggling.

“Worth it.” Was all I managed to say.

“Yeah, we know.”

As soon as Milos and I managed to crawl out of bed, removing our diapers before doing so, since the bed”s already a disaster anyway, and we really can”t make it worse than it already is, we head to the bathroom, but I see Carl and Basti cleaning up our mess, and I”m willing to bet our bedding is in the wash within a few minutes. Knowing that we really don”t have a lot of time, we stepped into the shower after getting it going, and washed each other quickly.

Once washed, we dried and brushed, then went and got diapered and dressed, and the boys even remade our bed for us. We met them down in the kitchen, to find baby bottles already ready and waiting for us, and tea damn near ready, and breakfast almost already ready to go.

“Thanks Babies, for everything.” I said, going and kissing both my baby boys.

“You”re welcome.” They said.

Just then, I hear the sounds of Rascal playing with a couple of his toys, and he tumbles out from underneath the table where he”d clearly been playing. I asked the boys if they”ve fed Rascal yet, and they said no, so I went about getting him some of his kitten food, and half an apple. When I set it down, Rascal was already there, waiting impatiently for it, and he tucked in like we would at an all you can eat buffet. I refilled his water bowl for him as well, and gave him a little milk too, and after eating about half, he went and had some milk, then some water, and went back to eating. We then sat down to eat as well, now getting to enjoy our tea at the same time, and the boys made us tell of our night, and they laughed, saying that that sounds enjoyable. Like both Milos and I said, enjoyable doesn”t even come close to what that was.

As soon as we finished eating, we cleaned everything up, and then got ready to go. We put Rascal into his carrier, I grabbed that, then the boys grabbed the rest of the things that”d been set aside for him for us to take to the store, and we headed out. As soon as we make it to the store, we find that the twins are just getting out of their dads truck, so it was perfect timing. I waved to their dad, and he waved back.

“Morning Boys, how are you today?”

“Really good, thanks, and you?” They asked as they”re eyeing the pet carrier.

“Really good. We”ll introduce you to our new pet once we”re inside, and explain it all to you. Before that, though, how was the weekend?”

“That”s good, and okay. Sunday was quite busy most of the day, but easily manageable with the four of us, and yesterday was good.”


As soon as we”re inside, we head to the office, and as soon as we are, I open the cage door, because I”d been keeping it positioned so that the twins couldn”t see Rascal, and they were shocked when he bounded out, and started exploring the new surroundings, and then the new people, who just oohed and awed over him, which he very clearly enjoyed a great deal.

“How?” They asked.

And so, we told them the tale.

“Oh, that”s so sad. He”s so cute and friendly though.”

“Yeah, he is.” Me and all three boys said together.

“So, how”s your dad?”

“Great, he”s a full on gay baby boy diaper lover as well, and his boyfriends gonna be coming to live with us, we even all sat around in just our soggy baby diapers last night and talked, it was amazing.” They both answered like they usually do, together and/or alternating, that”s certainly going to take some getting used to.

“That”s awesome. What”d he say about that?” Carl asked.

“Told us that he”d been a closeted bi baby boy since he was young, said he”d started having gay thoughts when he was eight to ten, and that he”d loved his diapers so much that he never wanted to give them up, and so, never truly did, yet he hid it from everyone. He wore in secret every chance he could, and now he says he”s never peepeeing in a toilet ever again.” They said once more.

“That”s great.” We all said, more or less the same thing, at more or less the same time.

“Well, you Baby Boys go ahead and get started on your schoolwork. Remember, you”re here to do a job, and there”s no playing. I know Rascal might be a distraction to you, so, if he is, just put him in his carrier with a blanket and he”ll probably curl right up and go to sleep.”

“Okay.” They all said together.

They were all stripping down to just their diapers before I even left the office, and so, I headed out and got everything started up and ready to go. When I checked the bathroom to ensure that it was both clean and fully stocked, I found that it was, but found that it smelled like dirty diapers, so, changed out the garbage bag, and boy was it heavy. When I looked in, there were at least half a dozen baby diapers, but there was also at least one adult one, and one big baby boy diaper, and yes, it was a boys diaper, because it was a boys large Goodnite. Well, if I ever meet the owner of that diaper, I”ll happily pull him aside and give him a small selection of much better diapers, because if he enjoys them as much as that very full Goodnite says he does, he”ll very much appreciate proper baby diapers.

