Miranda and Lauren’s First Sex


18-year-old Miranda Kalinsky and 19-year-old Lauren Baltauss have been friends for two years. They have hung out almost every day since they met and never got into big fights. Lauren, however, is gay, which Miranda’s Jewish family is fine with as long as she does not turn gay too. Overtime, though, Miranda develops a sexual attraction to Lauren, particularly after seeing her in bikinis at the beach and giving her massages. She has several sex dreams with Lauren and tries to resist them, but fails. The night before her first day in college she has an intense one and declares herself in love with Lauren. The next day Lauren invites her to her home to talk after school after Miranda says she has something important to discuss that involves her. Miranda happily accepts.

That evening, they sit on the Lauren’s bed. She anxiously asks, “What is it about you that involves me? I hope it is something awesome!”

Miranda says, “It may sound insane, but I think I have developed a sexual attraction to you as if I am deeply in love with you.”

“Are you serious?” Lauren asks.

Miranda says, “Yes. In fact, I’ve become a lesbian like you.”

Lauren panics, saying, “Oh god,” nonstop.

Miranda asks, “What?” canlı bahis

“Didn’t you tell me when we met that being gay was against your religion and may upset your family?” Lauren asks, backing away slightly.

“Yes, but I can’t fight it anymore. We are great friends, but I want us be more than that. Ever since we saw each other naked in store fitting rooms and massaged each other at the beach I often dreamt of us making love since you have a sexy body that I want to kiss all over and I know you feel the same about me, as you always stare at me when I am nude,” Miranda says.

Lauren says, “True, as I am deeply in love with you too,” and holds Miranda’s hands.

She says, “I’m glad you feel that way.”

The girls gaze at each other blindly as their lips get closer. They kiss softly and hold each other’s faces, then hard as they take off each other’s shirts and bras and feel one another’s breasts and arms. “Let me show you what I can do,” Lauren says, kissing Miranda’s neck and shoulders, then down her torso while sucking her breasts. Panting in joy, Miranda holds her head and stands up as Lauren takes off her pants and panties to give her oral and feel her buttocks. Miranda holds her head, breathes bahis siteleri hard and says, “Oh yeah, just the way I dreamt it.” Lauren kisses down both of her thighs and fingers her vagina as Miranda feels her own breasts, then pushes her onto her bed.

Lauren bends her knees as Miranda takes off her pants and panties and says, “It’s my turn now.” She kisses up and down Lauren’s legs, then puts her face between them to go down on her and grab her chest as Lauren holds her head and says, “Oh my yes, you’re doing great!” Miranda keeps giving her oral and rubs her buttocks as she feels her chest and orgasms. She puts her arms out as Miranda kisses her torso up to her breasts. After kissing them, she goes up to kiss her neck as Lauren holds her head. “Oh yes, this feels so good,” she says as the two lip-lock and hold each other’s shoulders. They feel and kiss each other’s hands and arms and masturbate with their other hand. They yell and moan, then Miranda says, “Lie on your stomach.” Lauren does that to let her kiss her back and buttocks as she yells. She licks in-between her cheeks, then gives her a rim job. Lauren goes back face-up as Miranda turns 180 degrees, creating the 69 position. They lick, suck and finger bahis şirketleri each other’s vaginas while moaning. Lauren says, “My turn to kiss and lick your ass.”

Miranda goes face-up with her buttocks above Lauren’s face. She kisses them and fingers her vagina as Miranda puts her head between her legs. She yells and arches as Lauren gives her a rim job and licks in-between her cheeks. “One last thing,” Lauren says as she lies Miranda on the bed facedown, goes on top of her, and kisses her back. Miranda holds the pillow she has her head on and moans softly, then goes face-up as the women kiss hard while feeling each other’s bodies.

Hours later they lie on the bed naked while softly kissing and stroking each other looking weary. “Thanks Lauren, I knew we could be lovers.” Miranda says.

Lauren says, “I knew as well and how does it feel to kiss another woman?”

Miranda says, “I don’t see a thing wrong with that. It is like kissing a male, relative, or friend. The gender of who you kiss does not matter. It is how you feel about them that counts and I love you.”

Lauren says, “I agree. Did you enjoy licking my pussy and ass?”

Miranda says, “Oh yeah they tasted so good and I loved it when you licked mine too.”

“Yes as I’m experienced with it and you did well for a first-timer,” Lauren replies.

Miranda says, “Thanks, you’re really sweet.” The women kiss and feel each other briefly then go to sleep.

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