Minister’s Wife Pays for her earlier fun

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Minister’s Wife Pays for her earlier funIf you want to know the background read sister in law and the minister’s wife.Angela was worried that someone would blab about the weekend orgy, mainly because she had no idea what went on. The following day she had such a head ache and that was not something she was used to.Angela had asked Jane what went on during the weekend but Jane told her “Nothing happened. It was you and me and it was a very civilised time we had watching boxed sets.One day when Angela was shopping in the local super market when “hunk” she did not recognise sidled up to her and said “We should meet in private. I have some information you would want to keep quiet.” “I do not know you so what information could you have that I want to keep quiet?” “It concerns a weekend in Jane’s house. I don’t think I need to say more.”That shocked Angela so she said “You had better meet me in Brown’s forest at 4 today. The cottage is unoccupied and never locked so we can meet there.” “Ok see you then.”The meeting took place as Angela planned but the information that she wanted to keep quiet surprised Angela. Jimmy the stripper played an audio recording. Angela recognised her voice in the recording. She was using language that would not be acceptable in ministerial company. The recording made it very clear that Angela was enjoying being fucked and sucking cock.Angela, after listening to the recording, said “Please erase that.” “No way babe. As long as I have this you are mine. I know you do not want anyone else to hear it. Your secret is safe with me as long as you do what I want.” “What do you want I don’t have much money and I cannot let my husband know about this or I do not know what he will do.” “That’s what I thought, so it is not money I want from you but you can help me out.”“What can I do to help you?” Angela said. “Our stripper outings could be livened up if we had a woman involved. That would make it appeal to both sexes rather than just to hen nights. Stag nights like to have a woman’s show to watch, so you bursa escort can be a stripper and following the strip tease you can be fucked.” “I couldn’t do a strip tease and I certainly would not fornicate. In addition, I wouldn’t know how to do it and I don’t want to.” “No problem I will put the audio onto the internet. It will surprise you how widely your escapade will be widely known. You can be sure some of your husband’s church will let him know about the recording.”“If I agree what would I have to do and how would it be organised so that the church wouldn’t get to know about it?” “Oh thats easy. You can wear a mask and you will not speak.” “If I agree and I’m not saying I will agree, when would it happen and for how long would I have to do it?” “Well first you would have to get new clothes what you wear now would never cut it.” “I couldn’t get new clothes my husband controls the money.” “Oh you don’t need to worry about money I will give you what you need. In fact I will come along and help you choose, after all I’m a man so I know what men would like to see you wear.”“Angela do we have a deal?” “I need to think about it.” “That’s ok take as long as you need – as long as you give me your answer in the next two minutes.” “I don’t think so.” “Ok I’m just goina load your recoding tot he internet right now.” “Oh please don’t do that. Ok I will give it a try.” “That’s better. Now because you resisted I need to be sure you will hold up your end of the bargain. So I want you to bare your tits for me. Im gonna take a selfie of me sucking your tits right now.” “Oh no I cannot do that.” “Ok so now I am going to push the button and upload your recording and it will be emailed to your church as well as the jocks from the high school.”“Ok you win I will let you take a selfie of sucking my breasts.” “Angela because you have been awkward twice you will now let me finger your pussy and and fuck you right here on top of what I had told you before. Is that ok?” “Yes but I’m not happy.” “it doesn’t matter if you are happy or not bursa escort bayan but you must look as though you are happy.”“Right Angela, lets get started now. First I want you to take off your top and you have to do it in a sexy way and you have to give me a running commentary that shows that you are enjoying what you are doing. You may call me Jonny lover. I’m going to video what is going to happen. No arguments or I will had further punishments and you would like that even less that what you are going to do already. So is that ok?” “Yes Jonny I will enjoy stripping for you.”In spite of what Angela said she had some idea how to be sexy. She swayed her hips and slowly took hold of the hem of her sweater ever so slowly she raised it so the hem came level with the bottom of her bra. Next she raised it so it came over the top of her white cotton bra. That was an old fashioned bra – no plunge cleavage, top of tits fully covered. It was so thick that even if she had an erection of her nipples it would never show. “Jonny do you like me to show you my underwear?” Jonny stopped the video recoding on his phone. “Angela you must stop using those prim words – no more breasts, fornicate Etc I want you to use the language of the street. If you don’t know find out or for today you can ask me. So Tits, fuck, cunt, ass hole, blow job or BJ – these are proper words for our video. Now try that again.”“Jonny do you like me showing you my bra. Would you like me to show you my tits?” “Yes” Angela took her sweater off completely. Then she reached back and unfastened the fastening. She held the cups in place as she slowly lowered the shoulder straps one at a time. Then she lowered the cup holding her left tit, followed by the right tit cup. “How do you like my tits Jonny?” Angela’s nipples were not hard and her tits sagged. “What size of bra do you wear?” “38 D” Would you like feel my tits? Maybe you would rather suck my nipples or feel and suck?”Jonny took hold of the tits holding them up and squeezing them. Then they were lifted up escort bursa and dropped a few times before he held one up and took the nipple into his mouth sucking as hard as he could. In a few minutes the nipple not in his mouth became hard. Jonny transferred his attention to that one sucking hard and nibbling with his teeth. Angela winced as he bit into the nipple but he didn’t draw blood. The other nipple got the same treatment. “I hope you enjoyed my tits and nipples. I loved it I never get that.”“Jonny I would like you to take my knickers off and make me horny.” Angela lifted the hem of her skirt so her granny style white cotton knickers were on show. Jonny reached into the crotch with his left hand while videoing with his right hand. He pulled the knickers to the ground in one fast swipe. Angela had a hairy bush which completely hid her pussy. “Oh I hate a hairy pussy you had better get a brazillian.” “Oh I will. Mean time please play with me I want you to make my juices flow if that would give you pleasure.” “Well that would do for a start.” “Angela do you ever play with your clit?” “I never have.” “Well I am going to teach you how and then you will play.” Jonny said “Angela hold your pussy lips apart.” It was clear from the opening of her cunt that she had not been fucked in a long time.” Jonny too close up video of the cunt and her clit. Then he gave Angela the phone and told her to make sure she got good shots of him playing with her clit. Jonny played with her clit. With his index finger he circled her clit and the lips of her labia close to her clit.Jonny led Angela over to a tree, had he lean her back against it and spread her legs so he could have easy access to her pussy. With his index finger he reached into her cunt and by bending his finger he massaged the G spot. After a few minutes Angela came. She was shaking and she exclaimed “Oh my oh my.” Jonny gave her one look and mouthed to her (so it wouldn’t be recorded) what she should have said. “Oh my God oh my God. That was the best feeling I have ever had. I would loe to feel that again.”“Angela that is a good start. I am happy with what we have achieved today. How would you feel about me fucking you?” “I would love that Jonny.” “We will have to do that sometime.”

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