Once I was ready to do so, I opened the store, and had a pretty good day. The boys finished their schoolwork in their normal amount of time, and then played with Rascal for a bit, before getting dressed and coming out to help.

“Was Rascal a distraction?” I asked once they came out.

“No, he played for a while, and then he came and climbed up onto my lap, and curled up and went to sleep while I petted him. He slept for about an hour, then got down and played some more.” Carl said.

“That”s good. I trust he”s back in his carrier, so that he doesn”t get into anything in the office that he shouldn”t?”

“Yep. We also just fed him as well, so he”s good to go.”

“Great. Well, you two are free to head home, today isn”t a work day for you, but, remember, you”re still supposed to do your daily physical activity, so jog home.”

“Okay, thanks, and thanks again for doing this for us, it”s a massive relief.”

“I know, and you”re welcome.”

As soon as the twins were gone, the others got busy with cleaning and restocking everything while I helped customers. It was a good day, and now that I have a lot more selection, for a much larger audience, I am getting even more people than usual, so that”s great.

We got into a nice rhythm, and before too long, a month had slipped us by. The store is doing spectacularly, so is Rascal, and us gay baby boys are loving each other and life so much. Milos and I make sweet gay baby diaper love to each other once every week or so, but still suck and/or stroke at least once a day, and at least once a week, we all enjoy a super naughty diaper change, twice we even enjoyed with the twins as well, and yeah, they taste amazing as well, and they love doing so with us too, though it sounds as if they enjoy doing so together a considerable amount more.

I would guess that Rascal is pretty much fully grown now, and now never takes milk, he weighs just over thirteen kilograms, though if we let him, he”d happily eat us out of house and home, so, we ensure that he”s not eating too much. We would love to bring him out into the store for people to pet him, but even still, if we accidentally startle him, he snarls and snaps at us, though he”s never actually bit us, we just can”t take the chance that he might bite someone else. It”s funny, though, when we do accidentally startle him, and he does do that to us, he comes to us with tail drooping and head down, and comes and cuddles us, like he”s truly sorry for the reaction. You can”t erase thousands of years of evolution, I know, but he truly does love us, and doesn”t want to hurt us, so, we”re just always really careful to not startle him. We did manage to get him into his harness and take him for a walk outside, but boy did he not like that, so, we decided that we wouldn”t do that again, and he seems perfectly content to just stay inside with us anyway.

I decided that it might not be a bad idea to take him to a veterinarian and see about having him fixed, so that once his young hormones start becoming active, he won”t try and cause any issues. When I found bakırköy escort one, he very plainly said, we”re not supposed to work on raccoon”s, you”re not supposed to keep them as pets here. I told him that we”d raised him nearly from birth because his mother was killed, which I know is a little bit of a lie, but close enough, and that if we were to let him go, he wouldn”t survive. We explained everything about Rascal to him, and how friendly he is, but how he can snap if startled, and eventually he agreed to do it.

Boy did Rascal not like the cone of shame. He fought it hard for three days before he figured out that he can”t get it off, and then for the next couple weeks that he had to wear it for, he would just cuddle with us lots, and hardly played, he just moped around. We did have to buy a larger carrying cage for him, though, because he”s too big now for the other one with his cone on, but really, we should”ve replaced it by then anyway, because he really didn”t have a lot of room to move around since he grew up. Once the Vet cleared us to remove the cone, he returned right to being just as playful and mischievous as usual, so, that”s good.

It was almost two months after reopening the newer larger store, when I had a boy of about fourteen in, that sure looked as if he were very soggy diapered. The boys were in the back still doing their schoolwork, it was fairly early in the day, on a day when I know for fact that the kids are supposed to be in school. I”d emptied the bathroom garbage can only an hour before, and know for a fact that no one had been in there yet, so, seconds after I saw the boy exit from the bathroom, I went and checked, and sure enough, his very soggy Goodnite is in the garbage, still warm, and gloriously scented. There was no one else in the store, so, I went up to the young man.

“Hi there, how are you today?”

“Good, thanks, and you?” He whispered to me, looking down as he did so.

“Ah, dreadfully shy, not good with people, so, gonna guess the reason you”re here when kids your age are supposed to be in school, is because you do home schooling, only, you take the time while they”re in school, to come here so that you don”t haveta deal with them huh.”

“Yeah. You”re not gonna get me in trouble, are you?”

“Of course not. So, tell me, why do you change your diapers here and not at home, I”ve found more than a few of them now?”

He looked to me with absolute dread in his eyes, and the tears are already starting to fall.

“Hush hush, no need to be embarrassed about that here, there”s to be no shame, got it.” I said softly to him.

“But, you”re just gonna find my mother and tell her that I didn”t stop wetting during the day and night, and that I”m just wearing diapers instead. That”s why I change elsewhere whenever possible, to save having the garbage at home.”

“If you don”t want her to know, I”ll never tell her. So, you have problems keeping your pants and bed dry too huh?”

“You do too?”

“Yes, and so too do all five boys currently in the office right now, doing their schoolwork.”

“Really. And do you, you know, wear diapers as well?”

“Every last one of us currently in this store are diapered. However, with that being said, as a general rule, fake Pullup diapers are just simply not allowed here. I”ve been searching, trying to find you, since I felt that you must either need or love diapers, probably both, if you wet your Goodnites that much, so to give you some much better thick thirsty tape on diapers, yes, just like baby diapers, and that”s what we all call them, but then, we”re babies. I don”t know if you are or not, and that”s okay, if you just simply need them, and aren”t a baby, then that”s just as great.”


“Absolutely. So, just need, or need and want with every fibre of your being, wanna be a full on baby boy?”

“Want and need so bad. I can barely afford to buy the Goodnites I get, but I wanted mega thick and thirsty tape on baby diapers.”

“Then mega thick and thirsty tape on baby diapers you”ll get. Come with me.” I said, and led him to the back room.

Without a shred of fear, the young man followed me. When I opened up the office door and led him in, all five boys looked up. As suspected, and expected, all five of them are in just their thick thirsty tape on baby diapers.

“Hi Babies, I finally found the diapered culprit who keeps leaving fake diapers in our bathroom.” I said, and they all hopped up and came to greet him, causing the poor boy to cum.

“Oops.” They all giggled.

When the young man looked up from the ground where he”d crumpled to, he blushed.

“No need to be embarrassed. With as gay as I felt you are, and as much a diaper lover as I know you are now, I wondered if that”d happen, and I was right. Full on gay teen baby boy, diaper lover, aren”t you, just like every last one of us here.”

“Really, you are?”

“Oh yeah.” We all say as one.

“I thought I”d never meet another gay baby boy. I know they”re around, I”ve met lots online, but we”re just so hard to find.”

“I know, hence the reason for your seeding diaper pails with your diapers, you were hoping someone would notice, and you”d finally meet another like you.”

“Well, no, I just needed a soggy baby bum change, but, I suppose it worked out like that anyway, so, sure.” He said, no small amount of sigh evident in his voice.

“That”s great. Well, I gotta head back out front, boys, you may as well just call it for the day, oh, and if our new gay baby diaper loving friend wants a proper baby diaper, make sure and offer it to him like good baby diaper loving friends should.”

“Definitely.” They all said, and so, I left them.

I left the boys for about an hour before going back to check on them, and see how they are doing. When I entered, I found all six of them sitting on the floor, on the carpet of course, in a circle, talking, and our new friend has Rascal curled up in his lap, and is petting him tenderly. He is naked other than one of Carl”s ultra thick and super babyish night time diapers, and I would probably be a hundred percent accurate in assuming that there”s one of our mega thick diaper doublers currently inside it as well.

“Hi Babies. So, I see you”re enjoying a proper baby diaper now?”

“Hi.” They all said, and then he said, “Oh yeah, and it”s better than I dreamed.”

“That”s great. So, tell the truth boys, you didn”t fight over the Goodnite that he took off, to slurp up all the cum he spilled in it, did you?”

“Nope, asked him if he drinks it all up himself, and he admitted that he”d never got the courage to do so before, such a shame, and so, when I took his fake diaper off him, I pressed his slightly soggy cummy diaper to his face and told him to drink up his baby milk like a good gay baby boy should, and boy did he. He”s got a very nice baby diapered dinky as well, he”s just a little bigger than Carl is, but then, he is almost two years older as well, so he should be. He”s got hair, though, so, we all told him he needsta get rid of that and be the baby he truly is. Then I gotta diaper him up like the good gay baby boy he is, and made him cum three times, which Basti scooped up and fed to him, since he needs his baby milk more than we do, even though we all really really really wanted it, like, a lot.” Milos grinned brightly.

“That”s great. You certainly look far more relaxed. How do you feel?”

“Thanks, I feel great. I never thought I”d ever getta have a friend, now I have six, and you”re all gay baby boys just like me, this” been the best day of my life.”

“Glad to hear it Baby. So, what”s your name?” I said, introducing myself as well.

“My names” Lucas, but I go by Luca usually.”

“It”s really good to meet you Luca.”

“So, Vince, Luca hates his mom, she hates him more. So, much like many of us here, he needs a new home. We know we”ve just all met, but we”re really all so very much alike, and we”ve told him that we”d see what we can do to rescue him.” Milos said.

“Yeah, I wondered if you”d suggest that. I”ll call Gabriel and see if he can come out today or in a day or so. Luca, from now on, come here and join the boys in your schoolwork at the very least, feel free to use our much better baby diapers, and just take whatever Goodnites you have left and give them to a thrift store.”

“You mean it?” Luca said, bursting into tears.

“Yes.” I said, and went and pulled him up and to me, and hugged him tenderly, and he melted right into the embrace, and held me tightly.

I”m gonna go out on a limb and say the poor boy”s never been hugged before.

“Feel better Baby?”

“Yeah, thanks.”

“From the way you held onto me, I”m gonna assume that you don”t get hugs?”

“Never that I know of. My mother should”ve never had kids, she”s a bitch, and she has no clue who my father is, I asked, and even my birth certificate is blank for listed father.”

“Yeah, thought as much.”

“Why would you take me though, like my useless bitch of a mother always says, I”m just a useless baby boy in a teens body.”

“Ah, but it”s for that very reason that I”d take you in, same as all the others, you”re a baby, but, I absolutely forbid you to ever call yourself useless ever again, even if it”s just saying what your far more useless mother called you. Got it! You”re a beautiful and special gay baby boy diaper lover, and you deserve to have a gay baby diaper loving family, and that we most certainly are. We”re also all gonna try our best to find a hot gay baby diaper loving boyfriend for you, because you deserve that as well. Tell me, though, have you started playing with your baby bum?”

“Thanks, yeah.” He whispered.

“Excellent, and how much can you take inside yourself?”

“Usually four fingers now, but I kinda have a few things I”ve bought from various stores that I sometimes use instead.”

“That”s great. So, where and how”d you get money?”

“A couple hundred is deposited into my account once a month.”

“Really, and it”s not your mom giving it to you?”

“No, and as far as I know, she has no idea either. Someone came and saw me after I turned ten and said that he”s setting that up for me, and gave me a bank card to use. He”s also the one to have given me the computer I use, but told me not to tell my mother I have it. That”s when I first started buying diapers, and food too, and a couple other things here and there when I could afford to, and because I can use my bank card on most websites, that”s how I get stuff, I just order it in. Thankfully my mother”s hardly ever home.”

“Ah, so you have a trust fund set up. Your mother lied to you. She knows exactly who your father is. Did you ever actually see your birth certificate?”

“Well, no, that”s just what she told me.”

“Yeah, because she lied to you. My guess is, your dad either died, or can”t otherwise be around, and his money was left to you, or he”s paying your way. I”m leaning on died, though, otherwise from the sounds of it, you”d have nothing.”

“Oh. I suppose that makes sense.”

“Yeah, it does, it happens more than you might think, and I”m gonna go out on a limb and say the only reason your mother”s kept you around at all, is for the money she also gets, which she just so happens to give you almost none of.”

“Yeah, you sure can say that. She buys clothes from the thrift stores for me, and is always looking for the cheapest ones she can at that, and if I get fed twice balgat escort a day, I”m lucky, and I sure don”t get a lot at that. But she sure eats a lot, she”s a fat, disgusting ugly whore.”

“Gee, why don”t you really say how you feel.” Basti giggled.

“Trust me, you don”t wanna hear it, I”d get my mouth washed out with soap for a year if I said exactly what I think of her.” He grinned cutely.

“Yeah, we kinda all understand that, some of us have experienced the same things.” I said.

I had to make a quick escape at that point, because I heard the door buzzer, so I went out to help customers. Shortly after that, all the boys came out, now dressed of course, and thankfully Luca”s clothes actually hid his mega thick diaper quite well, but then, they had been large and baggy on him anyway, and really don”t do him any justice whatsoever, so, a shopping trip will be in his future.

“Hi Boys.”

“Hello, we”re coming out to do the stocking and cleaning, and then we”ll play for a bit. Have you called Gabriel yet?” Milos said.

“Yeah, and he”s busy today, so he”s gonna try and come out tomorrow morning before he hasta be in court.”

“Great. Well Babies, let”s get to work.”

While the boys cleaned, I continued doing the research I was doing, looking for other new and cool things that I can stock, but also ordering things that I know we”re getting low on as well. As soon as school let out for the day, we got busier, and we had a decent day over all.

The next morning, Luca was waiting for us when we arrived, and the twins arrived a few moments later, and they all got started on their schoolwork. Luca having brought his computer with him of course.

Shortly after opening, Gabriel arrived, and we chatted for a few minutes, he telling me how nice the store looks, but apologizing for not coming in during the grand opening, because he”d been in court. As soon as we had the pleasantries all taken care of, Gabriel headed into the back room to talk to Luca and get all the information that he needed. He was back out only a few minutes later, maybe twenty, and said that he”s going to go talk to Luca”s mom now and see just how much of a fight she wants this to be, but that he”s hoping for a good one. He grinned brightly with that, and I”m not entirely convinced that he”s joking either.

I”d been instructed to take Luca home with me tonight, no matter what, and that Gabriel would contact me once he knew anything. So, we all headed home, and Luca loves our place. At bedtime, I offered to change Luca as his father, and he softly said yes please, so I went and did so, and made it the most fatherly loving diaper change possible, and he cried the whole time. I then hugged him tight, and held him close for easily ten minutes, before tucking him into bed, and kissing him tenderly on his forehead, and wishing him a good sleep.

When I went to my bedroom, Milos was there to greet me, and we changed each other in a far more personal and explosive way, cumming three times from doing so. As we curled up, we talked, though.

“So, clearly Luca needs a baby boyfriend of his own, and from how both him and Adrian were looking at each other today, we may be able to split up the brothers, but that means we haveta find a baby boyfriend for Andrew.” Milos said.

“Good, even their dad thinks they should have separate boyfriends.”

“He does, when did you guys talk about that?”

“We”ve been emailing.”

“Let me guess, we have this massively huge house, we”re all very much the same, and you”ve offered to have them all move in with us.” Milos said, I could only laugh.

“Yeah, and they”re moving in this weekend. Don”t tell the others, we wanted to leave it as a surprise.”


“As for a boyfriend for Andrew, well, we kinda might have that one solved as well. Jamie”s boyfriend, has a younger gay diaper loving friend as well, and he”s had him over to their place a few times now, to get him around others as well, and it seems he and Andrew have eyes for each other as well, so, it could work out very well for all involved. I”ve given Andrew Gabriel”s information already, to try and rescue the young boy from his abusive father, so, shortly that too could work out for the best.”

“Oh, that”s good to hear, and how old is he?”

“I think Jamie said he”s thirteen, but I can”t remember for sure. I could check my email, it”s in there somewhere, but we”ve talked lots, and thrown a lotta numbers around.” I admitted.

“Fair enough. Having such a good contractor living here will also be helpful, this is an old house, and does need a little work, so I”m sure he”d happily do what little needsta be done.”

“Yeah, that”s what I thought as well. Boy are our diaper bills gonna go up, though, but, oh well, that”s just not something I could even possibly complain about. We”re all gonna haveta sit down together, though, and figure out finances and figure out how to split everything up.”

“Yeah, we probably should, that”s for sure, and you know I won”t mind chipping in some for awesome baby diapers.”

“I doubt any of us would, we”d all rather go without food than diapers.”

“No shit.” Milos snorted.

We talked for only a little while longer, before kissing one final time, whispering to each other how much we love each other, and then we fell fast asleep.

As per usual, everything happened all at the same time. Sunday was moving day, though no one knew until that morning, but Gabriel had also managed to get everything taken care of for Luca, and who will now be Andrew”s hot live in gay baby boyfriend as well. Apparently Jamie had sat the twins down only a couple days before, and told them that he knows the boys are falling for Luca and the other boy, Tyson, and that it”s time for their incestuous relationship to come to a close, but that they”re more than welcome to still play, that they do have a very special bond, and they shouldn”t ever forget it, or even truly stop it either, but together as boyfriends for life, is not where he feels their hearts belong, and they actually agreed fully, both claiming that they love each other, but they”d always told each other how much they want a full and proper baby boyfriend of their own, but that with any luck, they could also share from time to time as well.

It was a bit of a madhouse of activity as everyone arrived and we attempted to get everything all sorted, but the best thing was, that with the truck pulled inside the garage for offloading, we were easily able to strip down to just our amazingly thick and thirsty tape on baby diapers. As we did all this, we all stayed together and talked, all of us really getting to know each other very well, and by the end of the day, we”re all very much friends and family.

Everyone also just loved Rascal, and he was so curious about all the new things, that he stayed with us the entire time, and inspected virtually everything, just like a cat would.

It took a few weeks for us to all get into a rhythm and get everything figured out, but we”re all enjoying life together a great deal. We ended up splitting the boys up, because four of them actually wanted to go and work with Jamie, so Andrew and Tyson, and Adrian and Luca went and worked with him during the day, while the rest stayed with me, and worked for me. The boys still do their schoolwork at the store, but now they only do so three days of the week, and dedicate a full eight hours to that, which is still more than twice the amount per week than they”re actually expected to do, and then they do two days of work for Jamie or I, and I still have my employees on their two days, and we all take Sunday and Monday off, and spend it together.

We all hammered out what each of us pays for everything, so that we all feel it”s fair, and everyone”s very much happy with that. We all walk around in nothing but our baby diapers when we”re at home, and the only time that we wear clothes at home, is when they”re really cute baby clothes or jammies, and most often, when we”re at home, we”re triple or quadruple baby diapered, and it”s glorious.

All the baby boys are growing nicely, and Milos keeps getting more and more sexy as he gets older, and when he was twelve and a half, he finally fed me his very first load of cum, it was thin, it was watery, and it was heavenly, assuming of course I believed in heaven, but if there is, it is in his cum. It was also shortly after that, that Milos finally grew enough that we felt that he could finally make full and proper gay baby diaper love to me, and it was spectacular. What”s funny, we always know when one or more couples plan on making love to each other, because that”s the only time we”re ever out in just a single diaper, we”re always at the very least double diapered otherwise.

Business kept getting better and better, and the boys all helped me with it a great deal, we always came up with great ideas together. When the commercial unit that was across the parking lot from me went up for sale, I bought it, and just leased it out for a few years, and when, just shortly after Basti turned eighteen, the friend of mine who owned and operated the radio controlled hobby store decided to sell off and move, so, we bought it, and Carl and Basti said that they”d love to run that. We kicked out the only tenant that we had in the space across from us, since they were on a month to month lease anyway and were only using it as storage space, had Jamie go in and renovate the entire thing to make it spectacular, and we moved the store in there, so that we”re right across from each other, which can only help us all, and more than doubled the selection, because my friends store had been rather small, but this one most certainly is not. Now that business is added to everything, and we”re doing even better for it.

Yes, I have bought more and more commercial buildings and had Jamie renovate them and then I lease them out, but I”m sticking to them rather than residential, because there”s way less headaches involved, and far more protections guaranteed for the owner.

We still continue to maintain our nature reserve and let a considerable amount of wild animals have a safe space to live and breed, and while we do allow a small group of scientists to come in and monitor certain animals, we keep that number low, and encourage them to do so with cameras and whatnot most often. I figure that we spend several thousand a year on foods that we put out for the animals, but that”s great.

Rascal lived a very healthy twelve years, and was super happy and loving, and occasionally, once we felt that he was over his snappiness, we would bring him out into the store for customers to meet him, of course we still warned people that if they startled him, or handled him roughly, that he might snap, but that he”s never actually bitten anyone, and he never did, and the customers all loved him, especially the kids.

Instead of moving out once the babies grew up, they stayed living at home, reasoning that they”re still babies, and therefore haveta live with Daddy, well, who am I to complain, I love having them all live with me, but Daddy, hardly, I”m just one of the babies, and told them so, and we all lived soggily diapered after.

****Thanks for reading, and as usual, if you made it this far, I hope that you enjoyed. Milos was inspired by a boy of almost exactly his description who came into my store, some of that dialogue is what happened, including him accidentally stating his age instead of his grade, and yes, he did have a wet spot. I wanted to offer to diaper him so bad, you simply have no idea, but sadly, only seconds after I saw the wet spot, they left, and I haven”t seen him since, and it was more than a year ago that I started this story now, so I will probably never see him again. As usual, I write for myself, and only share with those that enjoy this sort of tale, so, if you are one of those, I would love to hear from you. Email me at erich5748 at ail. Please remember to support this site, they offer us an awesome service. Stay diapered and soggy.****

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